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  • Magus. Would you happen to know the formula for KB? It's hard to compare KBG*DMG (I call this KBP, KB Power or Product) between moves or characters without knowing exactly how BKB affects things. Cheers.
    So I was laying bombs on bowser
    Trying different stuff out of them
    And I layed one on his jaw and it exploded, and I was in a position to be hit by the explosion which would put me in the samus ball form that you can attack/jump out of. But instead of getting launched any where, I kind of just floated right where the bomb exploded, in the ball form.

    I was trying to bomb->fair

    Have any idea what might have happened?
    Hey Magus i live in Abington PA we should melee sometime IM me if you can maybe we can work something out. AIM: TheMetalReeper
    Haha word l see you ****. I just kept the chart in my itouch aha. Well, we'll prolly see each other in Apex? :D
    I'm very tempted to use that sig you stole from me :mad:

    And.. I wanna play... dammit stop living a train away from me :mad:
    aye yo ****, i coulda swore you died in smash :( still making any cool discoveries or anything cool in general for luigi or even touched brawl? lol, still loved the jab1 follow up chart just sayinn :]
    I know you had a comparison of Melee's terminals velocities via kill % on Dreamland, but do you have a comparison of (mostly) gravity? Could you possibly send me both? Thanks.
    Do you know anyone else that would be interested in smashfests? I might have the first one be the first saturday in June...i think its the 5th. I am going to make the thread in a couple days, once I get confirmation.
    Hey, was wondering if you'd be able to put together a sig-sized gif of a frame perfect samus SWD moonwalk sh bair? Getting the max distance off the moonwalk SH bair.

    It's no biggy if not, just figured I'd ask
    Yo, I might be holding smashfests, for melee of course,at my friends house right off river rd in pennsylvania less than 5 min from the scudders falls bridge. We would love for you to come.
    Hello. I was the doctor mario who played you yesterday in Tunes. The one who was losing hahaha. Like, you got knees on me and everything on point LOL. Good ****.

    Err, but I wanted to ask, is there any tips that you could give meh? : D (meaning anything that would help me improve what I did WRONG or just things I don't do as of yet : D ) Because I like to be technical too, but there is SOOO much out there that I'd like to know. Well doc isn't a technical char anyways, but help meh! I do want to become better. (I'm very persistent)

    **** we didn't do capfal dittos. LOL
    No, you can not use animated images. Believe me, I know - I tried to have one even as a mod I was told to take it down promptly lol, it's not hard to actually get them up.

    And that is probably because no one simply noticed your profile pic I suppose.
    Please change your avatar, you can not use animated images.
    Please change your profile picture for it contains censor dodging.
    Right now I want to gather Data on Olimar because I'm 100% convinced that this character NEEDS some sort of balancing out as for the longest time the reason we didn't balance him is due to pikmin which is no longer the problem, but people are of the idea that "oh just get him off stage and you win." which is not justification enough for him to to be looked at.

    How would you go about gathering information on a character?
    Would you be interested in doing any detailed character changes for Project M? A lot of the codes are finally coming to fruition.
    Your sig is shaming Falcon! Haha.

    Since I'm already here, do you how, if it is possible, to apply AR cheats to melee using a Homebrew loaded Wii? My AR card for the cube is messed up...
    I'm stealing that peach pawnch gif and there is nothing you can do about it.

    What's the plan, bro? Want to stay over tonight at my grandma's or get me in the morning?
    yeah but ccing reduces the knockback by like half right? so even still I've never seen anyone have so little knockback
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