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  • If you ever feel like I am too annoying with the repeated messages and I act like a **** to everyone about Nintendo's online, I'm posting here to say that I post these messages partially just to be an asshole, and also because on GameFAQs, Reddit, and to a lesser extent this site, I see people make excuses for Nintendo's **** ups (most notably deluded people saying "Nintendo's online is only $20 why r u poor lol?") without thinking to themselves that "Nintendo offers garbage services and cannot get things such as Smash Bros and Mario Party online right, which is why people are not willing to pay them".

    One of the most ridiculous defenses I've seen was when New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe came out. In 4 player mode of that game, one player must play as either Toadette or Nabbit who both have many advantages that make them easy mode. I saw many people on reddit complain about this and others didn't see why people were complaining, saying "no one wants to play 4 player anyways", "you're just looking for things to complain about", or whatnot. I made a post saying that the complaints were completely justifiable because no one wants to be stuck in easy mode if they don't want to, and came up with a pretty terrible analogy. An user I don't recall the username of said that the complaints are unjustifiable because Nintendo did things this way; the game is a co-op game instead of a competitive one. It's meant to be played with people who aren't good at it and if you want a challenge make your own challenge mode. While the advantages of Toadette and Nabbit aren't that significant enough to impact the players too much (and I didn't really plan to play NSMBUDX so idc either way), there is NO REASON to ever imply that they went out of their way to sabotage the fun of everyone who wants to play a game this way, instead of just leaving things as they are. The post that had since been deleted (because the whole topic was deleted) was so wrong that I ended up harrassing the user over it and got my account banned. Now there is no reason to ever harrass someone and I fully deserve the ban but if you act defensive about Nintendo's **** ups I wouldn't really give a **** about a ban if it means fanboys are intimidated enough to change themselves, and I bet any user would've end up harrassing that user anyways because many of them had the same complaints.

    Just seems like to you that as long as deluded fanboys defend Nintendo over stupid things, Nintendo will never change themselves which is why I act like a **** to everyone to pressure them into changing their attitudes.
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