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Butters Stotch
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  • Hi everyone, another announcement to make. Hope you're all well. Not near the end of the year as intended, but whatever.

    I know, I've already retired from this board, with initial plans to return near the end of the year, but now, with how I feel and the way things have gone since then, that's no longer the case and I intend on leaving for good. Sorry guys.

    I know I'm essentially reinstating what I said months ago and apologies for that, but honestly, with where I am at the moment, I'm more than ready to move onto the next stage of my life, so I can't really make time for this site anymore (or in the near future to be more precise), not to mention that I've been losing interest in eventually returning since my last post.

    Just to let you all know, while things actually took somewhat of a turn for the worse in May (I won't specify how), things have drastically improved since then and April, so there aren't any major issues affecting me, at least as of writing, so no need to worry.

    Regardless of my initial leave, I've really enjoyed being here (in spite of my poorly chosen username, heh). Met many great people here and in general, I just like having a place to freely discuss Smash and beyond. Unfortunately, this is farewell and for good this time.

    Take good care of yourselves, peace out.
    Before I go again, I'm gonna add to the rosters below by doing stage lists for each one. A lot of the ideas here are from modders, the SSF2 team, and users from Reddit, DA, and here, so shoutouts to everyone included. (OUTDATED)
    • Mushroom Kingdom
    • Kongo Jungle
    • The Eagle (since OoT was still in development)
    • Planet Zebes
    • Yoshi’s Island (Brawl style)
    • Dream Land
    • Sector Z
    • Saffron City
    • :battlefieldb:
    • :fdb:
    • Meta Crystal
    • Peach’s Castle
    • Bowser’s Castle (Codename Melee Deluxe version)
    • Yoshi’s Story (E3 version)
    • Yoshi's Cookie
    • Rice Beach
    • Wario Castle
    • Jungle Japes (DK64 style)
    • Minecart Carnage
    • Awakening in Subcon
    • Clock Town (except with a floor and buildings below)
    • Brinstar
    • Kraid's Lair (renamed Brinstar Depths)
    • Rock Star
    • Fountain of Dreams
    • Corneria
    • Venom
    • Pokémon Stadium
    • Pokémon Snap (just Poké Floats with an island background)
    • Mute City
    • Big Blue
    • Onett
    • Fourside
    • Archanea
    • Flat Zone

    • :battlefieldb:
    • :fdb:
    • The Eagle
    • Dream Land
    • Saffron City
    • :battlefieldb:
    • :fdb:
    • Gaur Plain
    • Ushimitsu High School
    • Duck Hunt
    • Boxing Ring
    • Pac-Maze
    • Pi’illo Island Tour (basically 3D Land, but with Dream Team locations)
    • New Island
    • Sunset Shore
    • Spirit Train
    • Phase 8
    • Lollipop Land
    • Unova Pokemon League
    • Fire Field GBA
    • Magicant
    • Arena Ferox
    • Reset Bomb Forest
    • Mt. Aleph
    • Warzone
    • Tortimer Island
    • Living Room
    • Find Mii
    • Tomodachi Life
    • Pictochat 2
    • Game Boy (now with a DK 94 section)
    • Wily Castle

    • Luigi’s Mansion
    • Tetris Attack
    • :warioware:
    • Corneria
    • Sky Pillar
    • Holosseum
    • :distantplanet:
    • :flatzone2:
    • :greenhill:
    • Big Battlefield
    • Mario Galaxy
    • Woolly World
    • Gamer
    • Homecoming Hyjinxs
    • Skyloft
    • Pyrosphere
    • Return to Dream Land (transforming stage like Mushroom Kingdom U)
    • Krazoa Palace (but bigger and with more areas)
    • Prism Tower
    • Cosmo Terminal
    • Serenes Forest
    • Holosseum 2 (again, potential here!)
    • Underwater Tunnel
    • Garden of Hope
    • Town & City
    • Wii Fit Studio
    • Pilotwings
    • Wuhu Island
    • Desk
    • Flat Zone X
    • City Escape (with a truck hazard of course)
    • Central Highway (Palutena’s Guidance is replaced with codecs between X and friends)

