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Smashboards Creates: PBS Kids: Brawltime! (A Fanmade Platform Fighter Honoring PBS/PBS Kids's History): Learner's Pass Volume 1 Time!

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Smash Lord
Oct 2, 2019
New Jersey
Platform fighters have been trending as of recent....

Nickelodeon has got one, Warner Bros is going to get one, but here, I have been approached by the strangest brand possible to receive a platform fighter...

That's right. I am referring to the Public Broadcasting Service aka PBS.


I know this job sounds really weird and awkward. But, if we are willing to contribute ideas, this platform fighter may be a success.


You (that's right, you) have been invited to be a part of a developer team to created a platform fighter with various IPs that have been on the PBS/PBS Kids channel. There are a multitude of IPs that have aired on the channel and it is our job to cover as much as PBS's history as possible. We will discuss characters, movesets, roster size, modes, gameplay, gameplay mechanics, stages, etc. I will be the lead dev for the game as I will be assigning tasks for the job. We already have a few characters planned for base roster so we will get to work on the first two jobs. I will be allowing third party characters (characters who have aired on PBS but are no longer affiliated with the channel or owned by someone else). Other stuff like DLC and all will be decided later.

Big Bird



Mr. Rogers


Dash (Dot will be an alternate costume)


Chris and Martin


Ms. Frizzle



Lionel Lion


Xavier Riddle


The Teletubbies (Noo-Noo is an assist).








Ruff Ruffman


Roster by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn


Donkey (Tots TV)

Ms. O (Odd Squad)

Bob the Builder


Malik, Zadie and Zeke (Work It Out Wombats!)

Betsy (Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures)


Super Why

The Zula Patrol


Letterman (The Electric Company)


Ty Rux (DinoTrux)


These are new alternate costumes for characters on the roster referencing various eSport/Smash/platform fighter events, events in the story mode, etc. Basically, these are costumes not really referencing PBS Kids shows!

Legacy Skins that come with Bob the Builder:

Lionel Lion with GENESIS colors and Microphone
Chris and Martin Low Tide City Inspired Costume
Ord with Japanese-Inspired Streetwear

Legacy Skins that Come With the Sponsorship Packs (Year 1 of Championship Circuit):

LEGO Duplo Bob the Builder Costume
Teletubbies with Maruchan Logo Costume
Molly Mabray Papa John's Pizza Dress Costume
Arthur Juicy-Juice Themed Costume

Legacy Skins that come with Malik, Zadie and Zeke:

32-Bit VSmile Elmo
WordGirl: Shine Outfit
Xavier Riddle: Cybertronic Suit

Legacy Skins that come with Betsy:

Big Bird in Let's Make Big Moves T-Shirt and GAMEING hat
Digit in robotic gaming suit
Black and White TV Mister Rogers with TV static aesthetic

Legacy Skins that Come In Free VSmile Content Update After the Betsy Update:

32-Bit VSmile Barney
32-Bit VSmile Elmo (If you have not purchased the Malik, Zadie and Zeke pack or the first Learner's Pass)
32-Bit VSmile Teletubbies
32-Bit VSmile Bob the Builder

Legacy Skins that come with Super Why:

Super Smash Con Dash (and Dot)
Tingalayo Donkey
Robot School Wear Betsy

Premium Legacy Skin #1:

PBS Kids: Brawltime! Competitive Circuit Finale Host Ruff Ruffman

Legacy Skins that Come With the Sponsorship Packs (Year 2 of Championship Circuit):

Barney in Chuck E. Cheese's Outfit
Kraft Foods Conoisseur Mr. Rogers
Chipotle Mexican Grill: Chipotle Pepper Ord
Olive Garden Goer Buster

Legacy Skins that come with Free Scholastic Content Update after Super Why Update:

Scholastic Origins WordGirl
Scholastic Origins Ms. Frizzle

Legacy Skins that come with The Zula Patrol:

GOML X Agent Ms. O
Robot Repairman Hacker
Anomaly Possessed-Cheeko

Legacy Skins that come with Letterman:

JRPG Heroes Malik, Zadie and Zeke
Collision 2024 Heroes vs Villains Letterman
Living Books/Original Arthur

Legacy Skins that come with the ABCMouse.com update:

ABCMouse Superhero Super Why

Legacy Skins that come with Ty Rux:

Premium Legacy Skin #2:

Becuase of the PBS Kids: Brawltime! Championship Circuit happening, there have been companies that have approached the dev team to help sponsor the tour and give money to the huge prize pool. Alongside this, the companies have decided to make packs consisting of Legacy Skins, items and even stage skins for existing stages! The money put towards those who buy these packs gets added to the prize pool for the PBS Kids: Brawltime! Competitive Circuit finale!

Year 1 Sponsorship Packs:

LEGO Duplo Sponsorship Pack:

LEGO Duplo Bob the Builder Legacy Skin

Just appearance of Bob and tool attacks are LEGO themed, no changed properties.

Tower of Learning LEGO Duplo Variant

Various Bob the Builder and Thomas and Friends LEGO Duplo sets will come back by some miracle to promote PBS Kids: Brawltime! as the sets will have a sticker advertising the game! Purchase one of the re-released sets and you will get a coupon allowing you to get a discount on PBS Kids: Brawltime!

Maruchan Sponsorship Pack:

Maruchan Fire Bowl Ramen Item

I was thinking of Pop's idea for this kind of item. Basically, it will appear with Maruchan and PBS branding. When consumed, the user will heal a bit of health as well as breathe fire for a short time causing anyone in the way to be scorched!!! It's quite an unique item for sure.

Teletubbies Maruchan Themed Legacy Skin


Similar to Bob's skin, the Teletubbies will gain the colors of the Maruchan flavors. Tink Winky with the Roast Beef Flavor, Dipsy with the Chili Flaovr, La-La with the Creamy Chicken Flavor and Po with the Beef Flavor. Alongside this, they will have the Maruchan logo on their bellies with the TV. Their Tubby Custard attack will have a cup of Maruchan Tubby Ramen appear instead of Tubby Custard. The appearance is the only thing that changes, not the properties of the attack.

Also, Maruchan will be making a Limited Edition Tubby Ramen Flavor based on the PBS Kids: Brawltime! Story Mode Epilogue for all to try to promote PBS Kids: Brawltime! Purchase the Tubby Ramen and you will get a coupon allowing you to get a discount on PBS Kids: Brawltime!

Papa John's Pizza Sponsorship Pack

Pepperoni Pizza Item

With Papa John's branding, you get the Pepperoni Pizza item. This item is unique as you can only eat a slice at a time. Someone else can steal the pizza and eat the other slices as well. You can consume the whole pie but that will cause your fighter to get a tummy ache and cause a stat and speed buff for a temporary time. So, eat your pizza wisely!

Molly Mabray Papa John's Pizza Dress Legacy Skin


As cheesy (pun intended) and ludicrous as it sounds, this would honestly be a fun and funny Legacy Skin related to pizza. It can even be decorated with those pepperoncinis that came with every Papa John's Pizza.

For some time, Papa John's Pizza will have "Molly's Marvelous" pizza with Molly in her Pizza dress on it to help promote PBS Kids: Brawltime! and she on the box can be saying that you could be the winner by entering the sweepstakes on the PBS Kids: Brawltime! website to win a free copy of the game and an all-paid expenses trip to the Finals for the Competitive Circuit!

Juicy Juice Sponsorship Pack:

Juicy Juice Boxes

Sporting the Juicy Juice logo and Arthur on it, here we have the Juicy Juice Box! A fighter can pick up the juice box and drink it restoring a minor amount of health. Different flavors will appear changing the color of the boxes and not what they do. A simple healing item here.

Arthur Juicy Juice themed Legacy Skin


Since Juicy Juice sponsored Arthur on PBS Kids, I feel it would be appropriate to give Arthur a Legacy Skin based off of this brand. Basically, he will sport the Juicy Juice logo on a shirt and his glasses will be red and green. A simple, aesthetic change.

In real life, the Arthur Juicy Juice boxes will make their grand return for a limited time. Buy them and you get some promotional stuff related to PBS Kids: Brawltime! alongside a coupon as well for a discount on the game itself! How awesome!

Year 2 Sponsorship Packs

Legacy Skin:

Barney in Chuck E. Cheese's Outfit


What better character to give a Legacy Skin based on Chuck E. Cheese himself than another character who loves singing, dancing and fun? Funny thing is, one of Barney's former voice actors being Bob West also voiced Jasper and Pasqually, two other Chuck E. Cheese characters.

Basically, Barney will sport Chuck E. Cheese's outfit from the mid-late 90s to 2012ish where he gains Chuck E's hat, signature shirt and shorts. His attacks stay the same except there is a confetti effect at the end of the attack for a visual change to reflect how Chuck E. Cheese's has birthday parties.


Chuck E's Skateboard


Seen in some of the sponsorship funding credit ads for Chuck E. Cheese's, we get Chuck E's skateboard. A fighter can simply ride it and then...when pressing the attack button, they can do a sick skateboard trick causing some damage! However, watch out as once you get on the skateboard, you can't get off till your time is up on there!

Stage Reskin:

PTV Park Chuck E. Cheese's Variant

I feel Chuck E. Cheese's pack should get a stage reskin for a competitively legal stage due to Chuck E. Cheese himself being a gamer. It's simply PTV Park but the background will change and have the backgrounds seen in various funding credits ads for Chuck E. Cheese's seen over the years.




You will even see Chuck E. Cheese himself in the background doing some cool sports tricks!

As for some in real-life promotional marketing, there is a lot. Basically, various kiddy rides will return for Barney as well as for other PBS Kids shows that got kiddy rides at Chuck E. Cheese's like Bob the Builder and such. Even the old "Proud Sponsor of PBS Kids" picture frames will come back to the walls of Chuck E. Cheese locations.

There will also be goody bags themed around PBS Kids: Brawltime! and such which will give people discounts on the game and some fun promotional content.

Finally, there will be a limited edition token set for older fans looking for nostalgia with various PBS Kids characters from shows that have been sponsored by Chuck E. Cheese's! It's a limited edition set as well!


The characters that will appear on the tokens include:

  • Barney
  • Arthur
  • Buster
  • Chris and Martin Kratt
  • WordGirl
  • Maya and Miguel
  • Clifford
  • Ruff Ruffman
  • Gilbert
  • Wishbone
  • Papa Bear
  • Super Why
  • Martha
Additionally, each token will have the year of the character's respective PBS Kids debut on it as a fun Easter egg. Each purchase of this token set for hardcore fans will have a portion of it placed in the pot for the PBS Kids: Brawltime! Championship Circuit finale!

There will also be a compilation of the Chuck E. Cheese sponsorship ads added to the PBS Kids Archives with this update!

Legacy Skin:

Kraft Foods Connoisseur Mr. Rogers



A bit of a stretch here, but there was once an episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood where Mr. Rogers learned about how macaroni was made. Therefore, since I feel there are not that many opportunities for this gentleman to receive Sponsorship Pack Legacy Skins, why not give him one based off of Kraft Foods? He will simply gain a sweater with the Kraft logo on the back of it. As for his Light Neutral move, the items he will share will be various food products from Kraft as product placement as well as the Kraft logo appearing in the background of his Down Special alongside the kind messages as just a visual effect.


