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  • Good **** at Cataclysm 4 man. Almost got 8th place to boost falco's rankings :p Oh well, 9th is still extremely good.
    It's all good D1 you have to do what you have to do to win... I know because I've done some things that made me feel lame with Ness like I played this really good Rob player and I had to take advantage of his in ability to cope with PKt2 and I took two stocks off like that and won the first game of the set when I was down 2 stocks... Yeah I think I'm going to work on ignoring people when they tell me not to do things... I'll stop doing it when I see it's wrong and I won't feel bad for being punished when I do it and they told me not to. The feeling bad part got to me emotionally at the end. I almost got locked in the basement thinking about it... They closed the door down stairs, luckily the lock could be disarmed from the inside.

    Everyone getting their money back was cool. It was really fun playing there even if it cost 10 dollars. We got to convince bum to do draft crews again. This time I'm blocking out all sounds. Except brawl.

    And that Falco was pretty scary as well...
    D1, good stuff at the BX weekly you went frame perfect chain grabbing that was amazing. I need to play you again... Hopefully without people yelling at me not to do stuff over my shoulders, let me PKT when I want. And when you have all 3 stocks...
    yo man, I already told atomsk that I can house u guys. Did he tell u yet? When are u guys going to come? and is it going to be by metro or car?
    hey d1 whats up man yo we gotta play agin soon im just comin from ctitical hits 4.5 tornament and ive step up since our last fight hoep 2 see u at bums weekly
    This is SonicFalco, Silvens Friend From City Tech and I heard that youre the best Falco Player in NYC. Nice to Meet you man.
    good meeting you D1, have nuttin but respect for you and ur falco. we gotta get a friendly going sum time.
    Umm scratch that, let's go to CTF on either Tuesday or Thurs (Wed I gotta stay in because I gotta sign up for Katsucon Artist Alley). Let me know!
    Falco, Sheik, DK, and Fox. Only thing is that I've been playing Melee only for awhile now, especially since CunningKitsune hates Brawl :p
    You and me both -_- I just wish I could MAKE it to a tourney. I have an issue with driving at night, so making it to tournies is kinda hard. That's why I'm trying to find a venue that's close to me, so I can start hosting. I also just found some melee players that live pretty close, so I gotta start playing with them, too.
    D1, what's good, bro? We gotta get together and play soon? Otakon was a blast, and you need to come back to melee, xD. Nah, play what you enjoy, ^_^
    I switched Falco to my main recently, with fox seconded. Could I get some tourney Falco tips from a Falco pro? Lol ^_^.
    Haha cool, I think i should be able to go.

    I def need some more tourney experience, maybe you and some others could teach me a thing or 2 =P. I play a mean Sonic when I'm at the top of the game, but I can be pretty inconsistent. Cuz I'm really just a brawl scrub, lulz. I never played melee competitively which is why I'm excited to at least be formidable in brawl.
    OOhh and congrats on placing first! XD forgot to say that hehe.

    Its a good thing you guys split.. musta been alot of money around to split anyways XD
    Hehe hey D1, yea I actually saw you playing, but I didn't introduce myself because well... you were playing XD.

    And I doubt it was me, because my performance was poor =/ I know I shouldn't have johns but first of all, I'm one of the few that actually plays competitively with WiiMote+Nunchuck. Apparently with so many wii's at close proximity, there was alot of interference, because it felt worse than as if I were playing on WiFi, while no one else I asked felt the lag =/

    Secondly, I should've advanced to the next round, but I sandbagged my matches after I knew I was gonna be in the top 4, but ofcourse then they changed the rules... so yea. =P

    Oh well, maybe I'll see you at the next tourney. You going to Bums' on friday?
    hey, whatsup? where have you been? lol wanted to talk to you about ch4 and such on AIM... well.. talk to you later.
    Hey D1 its Aoshi the guy who wants to play you at smash fest? I was wondering what is your # so we can talk easier you know. Also, hit me up when you want to practice aight. Later man.
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