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  • This is next Saturday, correct? If so, then I may possibly go... It seems kind of strange to sleep overnight at someone's place whom I have never met... I think that may just me being paranoid, but it seems logical. A smashfest sounds like fun though... And I guess I would know you there, so it wouldn't be AS weird. Where abouts does this guy live?
    Sweet :D
    At least you had fun. ^.^
    Oh, how did your doubles partner hold up? He must be awesome to help get you to 3rd. :3
    Congrats on winning singles! :D
    I'm still sorry about not showing up... I was really hoping that there would be a live stream of some of the matches going on... I searched a lot, but to no avail. :(

    Which place did you happen to come in?
    Also, on a rating of 1 - 10, how difficult would you say the competition was?
    Melee? Sounds like fun. I kinda miss that game :(
    Good luck at the tourney :D

    And lmao. Hell yeah! I think that match was the only tourney match we've had. And it was only low tier....

    One day we'll face each other for realz in tourney ;)
    I haven't been playing as much either. I've been busy with work D;

    And yes! I'm going to pick up Jiggz again just for your return xD
    Tuesday, I have a huge gap from 10:30 to 3:30 so I can get some game time in anywhere in there. Wednesday on the other hand, I have labs in Burnaby so I won't get anything in.

    Also, which characters should we practice with? I'm pretty sure using Diddy would be a disadvantage if team attack is on because I would get in limited banana use... In team attack, are you able to pick up my dropped bananas or is it only the other team?

    Also, are we already signed up as partners, or do we sign up when we get there?
    This is actually going to be my first real tournament so I'm unsure about many things right now :laugh:
    In all truth, I have not really studied CP stages yet... I think we may just have to go on based on your current knowledge and judgment... :)

    Also, I think I know how to get there... but since I have never been to the UBC campus, I may need directions to the chem building... Could I possibly get your phone number just in case I get lost?
    Oh hells yeah! A weekend tourney of brawl doubles sounds like fun! As for melee, I guess I gotta polish my skills a bit, but I'm definitely up for that too! Btw, which tourney are we talking about, and whereabouts is it?
    itd b a few of us noobs then like William lol cus technically hes new too XD
    Yo Jake, if u dont remember who i am im the short asian guy that smashed with u at sfu surrey on the lcd XD anyways me and some newcomers wanna form a crew u want in?
    Sup bro? How did the smashfest turn out? Turns out that I'm completely sick... The day before the smashfest, I get the flu -_-;
    I must have the worst luck... I wanted to go anyways, but then I thought "No one is gonna wanna play games with the coughing and sneezing guy!"
    I'll be free from 10:30 to 12:30 if you get in some matches tomo.
    I saw your posts at the SSBC, sry I didn't pay attention... was waaaaaay too busy at the time.
    Also, SMASHFEST ON SATURDAY!!!! So looking forward to it, I'm even trying to finish all my hmwk at record time!
    Also, I almost never come to the smash forums... as you can see with my post count... most of the time, when I'm home, I'm on this brawl chat: http://xat.com/SSBC_NG

    If you do decide to go there, just quickly state that you are a friend of mine, or they will kick you... fast. :3
    Well, you don't have to come if you don't wanna. We can just postpone the games till Friday :)
    Alright, seeing as today was a compete bust due to the wiimotes being missing, I guess I have no choice but to start bringing my wiimote in mah lunchbag. I guess Thursday is our next smash meeting.

    I have free time during the times of 10:30 to 2:30 on Thursday, I'll see ya then for some intense 1 on 1s.
    Open lab is in the library, just farther in. And the tourneys sound fun, I'd love to see what the smash community here in BC can do. :D

    Anyways, since I'm writing this in class, I guess that I can tell you now that I won't be able to brawl tomo. And that I have free time at 10:30 to 2:30 on Thursday.
    I haven't heard of any tournaments yet, but I hope there will be soon...
    Also, GGs today, I got totally yoshi ***** today! O_O.
    My free times tomo are: 10:30 to 3:30 tomo, so I'll be free for quite some time. If I'm not in the game room at the time, then most likely, I'm at the Math Open Lab.

