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  • awwwwww =(((

    you totally should! Ima keep talking to you til you can come at least haha =)
    Dude I am doing well! Hope you are too, been working my *** off in Delaware but I'm about to have some time off. Going to NCSU on the 11th

    yo man I really REALLY miss hangin with you haha. smash talk ain't da same with nobody else swear ta gearz....

    ps NIGGY ***

    I miss the time of ppps

    I reallly do

    but maybe I will bring them back for this one challenge only ;)
    she's already here haha. But we don't rlly have any plans. I'll talk to her and see when a good time is. Four should work if you can swing here then, but I'll definitely have to talk to her about it haha.
    sooo idk if you left or not but i got your message, but since i was somehow in a place with no service when u called, i can't call back :( all you need is your controller, and im in a place with service now, so if you call again, i promise i'll answer.
    Friday is no good. I can make Tuesday work I guess. I'd have to go to your place though. It'd also be at like 7:00 when I got there.
    Good deal man. Hopefully this'll work out for at least a bit tomorrow. I haven't seen you since.....your tournament lol.
    We'd get like....an hour and a half in. That's probably all you'd want with just me, so that should be fine.

    I'll let you know if anything changes on here or AIM I guess. Will you be by your computer around 3:30-4:00ish? I'll probably try to confirm stuff around then.

    It depends on some things:

    1. I get out of bio lab around 3:50 at the latest. Time constraints plz.

    2. Your place? Mine has an HD TV. I usually meet up with Seven but he hasn't gotten back to me on this yet. Maybe that could work.

    3. Something I forgot but I think it's important.

    Amount of lasers depends on so many things, such as characters and opponent(s) (which includes shielding habits and rolling habits, etc, jab after shield [ganon trick watch out]), and stages (FD ftw lol).

    Dair is not always safe. I think Shiek can beat it with Ftilt. Marth can outspace it, etc, but if you mean on shield only, then yeah but you have to make sure you shien afterwards. Playing higher level opponents though, it may be better not to shine and just grab or even attack since opponents at that level will expect the shine and WD back out of it or possibly attack.

    Falco dittos only teach laser sillyness and funky combos lol, but yeah I love them so we should definately do that. I'll help you get experience vs most other top tiers too if you want.

    Throws with Falco really aren't that good honestly. Fthrow and Bthrow mostly serve as position advancers. Push your opponent towards the edge and all that. Uthrow is great for combos (at least on fastfallers), and it can go into Dair on characters like Marth and Jiggz sometimes (reallllly helpful). Dthrow is a great mixup and allows for tech chase shenanigans. In addition to that, Dthrow on Fox at high percents guarantees a Dsmash (great killer), and at low percents on several characters can get a shine if your opponent isn't DI'ing properly.

    If you want more precise follow-ups, I'll try to go more in-depth, but there are lots of variables to account for then. You gotta kinda see what works best on most people and try new things.
    I'll critique a match later on tonight. You can pick the match, it doesn't matter to me.

    If you want general stuff, well I dunno.

    I did watch one match and a couple of things I saw were:

    1. Too much lasering when you had a sufficient opening. If you want elaboration, I'll give it.

    2. Not enough fluid/extended combos. Very helpful in this matchup.

    3. Grabs. Not a huge issue here I guess, but it would be highly necessary vs higher-level players.

    Tech skill seemed well enough I think. I could be wrong though.
    LOL @ last night. fun times. too bad we don't play more often. I owe you guys one!
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