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  • naw, i mean like take the extra time you have and research items. to start, i'd look at items with volatile price ranges. that's where you can buy cheap and sell high. or buy things in lots and resell. or buy broken, fix, and resell. i pretty much did those three, and it's like 2 hours of work a day. not too bad considering it's sedentary work at home
    maybe u could drop in this saturday in raleigh. . . if i were you, i'd look into doing some kind of buy and sell deal on eBay. . . that's what i did in high school and i made like 10k in 2 years on the side :)
    didn't you say tipman could front you some? if you ride with vilt, i can help pay for some of your side of gas
    newcastle is a good cheap beer. well not cheap. and a little heavy but then again i hate beer :0
    lol **** both of you. i've never even had a natty light.

    michelob ultra/yeunlings are dank as **** though.
    Lol no I'm glad you're contributing so well, but I want everyone to be able to reference all of the information they are getting easily, so I was hoping we could all decide on a way to keep the information we discuss readily available.

    I really like what you're posting man.
    I admitted love.

    Come to think of it, I never got that MM from virgiligius . . . Did I spell that right?
    Actually, I was gonna say something without first making sure I was right. When I realized the post made me look like a *******, I just edited it.

    I was gonna say I love you.

    And I love ganondorf.

    But seriously, I love PP.

    No hate. It's just, I prefer L0zR, actually.

    He's right around the corner and easy to get to.
    I had something so darn rude and obnoxious, you would hate me forever for it, and you probably would search for me and kill me slowly.

    So I just edit these to avoid it.
    He has one, but can't remember its info. I'll make him make one next time he comes in my shop.
    yeah, i don't understand why he considered it..

    i'll mm you but i probably won't see you until like, next year :|
    I'm not on the Hill right now, sadly. I have made the shamefully jobless trek back to the old Curtiss homestead in Cary while I seek to alleviate said joblessness.

    I take it things are less hectic down in your sandier climes?
    Best thing ever.

    After the tourney, at 5AM, Me and PP had top bunk and Karn had Bottom.

    We turn on "I Will Show You The World", "Arabian Night" and "Be a Man", pretty loud. We Sing To It.

    Very Bro Like.
    wanted to get a hold of you but its too late now haha, I was in hopemills NC for the night and wanted to meet you :(
    Ace tell me you're gonna be at billfest! I want to play you again I've gotten a lot better!

    Get on the Gimp Me Gently thread at 2:00 PM tomorrow. I will be posting something special that is only the beginning of something even moar special in the future.

    It has racy FOTOS!

    -- Spread the word.
    ok it's definitely time to make it so that only friends can post here. brawl invites extended my way = WASTE OF TIME
    want to brawl my brawl friend code is 1118-0289-8633
    just send me a message
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