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  • hey... can you check the last post in your combo vid thread? i gotta make sure you have all the clips, ive lost most of them when i formatted recently and will have to re-record them if you dont have them
    Im actually tired from all the smash I played this weekend so maybe later... okay?
    Dude Napilopez, I have a tournament of 64 competitors coming up in about a week. It has it's own ranking system too =D Would you like to join it :) You would do pretty well dude =D
    K thanx for the advice this is the kinda advice ive been searching and sonic forums do have the awnser...i was too lzy to go there lol
    hey ggs Nape! havent seen a sonic user as good as you in a long time...lol sonic dittos...and lol at Zeo what a spring and homing spammer XD^^
    Darn it Nape! I almost beat your Sonic, but my little bro unplugged the TV so I couldn't see ROAR I was so happy too.... -_-
    I hope our games shed some light on it. I doubt Sonic's Bair can get through MK's disjointed hitboxes, though, and if you don't ban Rainbow Cruise you won't be able to powershield MK's appraches effectively since you'll be in the air.
    From my games against MdrnDayMercutio (IDK if he posts on Sonic boards), it seems that the fact that Sonic can't reliably approach MK from the side (Fair stops all approaches, or at least that's what it looks like, or from above (Uair stops all approaches it seems), or from below (MK's Dair) and MK's CPs are much stronger. Plus, on PS1, MK can gain a % advantage and plank under the ledges while Uairing and I don't think Sonic can do more than try to Bair off the stage. I think the 80/20 the MK board has is high, but from the one Sonic I played against, I'd say it's like 75/25 (assuming Corneria and GG are banned in the competition, which I support). My experience is far from diverse, however. Are you aware of moves that can get through MK's aerials? Or do you have to rely on punishing.

    I can bring my Wii if you have a TV... I prefer my Wii anyway since I painstakingly picked every song that is the best to Brawl to on every legal stage.
    I'm coming to Columbia this weekend. Will you be around to play at all? I'd like to convince you that MK is a Sonic counter.
    haha yeah it's only natural to john when one loses :p
    But good, no Johns! =D Yeah I'm working on Marth as you can tell :) DUde Sonic has so much variety it's so frustrating, cause I Try to predict what you do then you just change it all of the sudden haha
    Lol, how'd I know that was gonna happen in the last game :p
    Seriously I predicted that I would die by that mechanical arm haha
    And it helped you kill me for 2 lives, so congratz I guess! =D Ggs
    Hey Napilopez, would you like to do some friendlies later? Message me back whenever you can :)
    I woke up at 4:30 or so, after waking up and falling back asleep again and again. T_T

    My co-worker slept until 4:30, too...

    GL with your midterm!
    As long as you're as open-minded as I am (which it seems you are!) we'll get along great then! So you haven't drank alcohol at Columbia?

    Furnald was my first choice, but they put me in Carmen with the worst roommate EVER! He was a legacy and a rugby star, basically the dumbest guy in school by far, and a huge jerk! I've actually only completed one semester, and then I had to withdraw because my grades were bad enough first semester that I was on academic probation (what I get for pledging a fraternity first semester...), and I didn't get automatically registered for a required class, and missed an email telling me I had to do it manually, so I would have been kicked out if I didn't take time off...

    Lame, but at least I get to work a job now and make some cash.
    I hope I didn't scare you away with that drug talk! I just think people are too closed-minded to anything illegal, and don't realize that some illegal things are safe compared to alcohol and tobacco. I swear I'm not gonna be doing shots of heroin between sets!

    What's the deal with the fair?
    Where's home?

    Why $15!? Is it like a big tourney? Is it at his house? Where in NYC is it? Why were you on at 5:33 AM too!?

    It'll take me 3 hours to get to NYC, so it's basically too late now, but we can just brawl together some weekend (if you don't mind that I main MK). I'm a member of a fraternity there, too.
    Dude We Go To The Same College!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm taking a semester off though. What year are you? Where is your dorm?

    Crap, I wanna go to bum's! Is it invite only? If not, when and where?

    ...LOL I been playing Melee since the MLG days so I definitely have alotta experience. XD


    Also, yeah you should go...it would good for ya experience-wise. The more tourneys you go to...the more you level up and start tearing it up in tourneys.

    Take it from me ^_^.
    Hellz yeah I'm gonna be there.

    Gotta keep fightin to stay on top!
    Sup Napilopez I didn't see ya at the latest tourney, soooooo many people entered!!!

    You probably heard when I entered and people yelled, "D1111111"!!!! I heard there were a couple good Sonic mains in the building, Kai, Blue, and someone else but I dunno who they were talking about...was it you?

    Btw I got 1st at that tourney ^_^ me, Bum, and Leo aka Basic Sausage split for 1st ^_^.
    its on page 37 and the incompleted kirby one is on pg 50. just quote it and get rid of the quote tags. I'll post u sometime wen i finish it.
    hey nape u hav the top of the page on one of the pages in my matchup discussion.
    wud u mind putting kirby's thing there? (its around pg 40 i think)...
    Wanna Brawl? I am trying to see how I compare to other Brawlers. All I know is that I beat someone who was in a big tournament and got 25th place.
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