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  • haha perhaps. I'll double check if I have time. If lanowen hasn't already called him out on it, I'm sure it's not against any sig rules. XD
    XDD. Nah, I think sigs sizes can be whatever as long as the post is big enough to compensate.

    But yeah, Lanowen complains about his sig size as well. XD
    aish, please don't grab september 26th for sou kawaii. that's a week after the Apocalypses Brawl tourney or whatever and they're thinking of doing Melee on the 26th, and I don't want any potential melee players who also play brawl (like Luke and Dan) to have to choose between the two.
    If I come into Edmonton Friday then I'll have to stay there over night lol
    I also have to check and see if I work Friday. I forget xD

    Should I go on AIM now? lol
    Oh lol

    I want to go Peach, but Kirby does so much better in teams, so I might go him. Still not 100% sure yet though D=
    I saw that blog too!
    I didn't read it all because I'm lazy, but it mentioned some interesting things.

    Before the match we'll need to look at our individual match ups against our opponents. And say, if you have a bad match up, then I'll go offensive, and you stay defensive with arrows or somethings =D
    Same goes for me

    So really, instead of completely focusing on the opponent, we should focus on each other?

    You have to be on my swf account?
    I could give you my password lol

    But I can wait till the next monthly :)
    Sounds great to me yo.

    lawl I used to play blue, but he lost his magic for me, I also prefer his all white costume. too bad you don't wi-fail it up, there's an 8 man crew battles tourni thing goin on. Ask vic about details or snoop ma profile theres the link for the thing.
    Ok I can do that =D

    I have a small favor to ask though.
    I've been wanting to buy that silly premium membership, but I lack a credit card :(

    I don't know if you have access to one but if you do then could you buy it for me?

    It's costs $12, but I'll pay you back $20 and buy you lunch ^__^
    That's a tad strange.

    Most of my friends are white and into Japanese things.

    Decided not to go with Khold, chose some random Japanese band instead.
    Stopped addingp eople for now.

    I actually like all music. Currently listening to Eminem, switching over to Khold (Dutch Metal) soon.
    XD Naw.... I think I'll stick to Myspace's Mafia Wars. and SWF friend whoring/group whoring
    That first statement is a lie. My ex was the one that made me watch my first hentai.
    LOL.... wow..... Sailor Moon... :x softcore hentai ftw?

    Now uhm... yah :/ but still... she JUST got down here.. you'd think family first, then friends?
    Stumble upon any good videos? :3

    Yah, but my sister lives 2 states away and is visiting us for 2 weeks. :/
    I am one of like 3. :p

    Well, my sisters hanging with her friends rather then family. <_< and I'm just chilling at home listening to music.
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