Ore Ida Potato Clock


Based on a thing seen in the Bill Nye the Science Guy funding credits comes the Ore Ida Potato Clock. A fighter can simply hold the attack button and set up the potatoes to make it start the clock. Then, after a little while, the clock will "electrocute" the surrounding fighters. Great for attacking multiple fighters at once! The funny thing is, Mr. Rogers did meet Bill Nye once so it's perfect I chose Mr. Rogers for the Legacy Skin.

Capri Sun Juice Pouch


A versatile item based on another brand that sponsored a PBS Kids show, Nature Cat I believe. A fighter can simply pick up a Capri Sun pouch and drink it to restore some health or it can be used similarly to the commercials in the 2000s-2010s where you step on the Capri Sun pouch and juice will splash on the fighters giving them damage and pushing them a smidge away from you!

Kraft Mac and Cheese


It's the iconic mac and cheese itself! You can eat the bowl of mac and cheese to restore health but if you eat too much of it, your stats will be nerfed as mac and cheese isn't the most nutritious.



Basically, it's another versatile food item! A fighter can consume it to restore a little or throw it at another fighter to give them damage or get them stuck. Alongside that, the Jell-O can become a trampoline as well to aid the fighters with recovery. Trampoline idea is credited to Pop.



It's the iconic drink that when drank by a fighter, you will restore some of your health and gain some stat buffs. Oh yeah!!!!!

Stage Reskin

Land of Make-Believe reskinned into Kraft World

Basically, for the stage reskin, I was thinking since Mister Rogers' Neighborhood had some connections to Kraft, why not give his home stage the reskin? All the same background is still there with the Land of Make-Believe characters. However, the stage will have the Kraft logo on it as well as the logos of various Kraft products appear. Similarly, even some Kraft mascots will appear in the background cheering you on like the Kool-Aid man or the Cheeseasauraus Rex! It's a simple reskin for a competitively legal stage honoring Kraft as a company!

There will also be the addition of the Ore Ida and Capri Sun sponsorship ads added to the PBS Kids Archives to further our collection of funding credits in the Archives.

As for real-life tie-in promotions, there will be tie-in products for several of Kraft's brands like their mac and cheese (the mac and cheese will have the mac and cheese in the shapes of the fighters' heads in the PBS Kids: Brawltime tie-in), Kool-Aid, Capri Sun, etc. There, you can get coupons for the game as well as other goodies about it. In fact, you could win yourself a free copy of the game! Furthermore, Lunchables will be holding a sweepstakes where you could win the ultimate PBS Kids: Brawltime! Party Package where you win a copy of the game with the first Learner's Pass as well as an all-expenses paid trip to the Championship Circuit finale alongside VIP treatment there where you will get access to additional goodies, chat with the developers, etc.

Legacy Skin:

Chipotle Mexican Grill: Chipotle Pepper Ord



An idea I had in mind for a while and since Dragon Tales has a character from Mexico being Quetzal, Ord is the PERFECT character to gain a Legacy Skin for this popular Mexican fast food chain!

He simply gets colored in the colors of the Chipotle logo as well as gets the logo on his belly. Each of his attacks have a bit of a visual effect similar to queso. In fact, for his Light Neutral and Neutral Special, the food is all Mexican food (a burrito replacing the cupcake for the Light Neutral and the chips for the Neutral Special).


Chipolte's signature Burrito


I feel like Chipotle's burrito is just way too iconic that it has cemented into other people's minds. As an item, it won't spawn very frequently, but it'll heal a whopping 80%-120% damage AND buff your strength AND defense for a short time, it's just THAT filling.

As for real tie-in promotions, Chipotle could make a special "Anomaly Burrito", featuring a special purple-colored tortilla filled with stuffings based on the various PBS Kids: Brawltime! fighters, heck maybe even the other characters the Anomaly has captured! Like what Chipotle is doing at EVO, you could have a chance to win a free Chipotle during the Championship Circuit!

Olive Garden Goer Buster



What better character to give a Legacy Skin too for one of our restaurant sponsors than a character who loves food? Look no further than Olive Garden Goer Buster! He simply will have the Olive Garden Logo on his shirt as well be in the green and black of the new logo. His attacks that have food in them will all have various Olive Garden foods in place of the regular foods seen in his attacks for that good product placement! He seems to love the food from there!


Breadstick Sandwiches



A Limited-Time dish at Olive Garden that doubles as a healing item AND a projectile item. As a projectile item, it is used to shoot out its contents, but will render it unconsumable, so choose wisely!

As for the promotion, why not bring back the fan-favorite sandwich again for a limited time as well as give away coupons for the Competitive Circuit and various flyers and table placemats with PBS Kids and PBS Kids: Brawltime stuff on them? In the Competitive Circuit itself, you can have the chance to win a Free Olive Garden too!

From Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
6 moves - up, neutral, down, up special, neutral special, and down special, they all function the same no matter whether you're in the air or land with a few exceptions - however, the game also has dashing and the non-special moves can all be charged. Dashing can be done on ground while the air varient allows you to wavedash not just on the ground but up walls and across roofs. Running stops momentum when you perform attacks, wavedashing (and dashing in general) keeps momentum going. You can dash in the middle of an attack or attack in the middle of a dash. Each character has a triple jump and charging non-specials gives super armour. The block equivalent is basically a universal Fox shine if quickly tapped that can be held for a universal counter. Grabs are replaced by traps, which leave the foe stunned in a two-sided barrier that resembles the edges of the PBS P-Head and leave them vulnerable to any follow up - but can only be performed from a Rest-close range. Directional influence is manipulated by the perpetrator rather than victim of an attack.

Tankman from Newgrounds Tankman from Newgrounds Character gimmicks will be present for each character.

Big Bird: Moveset and post by Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear
Series: Sesame Street
Debut: Sesame Street Season 1, Episode 1 (November 10, 1969)


"I guess it's better to be who you are. Turns out people like you best that way, anyway."

Big Bird is the tallest character in the game (so far, at least). Despite being a Muppet, Big Bird is also somewhat on the heavy side. Out of everyone on the cast so far, Big Bird is the second heaviest, only beaten out by Barney. However, being a bird, Big Bird has excellent aerial mobility, kind of like Ridley in Smash. With our current cast, Big Bird has the highest jumps and the fastest air speed. As one of the four "starter characters," Big Bird is meant to be one of the most basic characters to pick up and play.

As one of the four "starter characters," Big Bird is one of the few who won't feature any specific gimmick, unless you want to count his aerial mobility.

Light Neutral
Big Bird reaches out for a slap with his big wings. This can be chained into a two-hit jab, similarly to Villager's boxing gloves in Smash. If charged, Big Bird can only perform one slap.

Light Up
Big Bird lifts the Letter of the Day into the air above his head. The Letter is randomly chosen at the beginning of the match and will not be changed, but there's no gameplay difference between the 26 of them. Every Big Bird player in the match will have the same Letter. The move is not really changed when charged, aside from the obvious damage and knockback buff.

Light Down
Big Bird performs a low kick with one of his long legs. This has upward knockback, which can easily chain into a Light Neutral at low percents, or a Light Up at higher percents. When charged, the knockback angle slightly tilts away from Big Bird. At max charge, it can be a very effective kill move near the blast zone.

Neutral Special
Big Bird pulls the Letter of the Day back out and uses it as a spinning projectile! The Letter travels straight forward with no regard for gravity. It disappears if it connects with an opponent or travels uninterrupted for three seconds straight. Big Bird can have up to two Letter projectiles on screen at a time.

Up Special
Big Bird flaps his wings to gain what is essentially a fourth jump, although it's not as good as his default three. Big Bird can deal light damage on opponents who are really close to him when he flaps his wings.

Down Special


Big Bird hops onto a unicycle. This is a stance where he can move at a higher speed, but cannot jump and can't stop very fast. Big Bird will damage opponents he collides with on his ride, but he will be knocked off the unicycle if he's struck by an attack. Disjoints are especially effective against him in this state. Inputting Down Special again returns Big Bird to normal. If triggered in the air, Big Bird will drop to the ground and cannot move until he lands, but he can cancel the fall (like how Kirby's Stone works). He can spike opponents he lands on during this fall. Riding the unicycle off a ledge has a similar effect, but in this circumstance, Big Bird can not cancel the unicycle until he lands and will also move left or right depending on his momentum, so this can be used for a risky kamikaze spike.

Big Bird pulls out his teddy bear, Radar, and gives him a hug.

Victory Animation
Big Bird rides onto the screen on a pair of roller skates. When he arrives, he tries to perform a spin, but falls on his backside. He remains sitting down, laughing at his accident.

Losing Animation
Big Bird happily applauds the winner.

Elmo: moveset submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn
Series: Sesame Street
Debut: Sesame Street, Episode 1405 (As background character), Sesame Street, Episode 1439 (as mainline character)


"If you keep practicing, you can do anything."

Elmo is a true-lightweight with most of the typical characteristics of lightweights, though being easy to launch, he has fast movement and nimble dodging skills. He is the kind of lightweight that is easy to learn and use in terms of his attacks, and anyone who prefers a lightweight-style play will find him as a good choice.

Elmo lacks any true gimmicks to his character, but half of his attacks are themed around him being playful and doing stuff he has been known to do in Elmo's World.

Light Neutral: Elmo throws two punches before throwing a kick at the end. Strong variant has Elmo throw a stronger punch.

Light Up: Elmo holds a fish bowl with his goldfish, Dorothy, above him and Dorothy jumps out of the bowl once, damaging any fighter she makes contact with. Strong variant has Dorothy do a higher and stronger leap.

Light Down: Elmo slams down Rocco (Zoe's rock friend) in front of him. Strong variant has Elmo slam Rocco harder.

Neutral Special: Elmo draws a "friend" with his crayons on an easel before unleashing the friend forward as a projectile.

Up Special: Elmo throws an uppercut for upward lift, similar to Mario's and Ryu's up specials.

Down Special: Elmo puts an Alaska flag in the spot in front of him, and when down special is pressed again, Zoes zooms into the spot of the Alaska flag in her wooden jeep, ramming any opponents she hits. Perfect for ambushes and surprises!

Entrance: Elmo comes out of an Elmo's World style door onto the battle

Taunt: Elmo enters a "salute the sun" pose while flames surround him

Victory: Elmo does the dance and motions he does in the intro of Elmo's World before getting to a piano and playing a victory tune!

Defeat: Elmo applauds the winner.

Mr. Rogers: Moveset and post by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn
Series: Mr. Rogers
Debut: Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Season 1, Episode 1 February 19, 1968

“It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, A beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine?”

Being the kind and healthy man that he is, Mr. Rogers is a pure middleweight who is balanced for most of his stats, making him a great all-around character of choice. Thus, his run speed and jump height cover a very fair amount of distance and all of his attacks and specials have easy-to-understand properties and have a fair amount of power, supporting his all-around character.

Being the all-around character with very balanced stats, he would not have a specific gimmick. However, staying true to his kindness and nonviolence nature, many of Mr. Rogers's attacks and specials are themed in a way so that it appears that Mr. Rogers is not trying to directly and explicitly attack the other fighters, but would instead appear as if he would be demonstrating others on how to be kind to others, with the actual damage from the attacks would be the "mistakes, happenings and whimsical accidents" that happen during the moves.