    • Bowser’s Castle
    • :mariocircuit:
    • Wario Castle
    • Kongo Jungle
    • :eldin:
    • Phendrana Drifts
    • :halberd:
    • :lylat:
    • :ps2:
    • :porttown:
    • New Pork City
    • Elibe
    • :skyworld:
    • Venus Lighthouse
    • :smashville:
    • Gyromite
    • The Eagle
    • Saffron City
    • Meta Crystal
    • Warzone (Wii U only)
    • Miiverse (Wii U only)
    • Suzaku Castle
    • Midgar
    • Rhythm Heaven (switches between four minigames as its settings, each having rhythm based mechanics present)
    • Motel No More Heroes
    • :battlefieldb:
    • Big Battlefield
    • :fdb:
    • Giga Destination (free update)
    • New Donk City
    • Great Plateau Tower
    • Blackbelly Skatepark
    • Dracula’s Castle
    • Pictochat X
    • Mementos
    • Yggdrasil’s Altar
    • Spiral Mountain
    • King of Fighters Stadium
    • Garreg Mach Monastery
    • Spring Stadium
    • Minecraft World
    • Retro stage pack (or Northern Cave if Eggman isn't possible)
    • Cloud Sea of Alrest
    • Mishima Dojo
    • Hollow Bastion
    This isn't a return or anything - though that may change sometime in the future - but since I redid my "if I were Sakurai" rosters from this thread recently as a quick time killer, I thought I'd post them here.


    Melee (Ice Climbers are only here as a placeholder for a different NES/SNES/N64 rep):
    :175::jigglypuffmelee::pikachumelee::mewtwomelee::gawmelee::zeldamelee: Ayumi Tachibana

    :peach::ultkrool::metaknight::ganondorf::falcon::wolf: May :marth::popo::sonic:
    :bowser2::yoshi2::warioc::toonlink::olimar: Andy :lucario::ike::gw:

    4 (renamed to Clash & Rumble):
    :4mario::4luigi::4peach::4bowser:Toad :4yoshi::4wario2::4dk::4diddy::ultkrool::4samus::ultdarksamus:
    :4link::ultzelda::4ganondorf::4tlink::4kirby::4dedede::4metaknight::4pikachu::4mewtwo::175::4lucario: Zoroark
    :4fox::4falco::4falcon::4ness::4marth::4myfriends::4robinf: Isaac :4olimar: :4villager::4wiifit:Ray Mk III
    :4pit::4rob::popo::4duckhunt::4littlemac::4gaw::ultyounglink: Lyn:4darkpit::4sonic::4megaman::4pacman:
    :4shulk::4bowserjr:Ayumi:4lucas::4greninja::4ryu::4cloud:Travis Touchdown :4miibrawl::4miisword::4miigun:

