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  • Hey Vania, not sure if I can get online tmrw, so Ill need your house number now, if thats not a problem =3
    I sorta dont XD, but Ill wing it, worse comes to worse Ill just yell REALLY loud and hope you hear (seriously, with my sense of direction, I might have to >_>). Your a Pit mainer (well duh I say to myself), Itll be good dealing with a character like Pit and his....assets (which certainly hurt Ike =/)
    Ok, awesome, Ill need your address, since itll take me half the day to get there anyway, wanna do something, like a least a little smashing. I wouldnt mind anything though, its the least I can do for an apology for semi-snapping at you =/
    Clareview...wow thats quite the trip ^^;. I gotta go to work now, so Ill figure it out when I get back
    I live in Edmonton, I just got Brandon to go REALLY out of his way to pick me up =p. Where abouts do you live, I can drop it off that way
    haha sweet :) Well I'ma go play a bit of brawl then go to bed.
    OH! if you aren't in school still or have monday off or something we can play in the morning
    Haha mines pretty empty too ya know.
    well hit me up anytime I'm on here, I have tuesday wednesday and thursday off. we can play now if your able to
    Hmm...I thought it just fell off. Looks like I owe you another apology, sorry. What do you propose we do (side not it may not even be yours, but the one you have is definetly mine, but regardless, Ill make sure you get the one I have atm, promise)
    Ahaha, well I play samus, just learn the timing on w-fi a bit and you'll get better with power shielding, there will be so many missiles coming at you you'll HAVE to powershield them
    Err, sorry, I definetly came off as to harsh, not a very friendly thing to do. But still Im pretty sure mine is mine, my controller has been handled roughly (mainly cuz of friends), so it picked up...like a gunk I guess @_@. Anyway, in the back letters it pretty much is a perfect match, though the analog sticks did seem...odd. Hmm, tell me about the one you got atm, any distinguishing things?

    Like I said, sorry, I was mad at the time.
    I told you aish, I did not take it, I only have my controller, and I do not appreciate these accusations, Ill look around for it, but I can 99.9% gurantee you it was not me Ms. vivi (sorry if Im hostile, but Im not in the mood to be considered a theif, atleast thats what it sorta seems like....=/)
    need to prove that I'm best Samus in western Canada. Carter is better than I am, but he's in Ontario so i'm set, and my Pit isn't bad, wonder how it'd do against yours :D (I hate taht ditto so no thank you)
    Oh hey, you finally responded ^^;, sorry about it being out of the view, but my name carries alot of hatred toward me, so I want to get rid of it. for a second I thought you didnt like me either =p. Thanks in advance
    I forgot I wanted to ask you for a favor, the whole reason I even VMed (well ok the main one) >_<.

    I was wondering if youd be willing to make my account premium, Id pay ya back at the bi-weekly, Darren suggested I should ask, so will you help out, w/e your not to busy that is.
    Hey there, I meant to say Hello to you earlier, but Ive been pretty swamped. Im Adam, Im going to your tourney coming up with Darren, so I guess we'll meet there, looking forward to it as well as meeting everyone. Sorry this VM is so sudden, but I figure if Im gonna barge in on your tourney, I might as well get to know you (and a few others) first =D
    Haha I guess it's pretty big then :) Hopefully I can make top 8 and get Pit lots of points in the Character Rankings 8D
    It's only gonna have about 100 people which I don't think is big for a national but I guess it's better then not having one :D
    Depends. Commitment without reason is a little silly is it not? I'm fine with not winning, jsut proving that I know my shi-. If I wanted to make a few final big name for myself and had a mediocre partner that coudln't get me where I wanted to be, yes I probably would. only if it was my ending though, I like to go out with a bangg
    Hahaha I guess, It may sound bad but it's actually not too bad, it is essentially what he is doing :\
    Hahaha Oh really? they'll **** dubs if that's true. well maybe he wants to win one before calling it quits. dunno anymore, he doesn't talk to me much </3

    defs sucks :( miss that kid
    well he's re-thinking smash in general, he doens't want to give you a ****ty partner. If I actually lived closer and was able to, I'd teams with you depending on how compatible we are
    Better than nothin I suppose. I need to get a steady income if I have any hope of going to pound4, the EC peaches (dark peach aside, he hates me) REALLY want me to go
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