Light Neutral: Mr. Rogers lunges forward his arm with a sharable item in his hand (Item can be anything that's considered sharable, and it's a random aesthetic change) intending to share his items with the others but would instead deal damage and launch them forward. The strong variant of this move has Mr. Rogers' arm cover a little more horizontal distance and he would lunge out his arm faster.

Light Up: Mr. Rogers fans himself with a paper fan to cool himself off, with Mr. Rogers' waving motions acting as the attack here. The strong variant has Mr. Rogers wave his arm in harder motions.

Light Down: Mr. Rogers waters a spot in the ground with a watering can in front of him causing a flower to suddenly grow out of the ground, with the attack being the rising flower out of the ground, launching opponents upward. The strong variant of the move has Mr. Rogers water the ground for longer when charging, resulting in a giant flower growing out of the ground, dealing much more damage and knockback. If used in the air, Mr. Rogers will water a flowerpot.

Neutral Special: Mr. Rogers pulls out a replica of the neighborhood trolley and places it on the ground, letting it drive on its own. The trolley acts as a grounded projectile that deals damage to anything it contacts with.

Up Special: Mr. Rogers will hold onto any of a random combination of puppets (aesthetics only, puppets include Daniel Tiger, X the Owl, King Friday, Queen Saturday, Prince Tuesday, etc.) who magically levitate upwards with him. Can gimp opponents upwards.

Down Special: Mr. Rogers gives out a short influential and kind line (which is random) which has the ability to reflect projectiles, nullify thrown objects, and stun others very briefly as if they were flattered by what they just heard. Staying true to his easy-to-learn playstyle, this move would have a range in front of him that doesn't require precise or deadly timing, but it would not be too long or too short.

Mr. Rogers comes in through the door and stairway we see at the beginning of every Mister Rogers' Neighborhood episode.

Mr. Rogers shows of his suitcase of small hats, hoping the others would appreciate.

Option #1: Mr. Rogers waves to the others and says an emotional good-bye before leaving through the door he entered in his entrance.

Option #2: Mr. Rogers plays a song on his piano, singing about stuff related to his messages.

Mr. Rogers kindly applauds the winner as a means to be fair game.

Arthur (Moveset and post by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn )
Series: Arthur
Debut: Arthur, Season 1, Episode 1 October 7, 1996

"I told you not to touch it!"
Arthur, being one of the 4 starters, is mostly an all-around type of character, except that he excels a little bit in his jump height and speed. All of his attacks have fair range, and they have a decent amount of power to them.

Gimmick: Due to him having a tendency to be pretty savage at times and not liking to be provoked sometimes, he has the ability to enter a special "rage" stance when he gets hit by a certain number of attacks, which increases the damage and knockback of all his attacks until he is KO'd. The less stocks he has or if he's falling behind, it takes less hits on him to enter this stance, and vice versa.

Light Neutral: Arthur's Big Hit, Arthur throws out a punch at his opponents with his right arm which can be charged for more power, can spike at downward angles.

Light Up: Arthur whirls his glasses above him in circles.

Light Down: Arthur slams a big book on both sides of him.

Neutral Special: Arthur summons a random classmate of his (Buster, Francine, Muffy, etc.) who carry school stuff and run forward a few steps, but then trip, flinging the school stuff forward like projectiles.

Up Special: Arthur rides a swing, and when the special attack button is pressed again, he will jump off of it, which covers great vertical distance. The move can be charged for more jump height.

Down Special: Arthur pulls out a computer and plays Deep, Dark Sea on it. While he does so, he can control a diver like a remote-controlled toy, and when the diver makes contact with someone, the diver will unleash an attack on the opponent.

Arthur gets off a school bus

Arthur does a little dance, similar to the intro to his show

Arthur can be seen surrounded by his classmates, who give him a blue ribbon and hold him in the air to celebrate.

Arthur applauds the winner

Series: Arthur
Original book debut: Arthur's Eyes (September 19, 1979)
TV show debut: Arthur, Season 1, Episode 1 October 7, 1996


"I bet that's what they told the astronauts: 'Oh, the moon's too hard. Why don't you just go to Seattle?"

Buster is a middleweight who has somewhat balanced stats. His moves come out with slow startup to represent his lazy side of the personality. His moveset mostly emphasizes a zoning/hit-and-run type of play style to represent his benevolent but yet troublesome nature as well as his interests.

Aside from most of his moves representing him as a character, Buster is able to enter his "video postcard" mode to represent all the video postcards he's sent. In this mode covered by his Neutral Special, he simply pulls out his video camera and can make a fighter "follow" him similar to if he is shooting a video and lure them in for more damage! Perfect for a video showcasing Buster's might!
Light Neutral (A Sweet Success): Buster will eat a chocolate bar to the amusement of his opponents. The stronger variant causes him to eat the chocolate bar faster.

Light Up (Amish Barn Raising): To represent Buster's former desire for wanting to be Amish, he will partake in a bar-raising with the Amish people he met on a field trip where a part of the barn is raised via rope. This has a huge upward hotbox but slow starting lag. The stronger variant causes the part of the barn to be raised faster, causing a stronger launch upward!

Light Down (The Five Second Rule): Buster will simply grab a food from the ground to eat it as he has a habit of eating food even when it can be disgusting. The stronger variant will cause him to grab the food harder and faster from that distance.

Neutral Special (A Video Postcard from Buster): Buster will pull out a video camera and point it at an opponent. It will cause a lock on to the opponent (think similar to Sora's side special, Sonic Blade) thus causing the opponent to be lured into the film camera as if he were filming a video of the fighter! Thus, Buster can get a better chance of accumulating damage on a fighter by being able to stun them for a temporary time as they are locked onto him!

Up Special (The Aliens are Real!): Buster will fly up on a UFO which covers a lot of vertical distance. This move cannot attack anyone as it will be akin to Pit's recovery.

Down Special (Food Theft): If close to an opponent, Buster will simply grab a "food item" from the opposing fighter's pocket to represent his love of food and use it to heal some damage!

Entrance: Buster arrives in his father's airplane and boards off of it.

Taunt: Buster plays the tuba.

Victory: Buster is seen eating a box of donuts happily.

Defeat: Buster applauds the winner

Dash: moveset submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn
Series: PBS Kids
Debut: PBS Kids Bumpers (September 6, 1999)

"Hey! I'm Dash! And you're gonna see the best picks of the week!"
Due to him being simply PBS Kids' mascot and only really appearing in channel bumpers, IDs and commercials as well as the channel's logo, he would be a perfectly balanced fighter, the kind of fighter that is very easy to learn and get into, without any real advantages and disadvantages, or gimmicks either.

As mentioned above, Dash does not have any (real) gimmicks tied to him to properly tie with his balanced and easy-to-learn nature. However, he would attack by mostly using transformations and doing things that he and Dot have been known to do in the PBS Kids bumpers and commercials.

Light Neutral: Dash will throw a three-hit combo, starting with two punches and then randomly transform into a tiger, car, octopus or astronaut (aesthetic only and will not change properties of the move) to ram the opponent forward. The strong variant of the move only has Dash use any of his transformations to perform a stronger ram.

Light Up: Some fireflies will fly above Dash while he looks up in wonder. A move that deals multi-hits. The strong variant of the move has more fireflies fly above Dash and flying in faster motions.

Light Down: Dash would pull out a carrot from underground, before letting it go and causing the carrot to fly upwards a short distance and flipping any opponents above the carrot. The strong variant of the move has Dash struggle to pull out a humongous carrot while charging, and when done charging, bolting the humongous carrot out of the ground while also causing dirt to fly everywhere. A rabbit maybe aesthetically hanging around on the humongous carrot at random. If used in the air, Dash will grab a carrot from his feet level and still chuck it upwards like on the ground.

Neutral Special: Dash simply kicks a soccer ball, beach ball or kick ball (like the light/strong neutral, is aesthetic only and will not change properties of the move) as a simple projectile.

Up Special: Dash simply has a kite give him upward lift. Kite can damage others.

Down Special: Dash will use a magnet to pull any items or opponents close to him within a certain range. If Dash manages to pull in opponents, Dash can perform a spinning attack by pressing the special attack button again to combo the opponents he pulled in before launching them away.

Entrance: Dash rides on the stage on a bicycle and gets off the bicycle.

Taunt: Dash will think before holding one finger up and going "doink!", a nod to the first PBS Kids channel ID.

Victory: Dash can be seen running towards the screen, before making contact with the screen looking around, and then backing up a little and make a winning pose, a nod to the first PBS Kids channel ID to feature Dot.

Defeat: Dash applauds the winner

Alternate Costume: Dot

Despite she and her brother, Dash's age difference, she shares all the same moves and abilities as Dash, apart from having a female voice.

Barney: moveset submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn
Series: Barney & Friends
Debut: Barney & the Backyard Gang, The Backyard Show (August 29, 1988)


"Hello again to all my friends! I'm glad you came to play! Our fun and learning never ends!"

True to his size and weight, Barney is a heavyweight who has average speed and does not excel too much in jumping skills, but all of his moves are designed to have lengthy hitboxes and strong launching power, albeit with some startlag and endlag for most of them.

Due to Barney's nature of being from a show that is usually aimed at toddlers and even babies, Barney does not have a true gimmick to bring with him, but his heavyweight-style gameplay makes it a considerable gimmick, and all of his moves are based around the simple and imaginative scenarios he and the kids come up with or go to in his show.

Light Neutral: Barney swings a baseball bat, with a baseball cap briefly appearing on his head when he uses this move. The strong variant of the move has Barney swing the bat faster and harder.

Light Up: Barney takes out a paintbrush of rainbow colors and paints a rainbow arch above him. The strong variant of the move has Barney take out a larger, wider paintbrush to paint a larger rainbow arch above him, in addition to more damage and knockback, but more startlag and endlag.

Light Down: Barney pulls out a pitchfork and pitches some hay into the air, flipping any opponents close to Barney. The strong variant of the move has Barney pitch the pitchfork harder and faster with much more hay being flung into the air.

Neutral Special: Barney boards a train and starts driving it across the stage, kinda like Wario Bike. When in the train, he can ram opponents and nullify projectiles, and the train is pretty strong too. He can get off by pressing either the attack button or the special attack button again.

Up Special: Barney boards a small airplane and flies upwards with it for 2 seconds.

Down Special: Barney pulls out a fire hose attached to a fire hydrant and sprays a huge blast of water to push opponents pretty far, like Mario's F.L.U.D.D. but with stronger pushing power. Barney also gains a fireman's helmet while using the move.

Entrance: A barney plush can be seen on stage, which then magically transforms into Barney himself, just like how Barney comes onto the scene in every Barney episode.

Taunt: Barney does some short hops while doing dancing motions.

Victory: Barney can be seen dancing with the kids from his show, who also cheer on him. The kids that appear are the actual kids who appear in his show, and they are all random every time.

Defeat: Barney applauds the winner.

