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  • HOW U going 2 move 2 the beach without me... man... i've been trying 2 get some friends 2 move down with me... but they never have their goals set straight... what beach you trying 2 move down 2...
    Thats why he ***** so hard. If he listened to rap, his fair would hurt him like all of Pichus moves.
    Hey, you know that zero-suit quote you put in the NC brocator thread? I got a point for minor spam for my response, haha.
    hell yeah bro. i'm still working on **** so i cant put them up yet. i'll do my best man.
    Nah man, I'd love to but I have so much going on right now and I definitely can't affrord the gas money or entry fee. And I don't blame you for wanting to represent NC, do it. I still haven't heard back yet, and I wouldn't want to have it on the 25th anyway because of the huge SoVa tourney that day.
    haha good **** man im gonna head over there as soon as my cousin gets off shouldnt be much later than 8 if not actually before that
    hey ace

    i've learned how to kick ganon's *** in new and exciting ways

    prepare to be ***** by shiek as well as jiggs =)
    On April 4th there will be a small one, and if I ever get a response back then there'll be a large one on the 25th of April. You are certainly welcome to come to the one on the 4th though (in fact, I hope you do so we can smash again).
    Haha nice profile picture.

    But yeah man, I'm seeing so much potential in you right now, it's crazy. We definitely need to play more.

    Oh and you're the man. Bro love.
    You know it man!

    I'll give you some experience vs my other characters too so you can **** well-roundedly, aight?
    actually that will prly work out iwas wrong i we're getting there at 2 not leaving then we'll prly be in raleigh till like 330 so by the time we swing over to chapel hill i bet its close to 4 already but yea send me a text sometime tomorow and we'll try to get something going
    Hey man, I was thinking some more (lol) and I wondered if the Kids and I could stay with you Friday but not Saturday.
    hey bro i gotta make a trip to raleigh tomorrow but i'll be done around like 2 oclock and ruben will be with me just wanted to know if you'd be free after that at all figured we'd see if you were up for some smoke and melee gimme a call if you can 3365299984
    Hey man, I may be staying at the hotel to get some sleep and make it to church on Sunday and still have tourney time.

    I hope that's ok with you man.
    Oh man...

    uhh, I don't remember, but there will be some good bros.

    I think I'll ask him. =p
    Stingers said he used Jiggz, don't let him get away with that. =p

    You mind if I hang at Karn's a little before I come to your place? That's where pros are staying. XD

    Of xourse, there will be maaaaaad friendlies at your place too. I wouldn't snub a bro lke that.
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