    :ultdaisy::ultbowser::ultwario::ulticeclimbers::ultzelda::175::ultfalco::ultyounglink::ultmarth: Lyn :ultganondorf::ultmewtwo: Ayumi
    :ultgnw::ultmetaknight:Galacta Knight:ultpit::ultdarkpit::ultdarksamus:Isaac :ultsnake::ultike: May Andy :ultdiddy:Dixie Kong
    Toad:ultlittlemac:Gen 5 rep:ultpacman: Ray :ultrobinf::ultshulk::ultduckhunt::ultbowserjr::ultgreninja::ultryu::ultken::ultcloud:
    Travis:ultinkling::ultridley::ultsimon::ultrichter: Impa :ultisabelle: Karate Joe Style Savvy:ultjoker::ulthero::ultbanjokazooie::ult_terry:
    • Race to the Finish (if there’s time) becomes a freely accessible mode.
    • The combo feature sticks around for sequels.
    • To save dev time, :ultkirby: Hats are cut. I don't know how much would be freed up, but Sakurai mentioned he was slightly more challenging to develop because of them.
    • Since this was the 90s, screw it, throwing in cheat codes. These include skeletal and polygonal skins, zero-second and single player matches, invisible characters, third jumps, playable Metal :ultmario:and Giant :ultdk:, etc.
      • They remain in Melee and, to a lesser degree, Brawl; they'd be cut for good in the following game.
    • Bonus matches and the score are carried into future games or at least just Brawl.
    • Like :ultpikachu::ultjigglypuff::ultpichu:, :ultyounglink:'s alts have physical differences, wearing any seven masks.
    • Sound Test is unlocked from the start.
    • Again, if possible, Race to the Finish is available outside of Classic.
    • No tripping.
    • The player count goes up to six. Multi-Man Brawl shows it’s more than possible.
    • :ultsonic:'s alts are also cosmetic (Riders gear, his assorted SA2 and Rivals 2 costumes, his metallic skin from Heroes; Link Sonic, Boom, and the P+ Classic and Werehog recolors can come into play next game).
      • Fun fact: Hideki Naganuma (the composer of Jet Set Radio) approved of his Beat costume in Project M. Given Nintendo's thoughts on PM, the only way it can be officially implemented is with hindsight bias.
    • :ultolimar: isn’t mute, :ultbowser:and the DK trio have their canon voices, :ultkingdedede: and :ultmetaknight: get theirs from the anime, and :ultsamus: could use :ultzss:ZSS’s lines or simply stay silent.
    • Starting from this game onward, speed adjustors are made standard gameplay options.
    • Chronicle and Stickers are sort of merged into one. The “Stickers” are now of game covers and serve the same purpose in Subspace, but upon collection, they’re added to the Chronicle, where they can be viewed, arranged for photos, and have short descriptions.
    • The menu can still be rotated with the control stick. :D
    • Classic Mode is its traditional self on Wii U.
    • The difficulty and stock system work as they do in previous entries (applies to Ultimate too).
    • All-Star is unlockable again and the matches can be fought in any order (with it focused more on consoles than the debut years).
    • :ultmewtwo: is voiced by Dan Green or keeps its Japanese lines at the very least.
    • To save resources and/or create more unique Custom Moves, characters only have a set each and they can’t be unlocked as duplicates.
    • Target Blast is axed for Target Smash on the Wii U and Crystal Smash (based on the Smash Run minigame and SSF2 mode) on the 3DS.
    • StreetSmash is cut for Race to the Finish and Climb! (again, both from Smash Run).
    • Tourney is compatible offline.
    • Stage Builder is largely the same as its Brawl incarnation, with the drawing tool now optional.
    • Master/Crazy Orders are revamped into the rumored Tower of Smash, with Smash Tour cut to further develop it.
      • Bosses are relegated here instead of stages.
      • The final battle of Smash Tour becomes it’s own mode (think All-Star Smash from Project M).
    • The Photo Studio backgrounds are used for victory screens (not a major change, but I have a soft spot for them and it’s better than reusing Brawl’s).
    • To set it apart from previous games, the artstyle takes on a more distinctive, cel-shaded look; picture a combo of Return to Dream Land DX and MvC3).