Chris and Martin Kratt: moveset created by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn
Series: Kratt Brothers
Debut: Kratts' Creatures Season 1, Episode 1 (Big Five, Little Five), June 3, 1996


"Each trip is like a trip of a lifetime, and to be able to share that with your brother is pretty amazing" -Chris
"Pick what you love to do, persevere at it, don't take "no" for an answer and it'll happen" -Martin

Each of the brothers have their own unique stats when it comes to their weight, speed, power and jump. Chris Kratt is more of a speedy all-around, with high agility, above-average speed and excels quite a bit on his jump. His attacks are more focused on fast-hits and combo style gameplay. Martin Kratt on the other hand is more of a powerhouse, with average agility, slightly below-medium speed and average jump. His attacks focus more on hard-hits and high launching power.

You can switch between the brothers at any time with the down special, with each brother of course, having different moves based around their signature Creature Powers.

Light Neutral: Chris uses woodpecker power to perform a few wing slashes before using the beak to peck constantly, dealing multi-hitting damage. Strong variant of the move has Chris perform one big peck.

Light Up: Chris uses porcupine power to perform 3 upward quill spikes. Strong variant of the move has Chris spike upward harder.

Light Down: Chris uses lion power to perform a claw strike, knocking opponents on the ground. Strong variant of the move has Chris do a stronger swipe.

Neutral Special: Chris uses ring-tailed lemur power to throw a cloud of stink as a projectile with the tail, can be charged up for more damage

Up Special: Chris uses eagle power to perform a soaring corkscrew upward that damages anyone it contacts with, afterwards, Chris gains 2 more flaps for additional recovery

Down Special: Switches to Martin

Light Neutral: Martin uses gorilla power to perform a strong punch forward, has considerable damage and knockback. Strong variant of the move has Martin do a stronger punch.

Light Up: Martin uses shark power to jump and bite any opponents above him. Strong variant of the move has Martin jump higher and perform a stronger bite.

Light Down: Martin uses crocodile power to make a huge bite. Strong variant of the move has Martin doing a stronger crocodile bite.

Neutral Special: Martin uses frog power to use the tongue to pull opponents to him, can follow up with an attack by using the attack or special attack buttons.

Up Special: Martin uses dolphin power to make a big leap in the air and deals damage and knockback when he lands on the stage.

Down Special: Switches to Chris

Chris/Martin will teleport on the stage or be sent there by the Tortuga HQ hatch

Chris: stretches and opens his arms
Martin: Looks around

The Kratt brothers will hi-five and then dance together

Chris and Martin applaud the winner

WordGirl Moveset submitted by Paraster Paraster , info about WordGirl from PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn

Series: Wordgirl
Debut: The Amazing Colossal Adventures of Wordgirl Shorts, Episode 1 (Catch as Catch Can), November 10, 2006

"If you were thinking about committing a crime in the next couple of hours, don't!"
  • Attributes: WordGirl is a fast but light character who prioritizes airborne combat.
  • Gimmick: Since WordGirl is a superhero capable of flight, her descent is greatly slowed while charging her normal attacks or performing her neutral or down specials in the air. This air-stall does give these moves increased endlag, however. (I could not come up with any coherent/non-overcomplicated way to make vocabulary a gimmick.)
  • Neutral Attack: Super-Strength Combo / Twist Kick (WordGirl performs a one-two punch followed by a kick. The charged version has WordGirl perform this pose before doing a spinning kick.)
  • Up Attack: Red Uppercut (WordGirl performs a hefty uppercut.)
  • Down Attack: Helmet Headbutt (WordGirl does a headbutt forward.)
  • Neutral Special: Captain Catch (Captain Huggy Face appears a short distance in front of WordGirl and does a flying kick towards her. She catches him, and the two nod to each other before Huggy disappears.)
  • Up Special: Light Flight (WordGirl turns into a beam of red light and flies a short distance at a high speed. The player has full control over her direction. Flying through an opponent will deal damage, but no knockback.)
  • Down Special: Frost Breath (WordGirl blows a stream of ice forward that deals continuous damage and keeps opponents stunned while in it. If an opponent is in the attack for long enough, their movement is temporarily slowed.)
  • Taunt: WordGirl hovers in the air holding out her arms and legs with a wide smile on her face.
  • Victory Animation: WordGirl flies through the background as a streak of light before coming to a stop and holding a this pose in midair as Captain Huggy Face rides on her back.
  • Defeat Animation: WordGirl applauds with a somewhat grumpy look on her face.

Ms. Frizzle: moveset submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn
Series: The Magic School Bus
Original book debut: The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks (July 24, 1986)
Show Debut: Gets Lost in Space (September 10, 1994)

"Seatbelts, everyone!"
Ms. Frizzle fits into the category of slightly-above-middleweight to very-lighter-heavyweight, having above-average jump and speed, with the only downside to her character traits is falling slightly faster than other characters.

Many of her attacks are designed in a way that she tends to use the correct tools or methods to get the job done, depending on the situation or direction she has her sight at, and when used correctly, they can assist Ms. Frizzle to their fullest, in reference to how she is a good problem-solver in the show. Every of her attacks are also themed around the various locations she has taken her class on field trips to and the various subjects taught in the Magic School Bus episodes.

Light Neutral: Going Cellular, Ms. Frizzle presents a random call in front of her (Can be a bone cell, muscle cell, skin cell or nerve cell) which damages others in front of her. If the button is press repeatedly, Ms. Frizzle will present multiple cells at once before unleashing them all at the end of the combo to launch fighters in multiple directions. Strong variant of the move has Ms. Frizzle present a BEEG cell in front of her.

Light Up: Making a Rainbow, Ms. Frizzle shines a flashlight through a prism to create a rainbow above her, which has a very-wide hitbox. Strong variant of the move has Ms. Frizzle create a bigger and stronger rainbow.

Light Down: Get Planted, Ms. Frizzle has two beanstalks grow from the ground, surrounding her and launching fighters upward. Strong variant of the move has 2 taller and wider beanstalks grow from the ground.

Neutral Special: Wet All Over, a 3-step setup move like Villager's timber, when the move is used the first time, Ms. Frizzle places a tub of water on the ground, and when attacked, it catapults the water inside of it, pushing any fighters along the way. When the move is used the second time, Ms. Frizzle will use a heat lamp to evaporate the water in the tub (Otherwise, it just deals a very small amount of fire damage with no knockback), which then the water condenses into a cloud what floats a considerable distance off the ground and above where the tub was initially. When the move is used the third time, Ms. Frizzle then points up to the sky, causing the cloud to summon 3 powerful lightning strikes and also rain down, with the raindrop damaging fighters gradually, afterwards the cloud disappears.

Up Special: Blow Its Top, Ms. Frizzle gets launched into the air by a mini volcano, which covers a considerable amount of vertical height. If used on the ground, the volcano will stay on the ground for a short time, continually erupting and causing damage. If used in the air, the volcano forms a small solid platform which lasts for a certain amount of time or until Ms. Frizzle uses the move again in the air.

Down Special: Lost in Space, Ms. Frizzle has several model planets (Random for every time) orbit around her that acts as a reflector for physical projectiles and an absorber for energy projectiles which can actually heal her. Kinda like a combination of the Star Fox characters' reflectors and PSI magnet.

Entrance: Ms. Frizzle flies in stage riding on a miniaturized version of the Magic School Bus as an airplane before jumping off and onto the stage.

Miss Fiona Frizzle can be seen standing on stage before the real Ms. Frizzle comes in and kicks Fiona into the background before getting ready to fight

Taunt: Ms. Frizzle will spin around in a few circles like a ballet dancer before striking a pose with Liz on her shoulder.

Victory: Ms. Frizzle can be seen making a winning pose with her entire class congratulating her.

Defeat: Ms. Frizzle applauds the winner.

Digit: moveset submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn
Series: Cyberchase
Debut: Cyberchase, Lost My Marbles (January 21, 2002)


"Never fear, the Didge is here!"
Digit is a heavier-lightweight character that, although he has a bird-like appearance, he does not posses the greatest air game (It's just slightly-above-normal to say the least), but he still can perform 3 jumps in the air and has slightly-above-average speed, qualifying him as a lighter all-around character.

True to the theme of his show, his special attacks are themed around the various math topics that he and the 3 kids have solved in the show! His standard attacks are all tied to his agile and fast, albeit kinda clumsy movement style.

Light Neutral: Digit throws 2 wing slashes before unleashing a kick. Strong variant of the move Digit do a downward slash with both of his wings, like Falco's side-smash.

Light Up: Digit performs a roundhouse kick upward. Strong variant is simply a stronger, harder-hitting version of the move.

Light Down: Digit performs a twirling drill tornado that multihits and launches fighters at the end of the attack animation. Strong variant of the move has Digit spinning around for longer in addition to more launch power

Neutral Special: Math Problem Toss, Digit holds up a number above his wing that starts at 1 and increases by 1 the longer the special move button is held, with the max count up to 9. The second time the move is used (After he decides the first number), he will hold an addition sign, a subtraction sign and a multiplication sign above his wing, which can be cycled by pressing the special attack button, and the sign is selected when Digit holds the designated sign up for 2 seconds. The third time the move is used after the prior 2 are selected will have Digit again holds up a number above his wing that starts at 1 and increases by 1 the longer the special move button is held, with the max count up to 9. Once the equation is finished, it calculates into a number orb that Digit can throw, with the damage the orb deals being equivalent to the answer of the equation Digit built up! Go for that 81% damage by building up the max 9x9!

Up Special: Raising the Bar, Digit summons a bar graph below him, with the middle bar propelling him upwards and the left and right bars launching fighters upward. Can be charged up for stronger, higher bars, resulting in more vertical recovery distance and more upward attack coverage.

Down Special: Frantic Fractions, Digit holds up a random fraction above his wing before having the fraction absorb into himself. While in this state, any damage he takes is reduced by the amount of the fraction he absorbed, for example, if Digit absorbs a 1/4, all damage he takes are reduced by 25%, and if Digit absorbs a 1/2, than all damage he takes are halved! Effect wears off after 10 seconds and digit must wait for 5 seconds before using it again.

Entrance: Digit flies onto the stage in the spaceship he and the kids fly in and gets off it onto the stage

Taunt: Digit takes out a calculator and types on it before holding it in the air with a "problem solved" look on his face

Victory: Digit can be seen gliding around, until he crash-lands, crumpling his beak. Digit fixes his beak before jumping a few times in the air and striking a pose.

Defeat: Digit applauds the winner.

R.I.P. Gilbert Gottfried, BTW

Hacker: moveset submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn
Series: Cyberchase
Debut: Cyberchase, Lost My Marbles (January 21, 2002)

"That's The Hacker to you!"
Hacker is a heavyweight character who has genuinely good jump, but sluggish acceleration in terms of his dashing and walking. He also tends to have a little endlag at the end of most of his attacks, which makes him the Ganondorf of this game

Many of Hacker's attacks are designed in a way that he is using program-hacking skills to give him more powerful-style attacks, because he is doing what he thinks will make the best out of him. Aesthetically, many of Hacker's attacks are covered in a green binary code-flare. On a technical level, although Hacker's attack may be slightly slow, they have serious launching power.

Light Neutral: Hacker throws 2 punches (so long as the button is pressed rapidly, otherwise, he just throws a single punch), both with slight endlag, but have pretty strong knockback. Strong variant has Hacker preform a strong shoulder bash.

