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  • You're going back to Alberta? Awrighty then. ^.^

    Panorama Ridge is in Surrey... Right by Newton Wave Pool if that helps.
    I live in pretty far... In panorama ridge actually, the bus takes an hour to get me to school.

    Where are you leaving the next day after exams?
    Quite the distance from the Surrey campus... :(
    Where do you leave for after the exams?
    Naner spammers doesn't work against pro Yoshis... XD

    Gotta gets moar strategy! :3

    Also... Just wondering, if you are available either this or next saturday, would you wanna come over? Since I'm having asa come over for practice, I wouldn't mind some extra people. ^.^
    Jake has just received +1 awesome for Yoshi representation.

    Now, if only I could get better with Diddy! XD

    Holy sheezz! I just found out that according to that board on the Canada forums that YOU ARE THE BEST YOSHI IN CANADA!!!!

    Now, I feel honored to be playing you at SFU! XD
    Hey Jake, you got freedom on Monday? Last day of classes so I wanna do some final day of Barwlz. :3
    no can do Firefly. I have finals next week and the week after. No time for fun around these here parts :(
    Awwww, alright. Work is work. :)

    I guess that I'll just settle for some other players, either that, or start a new file on Paper Mario 2.
    Can't possibly be that bad for me. If it's simple bus travel, I'm all good.
    Is there a thread for this tournament anywhere?
    About where ats is the location of this tournament?
    Also, nice odds of me coming online right when you posted this! XD
    Sounds reasonable. Even though the prospect of going and sleeping at someone's place only by knowing the person through a game seems kind of weird... I'd be down for some smashfests.
    Wow, Breez is just scary good, and cake was amazing! You held up well against both of them! I couldn't find videos of the Diddy player though... :(

    Also, just wondering... How does a smashfest work when at someone's house? I know the standard house rules, but what would we do about sleeping, eating, phonecalls, etc? Are these all decided beforehand or do we vote?
    OH MAN, sounds like so much fun >.<

    I've never actually traveled long distance for a tourney... let alone go to a real tourney yet...

    I'm not sure if I can make either of those tourneys because I have no idea if my schedule for second semester will allow for me to go, along with other random occurrences that may pop up. But, for sure, I will be coming to some smashfests in the new year (or during the 2 week break b/w semesters)! :D
    Make sure to send me links when they're uploaded!
    Sounds like a lotta pros were there, any of them Diddy players? It would be cool to have a pro ditto match.
    Sadly, I always seem to missing out on these occasions... :'(
    Simply amazing. Breez was owning every which way, he had super well placed mines everywhere, and there were grenades spammed all over the place. Also, EXTREMELY DISJOINTED UP-TILT IN FIRST VIDEO! In delfino plaza, that final up-tilt was WAY OFF! XD
    I guess, but it's public transit, so we don't need to worry about gas money or stuff like that, and also driving sucks
    Ah yeah, that'd make sense :p Man, people must be pretty committed to actually travel for like 5 hours just for a monthly tourney though XD
    I don't know yet, but I'm guessing it'll most likely start with them coming here, since we are already planning to start up some monthlies.

    As in he wants us to go out to the Okanagan, or they'll be coming to Vancouver? 'cuz heading to Abbotsford is one thing, heading to Kamloops is another haha :p
    Yeah, me and Bryan are both coming to it :D I'm glad this is becoming like a regular thing, it's so much fun having a bigger group to brawl with :D
    Man, I didn't even have any friends that played Smash. XD In high school I made friends with a bunch of people that JUST stopped playing Melee before I became friends with them, and none of them bought Wiis later so no Brawl either :(

    But yeah, online helped me a crapload (obviously)! If you can get used to the lag and ignore the trolls, there's tons of people who are really **** good at the game that play online frequently, and sooo many fun online tourneys <3
    Well, competition fosters skill! If Melee was online, then I would've had people to practice against. :p There are literally zero Smash players in Prince George, I remember searching Smashboards and only finding one post from a guy who lived in Prince George and that was the only time he posted or something like that. XD
    I got pretty good at 64 after playing it online (yaaaay project64k) although I'm sure my skills haved waned since I stopped playing when Brawl came out. XD And right, forgot it was in May... Yeah, I definitely wouldn't bother travelling to it, but if I'm still in town during the tourney I think it'd be fun to go for 64. I just wouldn't tell them who I was on smashboards is all ;O
    Haha, txtx. :D I'm actually still considering going to that tourney only for the 64, though! I <3 SSB64
    Oh I'm well aware. I wish I was good at SSBM so I could go to one of their tourneys and do really well and then go "HAHAHA BUT I PREFER BRAWL SUCKERS"
    My girlfriends place is on campus at Burnaby mountain - I don't know any brawlers from surrey (although I did once win a tourny in richmond!)
    We can figure something out - i'm sure. I'll borrow josh's Wii and we can play on my girlfriends mini-tv! Haha!

    I come out normally once every 2 weeks or so, it would be nice to be able to get in a couple hours of brawl every once in a while. Like I said in the thread, I think we could learn A LOT from eachother.
    I know... :'(

    Well, I guess I'll just have to look forward to the next tourney! :D

    Edit: Are you free for some brawl tomo? I'm free from 10:30 to 12:30, then completely free from 1:30.
    I can't go this week
    I have a MAJOR Bio project worth 20% of my final mark due on Monday so I'll be working on that the entire weekend... Sorry, but I gotta skip this one...
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