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  • That Kirby Fighters 2 game looks awesome, I've played the original and it's deluxe version, So I'm definitely get it.
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    I remember getting a 100% save file on Kirby Fighters Deluxe on the 3DS, and it was a really fun title. I think this might be a buy for me as well. (Those costume unlocks were a pain, but totally worth it).
    Man, I loved Kirby Fighter Deluxe, That was awesome.
    I owned two copies of melee in different years of my life

    in 2012, I was 11 at the time (Now I'm 19 years old), I got melee at a place called Books and Music exchange (does any one remember that place?), only had the Case and Disc

    It was $18 and I wanted it because I played brawl, I got it and didn't work (It was on the No memory card page), Let's just say I wasn't happy, then the next day I got a Gamecube Controller, and it worked, and only unlocked Dr. Mario and Jigglypuff, it kept restarting because I didn't have a memory card, soon maybe in 2013 or 2014, I got a memory card and months later I got everything in the game and it saved it, then in late 2014, I accidently deleted all of my save data, It Sucked since mewtwo has to be unlocked for 20hr. vs. matches. It was a Horrble time

    and then Years later I got a new copy for melee for $70, since I got a new gamecube from my step Brother's dad
    I was happy, and unlocked every thing in two weeks.

    any questions?
    After I get the Mario 3D all stars collection on switch, I back to collecting Gamecube games.

    Any suggestions on which games I should get or some that might interest me?
    Which Gamecube games do you have?

    Admittedly, I have no idea what prices are like for anything that I suggest, but if you haven't played them in some form over the years, then...

    -Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
    -Viewtiful Joe
    -Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
    -Soul Calibur 2
    -Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
    -Star Fox Adventures/Assault

    ...are worth looking into, along with the Nintendo standbys (Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion, Paper Mario, Melee, etc. - maybe wait on Wind Waker, since the HD version might get a Switch port next year for Zelda's anniversary).

    There's also Resident Evil 4, but I've only played the Wii version, and I'm not sure if I could go back to any version that doesn't have motion controls.
    I have Mario Party 4 and 5, Mario Kart Double Dash (came with a bonus disc), Paper Mario TTYD, Melee, Mario Golf, Luigi's Mansion, Kirby air ride, Custom Robo, Naruto Clash of Ninja 1 and 2, Sonic Mega Collection, and Soul Calibur 2, which means I have 13 Games.
    When Pichu was cut in Brawl and didn't return in smash 4

    I didn't make this, credit to the original artist
    This is something I found on a site called Angelfire or something
    This was from before Melee was a thing
    When were clone and echo characters first Hated?
    Remember this monstrosity
    I hate it

    Doc is in, which is cool, but it ruined the suprise for his fans
    What was your response?
    All I can say?
    I'm so happy we've gotten to a point in speculation where characters looking the same can be a valid complaint :)
    "LOL so fake I could die."

    They mostly didn't believe it because Doc was on there and mewtwo wasn't (Before he was DLC)

    Mewtwo in my opinion was used a lot as Leakbait, Doc made a lot of sense since he's basically a character no one predicts, tho Lucina was announced as a clone, so ether way it would make sense.

    Which Clone was more Understandable or passable of the 3, Doc, Lucina, or Dark Pit.
    If I didn't metion this yesterday, I ordered Mario Party 4
    Saved up $89 to get it, It's ridiculous

    also, My sister and Step Brother are in school (well work at home, of course).
    I already graduated this year
    I saved up to Get Mario party 4

    What franchise on the gamecube would be in smash?
    Are you talking about franchises that were on the Gamecube at one point, or ones that started on the Gamecube?

    If it's the first one, Custom Robo. If it's the second, Eternal Darkness. (mind you, I'm not sure how well a multi-generational story about the incomprehensible horrors of the universe would mesh with Mario or Pokemon, but the stage would be great)

    Alternatively, Viewtiful Joe if we're including third party characters.
    Mario Party 4 would be privy to lots of controversy in the competitive scene, but I trust the devs that it could be wonderful as Fighter 77...
    Megadoomer, I have Custom Robo, It's awesome, I wanted to get a game from a franchise that's obscure.
    Also I was talking about both, sorry If was not clear.
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