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  • Doesn't help that I have over 6000 posts, am in over 600 social groups, and am friend whoring.
    Haha, most people recognize me from SOMEWHERE. :) Considering... I am most everywhere.
    Meeting new people. x] So adding everyone who is online and talking to those who talk.

    How are you? :o
    LOL the only girl that was with us tagged me as "vics hot friendd" in every photo i was in, your welcome to add me on facebook to find out for yourself, you'll be sorely dissapointed that I have a girlfriend however :p, but your welcome to look I guess.

    My samus is pretty gnarly, Beat Vics Diddy Offline which was suuper close and really lucky lol. Yeah I'd looove to play you though in smash, see wher eI stand agaisnt the greatest, I've played the best sonic, and vic's ganon and so far matched them pretty evenly, I also played lukes Flaco online and got *****, but matched his falcon pretty well. If I get a car anytime soon I'll let D0rod know and he can call you up and we can all have lunch or something. but as it is I work sooo Effing much now, 7 days a week normally starting at 3-5 and ending like 11:30. anyways yeah lemme know about the FB thing and I can letcha know the info in a PM
    Hahaha sweet! If I make it up to Edmonton sometime we should all chill. Best samus in alberta ;) unless Darren has gotten better as her that is. How are things?
    It's just, I haven't played brawl since the tourney haha

    I think I lost interest in it O__o

    But I always end up playing it again somehow, so we'll see how it goes
    Hey Vivi :D

    Um....I'm not sure if I'll be coming to this next tourney yet. I have to think about it still......
    It's such a pain getting there and back =/

    There is still a possibility of me coming though, but I make no promises :p

    So.....iunno, maybe you might want to look for a back up partner just in case D=
    so I hear your like the best pit in Alberta! and that I guess you played Darren? Samusbrawler lol. How are ya doing?? UndrDog asked me if I knew you, and I said that I didn't yet, so thats kinda not cool lol, but hopefully we'll see each other in a tourniment sometime
    Hmm.....anytime is fine with me, so far lol
    I'll make it as long as I can get a ride there and back from Brandon haha
    hehe diddy and pit? I think I wanna go Ganon more for this xD depending on the match up. Just watch my back xDDDD

    Yeah for sure!
    ya see i told you you werent alone in your city now you dont have to take a 15 hour plane ride to go to tournaments yayyyyy
    its actually pretty crazy. its about the internet and cyber space but it was written 20 years before the creation of the net. very cool stuff. lots of hacking, AI's and genetic manipulation.
    good job with the tourney it was fun, sucks i couldn't stay for longer but we will stay the whole time next month
    :o kk.


    I apologize for how narcissist and egotistic my msn address is. xDDD. I 've had it since forever.
    Theres a thread in the canada forum. It'll have all the info needed. :3

    Uuuuuuh. Luke (Alphicans) might be there.
    x[ Come to a Red Deer bi-weekly sometime :o

    I wont be in Edmonton for a month or so, but since you went to Maryland for a tourney, RD shouldn't be a problem. :3
    K well turns out Superboom will team with me, so it's probably a good idea to find someone else.
    Sorry there was melee going on, and I felt like going to that instead. By the sounds of it though, that sounded a little to casual for my liking. I mean I like being friendly while playing, and having a good time and being with friends, but I do like a little competitive nature while playing. You know?
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