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  • I've been good. Had a great christmas. Got 200 bucks and I'm about to blow it on a tourney in NC. xD

    How was the holiday season for you?
    Hey I never really talked to you that much, only on the social groups so if you want to battle my friend code is 2835-9824-0387.
    Well just letting u know that i just added u in n in brawl my name is Malex so yeah XD...so let me know when u would like to face ok *smiles*...
    Wow u have alot...my mains r Link(white) n Pikachu (blue gogles) n i have many secondaries...Diddy(original), Zelda(black), Ike(gold), Yoshi(green), Snake (red n black), Pit (white or black), n Falco (green)...let me know if u want to brawl sometimes ok XD....my fc is 2878-9296-4483...
    Sweet glad to see another good old Cloud n Sephiroth fan XD...so what's ur characters in Brawl?...ur main in other words...
    yep and he is my main character to as well Marth and toon link and falco
    thanks and yeah i did. just search google images and type in Dark Meta Knight.
    Thanks, it's a fan sprite (which is also the inspiration for my username).
    Yeah that's an old video.

    I barly use my Youtube account now-a-days...
    I liked Metroid Prime 1 better, but MP3 was still perty suhweet. U ever played Metroid Pinball? lol

    Oh i remembered sum more annoying things from Zelda Windwaker. Remember the little monsters wit pitchforks that would climb around the walls making that annoying "Dahnah da dah" sound & would keep coming >:l
    I'd love to have your Code. I'm glad that I'm actually meeting people now.
    My code is 1075-0453-1494.
    Hope we have some epic battles =D
    I was jus wondering. Metroids pry my favy game series ever. My two favys are Super Metroid & Fusion. Wut r urs?
    U ever played all the Metroid games? Im a Metroid god, i got em all wit 100% on the 3 save files u get ;)
    Ya, but FF7 is like 11 yrs old. I only no of people around my age or older who played it.
    SB is fine on low, along wit a number of items. But all i saw wer SBs, beam swords, bombs, & soccer balls?
    Dude u have no idea wut i can dishout & u had items on. I usually play 3 stock no items.

    U hardly fought my mains too. But ur perty good wit Pit, wen u werent running >:l
    Ya i no thats the tactics Cloud, & ive mastered every FF up to FF10. I like most RPGs, but not all.

    Have u ever played FF crisis core?

    BTW, BRAWL!?
    I dont have a computer, im online wit my Wii running off my neighbors WiFi.

    But i can still "watch" Youtube, Y?
    I have a Youtube account. But I also have dial up.....*Waits for laughs to stop*

    Yeah...I can't watch any videos from this computer...But my Youtube sn is "lilrhan12". I have like no videos though. :/
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