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  • Firus, I need ur help badly.
    Can you check out my sprite and tell me what color the mustache should be? I'm having a hard time deciding.
    You are the only one online at this moment!!!
    Oh, oui oui, but in Dickville you'll never get the special oui oui once a year present OUI OUI!!


    Oui Oui, how are you, oui oui?
    A little bit-
    OUI OUI!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh ****! I hope I'm not too late, I was doing a sprite for the shop >_> Go check it out. If you are still at your town, I'd love to come!!!!
    Any respect I had for you earlier just increased 10 fold. I can't tell you why or I might get reported to the staffs.
    Remind me to never go to or let you go to my Animal Crossing town. (If my parents ever let me get it >_>)
    I know it's long dead and you probably don't care but team-talk actually has a new member:)
    Good idea. :laugh: Let me just say that I'm still not sure why I like SSBB over SSBM.

    Also, I'd like to apologize for clogging up the Custom Pokemon Shop's arteries. I'm truely sorry for that little contest I called for. You can remove my Meganium/Drapion fusion from the list, too.
    True. Melee is still epic after all these years. It's a shame nobody in my area plays Melee anymore. Oh, how I miss ATs...
    2 months now? Nice. I got home a few hours ago from playing Brawl for 5 hours straight. Ha.
    Awesome. I still need to get that game myself, but it's on my list for christmas and my birthday (which is this weekened).
    Yeah, I love having my birthday close, not to close, to christmas. That way I get double the presents :D
    Mmm, that's unforunate. I've always wanted a custom carry-item. Like a sword or a pimp cane or a fire flower something. Applying designs to items would be wicked, I'd finally be able to make the monotone house I've always dreamed of.

    Probably at least something like a pimp hat. I used to use the Grandpa Hat in WW.
    CF Crosser would be too good. I'd buy the game just to see that. Majora's Mask? Wow, I really do need to get that.

    Are the custom hats the same as in the previous games (Spike cap), or do you get to choose different designs? I'd love to make a pimp hat or something.
    OK thanks, I'll try to get it tonight (if I finish my homework that is :ohwell:)
    Ha, I love that avatar. I wanna get ACCF now!

    Any other humorous costumes you can get for your Animal Crosser?
    Everytime I go to the Marquee, I get the choice of the same 4 shows (Anger, Sadness, Fear, and Realization). How do I get him to change them?
    I have to play some more D= Ever since my sis fast forwarded the time, I just had no motivation to get back to it.
    We are so....so....so...SO having a CPS partay!
    Yoshi egg is good:)
    Which one is Cooper, sorry this is my first animal crossing game:ohwell:
    You got samus's helmet! That is really awesome.

    I have to wait 6 more days till I can get AC:CF (that's when my birthday is) D: .
    Yeah I got City Folk for my B-day yesterday:), so when or where do you get your FC. Is it possible to get a yoshi mask?
    How did you get that pic of your AC guy, oh btw I got AC yesterday:)
    I was right:bee:?

    Im surprised cuz I usually underestimate peoples ages:ohwell:

    now I need to figure out what state you live in............
    firus, if you don't mind me asking, how old are you or in what decades:10s, 20s, 30s, etc...
    Hey Firus =D.
    Can I come to your town if something interesting is going on?
    What's with the new avi?

    Anyway, as zrky said, the CPS is sticked and JesiahTEG only unsticked it to mess around with us. You already have a sticked thread D:

    I have yet to get one lol
    I see. Nah, I don't really have any more advice, I'm a terrible gamer overall. The only game I'm any good at all at is Melee. Do you have AIM? We should chat some time. Mine is BlessingOfVarda (I'm a LotR freak).
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