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  • haha it doesn't help when they have that conversation on the weekend I'm away at your brawl tourney, so there's nothing I can do about it. Good thing other mods/admins are helping me while I'm still new at modding :p
    2 Current active users in 64 forums: Blue Yoshi and Firefly.
    Joining the 64 boards? You know you want to :p
    Or are you just stalking me? ;)
    We're all nice people (for the most part) :p join us :)
    That I did good sir! I have a math midterm on Wednesday, so I'm working on animations/images on Thursday seeing as it's a free day for me.

    I get off work @ 9 and you should come over and play for a few hours.
    Sonic & Yoshi suck at KO'ing when alone. That's the way I see it. Sonic is amazing at gathering up damage and breaking up fights with a simple dash attack.

    They have two FSmashes to worry about, and Yoshi doesn't worry about getting gimped because all it takes is one DAir/UAir from Sonic to send you flying up to safety. Your eggs fly over my ground game so you don't worry about me getting hit if you camp and provide cover fire. And your throws have weak knockback. If you grab me by accident (don't worry, I know when to stay away, lmao), up throw lol.

    MK does what Sonic would do better, but. It'd be a helluva fun time. We'd do well, I'm sure.
    In case you don't see it in the RPS. lol

    Let's team up! Sonic/MK (mostly Sonic) & Yoshi ftfw.
    Hey dude, you played really well last night :D

    Yoshi is going to wreck **** @ tourny play4!
    I got 4 hours of sleep last night and I still have many hours of work left.

    I will be more tired :)

    See you! I am excited now! Yoshi!
    Yeah that's fine - keep working hard at school man :D

    I think a couple of people are coming out from abbotsford and we are having a multiple day smashfest before overture - so you can come over any time between thursday and saturday if you want to get a little smashing in :)

    Sorry for convincing you to come over yesterday. I just enjoy hanging out :D Don't sacrifice your studies to come and play though. Homework first, then you can play smashbros for hours guilt free :)
    I probably won't be home until 5:45 absolute EARLIEST, while the latest I will get home is 7:30-8 (this would suck). I am kicking everyone out just before midnight, so I am sure you will be able to come for at least a few hours :)

    Hey dude! Brian and Jordan are coming over tonight for smashing. Finish all your homework so you can come over and practice with us :D

    I will be hopefully getting home @ 5:30ish, so hopefully see you soon :)

    I know you are busy with school work and everything - but if you want to drop by for an hour or two tonight and smash, that would be cool

    Kevin is coming out from abbotsford btw, that's the reason I ask :)

    We will leave for UBC tomorrow roughly 30 minutes after I wake up if that's ok with you.

    I will MSN You when I wake up, probably around 10-11ish

    I am sorry, I have terrible news :( My girlfriend and I made plans months ago to go and see an Edgar alan poe play - so I will be unable to play D:
    Ok - I will be there between 6:20 and 6:50 - since I have no idea how to get to the place I will be relying on you. PLEASE don't leave without me. I WILL show up and be there at some point in time. Try and be in somewhere kind of visible.

    Would you like to catch some food together at metrotown? I will probably be hungry by then.

    Also, if you could do me a huge favor - I did not bring my GC controller to work, so if you could contact vince and blunted and ask if they have a controller for me that would be great. I have zero time, being at work and all. Thanks a lot.

    I will check my messages once more, but probably won't be able to call you - if you want, use my cell number and give me a ring before 6 on a payphone if you can.

    Thanks again, ttul.
    Ah, for some reason I thought it would be easier. We can definitely meet at metrotown station - what time were you thinking? I suspect I would not be there until around 6:30, does that time work for you?

    If you can phone me at all today at 604 404 0852 it would be much easier to plan this.
    Hey Jake - if you still want to go to play smash today, can you possibly meet me at the stadium skytrain station at around 6:15?

    From there we can go right to metro town :)

    Message me back quickly!

    Too bad I won't be able to practice at all until pre-tourney...
    I'll have my ipod maxed with Queen as my power music to give me the upper edge. >:)
    Since it is my first tourney, I'm really hoping I don't choke... But I will try to do the best I can! >:D

    And yeah, I wanna see my name go up the rankings like Ike's final smash. ^.^
    Thanks and props for giving me a chance! XD

    Still, if I have to vs you, I will not be defeated so easily... >:3
    I'll be the tourney underdog. Hopefully, I don't end up in the same bracket as you at starting. o.o
    Awrights. I already made plans to get a ride with Corbin, so you'll be seein me 100% at that tourney.

    Hopefully, I have time to play some of the pros (not counting you) in friendlies before the tourney. >:D
    I'm in the school right now. If you gawts any free tiemz, lets play brawl.
    Wednesday after 2:30, I'm free. Other than that, I'm kinda unavailable until the tournament. :<
    DAM DAM DAM DAM DAM! I just had a play of smash at SFU Surrey. :(
    We had 8 people playing brawl for 2hrs... I didn't get to check my stuff until now. :(
    I'm actually going to Metrotown after classes in Burnaby tomo... I didn't get to go anywhere during the Winter break so I'mma go check stuff out there.

    But next Tuesday, 100%, I will come down to the Surrey campus for Brawl.
    I can get to the Skytrain easily seeing as I take it everyday to school. :3

    Anywho, I guess I'll be seeing you Tuesdays... Either that, or I'll be going straight home after classes. :l

    I think there is gonna be a smashfest before the tourney, so I'll see how I stack up to the many players of smash then. :3
    Snap. Will he be coming on Tuesdays for matches?

    Also, tourney is coming up soon. Better get some practice... >:D
    ... Also, also... I need directions to the tourney... :(
    Sounds like fun. I have Tuesdays free after 11:00AM and Thursdays for me are packed. So I guess the only time we may get game time is Tuesdays. :(

    P.S.: Who is the other brawler?
    Saaaappp Jake! I was wondering if you're next semester schedule allows for Brawl at all? I haven't gotten any better, but I have started Wolf more often. >:D
    Sadly, I have no school on Thursday... And My Chem test is on Friday...
    That would be a no on my parts :(
    Tis ok, Enjoy your vacation in Alberta! I'll get much better with naners by the time you get back... >:D
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