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  • I wana see you at billfest so I can show you my new and improved falco.

    are you coming? I heard rumors
    Posting about the next and final billfest!!! You're now the first to know about it
    Lol. I have been playing against L0zr. More, lately, than I use to. Why I choose ganon instead of Marth, I don't know, since I'm more accustomed to Marth. I just want to play Ganon. I'm so glad LozR give me tips . . . .
    Well you should stop the trend of patting the MBR on the back for doing absolutely no work then. There is nothing stopping them from making another list. I would suggest making a thread saying you WANT ANOTHER TIER list and that they should get off their butts and actually do something instead of pretending they accomplish things (since Brawl was released they have put out...one ruleset update and one tier list update, in two years, oh and they made a thread public for debate but really that isn't doing anything).

    Cause I happen to agree with you, I feel a new Melee tier list is warranted.
    Yes. There is already a tier topic. Most people are just posting their personal lists anyways so that information could just as easily and would be more appropriately posted in the MBR Official Tier list project. It has been a rule for a very, very long time that no other tier list topics are allowed except for the one official one.
    daaaaaammn. that does sound tempting... it'd be **** if i could get some guys and we all drive over there. i'm def going to see if it's possible cause that would be fun as ****.
    lol i'm glad i've improved enough to deserve to hear that... i've got a lot of things here, but i am missing a good *** Ganon main... hopefully Chris will come next year so i can get that that dark lord practice.

    is the next thing you're going to HERB? :ohwell: :(
    that fine, i was just curious...

    i can see what lozr/josh are doing and catch a ride...

    i have a car but carpooling is better on the back pocket
    is greenville on your way to duke?

    if you end up going and have room, i might be interested in a ride...

    i would help with gas obviously
    for real...

    greenville might be a good place do do some thing kind of big...

    rocky mount, wilmington, wilson, and obx are all semi close...
    Let me apologize for the outburst. Your post noting my post was SPAM sorta set me off, sarcasm or not.

    I never meant to go off like that. I was just gonna let things sit and see what happens. Although, I don't take back anything I've said, I doubt anyone will agree with me, nor see eye to eye. I would call the actions insubordination, but it really hasn't met the definition of the word.

    So sorry. I'll relax a little more.
    hahahaha yeah if they keep pushing me i might just SNAP. We should try to make it to that duke thing on 1/21
    Lol. He SD'ed against me very early % one time on Stadium when I was Samus.

    twitch is really **** good. I honestly think that given enough time to let his game and his mind mature, he'll be as good as PP.
    It was a point of pride.

    Undeserved though. I think Twitch is vastly better of a smasher than me. (Right now at least), and he didn't know the Ganon or Samus matchup.

    Yeah, I beat him with Ganon.
    Admit it, you like watching me.

    Ganon especially likes watching me. He's my friend on facebook, so it must be true.
    "I think some people just need to take a step outside the box and analyze the situation from more than one angle."

    amen to that
    "This is crazy. If I would have been there Knorr would have been pinned on the ground and completely immobilized in less than a ****ing second."---Ace

    you also have multiple posts in the "ever gotten in a fight" thread...

    look man, people have opinions. you probably have an opinion of me. your opinion likely changed after you read what i vm'ed to pp. just like mine changed when you told me to kiss your *** and called me a moron.

    i am sorry i did not pm my opinions on everyone to pp...you better believe next time i will
    first of all it was a vm between me and pp...

    not really any of your business, alas

    i have probably read every post that you and dorsey have made in atl south...this is what i was generalizing...this is not the first time you have gotten upset and mentioned fighting...which is why i made that comment...i do not know you irl(obviously)
    lol no its cool it really wasnt funny >.> and i hope some of those people were just trolling
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