Light Up: Hacker preforms a leaping uppercut. Strong variant has him doing a stronger uppercut.

Light Down: Hacker performs a hack eruption, which two pillars of binary code flare bursts on both sides of him. Has slight startlag and endlag. Strong variant creates bigger and stronger pillars.

Neutral Special: Punch Hack, Hacker charges up a super-strong punch, to which the move can actually be held at the end of the punch charging by holding the special attack button. Pretty much like Warlock Punch.

Up Special: Teleport Hack, Hacker teleports to a different part of the stage depending on where the control stick is held.

Down Special: Terrain Hack, Hacker places a hacked laptop on the stage, and the grounded area near the laptop will make opponents easier to launch and have their damage rise slowly.

Entrance: Hacker flies onto the stage in the spaceship he flies in and gets off it onto the stage

Taunt: Hacker pulls out a small canvas and paints on it, and shows it when he is finished painting before putting it back.

Victory: Hacker is seen laughing in a evil and tyrannical way before making a "world taken over" pose, while Buzz and Delete cheer on him

Defeat: Hacker applauds the winner.

Lionel Lion: Moveset submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn
Series: Between the Lions
Debut: Between the Lions, Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West (April 3, 2000)


"Dad, if it's any consolation, I thought it would work too."
Lionel is a slightly-heavy lightweight (about Fox's weight) who has above-average speed and a moderately-high jump, with his main drawback, like other lightweights, being easier to launch. His attacks mainly focus on combos and getting to the knockback point.

Due to his love for books and how he wants to get things done in the least-violent ways possible, he will pull out the various books of the Barnaby B. Busterfield III Public Library to help him out in the fight for most of his attacks! The attacks themselves involve the book characters coming out of books to perform certain actions.

Light Neutral: Lionel pulls out a book with a cow typing on a typewriter who types letters that fly out to damage anyone they fly into, with the cow typing faster and sending out more letters faster when the button is pressed repeatedly before finishing off with a HUGE word. Strong variant has the cow type a MASSIVE word.

Light Up: Lionel pulls out a book with a popcorn popper that pops 3 popcorn in the air that deal damage. Strong variant has the popcorn pop much higher and harder, resulting in more damage and knockback.

Light Down: Lionel sweeps using a hand duster into a dustpan as if he's cleaning the library's floors. The only move that doesn't have Lionel use a book. Spammable. Strong variant has Lionel sweep faster and harder.

Neutral Special: Lionel opens a book that either spawns a lucky duck (has a chance to critical hit), Larry the rock (Hits hard), a red hat (deals fire damage), or a green hat (acts as a multihit vortex). The book object will remain on stage until Lionel uses neutral special again to claim it back, to which the object will damage anyone in its path.

Up Special: Lionel opens one of his favorite book series, The Adventures of Cliff Hanger, and takes a ride on the helicopter from the said book series!

Down Special: Lionel opens a book of Greek Myths which has Pandora's Box come out and unleash a pesky spirit that possesses a random fighter and gives them negative status effects, such as dizzy, poison or sleep.

Entrance: Lionel comes out of the doors of the Barnaby B. Busterfield III Public Library into the fight!

Taunt: Lionel pulls out a random book and examines it before putting the book back

Victory: Lionel jumps for joy as Theo, Cleo, Leona, Click, the Info Hen, and Heath all cheer on him.

Defeat: Lionel applauds the winner.

Xavier Riddle: moveset submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn
Series: Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum
Debut: Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, I Am Johann Sebastian Bach (November 12, 2019)


"Guys, I think I know exactly why the Secret Museum sent us here."

Xavier Riddle is a semi-floaty character with very floaty jumps and slightly-above-normal speed. Having nimble dodges and good air mobility, but with somewhat below-normal weight, these design attributes to his character make him the Ness of this game.

Many of Xavier's attacks are themed around his love and huge talent for acrobatics and wild inventions, as well as the various time periods he and the others have traveled to in the Secret Museum. He also has some attacks that he normally never uses in his show, but since I had Ness in mind when coming up with his character traits and how his show is very technological, I felt they were just too fitting.

Light Neutral: A square portal appears in front of Xavier, which spawns a random historical figure to come out and look around or wave before going back in the portal, with the damage and knockback coming from the historical figure's fast momentum of coming out of the portal. Strong variant has the historical figure fall out of the portal and land hard on the ground, which deals strong damage and knockback, before falling in another portal on the ground below the figures.

Light Up: Xavier points upwards, causing a small blast of electricity to burst above him. Strong variant has a larger electric blast burst above him, which works like Lucas' up smash.

Light Down: Xavier spins a juggling ring around him, which gimps fighters on the ground. Strong variant has Xavier perform a stronger spin.

Neutral Special: Xavier spawns a ball of blue energy that is controlled like PK Flash, which explodes when the button is let go.

Up Special: Xavier rides a rocket car in the desired direction of the control stick, a combination of Fire Fox (Blast and fire damage) and Power of Flight (distance)

Down Special: Xavier juggles some juggling balls, with each of the balls dealing constant damage as long as Xavier is juggling, which will last as long as the special attack button is pressed. A great choice for making combos with opponents who are about to attack you from above or to shield yourself from certain things above you.

Entrance: Xavier teleports onto the stage like he does when time traveling in his show.

Taunt: Berby comes out of a portal and flies around, to which Xavier's eyes follow Berby's flight path and he greets Berby before Berby goes back in the portal.

Victory: Xavier is seen teleporting all over the scene, which he then runs up to the camera and striking a victory pose.

Defeat: Xavier applauds the winner.

The Teletubbies (moveset submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

Teletubbies say Eh Oh!

The Teletubbies are a stance fighter - they all have the same moves but a different gimmick and playstyle, however certain elements of their differences can transfer from one tubby to the next!

Neutral: the Teletubby of choice pays tribute to a certain other gang of big-hugging multicoloured creatures by beaming a blue light from their telly.

Up: Sparkles charge inside their antenna, the spread their arms out to release it

Down: The Teletubby of choice splashes a bowl of Tubby Custard on the floor/in the air.

Special: Pet Rabbit
The Teletubby of choice places down a rabbit - that rabbit had branding resembling the Tubby's antenna on their side with their respective colour, here's a rough mock up of Tinky Winky's rabbit for example

The rabbits all have different behaviour
  • Tinky Winky's rabbit is the smallest - he chases foes down and clings to them - he doesn't deal knockback, but rather continual damage
  • Dipsy's rabbit is a real big chungus, he's passive but his size makes him like a shield. He can even reflect projectiles!
  • Laa Laa's rabbit likes to hop, he's bigger than Po's rabbit but smaller than Dipsy's, he creates small projectile shockwaves when he lands, which are very powerful
  • Po's medium-sized rabbit stands in place, and headbutts anyone who gets near
When you switch out a Tubby, the rabbit will remain. You can spawn two unique rabbits at a time.

Up Special: 1, 2, 3, 4!
The Teletubby of choice jumps super high like in the intro of all episodes, the height is locked between stances, but the effects are different
  1. Tinky Winky doesn't enter free-fall, this version has no offensive application
  2. Dipsy has an outwards vortex drawing foes away, good if he needs to dance (read down special for that info)
  3. Laa Laa does a single powerful hit a la Dr. Mario
  4. Po does a multihit twirl a la Wario

Down Special: Big Hug
the other 3 Teletubbies jump in for a big hug, this is a stance change + command grab hybrid! You can flick the stick to choose a 'Tubby to switch to.

  1. TINKY WINKY - Light but fast. His tutu gives him 2 extra jumps
  2. DIPSY - Defensive demon. His idle animation is a dance that, if played to completion, makes him even heavier (represented by gaining his cow print hat) - that buff transfers over in the stance change!
  3. LAA LAA - The powerhouse. she grips her ball in the air and, should she make a safe fall, slam it into foes.
  4. PO - The all-rounder. When she starts running she uses her scooter to build momentum, which makes her immune to attacks for half a second until she gets off. She's also invulnerable when airdashing, but not wavedashing

Victory animation: the Tubby in use at the time of match end is surrounded by the other tubbies for a big hug

Taunt: The tubby of choice looks at the screen and giggles "again again!"

Entrance: A speaker comes out of the ground and says "Time for Teletubbies!" - a menu appears above them to choose what tubby to start with - once the match starts the tubby pops out from a hole in the ground.

Losing Animation: The Teletubbies all clap for their opponent who beat them.

Molly Mabray
Series: Molly of Denali
Debut: Molly of Denali, Grandpa's Drum (July 15, 2019)


"Hi everyone, it's me, Molly!"

Molly is a middleweight who has balanced stats when it comes to her speed and jump. She's also quite nimble too, as she tends to dodge gracefully, allowing her to have slightly more invincibility frames than any other character! that, however, comeswith the trade-off of being slightly more easier to launch than most of the other middleweights.

Most of Molly's attacks are all themed around, of coarse, vlogging! She will often do actions that as if she's trying to demonstrate those who are watching her vlogs to be amazed at the amazing things she can do to achieve things.

Light Neutral: Molly does some hip dances, with the damage coming from the thrust of Molly's hip, spammable. Strong variant has Molly do a stronger hip thrust as if she's hip-dancing with someone else.

Light Up: Molly flails her arms and hands above her as she tries to shoo some mosquitos that appear above her, with the damage coming from the flailing of her arms. The strong variant of the move has her flail her arms harder.

Light Down: Molly pokes the ground with a stick twice as if she's trying to quickly dig for something amazing. Strong variant has Molly thrust out her stick harder.

Neutral Special: Molly takes out a native drum and begins drumming on it, to which it sends out soundwaves to stun or push back opponents, allowing her to come close to opponents for a big blow!

Up Special: Molly throws a fist in the air and jumps for joy, similar to Super Jump Punch.

Down Special: Molly throws Suki's bone, to which then Suki will jump to wherever her bone lands, burying opponents or meteor smashing them if in the air!

Entrance: Molly comes out of a helicopter we see her in in various Molly of Denali episodes, including the intro

Taunt: Molly does the T-Rex walk portion of her "Dino Dance"

Victory: Molly adjusts her vlogging camera before going into pose and thanking the viewers for tuning in to her vlog and that they hoped they learned something new.

Defeat: Molly applauds the winner.

Series: Dragon Tales
Debut: Dragon Tales Season 1, Episode 1 (To Fly With Dragons/A Forest of Darkness) (September 6, 1999)


"I'm big. I can be brave."
Ord is a super-heavyweight who is super fast and has super hard-hitting attacks. Therefore, he can rack up damage on opponents. However, being a superheavy, he is super vulnerable to combos and thus cannot really escape combos. Overall, he is there to get as much damage on his opponents as possible.

To represent Ord's super cowardly nature, he will turn invisible at random points throughout a match and sometimes, a raincloud will appear over his hand. The invisible part is beneficial as this provides Ord the ability to be more unpredictable with movement as the opponent will not be able to see Ord that well. However, the raincloud will nerf Ord's stats a little (think Pichu hurting itself but this will only affect the damage output of Ord's attacks on opponents). Therefore, this gimmick has a benefit and a detriment. If you are losing the match however, the invisibility/raincloud will not appear at all. If it does, it will be very rarely.