      • Hell, the 2D banner designs could be the characters' artwork instead!
    • Characters and stages are selected in the usual order and rule saving is optional, with matches decided as they were prior.
      • Battlefield stages are dubbed Alpha stages (I'm surprised this didn't happen to begin with).
    • Most of Sm4sh’s Final Smashes are carried over and transformations aren’t removed.
    • Unlock conditions work like this and the starting roster is enlarged (now including the secret four, all newcomers that aren't echoes or DLC, and a few series staples). and This also includes :ultsnake: , as he (inspired by the fanfiction) and :ultwario: (via regeneration) survive the carnage at the beginning of WoL.
    • :ultwolf:'s Brawl clips are recycled, :ultmegaman: is voiced by Ben Diskin, :ultisabelle: speaks animalese, and the iconic Minecraft death sound plays when :ultsteve:is K.O'd.
    • I believe All-Star (obviously in fighter order) and Boss Battles could be brought back, even if it meant largely condensing World of Light and/or pushing them to post-release.
      • In All-Star Smash’s stead is a Fighting Assist Team gauntlet.
      • Same with Race to the Finish, though that'd take even less time. Maybe add Home-Run and Mob Smash to Classic to freshen up the Bonus Game a little.
    • Only one ending. Not having the extra cutscenes frees resources for a longer opening with more dialogue and context (I’d double down on this in the mode itself with textbox interactions).
      • And changing the menu theme is unlocked from the start. A more meaningful reward is given for beating the mode.
    • Aside from maybe Rathalos and Galleom (Eggman, the return of Rayquaza, Senator Armstrong, and more come to mind as potential substitutes), the only boss I'd cut is Marx for Sectonia, Zero Two, or Magolor. And more boss variety in Classic Mode too.
    • Online works like it does in the last game, being split into For Fun and For Glory.
      • GSP is based on players’ overall performances and isn’t split among characters.
    • Touching on victory screens once again, the announcer still says “the winner is…” and the characters’ home stages are used as backgrounds (inspired by this cool mod).
      • As for the themes themselves, it would be cool if everyone had their own, even if it meant using pre-existing tracks or possibly sacrificing a few remixes (but I wouldn't mind losing Ultimate's renditions of Brinstar and Fourside).
    • :ultsheik: is an alt for Impa.
    • :ultchrom::ultrosalina::ultpalutena::ultcorrin::ultbayonetta: become Assist Trophies. Based on Awakening's Pair Up mechanic, Chrom follows and attacks with his summoner, Palutena preserves Pit's first Final Smash, Bayo is pretty much a reskin of Rodin.
    • :ultcharizard: remains a Pokéball summon and becomes one in Ultimate.
    • :ultpiranha: becomes an item.
    • Already explained :ultdoc::ultzss::ultpokemontrainer: , though guess Samus can also remove her helmet in a victory animation.
    • :ultlucina::ultsquirtle::ultivysaur::ultincineroar: are reduced to Trophies/Spirits.
    After thinking about it for a while, unless I log back in one day, I’m officially retiring from this board. I’ve only been here for under a year, but the reason I’m quitting relates to stuff going on in my life right now. It was nice knowing you all. Have a good one, guys!
    I probably shouldn't be mentioning this right now and may delete this message later on, but I'm really scared of what's going on in the world at the moment and am fearing for those affected, as well as what could potentially happen next. My heart goes out to everyone that's been impacted by this.
    Butters Stotch
    Butters Stotch
    I just hope that we can get past this all somehow and prevent the worst case scenarios. Is there any reassurance that could be had here?
    The sucky thing about what's going on right now is that there's no telling what could happen. However, that doesn't mean we're all doomed; Even if things don't exactly pan out the way we want/hope, I have faith that somehow, everything will calm down.

