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  • lol =P

    As for the trip, I've been waiting to see if any tournaments show up. One weekend in July is Genisis, so that's shot. HERB 2 is another weekend, so that's a possibility, but I think it'd be more fun for you guys to go somewhere farther away. So that leaves two weekends in July, plus August 1st is a Saturday, so anything then would work too. I'm gonna do some research soon.
    Sweeet! Best of luck man, I know you'll kick some ***! I'm not sure what tier the character I use is. Pretty awesome regardless. I don't have much experience though. I've only played some minor SCII and this is my first time using a 360 controller. I seem to be picking it up quickly. Anyway, life is going real good with me, plus I'm in a really good mood lol. As for the gamer tag, it's my sis's XBox, so I'll have to get that. I'll be getting my own later in June. Like the 30th lol (birthday, and release date of BlazBlue YAY!)
    Oh yeah, tactic johns out the ying yang, I was like ****** him pro style doin every trick I know with wolf and he's like "Spammer wolf" in the comments. xD Oh first match, I beat his G&W with wolf, one of wolfs worst match ups.
    Hey, I ***** Summer (one of the best wolves on AIB) in wolf dittos 2 stock yesterday, He had a 67-3 record, now he has a 67-4 lol.
    17 and not rly, lol I wish I could (no car/money o-o) I`m playing less and less, cause I realized I need to spend more times with my friends irl before they leave to college. One of these days I`m going to one to win with sonic lol. It would be hard to do o-o
    that`s good, well anyways, life is well, had fun with my b-day yesterday haha, yea terribad connection was bad, least we still did rly good despite that xD ^^. Good ole times
    hey, it`s been a while again. Anyways I miss those days when we talked alot and play lag-fi together haha.
    Haha. Hey, Seth. Howzit, mate? I am doing swell. Can't complain. I've been playing everyone at this cyber cafe I found near my home. It is a bit pricey, so i only put in 6 hours a week.
    Why so lacking in reporting results to the Fox tourney thread eh?!?!?!?!

    I'm busy watching anime. lulz! I plan on going to more tourneys now that I finished school.
    I want some smash practice sometime this week, also I want to learn to play fox. You and your bros want to play sometime this week? Wednesday and either friday or saturday are usually my smash days.
    lol plus I need to take revenge on Mits since Savedge and his awesome hair won't screw me over /johns =P
    Hey man, this is kind of weird to say, but... thanks for letting us all know about Kuja. I'm sure that must have been heartrending to have to do, but I'm very thankful that you let us know. It meant a lot, for me anyway.
    You're the man. Stay strong, hopefully I run into in person sometime soon :D
    HELLZ YEAH MAN! LOL. I used to play it a lot back in the day, but then I stopped. Now I play the finger versions, like for the computer and touch-screen, but I really want to get back into the real one. I found an old gift card and I think I'm gonna get a new DDR and pad with it. It's SO much fun! Plus, it's a great cardio workout. =) Though this is just a temporary avatar I put in while I search for a new and better one.
    I'm doing alright. I'm beasting P.Trainer now and I'm actually not that bad anymore lol

    Besides that, nothing has changed o.o

    Bro, I havent seen you in 21398712649767981609301864928649716409218746902176407921649028164921764921764201986 years D:

    How are you ?

    I get the newspaper delivered daily, I could re-route it to you if your still having trouble.
    Ya, shes on SWF now as well, Kittycatayume (Her english is a tad poor typing tho ^^; ) and ya, no comp @.@
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