Light Neutral (A Dragonberry Cupcake for Me!): Ord will lift out a dragon berry cupcake. This move has a bit of a slow startup, therefore, it is not spammable. The stronger variant will cause Ord to lift out the cupcake more strongly.

Light Up (Scaredy Dragon): Ord will throw his arms up in the air like he is scared with the opponent above Ord taking the damage. The stronger variant of this move sees him throw up his hands harder.

Light Down (A Dragon Land Sledride): Ord will slide on a sled with Max, hitting the opponent in front of him. The stronger variant causes him to ram the sled harder into the opponent, causing more damage.

Neutral Special (Dragoncorn Coming Up!): Ord will hold Dragoncorn kernels in his hand when you hit the special button once. When pressing the special button again, he will toss the dragon corns and then breathe fire at them. The trajectory of the corn is always the same and you cannot aim the corn at opponents. However, you can be hit by the falling Dragoncorn as well as the fire Ord breathes.

Up Special (Fly With Dragons): Ord will simply fly upward how he usually does in Dragon Tales. It's basically akin to Pit's recovery as well as Ridley's. You can fly into opponents with your up special.

Down Special (Time For A Swim!): Similar to Bowser Bomb, Ord will simply jump up and hold his nose as he is to jump into water and slam down! This move can be used to spike opponents but it is risky as the move is not cancellable when used.

Entrance: Ord will fly onstage similar to how he arrives to places in Dragon Land.

Taunt: Ord will giggle and laugh in a funny manner as if someone made a joke.

Victory Animation: Ord will do the pose where he, Zak and Wheezie, Cassie, Quetzal, Max, Emmy and Enrique all do a dance and then point at the viewer (well, player in this case) similar to the scene in the Dragon Tales intro.

Defeat: Ord is seen crying in defeat, knowing he let down his friends.

Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse
Series: Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse
Debut: Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse, Eddy's Job ( September 30, 2000 )


"When the lights go down, I'm ready to preform..."

Marvin is quite the heavyweight, being hard to launch and falling faster than others, but is he can actually jump more gracefully than others and he can gallop very fast too!

Aside from most of his attacks being circus themed, he has this gimmick where true to his dancing skills, most of his special moves are more effective when timed correctly, and his standard attacks are designed in a way that he combos to a certain beat that requires good timing between button presses. Think of him like a platform-fighter character with Crypt of the Necrodancer mechanics!

Light Neutral: Marvin lunges his hooves forward as if he's dancing by swinging his front hooves forward. The strong variant has Marvin do a stronger hoof swing that has a taller hitbox as well.

Light Up: Marvin performs a hoof-stand while lunging his hind hooves upward. Strong variant of the move has Marvin lunging his hooves upward ahrder, and has some serious launching power!

Light Down: Marvin strikes with one front hoof forward and one hind hoof behind him, striking anyone on both sides of him. Strong variant of the move has Marvin do stronger strikes with both hooves.

Neutral Special: Marvin takes a backflip leap in the air and when the special move button is pressed again, Marvin can perform a super-strong buckaroo kick that has very high-knockback. When timed at the very right moment, the kick is ridiculously strong, but that requires some deadly timing and being really precise.

Up Special: Marvin does a flutter with his legs in order to float upward, but when the special move button is pressed again, Marvin can perform an aeriel pose with its power dependent on button timing.

Down Special: Marvin simply tap-dances! This causes nearby opponents to constantly trip when they are near Marvin. When the special move button is pressed again, Marvin preforms a big stomp on the ground with a striking pose that launches opponents on both sides of Marvin, with its power dependent on button timing

Entrance: Marvin can be seen coming out of a little circus tent, being accompanied by Eddy, who waves goodbye to Marvin after they leave the tent before Eddy and the circus tent disappears.

Taunt: Marvin performs a horse stretch. He needs a good stretch before doing more dancing!

Victory: Marvin can be seen under multiple spotlights bowing before the crowds, who throw roses and confetti at him, and Eddy, Diamonds, Elizabeth and Stripes are all there to congratulate Marvin!

Defeat: Marvin applauds the winner.

Ruff Ruffman
Series: Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman
Debut: Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman, 3-2-1 Blast Off! (May 29, 2006)


"Time for challenge number 1/2!"

Ruff fits into the realm of heavier-middleweights, with below average jump slightly-below-average speed, but he does make those up with some fairly strong moves on his end!

True to the game show host he is, he's here to set the stage into another opportunity for his hosting career! He can "assign" other players to perform certain tasks that whenever they reach a certain requirement, Ruff will then "reward" those players some serious payback!

Light Neutral: Ruff performs a belly bump forward as if he's trying to belly-bump a fighter who had met an objective of his. Strong variant has Ruff do a belly flop, where he falls on his belly hard to launch those in front of him.

Light Up: Ruff lifts up a microphone while he proclaims wildly. Strong variant has Ruff lift his microphone faster and harder!

Light Down: Ruff breakdances and kicks in both directions while he does so. Strong variant has Ruff spindance on the ground, multihitting fighters before launching them.

Neutral Special: Ruff throws a card forward as a projectile that when it hits an opponent, it will give them objectives such as "Don't dodge more than 5 times", "Perform 3 successful recoveries", or "Have your guard up at least 50% full". This can really make opponents think before doing anything risky in order to avoid the consequences afterwards!

Up Special: Ruff leaps high into the air before slamming back down as a cannonball! Might not make the best recovery move, but it's very powerful regardless!

Down Special: Ruff simply pushes a portable button to have all fighters on screen summon an explosion on them to launch them when they meet his N-special objectives. (If the other fighter meets N-special requirements and Ruff's Down-special is not used, they'll still explode after some time.) This move is useful for getting that last satisfying end combo attack or to clear the stage of fighters with ease!

Entrance: Ruff comes out of the doors of his studio

Taunt: Ruff adjusts his glasses before saluting to the camera.

Victory: Ruff can be seen standing in front of a crowd of people as he proceeds to tell them that his game show has been concluded and that the viewers should tune into next time for his next show!

Defeat: Ruff sits at his desk and makes a sad pose while feeling sad.

Series: EekoWorld
Debut: 2008/2009


"Welcome to EekoWorld!"

Cheeko is a lightweight who has super good aerial mobility. He has moves that have quick startup and is successful at racking up damage easily by having a moveset mostly filled with environmentally friendly practices seen in the EekoHouse game as well as other references to the EekoWorld webpage. However, Cheeko is not good on the ground. Think of him as the anti-Little Mac, great in the air due to him having the wings of a bird and not good on the ground due to him having no feet.

Alongside this, he will have good aerial combos akin to Wrastor from Rivals of Aether. Use one of his moves on the ground and Cheeko can extend it into to air! Cheeko was born to airborne!
Aerial combo-based gameplay style idea by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn

Besides the environmentally friendly practices he has in his moveset, Cheeko is able to summon EekoCreatures (from the game EekoCreature) that can be used to attack as well as protect the environment, each creature doing a different thing. Alongside this gimmick, he also has a move within his Down Special that allows him to give extra damage to the fighters. Solve the problem incorrectly and you will be penalized!

Light Neutral (Cleaning the Sink): Cheeko will grab baking soda and vinegar as if he is cleaning the sink in an environmental-friendly manner. He will be seen applying the baking soda and vinegar on the sink and causing damage to the fighter. The stronger variant will cause him to clean the sink more vigorously.

Light Up (Hanger Re-using): Cheeko will be seen reaching for a clothing hanger as if he were to return it to a dry cleaner as reusing clothing hangers is the environmental friendly action. The stronger variant will cause him to yank off the clothing hangar more vigorously.

Light Down (Save Electricity!): Cheeko will be seen turning off a lightswitch as if he is leaving a room in the EekoHouse as you should never leave lights on when you leave a room. The stronger variant will cause him to flick the light switch off more vigorously and will also have a tiny spikebox.

Neutral Special (EekoCreatures, Come Forth): By holding down the Special Button, Cheeko can summon an EekoCreature at random. Each one has a different effect. What creature is summoned is completely RNG-based. He has five creatures, four of the animals are animals who make up Cheeko, one being a mythical creature. The building of the creature takes a while, so be careful when you use the move! When an opponent attacks you, you stop creating the creature!

The different creatures Cheeko can summon:

Chimp (The monkey component of Cheeko will walk around the stage and leave its banana peel behind. Occasionally, it will swing from a vine and cause damage to the opponent.)

Shark (A dangerous EekoCreature from the oceans. When he is assembled, the shark will swim across the stage and give a nasty bite to the opponents.)

Snake (The most venomous of the EekoCreatures. When it is assembled, the snake will bite the nearest opponent and give the opponent a poison effect causing them to gain damage for a temporary time.)

Eagle (When the eagle is assembled, the bird will fly onto the stage and grab an opponent. The eagle will hold onto the opponent so Cheeko can perform combos more easily.)

Unicorn (The rarest animal. When assembled, the unicorn will give Cheeko a stat buff!)

Up Special (Fly for the Future!): Cheeko will just simply fly upward as he does have the wings of a bird. His recovery will be akin to Fox's recovery, you can aim it in one direction and he will cause damage head on!

Down Special (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!): This move is a 3 part move. First, Cheeko will place down 3 cans, one for recyclable items, one for trash and one for paper. He will then gain an item (whether it's a water bottle, a piece of trash, paper, etc.) when pressing the Special button and flicking the control stick down. Choose the right can by pressing the special button again and flicking the control stick down and Cheeko will place it in causing enormous damage. Select the wrong can and you will gain some damage.

Cheeko will spin around and a voice from EekoHouse will say "Great Job!" with a speech bubble appearing saying "GREAT JOB!" in it.

Cheeko will fly in and say "Welcome to EekoWorld!" with a speech bubble appearing saying "WELCOME TO EEKOWORLD!" in it.

Victory Animation:
Cheeko will fly around and then he will say "Hooray for me!" with a speech bubble appearing saying "HOORAY FOR ME!" in it.

Losing Animation:
Cheeko will just clap for the opponent.

Series: Tots TV
UK Debut: Tots TV: Camel (January 4, 1993)
US Debut on PBS: Tots TV: Camel, Beach and Fox (October 12, 1996)


"Lovely donkey."-Tom, Tots TV
Donkey is a heavyweight who is also a quadrupedal, who's weight is similar to Marvin's. He has super strong attacks similar to how donkeys are super strong animals. However, he can easily be comboed due to him being heavy and his moves have a bit of startup lag. Alongside this, Donkey does not have the best aerial mobility due to being a land mammal. But, he makes up for this with super fast ground speed and for good damage he will give his opponents!


While Donkey's moveset is primarily revolved around typical donkey behavior as well as some references to Tots TV, he will occassionally swivel his ears around when he has less stocks or have higher percentages than his opponent(s) similar to how donkeys show fear and aggression by swiveling their ears. Think of this as Donkey being scared about losing a fight for his three friends, Tilly, Tom and Tiny! Alongside this, some of his moves have effects on him or his opponent aside from being regular moves in a moveset.


