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  • yea man it was fun we'll have to do it again sometime i know im supposed to hang out with malk a bunch this weekend night before herb and prly sunday cus i dont play brawl at all lol
    next time for sure, I hope, I need to learn to play against Ganon for next time I go against Jim =P
    bro i'm sorry to tell you this

    but tomorrow at your place i'm gonna have to steal pp away for some brawl

    i'm sorry man i'll try to make it end as quick as i can
    We definitely appreciate it bro.

    I'll give the final word on the situation later today hopefully in the Bill thread.
    Bro, you did say the Kids and I could stay at your place Friday night right? It's not entirely confirmed yet, but it might as well be confirmed.
    Definitely man... I love you and Mohr. Hopefully I can find a way home from Bill's after Melee because I won't be able to stay for Brawl (not like I want to anyway).
    The situation is kinda complicated, but it can be anytime from now (unlikely) to the summer. The soonest I'd leave would probably be sometime in March, but I doubt it'll happen that quickly.
    No that's not what I meant lol. I meant you won't have people helpin you learn your character. You could still get better though, not doubt.
    You're goin to more tournies bro? Good luck, you'll have to pretty much teach yourself Ganon then lol.

    Hope you can make it to Billfests and HERB though. It's gonna be too fun!
    that's what's up man... why u soo quiet in the smash scene man... you need 2 be known.. u could be the next NUMBER 1 n the state bro
    that's what's up man. I might start coming down more often. My best friend girl friend goes 2 Chapel Hill and if it's kewl with you/malk/ & bill i'll just chill with yall those weekends..
    dude, you are awesome... cant wait to play you again... ill be much better than last time... but hit me up on facebook bro (if u have it)

    David Mitchell (UNC-Pembroke--> Greensboro Networks)
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