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    Reasonings behind Olimar's underratedness?

    Because they're too busy using easier to use characters like, say... Link. Like Robin, you need to think when using Olimar. Also, he's easy to kill, especially with strong characters like Rosalina and Capt. Falcon, but hey, I still love Olimar/Alph.
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    What is the dumbest thing you dream of getting away with in a real match?

    Pit: Carrying my opponent offstage with my Nair multiple times until they can't recover or Ruin someone's recovery with Orbitars. Sonic: Getting that Meteor Smash with that Dair. Manage to Taunt not once in a match. Alph: 0 to Death. Be around 120% and save myself from a Smash Attack with The...
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    How often do you see Racism Online?

    Being a person with a Black Mii, hardly ever... probably only once but I can't really remember.
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    Nintendo Releases More Information On Splatoon

    petition for a splatoonboards site anyone?
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    Q&A The 'Mains' Advice Thread

    Having a wonderful time on For Glory, playing with Sonic, since I love him like my own, I enjoy playing him and he has only about 3-6 bad match-ups and confusing people is fun, too. aaand... I get rekt online with Sonic. Oh no. Now I probably should pick a character who's not like Sonic, but...
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    For Glory: Most annoying character?

    I only agree because I find plenty of them spamming Neutral B. EDIT: Others I find annoying: :4villager:, :4pikachu:, :4link: ,:4megaman:, :4diddy:,:rosalina:. And any character with spammable projectiles. They're annoying... Good? Sure maybe, but god, so annoying.
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    Pros and cons of every character in smash 4

    ew, Fighting on Smashboards. Don't want to get in the middle of a fight but: Shadow Sneak ending may be laggy, but it's far from terrible. It rewards well especially on high damage. Hydro Pump is... Meh, It's not slow, though, if used properly is can be unpredictable. And obviously it's...
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    How to beat a super campy Mega Man?

    Not the best with Campy Mega Mans either (despite being the fastest character in the game) but did you ever Side Step any of his grabs? Landing Lag doesn't take that long unless you're using a fair that adds to it. Also characters with reflects (Mario, Palutena, Pit, Ness) could of been of help...
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    You suddenly become tasked with being the director of Smash 5 coming out in Feb 2016...

    Remove :4falcon: and replace him with President Obama Beginning Characters are only :4mario: and :4luigi:. You unlock 1 character after 1000 matches. :4sonic: and :4ness:'s backthrows instant kill. :4metaknight: gets back his SSBB strength. :4alph:, Brittney, and Charlie get their own spots...
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    Who got the most buffs since Melee/Brawl?

    :4link: I MEAN DUDE, i DON'T HAVE TO EXPLAIN. LINK IS OP. TOP 5. :4mario: *kisses developers* thank you oh god that F-Smash is wonderful. bless. combos all over the stage. :4pit: still pretty crappy but thank you for making him much better, brawl pit sucked. :4zelda: she's much better, i agree...
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    What character annoys you the most on FG?

    Already posted who I find annoying, but mario123007 no one should feel upset that their main has at least one post related to them being annoying. Every single character on the roster has one thing annoying about them. Nobody's perfect. B) ...Besides that. I'm sure this thread will be locked...
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    What character annoys you the most on FG?

    :4bowser: :4kirby: Can't chase them in the air. :4link: "Good luck using those fancy spin dashes of yours while I throw my arrows, bombs, and boomerangs! Oh and reminder that if you decide to face me head on you have to deal with my OP strong attacks." :4charizard: That one move. :4wario2: BIKE...
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    I'm not sure who to main, can you help please? :)

    As a person who mains Pit, Sonic and used to Main Pac-Man and uses Robin sometimes, let me see if I can help. - I'm not a rushdown player, and yet grabs are important to me. As soon as I exploit a weakness in someone I try to make use of a grab, even if I can't combo from it. Pit's grabs can...
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    Cards Against Humanity - Smash Bros. Pack

    Have some ideas: General White Cards: Walk-Offs Getting B-Thrown off stage on Walk-Offs (Captain Falcon's) Knee 3 characters with the same Final Smash. Amiibo(s) Air Dodging Spotdodging Super Armor Dying on a moving platform. Luma Fox's voice Mario related White Cards: Fireballs. Mario's...
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    Splatoon Competitive Play?

    I'd play Splatoon competitively 24/7. Sounds like hecka fun.