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  • I think I recently read a post of yours complaining about how you can't copy save files onto SD cards so you can't start a new save file without losing the old data. My question is this: you have homebrew, right? So can't you just copy your save files to SD OR GC memory cards using homebrew? I'm pretty sure there's an app for that.

    Reading your posts though, you probably already know about this though, and are just complaining about it not being possible with the wii fresh out of the box.
    Apparently you give off a "lumberjack" vibe to my friend Tank the Rhino ^^.
    First KK Slider night, and I got "KK Waltz". I was surprised when he took my second request, but dissapointed when I did not receive a copy of the music for my house D:.
    Dyed and cut my hair again. It's SO MUCH like my own hair.
    Come to my town.
    No rush ^_^ I'm watering my flowers, so just find me around town =D
    Name: Kenny

    Town Name: Icecap

    Friend Code 3222 - 9119 - 7907

    See you soon ^_^
    Do you know how the Internet works? Do I just have to give you my FC?
    D= I've never used it, but I'm ready now =D
    Well, I just think it's alot better if you earn the rewards instead of....just....cheating them into your game.
    I dunno, it seems like it just sucks the "point" out of Animal Crossing :/

    ANYWAYS, I really need a Bug Net. Do you think you can pick one up for me at your store? I've gone a week without one rearing it's ugly handle. We can do Wi-Fi tonight if you want ^_^
    I dyed my hair blue....and I got a cool new pattern from Wendell/Able Sisters.
    =D I also got the "Fear" Emoticon.
    I've decided.
    I'm making my first floor a "Rainbow Road" Theme.
    It is going to be so epic.
    Actually, it resets EVERY TIME you spend points.
    Spend the 500 for the Banana, goes back to 0
    Spend the 1000 for the Shell, goes back to 0.
    and so on.
    I thought you might like the Samus mask ;) I really want the Luigi hat....so if you see it in your store >_> Pick it up for me!
    The Hero's Cap is awesome too...ACK! So many good decisions! Have you seen the "Sweets Theme" room.
    Must. eat. couch.
    So you saw....I'm gonna spoil it now....the Samus Mask?
    Darn, I would have hoped you would be like WTFOMFGYAY!!!!!! but oh well.
    Here is the catch:
    Once you build up 500 points, your point count resets to 0.
    That's so stupid...I'm gonna dye my hair blue tomorrow (In Animal Crossing).
    Oh, ok, that makes alot more sense. It might not start at 300...let me check the guide real quick ...
    ...OK! The "item-giving" start is at 500 points.
    The item that YOU WANT is at 6,000 points. You. Want. This.
    Anyways, a new neighbor moved in next to me! Eunice the sheep!
    Totally. It might take you a while, but you will absolutely love it. I've only bought 3 items, yet I have 15 points....
    Good tip about the point system. I'll be sure to abuse that!
    For my letter I wrote "You suck at life and you should PROBABLY go die" and the chicken was like "I LOVE GETTING LETTERS, BWA."
    For the Bulletin I put something like "Nobody cares about anyone, but go to Nook's Shop to shop, where all the animals stop to shop."
    Haha, that's so awesome! I got the guide too, but I haven't had time to flip through it.
    ...EXCEPT the thing I saw. It appears somewhere AFTER 300 points....but you'll love it! Try not to look in the item catalog if you don't want to spoil yourself of the goodness.
    I bought a fishing rod, a shovel, and a watering can XD I should have probably bought some flowers, but I was determined to catch an Octopus!
    Shopping points are earned by purchasing from Nook. It doesn't matter which shop you earn them at. It's like a "Rewards" program.
    For example, once you get 300 points, you get an item for free. A certain item along the way will PROBABLY cause you to have an orgasm. (No promises though).
    I'm PSYCHED too! None of my friends have it yet, and I doubt they have plans to get it....
    I haven't even TRIED to pay my debt yet! I have, however, caught TONS of fish and found the money rock!
    I haven't gone to the city yet.

    I'm not going to spoil anything for you, but you might want to invest in Tom Nook's store and get as many "Shopping Points" as you can.
    You, of all people, WILL LOVE IT.
    Yep, I've got Cherries too XD.
    The thing that irratates me is that I ALWAYS run through flowers by accident, because they are placed in the WORST SPOTS EVAR.
    I'd be available in the coming weekend. Anytime AFTER Tuesday (I have ALOT of tests to study for, and they are ALL on Tuesday -_-).
    Just hit me up whenever you think you wanna do it.
    Hello Firust! I hope you're doing well.
    I have a question about sprites. How do you get the background of the sprite to be transparant?

    Thank you.
    Hey Firus, uhm,...
    It is to my understanding that you need a friend's purchase from another store in order to acheive the final level of Nook's Store.
    How about we knock this out of the way pretty quickly? I'd love to meet up in my town or yours.
    Are you getting Wii Speak with AC:CF? I'm undecided as of yet. I know that it might be semi-useful for games coming out in the future, but right now....I don't know....
    It'd be awesome to talk to each other though XD!
    It's so incredibly lazy! I'm starting to worry about how much effort they put into this game.
    I also did not like WW's music, but it might be better hearing it on TV speakers instead of hearing it compressed on the DS.
    ...Nintendo is losing it. When I turn 16 next year (or Christmas) I'm gonna save up to buy a Playstation 3. Then I can play games like Little Big Planet, Call of Duty, and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.
    As you already know, Everyone on the internet is stupid
    Including me!*Comences with grabing his neck and hitting himself in the head with a wooden mallet in a slapstick fashion*
    Yep. All of my stuffed animals, depression pills, and belly-button rings are packed and ready to leave tomorrow morning.
    By the way, can we get an early start and head to Chicago, Illinois....I have some business to take care of.
    ****** gun*
    America is failing =/
    I'm hoping for the best, too.
    We can both combine our life savings to afford an apartment. I've got our stash of crack and pop-tarts to live off of in Canada.
    I can't even watch it!! I know that every poll I see is just....biased, or has some monsterous margain of error.
    I'm already sitting in a rowboat on Lake Michigan ready to paddle over and enjoy some fresh Canadian bacon...if the "Unthinkable" happens.
    Ok, this is REALLY weird...
    Someone on Serebiiforums said that their favorite sprite of mine was Aggpedo ALSO. I didn't think it was that good....or even that popular O_O'
    Firus, have you tried reloading your avatar again? Maybe it'll work for you like it did for me.
    Your tips got me a 95 on that Latin test. I can't thank you enough.
    Hey Firus, how old are you? I can't tell, and I've been wondering for some reason.
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