    It's natural to be worried about these things (believe me, I have been), but again, I believe everything will work out in the end. In the meantime, though, I'd recommend taking care of yourself; While we can't really control what's going on in the world (most of us, anyway), what we can do is watch our mental health and do things that we enjoy to distract ourselves.

    Sorry I don't really have much else to share, but things will get better.
    Butters Stotch
    Butters Stotch
    Thanks for the advice. This is honestly the best take I’ve come across online. I’d elaborate more on how I feel and such, but I ultimately decided against it and figured it’d be best to try to take it off of my mind.
    I don’t really pay attention to the sort of stuff most of the time, but doesn’t the Bandai Namco website say something about remastering a “3D action game” made by Nintendo? Just curious.
    Out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on guests appearing in Mario Kart? Personally, I don't mind them and there are some additions I'd like to see, but I'd rather have them be kept to a minimum to avoid taking away from the Mario-centric cast or leading to "Nintendo Kart".
    I know he’s a Nintendo owned property and there were Dixie and K. Rool trophies, but the absence of Diddy Kong in Melee, playable or not, is quite suspicious and makes me wonder if there was more than meets the eye with what was going on behind the scenes.

    With the DKC songs and trophies present, it makes me wonder if the Rare buyout was even a factor in this or not.
    Aside from Mega Man, are there any other series that the “Sonic Generations” treatment could work well with?
    I dont know how to do that but I have a list for what X fights as robot masters

    Cutman (First robot master people usually face)
    Air Man (Became a meme so we should celebrate that)
    Shadow Man (called the coolest robot master)
    Pharaoh Man (Also became a meme)
    Gravity Man (unique gimmick)
    Yamato Man (Good class ranged combatant)
    Turbo Man (unqiue and memorable stage)
    Astro Man (best robot master personality)
    Burner Man (we need a fire bot)
    Splash Woman (also an iconic robot master, plus Astro Man already counts as a space theme so Galaxy Man would not work out)
    Sheep Man (electric bot and a meme)
    Block Man (most memorable robot master boss fight in 11)
    Butters Stotch
    Butters Stotch
    Here's what I got for Classic and friends:
    1. Spark Mandrill (since he met Classic in the cartoon)
    2. Bubble Crab
    3. Neon Tiger
    4. Frost Walrus
    5. Dark Necrobat
    6. Commander Yammark
    7. Zero Nightmare
    8. Flame Hyenard
    9. Colonel Redips (from Command Mission, to avoid possible canon contradictions, this takes place in that game's timeline)
    10. Earthrock Trilobyte
    11. Vile (also met Classic in the cartoon)
    After that, I was thinking that Classic, X, and their teams could join up to take down Wily and Sigma.
    For Classic Series Bosses I would include Yellow Devil from the NES Era, Duo from the Playstation Era, and the Wepains Archive from the modern era
    Remember the Smash 2 poll and how Wario and Peach were one vote apart? If the results were the other way around, could Wario have gotten into Melee with a Land moveset, followed by Peach getting into Brawl with a SPP moveset?

    Okay, maybe things would've gone as is like in this timeline, but still.
    I know this is a forum for discussions and stuff, but one time, I actually attempted to write up a theory on Kirby 64's Shiver Star, though I never finished it.

    From what I remember, I think I posited that the "apocalypse" or whatever event turned Earth into a frozen wasteland took place between 1989 and 1998 because of the appearance of a Game Boy in one game, rather than a GBC or later handheld, and the 90s looking phones and TVs. I also explained the presence of robots and advanced technology by theorizing that a third World War took place years earlier, as the first two led to many technological advancements being made.

    Suffice to say that it was a pretty wild, but at the same time, fun theory.
    Bowser's Inside Story just turned 13. I'm too old.

    I only discovered this when looking for the game's OST online.
    "It's more important that a character is fun to play, not just recognisable."

    Not trying to be disrespectful or salty, but am I the only one who genuinely disagrees with this ideology? I mean, I touched upon this briefly in the unpopular opinions thread, but literally anyone can have a fun, interesting moveset. Look at R.O.B. and Wii Fit Trainer!
    Is it bad that Magikarp is genuinely my favorite Pokémon? I don’t know why it is, I can’t tell if it’s the memes or something else entirely.
    Am I the only one here that REALLY wants Toad to get in? He isn't my most wanted character, but I feel that he's important enough to warrant a slot and I'd go as far as to say he's overdue for one.
    Celebrating another birthday today! 🎂
    Rewatched some old Hotel Mario and Zelda YTPs after many years. God did the nostalgia hit hard.
    Cool looking Profile Picture!
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    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    I also tried to come up with name, so I picked a character from Newgrounds.
    Also, from now on I have the same behavior in terms of PFPs, where I put unfitting PFPs over my name.
    (Just like Wario Wario Wario)
    To be honest, I kinda feel that. When I joined here, I was like 15, and I'll admit I was a cringey as hell kid who mained Captain Falcon, hence the name. I still main Captain Falcon, but gone is the very low quality pixel art of the bounty hunter himself, in place of a large replica of Eddie Murphy's head. Never looked back since.
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Wow, nice story.
    You know, I originally tried to make an account that could replicate the Real character and when my YouTube Channel was banned for 2 Months, I moved to SmashBoards to make an account.
    (Also, I was also possibly kinda cringe at start, then I had a small Dark Age Era, where no one looked at my status and later I redeemed myself, but I still have crazy adventures here onward)
    I'm thinking of posting a thread going over a hypothetical "cartoon Smash Bros" series with the games' original release years in mind. Here's the current version of the first game's (with a slightly higher budget for licensing and just how ambitious it is) roster:
    1. Mickey
    2. Bugs
    3. Leonardo (TMNT)
    4. Homer Simpson
    5. Beavis & Butthead
    6. Arthur
    7. Hank Hill
    8. SpongeBob (to promote the launch of his show)