Light Neutral
(Donkey Lick):

Donkey simply licks his opponent as if he were showing appreciation for him. However, the lick will cause his opponent to be stunned for a brief second. The stronger variant causes Donkey to lick more aggressively causing the opponent to stay stunned for a bit longer.

Light Up (Chow Time!):

Donkey will simply eat food provided to him from the tots on a cart having a decently-sized hitbox upward. The stronger variant causes him to eat the donkey chow more aggressively causing more damage.

Light Down (Squashed Donkey):

It seems Donkey squashed the clay replica Tilly made of him for him! For this move, Donkey will simply place down the squashed donkey in his mouth on the ground. The stronger variant causes him to place down the squashed donkey and has a very tiny spikebox.

Neutral Special (Donkey Buckaroo Kick), idea for move by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn

When pressing the special, Donkey will jump, do a backflip, and use his hind legs to pull a buckaroo and perform a super-strong kick forward with tremendous damage and knockback before getting back on his legs.

Up Special (Come Along Our Friend Donkey!):

In this move, Donkey will pulled upward by the three tots albeit it being more of a recovery to the side then up. Anyone in the way of the recovery will get damage. However, this move does not have much height to it but it has a strange movement pattern.

Down Special (Carrots for Donkey):

Another food based move. However, one of the tots will appear with carrots for Donkey to eat causing him to recover a small percentage of his health! This move will not damage any opponent and just be a recovery based move.


Donkey walks out of his stable with the tots opening the doors for him to get out.


Donkey will simply get a brushing from Tom.

Victory Animation:

Similar to the Tots TV opening, Tilly, Tom and Tiny appear petting Donkey with Tom saying "Lovely Donkey." and Tiny adding in saying "Our friend Donkey."

Losing Animation:

Donkey just looks down sad and mad that he lost the fight.

Ms. O
Series: Odd Squad
Debut: Odd Squad: Zero Effect/Bad Luck Bears (November 26, 2014)


"Something very odd has happened!"
Ms. O is quite the all-arounder when it comes to her body-related stats, having medium speed and jump to the point which most of her movement and agility have balanced stats that make her quite the interesting one to get around and learn! When it comes to attacks, that's a whole another story.


True to the theme of her show and her position as the head of the Odd Squad, many of her attacks are themed to the various parkours and super spy gadgets she and the rest of the Odd Squad agents have used over the years. When it somes to math, some of her moves have a property to them where she has to determine the damage percentage of other fighters to make the most out of them.


Light Neutral
: Ms. O swings around a gadget-y pointing stick while an easel displaying some math related stuff pops up in the background as if she's trying to teach some simple math to the other fighters, but ends up damaging them instead. The strong variant has her swing the learning stick hard three times, gotta REALLY get their attention!

Light Up: Ms. O takes out a protractor and uses it to measure a small arch over that damages anyone over her. The strong variant creates a larger and stronger arch.

Light Down: Two random agents of Odd Squad (ranges from Otto, Olive, Otis and Olympia, plus some others) appear on both sides of Ms. O and wave some spy gadgets around as if they're trying to investigate something. The strong variant has the agents wave their devices harder in order to really find what they're looking for.

Neutral Special: Ms. O hold out a box that has a number display that starts at 10% and when the button is held down, the number increases by 10 and caps at 100. If the box detects a fighter near it with less the number, it will perform a stunning slap with a plastic hand. If the damage is greater than the box's number, it will have a hammer emerge and knock the other fighter forward hard. If the number is equal, than it will use a boxing glove to deliver a seriously-strong uppercut!

Up Special: Ms. O encases herself in a red transport sphere as a spring below launches her upward. In her sphere, she can traverse left or right in the air and even perform a damaging bounce by holding down! After which, she comes out of the sphere

Down Special: Ms. O has a random agent of Odd Squad survey the nearby area and when they observe a fighter whose damage percent is at a certain point, they'll give Ms. O a stat buff as a means of giving her a very small advantage depending on the current situation. If they observe a fighter already in another stat buff, they'll just go with that for Ms. O.

Entrance: Ms. O comes out of a transport tube

Taunt: Ms. O surveys the area

Victory Animation: Ms. O and the other agents of Odd Squad all have a group celebration before posing for the camera.

Losing Animation: Ms. O salutes the winning fighter, fair and square.

Bob the Builder
: Bob the Builder
Pilot episode: May 15th, 1997
UK Debut: Scoop Saves The Day (April 12th, 1999)
US Debut on Nick Jr: January 15th, 2001
PBS Kids Debut: 2005


"Morning, team!"

Bob is a light-middlweight fighter with all-around stats, making him pretty balanced. He excels in the advantage state whenever his moveset is used to the fullest that he can combo and/or put his opponent(s) in disadvantage. However, be careful! Bob is a glass cannon as if you get him into the disadvantage state, there is no real way to fix the problem as he has no real escape options. So remember to be advantegeous when playing as Bob!


Tool Durability

Being a builder and mason, Bob is known to utilize lots off different building materials and tools. Each move consists of a various job he has done to get building tasks completed in a timely fashion. At some points during a battle, an icon will appear besides Bob's damage interface icon telling you which tool can assist you the most to get the job done. Thus, that tool gets a stat buff. However, after using a certain move (tool in this case) for a certain while, the move will be proven to be ineffective and give extremely minimal damage. However, after a good while (meaning a few seconds), the tool will be back in action so use a variety of tools as well as the tool Bob needs at the time to complete a job!


Light Neutral: Nail in The Wall

Every builder needs a hammer and some nails! When using this move, Bob simply grabs a piece of wood, installs a nail in it and hammers the nail. It's a bit of a spammable move. But remember, it doesn't have the best startup frame data. The stronger variant has Bob nail the hammer even harder causing more damage.

Light Up: Simple Painting

Being a painter for houses and buildings as well, Bob simply will grab a paintbrush and a paint bucket. He will simply paint his opponents. This move is great for comboing opponents similar to Steve's up aerial/up tilt in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The stronger variant of this move will cause Bob to do one mighty paintbrush stroke to send opponents flying upwards!

Light Down: Dig, Dig, Dig It!

Bob loves to do digging as well! In this move, Bob will simply grab a shovel and move some of the Earth in the stage to another part as he is digging. The weaker version of this move is spammable and good for comboing as well. However, the stronger variant can send opponents flying and if the dirt pile falls off the stage, it works extremely well as a meteor projectile for spiking your opponent(s)!

Neutral Special: Bricks and Mortar

Being a mason as well, this is a bit of a three-part setup move similar to Ms. Frizzle's Neutral Special. In this move, Bob will first get some bricks. Then, he will get a jar of mortar and a trowel. Finally, he will lay one brick down with the mortar and trowel. This move is the slowest. But, when proved effective, Bob can create a brick wall for defense. However, the wall only has limited strength before it decreases. So, use this move wisely because your opponent(s) can easily punish you for using this move!

Up Special: Elevator Ride

This is the only move in Bob's moveset that references the 2015 reboot. In this move, Bob boards an elevator and simply rides upwards. It has super good vertical reach but gives off no damage and is very easy to gimp/spike. There's no real way to mix up recoveries when using this move.

Down Special: Jackhammer Time!

This is the strongest move of Bob's moveset. Simply, the builder himself will gain a helment and board a jackhammer. This move is similar to Rocko from Nickelodeon All Star Brawl's Down Special (Jack the Hammer) but Bob rides it simply for a few seconds. The jackhammer will give opponents a lot of damage and even if he goes off stage, the jackhammer can spike your opponent(s) as well! However, you cannot move cancel out of this as it will be continuous for the few seconds you use it! Be wise when using this move!


Bob rides in on Scoop similar to the original intro for Bob the Builder.


Bob says "Can We Fix It?" while doing some hand/body motions and then in the background, you can hear the voices of Wendy and the original five machines saying "Yes! We Cannnn!" and then Lofty saying "Uh yeah, I think so!"

Victory Animation:

Bob, Wendy, Spud, the original five machines, Travis, Pilchard and Bird all dance similar to how they danced in the original Bob the Builder opening.

Defeat Animation:

Being a good sport, Bob simply applauds his opponents for a job well done.

Malik, Zadie and Zeke
Work It Out Wombats!
Debut: Snout and About/Zadie's Shell Shuffle (February 6, 2023)


"Let's make a plan!" -Malik

Due to the 3 wombat siblings being equally lightweight, this does make them easy to launch, but they are quite nimble in terms of their movement, having above-average speed and jump.

Leader and Followers!

I was ultimately going for a Ice Climbers-Pikmin and Olimar combination style for them, so here in PBS Kids: Brawltime!, one wombat sibling is the leader while the other two are the followers! One wombat maybe kind of a weakling, but when all 3 assemble, they can be quite formidable! You are able to select your wombat leader on the CSS, and that's the leader for the whole battle. As with Nana of the Ice Climbers and the Pikmin, the followers can all be KO'd, leaving the leader to (hopelessly) deal with the other fighters alone, but don't worry, like with the Pikmin, you'll be able to get the followers back in some form.


Light Neutral

The wombat siblings simply perform slap-punches with their arms, which doesn't have a combo-finishing move, but it is spammable. The strong variant of the attack has, if all 3 wombat siblings are together, will join up to perform a triple kick!, or double kick if two are present, and a single kick of only the leader is there.

Light Up

The wombat siblings wave up various stuff above their heads, as if they're thinking if the current object in their hand is the right tool for the job. The strong variant of the attack has, if all 3 wombat siblings are together, will join up to perform a triple uppercut combo!, with each wombat sibling going one powerful uppercut after another, leading up to a third and DEVASTATING uppercut! It can be a double uppercut combo if two are present, and a single uppercut of only the leader is there.

Light Down

The wombat siblings do grounded roundhouse kicks while they huddle together when crouching. The strong variant is similar to Olimar's down-smash, but if only 2 wombat siblings are there, the single follower will strike forward in front of the leader, while if only the leader is present, the leader will do a stronger grounded roundhouse kick.

Neutral Special: Wombat Toss

Similar to Pikmin Throw, the leader will hold and toss one of the followers a good distance forward, to which the follower will wander on its own for a while, doing its own attacks based on the current situation, or like the Pikmin, they'll latch onto opponents when they make contact with them and pummel them constantly for a short time. After some time, they'll return to their leader, assuming they were not KO'd in the process.

Up Special: Wombat Launch

Similar to Belay, the Wombats team up with each other to work together on launching each other upwards, usually with the leader getting the most vertical distance.

Down Special: Wombat Call

Similar to Pikmin Order, this move can be used to call back the wombat sibling followers after they were tossed by Wombat Toss, OR if any wombat sibling followers have been KO'd, though this can be done after several seconds after a wombat sibling follower has been KO'd.


The wombat siblings are seen sleeping in their hammocks before waking up and jumping off them and into the battle


The wombat siblings pass around and admire Snout, Zeke's plush friend

Victory Animation:

The wombat siblings perform a balancing act of them stacking into 3 before striking a pose!

Defeat Animation:

They applaud, though feeling a little upset

Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures
Debut: How It All Began/Lost and Found (January 12th, 2008)


"I can't remember seeing such a crazy place in my whole entire life. I felt sad and nervous and....I wasn't the only one."

