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Recent content by holypho

  1. holypho

    Melee changed my life.

    This game changes lives. This game is like a rehab tool.
  2. holypho

    An Impossible Melee Challenge

    This is very easy lol
  3. holypho

    How much money have you given Mango?

    I don't hand out money like that : P. But seriously, I lost 5 dollars to the Mango foundation.
  4. holypho

    X button vs. Y button

    i use only x i don't try to be fancy =D
  5. holypho

    Need an argument for banning items.

    whats wrong with making sonic better in matches?!?!? I like items.... so im kinda biased when it comes to this lol....
  6. holypho

    The BlazBlue Thread: all the imports!

    Tager is such a stupid character.....I wish he didn't have that stupid grab move that takes 3/4th of ur health, really hate this character ^^
  7. holypho

    Match-Up Chart (Outdated); please refer to the new chart.

    that was very mean, but also very funny :laugh:
  8. holypho

    International Power Rankings

    your rank gets cranked up when you beat Mango lol
  9. holypho


    Alot of new good ones and alot of really bad ones lol, I like get wrecked, probably be using that one. ^^
  10. holypho

    2nd for Marth

    I main marth and my secondary is peach, marth handles puff, falcon, and shiek. And peach handles fox, falco, peaches, falcons, and pichius.
  11. holypho

    I hate Marth dittos.

    Marth dittos are fun O__o,
  12. holypho

    Falco Beats Fox!!

    Fox beats Falco lol, Fox is the face of that franchise what the..... Anyway I think that falco is pretty hard for fox players becuz fox shorthops get whooped by falcos lasers and foxes full jumps get megaowned by d-air O__o
  13. holypho

    How long will Melee Last?

    These guys have a thread and their goal is to try to turn brawl into the next melee after melee, i think that makes sense. They mod brawl chars(they can wavedash and stuff).
  14. holypho


    Kurtis and I are from San Jose.....Netherlands is a great place though. I think his aka is nek
  15. holypho


    CoD environment is very friendly ^^ get that out of here!
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