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  • Yeah man same AIM as usual. TommyTipper123. I'm on here and there. When you're in the North East it would be cool just to say whats up. You really do a lot of traveling. Has to be nice to be able to roam the globe and get a feel for places instead of looking at a map. Tell everyone in GA I said whats up, whether they know me or not. :)
    I couldn't help but notice that you're going to be traveling a lot this summer. If you ever want free housing/melee in central NC you got it no prob. We met at H.E.R.B. like 1-2 months ago. I was the Ganon player that asked you where Chaddd was because I just had to play the master lol. I realize you probably won't be coming very close to Chapel Hill but I thought I'd just say that. Peace bro
    aight dude. I still got your number and I'll be back from NY tommorrow. see you then.
    I know i did >.> and then I realised.... shi.... i got the wrong person >.>

    I was thinking of darkrain >.>
    Hey buddy. Gonna be in Columbus from tomorrow til April 26th. Lets get together on a weekend and hang.

    Hit me up.
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