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Recent content by ~Firefly~

  1. ~Firefly~

    Official 4BR Tier List v1.0 - Competitive Impressions

    Shinkou also used Lucina, and Ruff! also used Samus. Len doesn't use Corrin anymore (I think he was solo Pit for this tournament), but Disorient did (in addition to ZSS). Everything else is accurate, AFAIK
  2. ~Firefly~

    Data Tournament Placing Database & Scoring Project

    Waael was Ness, Focus was Cloud.
  3. ~Firefly~

    Yoshi Social-20 years of Yoshi's Island!

    He won games 2 and 3 with ROB. He also tried Mii Gunner game 1, but that didn't work. His ROB was solid, but he didn't really do anything I haven't seen before from one of my local ROBs. I got impatient after getting caught by a weird stagespike and didn't play it that well. :/
  4. ~Firefly~

    Yoshi Social-20 years of Yoshi's Island!

    Yeah, I lost to Chibo. Whoops. I have a lot of work to do. >.>
  5. ~Firefly~

    Canada [Jul 26, 2014] B.C. Brawl Monthlies - Back in business, now featuring Smash 64! (Burnaby, BC)

    We don't, unfortunately. :( We sometimes play Brawl friendlies at out VSB weeklies, but that's about it.
  6. ~Firefly~

    Yoshis going into Genesis 3

    From Raptor's group pic thread:
  7. ~Firefly~

    Yoshis going into Genesis 3

    I'm down. I'll probably be wandering around the Smash 4 area watching various people's pools on Friday when I'm not playing, so I should be around.
  8. ~Firefly~

    Yoshi Social-20 years of Yoshi's Island!

    How many Yoshis are going to Genesis anyway? I'm going, and I saw that Raptor and The Wall are going, but there must be others.
  9. ~Firefly~

    Project - Elite Yoshis - Video Analysis and Critque Thread

    Interesting idea for a thread. For me, my videos come from either one of my region's many weeklies or from PAX, so I'll post the PAX videos for now. I can dig up some of the better sets from locals I've had too if this thread takes off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hy1cvVnQQSw (vs. Vinnie -...
  10. ~Firefly~

    Eggstraordinary Rainbow Yolk: Yoshi Results Thread

    Damn, just missed the deadline. :/ Ah well, I'll post mine anyway for the next update, I suppose. Northwest Majors: Drop Zone - http://nwm.challonge.com/DZS4B104 Firefly 65th/130 Nov. 21st - 22nd, 2015 Customs: Off
  11. ~Firefly~

    Yeah, that was me. Thank you! I hope my videos have actually helped. :x

    Yeah, that was me. Thank you! I hope my videos have actually helped. :x
  12. ~Firefly~

    Fire Emblem: The Discussion Thread (keep FE Fates story under spoilertags)

    Yeah, I think we've mostly settled into the acceptance phase at this point. I was hoping for an early 2016 release date, but that seems increasingly unlikely. I'm now just content knowing it's coming eventually though.
  13. ~Firefly~

    Q&A Hint Block: Yoshi Question and Answer Thread

    I see. Well, good luck! It won't be easy, but even if you're consistent 2nd, remember that upsets happen more often when the stakes are higher, and if you prepare well enough, you can be the one making those upsets happen.
  14. ~Firefly~

    Q&A Hint Block: Yoshi Question and Answer Thread

    Oh, that reminds me. Is anybody else here going to Genesis? I'm pretty much confirmed, and it'd be cool to see a strong presence of Yoshi mains there~ Nikes, what's your situation with your flight? :o
  15. ~Firefly~

    Q&A Hint Block: Yoshi Question and Answer Thread

    I've basically just been doing mediocre at locals, like I have been since this game's release. P@X was a pretty significant outlier for me. I hate you
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