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  • Saw you on stream at the Stickbug Biweeklies, you got a sick Axl.

    I did have to root for the Robo-Ky in the Grand Finals because I main Robo, though. Sorry. =(
    Yay : D
    Also, is there going to be like at least one TV for Roy? D:
    Just asking cause like, Roy is too good xD
    It wouldn't bother people who don't main Marth so I don't see why not : )
    The beginning of September? That wouldn't be bad at all then : D
    Monthlies would **** then
    Just Brawl+? None of that vBrawl shiz? :D
    that tourney you hosted @ hofstra, can i have the # for the venue? I might want to host a tourney there, idk yet
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