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  • well for the next locals im will prob be going wario/ falco. I had to play super gay to beat hippiedude and to well against blue rogue. And i mean reeeeal gay, like i did not approach. ever! two minutes went by, and i stayed in one place lol. but i like falco, and will be trying him out alot.
    ehh, i was one match away from making into brackets :(. like i didnt even have to win a set... just one match. I 2-0d hippiedude, who is like a well known luigi player. i took a match of blue rogue who is like MW best player, aside from m2k. all i needed to do was 2-0 this guy name jon numbers. he is a lucario player from nj, and honestly hes not really good. people hype him up, but i could have stomped him. beat him first match and underestimated him. he took me to final D and beat me barely. I was dumb enough to not kill him at 140 and he f smashed me at 70 and i died (lol at lucarios aura ) then 3rd match he kinda out played me. i was getting nervous cause i could not kill him when he was in the hundreads and i knew he could kill me early. it was the best experience i had in brawl so far. after my matches i could hear people say " i thought NC was bad at brawl." and that made me feel good :)
    Haha Kadaj likes to talk his MK up every time I bring that set up(ask me about this in person =p).

    I'll try man.
    Thanks for the support man!

    Vids will start going up tonight/tomorrow. I'm really tired lol.
    nah I havent =[ back in 08 people said mario beats ROB, and I never got to play a mario to test it out XD let me get @ it sometime

    and yeah no MK @ mlg. we will have sushiman to rep NC MK hard anyway so I don't feel the need to bust out MK haha
    mario? o.o mad random XD

    i mean...practice with raleigh is better than practice with people who you get to play all the time (your bros). i think its something to consider =p
    yo you need to read up on that zss matchup since fox apparently wins it...(though I dont know how lol, even if fox is fast enough to avoid the dsmash most of the time, its like playing against ICs where the threat of it puts you in bad situations a lot...)

    and I thought your kirby was better than your lucario, but thats just me, and its really up to you to decide who to learn...lucario is obviously more viable at the top level (look at lee martin at apex, ****...plus in doubles? lucario is broken lol, anubis strat all day). you should try and train with the guys in raleigh sometime, i bet it'd help a lot since i dont think any tourneys are planned before mlg...
    yeah sadly =[ oh well though, our best players didnt go (sushi and me and you and shady and raggy and peepee to an extent...) and we will all be there (maybe not pp =[) at mlg, so we will do a lot better hopefully =] but we still need to get some serious training in
    lol dude we must just be backwards players. or maybe your kirby is secretly 50x better then your fox, that'd explain everything XD
    haha im still on there now, but we dont really update it or anything...also I never post results on the rob boards (part because i dont go to many tourneys, part because I used to use mk too much =p) but thanks =] and yeah there are too many mk mains, i feel like im to blame for that because I was the first one to pick up mk (besides those ***s who mained him from the start like flamingo and sushi obv) to win =[ what a douche.
    MK is dumb haha. i want to rep ROB (and ZSS too =p) better and MK is getting in the way. if I ever use MK again, it'll probably be in doubles and only if we're getting ***** and I think it'll help lol
    Hey im just gonna copy and paste my response on the brawl pr's apparently there is a 1000 char limit , I had 1719 haha

    if you want just post in there and we could finish the discussion there, hopefully it'll motivate some people
    Can you play me tonight for about 30-45 mins. I really wanna work on that marth matchup. Who is mits teaming with in dubs???
    Def. That's how u feel online. I don't really camp online. I def have amazing camping capabilities like you saw when I need to. I wanna play ur mk and marth tho more a lot more. I def think I can surprise some mks here in nc. ESP if I go up a stock.
    I just didn't want you to get the satisfaction of killing me. I dont like camping on wifi. I know to camp *****. I am the best camper in nc hands down.
    Online doing a dair takes forever to start up so using a fsmash was a better choice. Offline your right. I was refreshing my moves tho after kills.
    Lol I only use bike online and I did at my first ncsu tourney. Last tourney we were at I didn't use it once. I learned the hardway after you quit awhile. Kale used to **** me with his d3 in friendlies because of the bike. Trust me I know to only do that online.

    And against diddy it ***** diddy lol.
    Agreed. I was just going thru the motions. It was fun tho. I dacused you one time lol. That mk matchup isn't that bad for me. I actually play a good mk on here quite a bit so I'm more comfortable with that matchup. I have no marth or lucario exp. I wish you would have used marth more and I want some snake exp. Falco is usually an easy matchup for me I should have has you on that one I led % the entire time I don't know why I was approaching lol.
    Def man. Let me know. What I can do I was down airing too much but that's because I was distracted and motion is mindless for me. I wanted you to play snake man.
    Sorry I kept having to stop. I was on the phone the entire time my bad. Good games. I def think I could have beat you on a few of those I was just slightly disstracted. None the less good games. I def think I've gotten pretty good.
    I'm down. Chu just got 3rd at a huge nj tourney only having ADHD and ally place better than him. He almost beat ally from what I've read. The Kirby match usually easy for me but I don't wanna camp you online if its not for $$. Most kirbys just try to get in grab range then do throws and nasty followups. That's why I hate wifi because warios garbo and slow as nuts. Ledger taught me the Kirby matchup well the few times I went to play him. I'm def down to play tonight. I really need snake and marth practice tho too. Could you help in those areas?? What time can you get on tonight???
    Def fun times. That Kirby game you practically destroyed my first 2 stocks before I hit you lol. I mounted a nice comeback getting u down toast stock. Wario online is so Garbo lol. Regardless it was fun.
    Sorry bro, just saw it. I don't think I'm doing doubles at this, but we should do some team friendlies to see how it would work out in the future for sure.
    I'm so excited. Cant wait to see you again. I'm glad your coming back out to tourneys and I finally get to meet ur bro. **** is gonna be sick. Is ur older brother Caleb playing teams too??? Is he any good???
    Yeah man. She's doesn't care what I do. Long time no talk there. Thought you were dead. You coming Saturday??? Its gonna be a blast. Ive been harassing your bro about coming.
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