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  • You wanna team with me? Hmmm I dunno, I'd like to play you first :\. Sorry but I like money :p.
    Awesome! Once the weather gets a bit better, i'll try to come to those smash events at sou kawaii. =D How big are the events there anyhow?
    haha. Thats awesome. At this rate, there are gonna be way more brawlers than melee players so its good to hear you'll be playing both. xp

    Come to Red Deer sometime! There's going to be bi-weeklies soon! I think the majprity of the people will be there. Its for melee though. :[
    haha. That's pretty fantastic for your first time. A lot better than my first tournament experience lmfao.
    LOL Seriously? That's too hardcore. How'd you do?

    I was in Edmonton for the break, but i'm back in Red Deer now. =( Next time i'm down, i'll come maybe. =P How many smashers are there at that place? You should get them to come to the Alberta thread or smashboards or something. Or set up a tournament here or something! XD

    I donno when Luke's gonna host the next one.
    I was in Edmonton during for the spring break, and while I was taking the 9 to northgate, I saw Sou Kawaii. I lol'd.

    I didn't go in though. Too intimidated.
    Lol k. I don't see playing online as a problem but if it bothers you then that's your choice.
    We still haven't played lol. Maybe if my mom goes to bed soon we can get in some late night brawl :p.
    I am assuming that was an online match then. I didn't realize admiral pit lol. Also, in one of the video descriptions he referred to you as a her. So you're a girl. I think you're the first female smasher in edmonton lol, but I am not sure. But yeah we should play online soon.
    I wasn't expecting to see a match like that lol. You're not bad, and you're friend is pretty good.
    Oh you gonna go sunday? I need a ride to that sadly, so I might not show up. Sure lets see some vids. And of course I'll play you, I just forgot.
    Then I could probably just go to your place. We should play online first though. I really wouldn't wanna go to your place to find you're really bad (sorry if that's harsh, but it would be a waste of time).
    It's easy. I tell you my address, and you come over here or vice versa. I am 16, my name is Luke Aronyk, I live in Edmonton AB etc. etc. etc. I am not a rapist and I trust you aren't either. If you are, well then come get me, I really don't care. (Kinda care), but I am just trying to eliminate any worries. I remember going through my first encounter, it was nerve racking, but we are all just a bunch of gamers all wanting to play a video game with other random people.
    We can continue this convo here, since I don't wanna flood the AB thread lol (pointless, as I am sure you will find out if you stick around). First off, do you know how to play brawl? Like are you learning the AT's and metagame? Secondly, most of the posters in the AB thread don't talk about brawl, and is primarily a melee thread. There are brawl players, just they are scattered around SWF. Me, KillLock, superboomfan, and spindash are the brawlers that post in the AB thread. We also play melee of course. I'd like to play you sometime IRL, if that's possible.
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