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  • Nope. Dallas has kinda decided to take a break from Smash. So it's Phase's and Whobo unless decided otherwise.
    You! You and your lack of being in Dallas makes me sad. You can tell everyone else that too!

    D:< RAWR!
    Awesome. :) I'll play Melee with you. I already told Mouf he can beat me up so I'm down to get wrecked by two people. Haha.

    We should get out picture thread picture this weekend so we can add it to the collage. :D
    Uh... My phone number is 732-829-1805. Call me later tomorrow about this.
    DugFinn doesn't care if people come over to play. In fact, I'm pretty sure she likes it. :p
    Yea, that was me. I just need to learn wavedashing and I'll probably enter the next Melee tournament at Hobo. I just hope that you were one of the better ones cause if you aren't like top 10 I don't even think I should attempt it....
    Hey, I'm that Brawl player that tried to play Melee with you at Hobo! Lol, I'm not very good. But I'm trying to learn it. Maybe I'll see you up at the next Hobo and I can win a few.
    I was and am still nationally certified. I thought I was going to be a pharmacist for a long time but about 6 months ago I decided I'd probably not be happy with that career in the retail setting (which is what I originally wanted, I'm not trying to do research). All it took was for me to drive to Raleigh (NC's state capital) and take a 2 hour exam. I passed easily without studying since I already had some experience and have a solid math background. They did train me on the job, the pay was not that great (9.50/hr) because I worked for Eckerd/Rite Aid, and they suck in the wages dept.
    I worked as a pharmacy tech for 2 years while applying to engineering positions. Required no training and payed like 14$ an hour by the end of it. All I did was fill monthly prescriptions with the occasional controlled substance prescription (where I was given exact numbers from a pharmacist).
    To me it doesn't seem like a mindgame. I often go off camera to do stuff, so if I lose my spacing due to that or hit someone because they messed up because of that I would think it was a messup. That's why I don't expect it to work I guess, because I defend myself well even off camera.

    And when your both off camera a little luck is involved, since you can't be absolutely certain where your opponent is when you go for the hit.

    If people mess up there spacing because of that's it's not your fault and your taking advantage, but you can't deliberately shift the camera to create the opportunities. You can use it when you see it, but since you can't control it like say a wavedash back I don't consider it something that you can control as a mindgame.
    Yeah, no doubt I'll be catching rides with dallas people to the Hobos, so I'll still be at some tournies.
    I haven't actually looked up any info for it, heh.
    I'm probly going to be moving to Dallas in a week tho, so odds are we won't be able to travel together like old times =/
    Yeah I had read up on that high fructose corn syrup thing a while back. Good looking on at least being the one person who didn't just **** all over me because I said something different to say. Nah, I can't view anything but it's all good.

    8 Months you say? Aw man you have about an other 6 months of peace before she starts walking and going wild like most little kids. You might get lucky and have that one in a million calm little girl. I have a huge family and these kids go ape **** once they start walking the earth.

    Whats your Youtube channel? I know I've seen it when searching random Melee vids but never noted it.
    I've given Brawl a chance, in fact, I even quit Melee for 8 months just to focus on Brawl. I find that it depends more on the character you use than how much skill you have, because not every character has a means of applying mindgames or comboing.
    Yeah I play Oli and G&W so their ledgegames are fun. All I am saying is they are both competitve in diffrent ways I just perfer Brawl as it feels more about matchups and reading your opponinant than just knowing how to wavedash and other AT's.
    Eh... matter of opnion. Brawl is more about mindgames and reading your oppisition. Just my take though
    Keep your distance and it is best to not try to dodge the fireballs. They go low to the ground and are alittle slow. Instead switch back and forth between eggs and bairs. Use the bairs to get rid of the fireballs and eggs to keep pressure. With this, you can either outcamp or move in on mario. If he is far away, shielding is also an option. But really, just don't get caught up in the fireballs. You have to keep pressure with your own eggs. They do more damage and are harder to dodge or shield. Eventually he will crack if you are wanting him to approach.
    Are you going to Stiltz's smashfest on thursday?
    Could you give me a ride?
    I have gas monies... :)
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