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  • Your friend is quite salty that I called him "not a Yoshi player" lol. I never knew BC has zero tolerance levels.
    thank you for finishing the tournament result for jem. I sent him 2 messages asking him if he could do it and was ignored both times
    Happy Birthday!! :D

    Kinda early I know, but I want to be the first to say it D:<
    would you like to brawl? ive been looking for a good yoshi fighter to fight. you up for it? also i mainly fight mirror matches to get advice lol
    Sure. I'm feeling slightly sick and if I'm not horribly worse by tomorrow morning I'll still go.

    I have short dark brown hair and am just over 6 feet tall. Not sure what I'll be wearing yet but I should be able to find you.

    Thanks for the extra info.
    Yeah, I'll let you know if anything goes awry. But as I said I'm going to try to be a bit early just to make sure that I don't waste too much time.

    Thanks for all the help.
    Ok, just so I'm clear. These are the most basic directions:

    -Take the VCC-Clark sky train from metro town
    -Stop at braid station
    -Walk outside, downstairs; take 169 bus to Coquitlam station.
    -Arrive at coquitlam bus loop (if I'm not late take the bus you're taking). If I am late take another bus that gets there.

    I might just catch an earlier sky train to make up for any delays/me getting lost/etc

    That sort of makes sense to me, I just hope its mostly right
    So I'm planning on taking public transportation but I haven't taken the skytrain often enough to know where to go/get off.

    If I were to take the sky train at metro town (Burnaby), which direction/where would I need to head to arrive at the coquitlam station?

    Also what time would I have to leave to get there around 9:30?

    Sorry about all the questions, lol.
    the change came at an inopportune moment

    i have an avatar stored on my computer waiting

    I don't mind plaza either. Pretty much, just no smashville or yoshi's island, and I'll be good. FD is good vs double MK, so we can take them there as well.
    Well this stage list is pretty limited, so it's going to be hard to gay them out with my CP's. I personally really like rainbow cruise. GaW can really **** MK there, and yoshi isn't too bad on that stage either. We can also try castle siege, and hopefully set up some death CG's on the second transformation.
    Hmm well I think we can get second. I saw Breez play at that tourney play tournament you all went to, and he was having problems with a bowser lol... He's probably gotten a lot better, and I probably shouldn't base his skill off of a couple matches, but it seems that because he doesn't know the bowser m/u he did bad. I don't think anyone in BC, except for you, really knows how to fight a GaW, especially in teams, for he can be really tricky to vs. They'll learn to start fearing random judgements, and when that happens we'll start pressuring them into stupid mistakes.

    As far as strategy goes, I wouldn't mind if you played your typical egg planking game. I think if you can stock tank like that while keeping up good damage output, we can kill MK's really fast. And if breez decides to use snake, we'll for sure win.... I DON'T LOSE TO SNAKES!
    So we're teaming lol... What are realistic chances of getting second? Think we can take clouderz and breez?
    I actually might be able to make that, as I can probably bus it (and its on Saturday). I'll look up the thread in a little bit.

    Smash fests would probably work for me too, but it will mainly depend on my workload and time (afternoon and early evenings work better on most days other than weekends).

    Thanks for the info. :)
    How much did it cost you to travel to Edmonton and back?
    How did you get there?
    Did you have housing or stayed in a hotel?
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