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  • So I was trash talking Mitsu on video, but I though he was Duo, so I kept calling him that, so if you see it, I'm talking about him not you. even though the whole thing is a joke, I just didn't want to offend you because I though he was Duo and you were Mitsu at the time.
    Sounds good, I wasn't sure of any lag though (I think I could tell, but like I said, little consciousness XD) Ya that was probably my worst Snake match, no offense to your awsome Lucario, ya we should, it was awsome, I only wish i wasn't an idiot an SD'd at the start, I can do what I was going to do so well, so when I screwed up miserably, it kinda woke me up XD
    Np, lag was starting to set in on me on that MK ditto. My lucario is an anti snake, Mitsu is very good with snake offline, but my lucario can beat him. Alot ppl think that snake is the ultimate character, but Lucario can beat him. You play MK as well as I do. We should train them later.
    hey GG Duo, kicked my *** bad, you probably should not have been my first match today XD (so fing tired, was up very late last night) anyway GG, lets play again later when I'm conscious
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