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  • Thanks man! I'll keep updating on the forums for smashfests and stuff to try and find you to get some games in. I need some ganon practice! Oh and I'm gonna be trying to go to Herb2 aswell
    You sir... are an amazing ganon and a funny mother ****er. I'd love to play again sometime and see that weegee secondary ;)
    I did not.
    I just thought you would find it funny so I just sent that to you.
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    That was obvious since you don't play Brawl much, haha.

    btw, I love Ganondorf too much to even harm 1 hair on his manly beard, and you should join PP, Stongers, and I in the Ganon challenge.
    Is there any way you can house my bros(Stingers and his two friends) and I Saturday night?

    I forgot what weekend it was when I posted that. =p

    My bad. I'm out of it lately.
    Lol I just like messin with you. =p

    I mean, I assumed you were offering gas money to pay for the distance I had to drive from Bills to your place.
    Lol yeah Jim is coming. XD

    Don't worry about gas money. It's not like you're far from Bills or anything lol.
    I ran out of ingenuity after that lol, but yeah I like to have funny tags XD.

    Lol there's always next time right?
    Hey man, thanks a lot, i'll try to be using smashboards more just so i can keep in touch with everybody, like you said, im not sure if i'll be coming through the area, but i would definitely will take you up on the offer if things turn out differently. Thanks loads man, if you ever happen to be travelling down I-85 just let me know, im pretty much on the way to any tourney in florida. thanks again, hopefully more people will help out, smashers should look out for each other
    Aight man.

    One last question: Jim went Fox on the tenth match. You want me to get another Ganon ditto or is that fine?

    If it's cool then you can just PM me your pw I guess.
    Lol if you want a few more I can do that I guess.

    I can take 5 on my channel if you want, but I'd rather have 3 since I'll be saving lots of my Falcon dittos with Mask onto there. He's leaving, gimme a break. =p

    Thanks man. I fixed it.

    I'm off to see a wedding now. Enjoy the few more vids comin up!
    That's not a bad idea actually.

    I'll do that at the very end though because after the tourney matches there are two people I played lots of friendlies with who really want their matches put up/sent to them.

    You and Jim can talk about who's channel the vids should go onto.
    Ok then, I'll take some of the first ones. Probably still going to be 3 of them, but you'll have all of them anyway, so I guess it won't really matter.
    I'll see which ones are close, but I can't go lookin through all of them to see which are good since you guys did so many lol.

    My epic combo on Jim is comin up though, get ready for that!
    So, I'm not putting all of those Ganon dittos on Youtube lol. I might take 3 or so and put them up, and send the rest as Rapidshare files to you and Jim if you guys wanna do that.

    Do you have a specific 3 you want? Also, do you want the extra matches?
    Lol please don't go paying extra just for me. I won't die if I have to wait a weekend. Maybe it'll get here in time anyway.
    Yeah, I had posted that "Are you Slasher King?" was a sarcastic question, but I didn't want to feed the troll, so I just edited it to something else.
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