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    The next Generation: Pokemon X and Y confirmed

    Current team: Braixen Wartortle Floette Amaura Honedge (may box later) Hawlucha (may box later) Wondering what levels a few of my pokemon evolve at.
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    Pokemon X and Y (SPOILERS THREAD)

    Barbaracle is actually one of the most clever pokemon ideas this gen imo. Favorites: Talonflame Trevenant Malamar Pancham (just wish I liked Pangoro more) Yveltal Least fav: Slurpuff Gourgeist Avalugg Carbink
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    Pokemon X and Y (SPOILERS THREAD)

    Because nothing says "Fairy-type" like... car keys... Kinda wish it was Steel/Ghost instead, I mean, yeah Honedge already has that typing but "possessed keys" makes at least marginally more sense. It is strangely cute though, I like it more than I wish I did. Also, Goomy's evolution looks...
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    Pokemon X and Y (SPOILERS THREAD)

    Hawlucha looks awesome and I love the type combination, hope dual-type moves don't become a common thing, I want official artwork of the starter final evos badly, Aromatisse and Slurpuff look strange but it's coo, Diggersby is ****ing hilarious, Goomy looks sweet and I know it's gonna have a...
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    Hey man! Sorry, I hardly ever come on here any more lol.

    Hey man! Sorry, I hardly ever come on here any more lol.
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    Trainer Tappout- Let's Make A Game

    This project sounds really cool and I plan on following it. I might also try and take part, provided it doesn't require any extensive competitive knowledge. If that's what you're looking for, well, I still support it lol.
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    The next Generation: Pokemon X and Y confirmed

    Derp. That's actually pretty cool though. I can't wait to see what its official art looks like
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    The next Generation: Pokemon X and Y confirmed

    Why is this tree being talked about as if it's an actual pokemon? Do we have an official source or someone claiming to be saying anything about it? I feel like I missed something.
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    The next Generation: Pokemon X and Y confirmed

    Is it just me or does Swirlix seem kind of ghostly? I know it's been confirmed as pure Fairy but it makes me think about the possibility of a pokemon being Fairy/Ghost. Would be an interesting combination. I weirdly like Spritzee. If I end up getting the game and he evolves into a Fairy/Flying...
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    YOU are in charge of cutting 5 characters from the Brawl roster...

    1. Toon Link - Despite the upcoming HD release of Wind Waker, I feel Toon Link is simply too close to Link to warrant his own spot on the roster. While they are different versions of the same character, they are still essentially the same character (hoping not to ignite some pointless argument...
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    Not Everyone from Brawl/Melee will return... few 3rd party characters

    You did a ****ty job of making whatever point you were trying to.
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    All newcomers were leaked along Little Mac, Pac Man and the Miis

    I don't want Mii to get in but I was halfway expecting it even before reading this. It's pretty much a no-brainer of a choice.
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    Stage Discussion

    Gerudo Valley looks awesome. I hope the bridge can break. I also really like the Spirit Tracks stage. Do we know how fast the train moves, though? I'm assuming you can be on the ground next to it but I'm curious as to whether it's sort of a Big Blue deal where you can't stay on it without...
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    Data Decisive Games Introduction Thread (make sure to check the new forum rules as well!)

    /OUT to mod large Don't think I can trust myself to actually run this thing when the time comes to. Probably should have thought about it more carefully when I signed up
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    Teen Titans: Titans Together

    Sold, it feels like a ***** move of me to do this after affirming that I could be active but I think I jumped into it a little too quickly. I'm gonna have to /out but I'm sure you can find someone to take my spot in a hearbeat and I hope the game runs smoothly. I apologize again, but it's better...