    Lookin forward to matches tomo, beware the banana kong >:)
    Btw, i have msn open, for the first time since i got my compy nuked and paved. so we can talkers there if you wish.
    Jake, your amusing with your brawlness and such :p... (the first rule of brawl is!)... omg im tired...
    Ok then, i got your message thing, so you don't have to rip your long, dark, hair out for. I'll pick you up at 10:30 or so then. Posting in thread now, not that anyone will read it most likely. And... doubles... I probably just won't be in it then, unless someone offers to go with me, cause I'd probably just **** someone up.

    are you going to the tourney?

    cause i kinda wanna go now

    im not working tommorrow :):)
    Jake was tagged in an album.

    where is this?

    the tourney?

    can i go?

    or not?

    or do i have to sign up or something



    ok... id like to go to the tourney, but i need to no if i can or wether im supposed to tell someone, where it is, and if im driving you"

    from facebook
    so appearantly im not getting your messages and your not getting mine
    Oh lol well that sucks. I'm sure you can find a way to set it up online. Yoshara said it should be really easy. Music hacks <3 Uh Nikanor was one of the guys who hosted SK1 or something. He bailed at SK2, i dunno wtf happened for SK3 and now I'm under the impression he died.

    Nah, he's a year ahead of me but we'll probably hang out for lunch and stuff =D And since he did it all already he can help me out xD
    Oh darn. You dont have homebrew channel? Yeah that'll help with your laptop and all. I'm sure people will help you here and there, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Whatever happened to Nikanor or whatever his name was?

    Wow lol Really? Lucky you then XD You'll get to face him in grand finals then amiright ;)

    Yeah thanks man. I have Mike to support me through my classes too which will be gg. XD
    Too bad Yosh isn't coming anymore either. XD Looks like it's up to you XD

    I totally think you can get third man. I'll cheer you on ^^

    Yeah pretty much lol. I really like math so I figured it'd be a good choice. Money isn't bad either eh? ^^ (Super asian decisions) The long face is for the fact that i'm gonna get ***** pretty hard LOL.
    Yeah. Vania's not the TO, i'm curious to see who covers.

    lmfao wow Jake. Well best of luck. I bet you could get top 3 now that Luke's not going. XD

    Engineering. B(
    Darn, well good think it was moved back to the 22nd eh?

    Eeeewwww, general studies. :X But that's cool, stay away from arts and i'll be super supportive of whatever you decide to take on.

    Yeah I guess that's true. You're gonna be a student so you won't be buying to much stuff anyways. =P
    Wow lol. So you're moving ways away then. ): That sucks man. I won't see you for the longest time then XD

    Yeah I love BC. I would love a chance to live there. I probably will when I graduate...maybe. What are you going into? Do you know yet?

    Also HST, GST and PST is gonna **** you so hard. =D
    Oh don't worry, it was the same for me. My physics 20 teacher was the same. Also lol English. That's how it is, since there's the fixed marking system for that class, its all up to the teacher.

    Yeah i'm going to U of A. I guess I can see where you're coming from, Edmonton is pretty ghetto. It's better than Red Deer though, so it's a step up for me XDD What Uni are you going to?
    Yeah it's just this site pretty much that does that.

    oh**** lmfao. ok imma get read to read this wall of presumed ****. 8|

    oh lol well nah it's fine, I was expecting something worse(aka pro-english :mad::mad::mad:) And lol that's too bad. It kinda sucks how almost anyone can become teachers, so you end up having a handful of dreadful ones and a handful of awesome ones.

    You're starting uni this fall right?
    Awwwww yeaah. There we go. Wow really? You're too new to smashboards lol. There was a time way back when were you couldn't use custom avatars. qq

    And yes. Yes I am.
    Well booo. Get used to having an avatar. (9-_-)9

    Well for pete's sakes Jake. XD Just use of of the premade avatars then sheesh.
    Yeah, having a sig without an avatar is kinda awkward to look at. Heck, just a lack of an avatar is >.<

    You could have like...a charmeleon or a orange yoshi or something. XD
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