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  • Dave, man my life has been so much less safe without the meetings to show me the way. Seriously though, how have you been doin.
    Its yo birthday son

    We will play again in the future. Come down to VA when I go to VA.
    Ace, Ganon just keeps punching me and I just don't know what to do. If I block I just get shield poked... Any tips?
    Hello ace, please assist me with the ganon match-up... All i do is just get punched and stomped. Help!!!
    Okay thanks for clearing that up. CC the first, Survival the second. I'll try to drill that into my head.
    Ace, didn't you say that if you SDI the first hit of Peach dsmash and survival DI the second you'll survive?
    won't be there at all. My internship is here in winston salem, and i'm livin with my sister in greensboro during it. 10 weeks full time; i'm in week 3 now.
    Cool I appreciate it.
    And I don't always necessarily need it from Falcon's perspective in the future, I like seeing it from both sides.
    Sometimes you'll find things you wouldn't necessarily find from one side.
    Was going to post to your FB, but couldnt find it, so ill say it here.


    have fun, take care dave! :D
    big L.....<3

    your in jersey right now?

    ima be up there for 4/20...thats when my break starts. :D
    lol i'll never be done with ganon man, just messing around with other chars cuz i'm not taking the game too seriously for a while
    No, lol, they were great friendlies. Just a tad random with some of your observations. XD
    I think you also kind of freaked of Savedge when he asked for next and you were like "Nah, let me play a few more then I'm going to sleep." lol Definitely hope to play you again some time.
    You still have my number right? I know the holiday season is pretty much over, but if you're ever in town hit me up.
    lol yeah sounds like it'll be fun. I don't know what time Linguini is leaving for Gainesville, but if he stays and you're down in the area, I can try to coax him to come down to play you. lol
    Uhhh I think Key West is a bit far from me, but you can definitely come over. Try to make it to Stirling Road which is more south in Florida. I live pretty close to there. If you want I can pm you my number and whatnot.
    I've been good man. heard rom was around my way and was thinking how id make it there. haven't been playing for a while so im more interested in watching.
    well we will make sure to keep you safe next time you are at a tournament.
    yeah I bet. ace doing work. <3

    you need to come inland in partake in a safety meeting with the crew.
    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Haha But I can handle to responsibility of making a new video thread and putting new vids out there as well. I'm gonna use the vids you and Tipman put up and condense it into another thread sometime later today.
    Yeah I'll update it whenever I get new vids coming in. Haha where do you work that lets you work everyday like that? I need to work there lol
    Keeping the Dorf Board clean? Good stuff, son.

    How's that new job treatin, you?
    time to update the bro rankings. Oceans dad needs to be number one for getting josh a job. and ocean needs to be number two for making pps combo video haha.
    If I see one more name randomly turn red on my friends list. I always youd go states on me

    Some progress. It's difficult but I think I got it. Thanks for all that advice.
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