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  • LOL dang dude that's sick

    edgecanceling Dair in general is tight, good stuff making use of it
    nevermind my phone is working now just call/text me on the number I PMed you
    What's your phone number? My phone died so there's no way for you to contact me, but I could call you on a pay phone when I arrive to raleigh
    would you mind teaming with KSK?

    or potentially LoZR?

    i already told KSK we would team but i dont mind dropping out and focusing on melee @.@

    i am in greenville(ecu) now, if you didnt know...

    i am farther away from everything but because i am away from home my chances of attending events is greater...

    i am actually going to the duke tourney today...

    maybe one week that i go home i could pick you up (apex is on the way) and we could smash with sp or something...

    or if you want to set something up in Raleigh i would most likely be there...

    yeh we have not spoken in a while, hope you are doing alright
    Yeah practice against good mks will make you better. Learning the mk ditto match-up takes a long time. You have to play it completely different than other match-ups.
    There aren't any new vids of m2k doing dittos. The tyrant vs. m2k videos were saved on ustream and were deleated later so nobody can watch that.
    m2k vs judge and kel are the most recent vids of him playing against a good mk. There are some recent vids of him playing mediocre mks on http://www.youtube.com/user/AnkokuSmash. Just type in "mew2king" in the search box and scroll down to see m2k vs. some random mks. Sorry I could not help out more =(
    i was responding to you saying that you'll live with someone that you can practice with. lol

    and im jk.
    playing with the same person over and over again is bad for you. and what does wolf have to do with anything lol. have fun with foxy though, rooming with a fellow smasher sounds cool.

    lol i do post a lot XD i guess that just means I have a lot to say @.@

    and nah, cuz then you'll be waiting forever
    well I did MM duo. but it was really late. lol

    i dont cg consistently. i didnt go ddd against pp at billfest cuz i was messing up my cgs on SNAKE lol
    dude its melee. :laugh:

    i hope they don't sandbag against me. i thought I was special. D:

    dude just tell me the **** secret
    mk/wolf is pretty close from what i've heard, but I beat mits in the friendlies we played. then again, it was like 2 am lol.

    just ask people if they want to mm lol, its not hard. most people won't care.

    whats that ddd trick? @.@
    i mm'd duo and pp at the last billfest. you can mm people...and you can switch chars in MMs if you want, just most people don't.

    ddd *****, you play him now too? pick up rob and falco and pit and we'll play all the same people
    sushiman is still the best, im just giving you my opinion

    i wasn't feeling ddd that day, i was messing up my cgs really bad @.@

    i played ddd against shady and 2 stocked him on halberd but cging snake is easy, and I used DDD a lot in teams but cging isnt as important there. otherwise i went all ROB, or falco whenever anyone picked brinstar on me (i got cped to brinstar like 3 times lol, ask karn how my falco did against his wario on brinstar :chuckle:)
    1. sushiman 2. stingers 3. pp


    i beat him with rob on smashville twice then he beat me on ps1 and yoshis and pictochat
    really lol its the first time ive seen them i just looked them up to give you something D:

    i play wifi instead of watching vids i guess >.<
    lol thats probably because they dont have anything to add. but i'd help you out if i knew anything, you know i would
    I haven't read these yet but I doubt they will do any good. If there were new things for me to learn in Brawl, then maybe I could stay more interested. Right now, there's nothing for me to further in my game.

    I'll get back to you after I read those, I guess.
    oh...well then :(

    i mean if its as simple as replacing names then you could just do it i guess. its not like there are pr lists that frequently anyway
    lol I doubt anyone would have a problem with you watermarking your work >.>

    good luck, i mean **** takes word to make it look cool but it's worth it in the end for high quality right?

    gl lol. do melee first, that actually has a list out @.@
    yeah it'd be kinda bad to have a cool pic for one but not the other haha

    i just know you made good pictures for your tournaments so i figured you could for this too
    yo you should make a picture for the nc rankings like michigan and md/va

    they have cool pr threads
    What about the fact that you went against your parents' wishes? Especially since you're moving out soon I would think you could find the will to behave until then. since you like hearing my opinion for whatever reason, there it is.
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