    9. Scrooge McDuck
    10. Fred Flintstone (or Shaggy)
    11. Bart Simpson
    12. Ren & Stimpy (originally Cartman, but I can't picture him in future games)

    Feel free to make suggestions for future additions (I'll probably cover all five Smash games) or critique my choices, as, with how many cartoons are out there, I may be missing someone important.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    I feel CatDog are a more realistic pick if you look at Nickelodeon's history at the time (not that anything here is realistic but still) given Nick supposedly wanted to promote them as their next big mascot before SpongeBob became an unprompted ratings smash.
    Butters Stotch
    Butters Stotch
    Here are some characters I that could be implemented into later games (in no specific order or whichever game they make it into):
    • Patrick Star
    • Squidward
    • Daffy Duck
    • Donald Duck
    • Goofy
    • Mordecai & Rigby
    • Animaniacs
    • Tom & Jerry
    • Finn & Jake
    • Fry (or Bender)
    • Peter Griffin
    • Bill Cipher
    • Bob Belcher
    • Roger Stan Smith
    • Timmy Turner
    • Hugh Neutron (in place of Piranha Plant or another WTF fighter)
    I also think anime characters (most notably Goku) and maybe some webtoon characters (like Homestar Runner and Strong Bad) could work as equivalents to third parties in the actual Smash games. This whole idea is kinda farfetched and crazy, but it's purely hypothetical.

    Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario - Thanks for the advice with CatDog. Though I may consider them for a spot in the first game if I go through with this, I mainly put SpongeBob here since the pilot had existed for a few years (I think it came out in 1997, before CatDog's debut) and I think the release year of 1999 works well, especially since I'd have the first game be a US launch title for the DreamCast before going multiplatform.
    Butters Stotch
    Butters Stotch
    Since I've mentioned the idea of Mega Man X in Smash a few times on this site, had he made it into Melee or Brawl, could Mega Man 9 and 10 have been scrapped in favor of X9 and 10? After all, X was pushed by Capcom more so than classic Mega Man throughout the 90s and 2000s. This could've spelt doom for the classic series and it may not have resurfaced until its next entry in 2018.

    As for what the games would be like, as MM9 and 10 were based on the NES games, X9 and 10 would likely take inspiration from the SNES trilogy. Speaking from a plot based point of view, one or both of them could be tied to the Elf Wars and serve as a clearer transition into the Zero and ZX series.

    Just a fun "what-if" scenario to think about.
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    Torgo the Bear
    Torgo the Bear
    This is a darker timeline for me as a person who adores Classic Mega Man in all his forms but doesn’t care too much for the other Mega Men
    I would probably think it was a really weird choice at first since he’s not the “prime” Mega Man Soto speak, but I’d probably grow to like the inclusion as I got into the X series only recently (and the Classic ones thereafter, which I also really like.
    Butters Stotch
    Butters Stotch
    I recently picked up X Legacy Collection 1 and I'm having a lot of fun with it!

    This is kind of a stretch, but a part of me thinks that The Great Tower of Bowser Land was inspired by Back to the Future 2. Again, a stretch, but one I felt like bringing it up.
    Has anyone heard about the Smash Ultimate Special Edition rumor? Just curious.
    Hey Butters!
    Are you interested in new thread based on "SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE PLUS" by Perkilator?
    If you are, you can click into that link below.

    Why do I want these two in Smash so badly when I know they're fourth parties and will never get in? Maybe my love of Regular Show is getting to me, but that still doesn't make them less unlikely.
    Was gonna rebrand my account, but I found out you have to purchase SmashBoards Premium to do that. I may stick with this account or abandon it. The new profile picture I had in mind didn't fit with my current account name.
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