Betsy is a lightweight with above-average mobility and decently average stats but is a glass cannon due to her only being a kindergartener. She is a combo fiend as she is known for having a great advantage state thanks to her light moves being great for that task. However, like most fighters around her weight class, she cannot escape the disadvantage state. Her moveset is quite simple yet complex as being a student, the longer your in school, the more prpepared you will be for anything! However, it's important to note that while her special moves can do some damage, most of them have long setup times/cooldown times so be careful when using them!


Stage Adaptation with Learning

Similar to what Pop initially proposed for a gimmick for Rosie, Betsy has a gimmick involving learning. As in her show, she gets into new situations and thus must learn to adapt to them. Throughout the battle, she will become adapted to the stage she is fighting on and gain some stat buffs helping her throughout the battle. Because of this, it will play a huge part in her Neutral Special covered below! However, once you get KOd, your learning must begin again so be careful with the knowledge you gain!

Light Neutral: Have Some Tea

From Mrs. O'Connor's tea party, Betsy brought some tea for the fighters. When using this move, Betsy will pour some tea into a glass cup and offer it to a fighter. When using the stronger variant of this move, Betsy will simply be a bit more vigorous not having the best manners.

Light Up: Clean Up!

It seems playtime is over now! For this move, Betsy will simply be seen holding some blocks to put away on what she would put on a high shelf. The stronger variant of this move causes her to push the blocks upward more aggressively to send the fighters flying. The best out of the light moves for combo starting if using the lighter variant!

Light Down: Pick Up The Trash

It's always important to clean up the Earth! For this move, Betsy will pick up a piece of trash from the ground, it's the most spammable of the light moves. The stronger variant will cause her to pick up the trash more aggressively from the ground.

Neutral Special: Learning with Growing

This is the most complicated move in her moveset. Basically, this move connects with Betsy's gimmick. This move has five different moves but it's a roulette-esque as the move switches everytime you use the move! As you adapt to the stage, your Neutral Special moves will become more powerful! However, some of the special moves have slower startup so be careful!

Each possible Neutral Special move is based on a topic covered in the show.

This is the order each Neutral Special goes in by this move being like a rouletter with the same order.

Betsy's Green Thumb: In this move, Betsy will grow a plant right away. The plants will be there for a while and if your on a plant growing, you'll be sent flying! As you keep adapting to the stage, you can grow more plants to cover the stage to send more opponents flying!

Vowel Buying: In this move, Betsy will spell out a short word with three letters. The word will take up some space but it will take some time to build the word on the stage so be careful when using this Neutral Special move! As you keep adapting to the stage, you'll build bigger words to take up more space on the stage!

Weather Watching: In this move, Betsy will set up some weather vanes and weather watching tools to watch for some weather! As your weather tools are on the stage, the sun will appear on the stage as a bumper in the sky to deflect the fighters. As you keep adapting to the stage, lightning will strike across the stage when setting up the weather tools to damage the fighters as well as rain to push the fighters off the stage! Super good for stage coverage!

Adding Up The Numbers: This move is similar to Digit's Neutral Special but for Betsy, it involves addition. Here, Betsy will get 2 numbers when holding down the special button. However, the numbers go at a faster rate and have to be placed down quickly. When done with the equation, the sum of the nubers is the amount of damage the fighters get. As you keep adapting to the stage, the numbers will go up by 5s and then by 10s! Great to rack up some damage!

Good Nutrition: This move will cause Betsy to grow food that she can only get and consume to recover a little bit of health! This move doesn't do damage but it once again takes a while to perform so be careful! As you keep adapting to the stage, you'll grow more vegetables efficiently for yourself!

Up Special: Jumping for Joy!

For good exercise, Betsy will just jump! This is probably the worst move in her moveset as it does not have much height. Therefore, her recovery is not that great. Alongside this, anyone above Betsy while she is jumping will get some damage but not too much.

Down Special: Recess Fun!

It's every kindergarten student's favorite part of the day, recess! Basically, another roulette-esque move but not too complex. A piece of playground equipment will be summoned when using this move. All moves have not the best startup so be careful! You can either summon a merry-go-round which Betsy can hop on and spin cauing any fighter in the way to get damage, a slide where Betsy can clim onto it and slide down knocking opponents out of the way and monkey bars where she can climb through them knocking any fighter out of the way. The monkey bars are best for horizontal recovery if off stage.


Betsy arrives on a school bus driven by Bus Driver Bob.


Betsy will show off her moves that she used in a game of power hopscotch by jumping and doing front flips!

Victory Animation:

Betsy alongside her class, Mrs. O'Connor, her parents, Gracie, Kitty, Sydney and Mr. Warner will all celebrate a well-earned victory!

Losing Animation:

Betsy looks upset as she let down her class.

Super Why
Series: Super Why
Pilot Episode: 1999/2000
Official Debut on PBS Kids: The Three Little Pigs (September 3rd, 2007)


"Super Why, with the power to read!"

Super Why or Whyatt is an overall middleweight towards the lighter side of the things with some of the best aerial stats in the game. His mobility is one of the best and also has multiple "fast flights" which replace double jumping. The fast flights can be aimed in any direction. He excels in the combo game but overall can be hit hard when in disadvantage. He simply is like WordGirl in stats but just overall better. May I also mention the other Super Readers are assisting him in the battle with their powers appearing in some of his moves as well.


Super Reader Power!

Another idea I had for his quirk is that his gimmick is based on vocabulary/reading. Basically, he kind of plays like an inverse Hero. He gives fighters "bad words" that give the other fighter or fighters nerfs while he gets buffs from the "good words". He practically is using his power as Super Why in battle!


Light Neutral: Reading Time!

From the library, Super Why will simply take out a book since he loves to read. The stronger variant of this move involves him pulling out the book more vigorously.

Light Up: Alphabet Power

From Alpha Pig, Super Why can simply attack by lifting up one of her letters from the alphabet. The move is similar to Big Bird's Light Up but way more faster and spammable, making it great to start combos. The letter changes each time but it doesn't change the property of the attack. The stronger variant is the same but it does more damage and knockback.

Light Down: Word Power

From Wonder Red, Super Why can pull out a word family ending like "OP", "AT", "UG", etc. The word family changes each time but it doesn't change the property of the attack. It is spammable and good for comboing. The stronger variant involves both the letter at the beginning of the word as well as the word family ending being pulled out increasing damage and knockback.

Neutral Special: The Power to Read

The main gimmick of Super Why is right here in this move! Basically, Super Why will gain a word that can affect a nearby fighter in a bad way. These can range from "tiny" which will make an opponent small for a short time, "confused" which will lead to another fighter gaining reverse controls for a limited time, etc. Once Super Why applies the nerf on a fellow fighter, he gains the opposite of the word which results in a stat buff such as "big" which will increase his size for a short time, "good" which will give him a tiny stat buff, etc.

More words from PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn

EFFECT (Super Why's effect/Opponent's effect)SIGNIFICANCEFUNCTION
big/tinyPositiveOpponent is shrunk while Super Why is Super-Sized!
confused/precisePositiveOpponent has reversed controls while Super Why ups his movement speed.
strong/weakPositiveSuper Why gets an attack strength buff while the opponent gets an attack strength debuff!
mend/harmPositiveHeals Super Why while Opponent receives 14% damage.
speedy/slowpokePositiveSuper Why's running speed increased while the opponent has Timer-effect
protected/vulnerablePositiveSuper Why takes less damage than usual and can reflect projectiles while the opponent can receive more damage than usual.
up/downPositiveSuper Why preforms a super-strong uppercut while the opponent has a meteor effect applied to them, as long as they're not in front of Super Why.
asleep/awakeNegativeSuper Why goes to sleep.
micro/megaNegativeSuper Why is made smaller while the opponent grows in size.
slow/fastNegativeSuper Why has a Timer-effect on him while the opponent's speed is amped up.
invisible/visibleNeutralSuper Why is invisible
mix-upNeutralCan be any other word, let the odds decide your fate!

Up Special: Why Flyer Flight

Super Why will simply shoot straight upward in his Why Flyer, similar to Barney's Up Special. However, it lasts for a little longer and has a bit more complex of a flight pattern, similar to Meta Knight and Steve's recovery in the Smash games. Super Why will damage anyone in his path when using the move.

Down Special: Dictionary Power

With the assistance of Woofster, Whyatt can help learn new words from Woofster's dictionary. When using this move, a dictionary will be pulled out by Woofster. Then, a word will be found. Either one of two things will happen. Super Why will get an item after finding out what it means (typically an item that does not do much) or a word for his Neutral Special. This move has incredibly slow startup and is not best to use fast so be careful when using it!


Super Why appears out of a bookshelf and hops down from it onto the stage as Whyatt ready for battle and then transforms into Super Why!


Super Why shows off his phone to the other fighters as well as to you, the player.

Victory Animation:

Super Why and the other Super Readers gather in a circle, put their hands in and lift their hands up to celebrate Super Why's victory and for being super!

Losing Animation:

Super Why claps, being a good sport as he rarely does get sad or mad and is usually happy.

The Zula Patrol
Series: The Zula Patrol
Debut: A Comet's Tale / A Job for the Zula Dudes (September 4, 2005)


Captain Bula: "This is a job for the Zula Patrol!"
Zeeter: "Ohh, that's it! It's time to deal with Truder!"
Multo: “Oh, my stars!”

The Zula Patrol are a three-in-one fighter with all three members being middleweights but having slightly different stats. Bula is the heaviest being a middle-heavyweight, Multo is a middleweight and Zeeter is a light-middleweight. They excel at having a great advantage state but are glass cannons. Precisely, they are great for mix-ups with them working together by putting in pressure on their opponents by putting them in the corner. Alongside this, they have some good tools to zone and keep their distance. Simply put it, they play like the spacie archetype in platform fighters. However, if the Zula Patrol is not working together, you will be at a severe disadvantage if you do not get assistance from your fellow members!


The Lead Scientist

At the beginning of each match, you can choose between Bula, Zeeter and Molto to be the Lead Scientist. You cannot swap between them in battle. But, the other two members of the Zula Patrol who were not chosen as the Lead Scientist can provide mini-assist attacks when they will provide help when the Spaceship Fuel gauge is filled for the other members to arrive. You do not need to press any buttons, they will just come the next time you use any of the light moves!

Light Neutral: Entering the Multopedia!

When this move is used, the member of the Zula Patrol will grab the Multopedia and open it up, summoning various objects seen in the book. The stronger variant involves the book being open more vigorously and the object comes out faster. All objects give the same damage. This move is not spammable.

As for assists for this move, Bula and Multo allow for more exploration by summoning more objects from the book. Due to Zeeter being the go-getter of the trio, she will give the most assistance by giving the most damage when summoning objects from the Multopedia. A good move for some wonderful damage on your opponents!

Light Up: The Multo-Grabber

When this move is used, the member of the Zula Patrol being used will use the Multo-Grabber and grab an asteroid to attack fighters from above with the member lifting it above his/her head! The stronger variant involves the Multo-Grabber being more vigorous, causing more damage! A great move for covering the upper parts of a stage and for starting combos as it is spammable.

As for assists for this move, Bula and Zeeter will grab one more asteroid. However, Multo will be the best assist if he is not chosen as he will rapidly grab asteroids.

Light Down: Litter Clean-up

When this move is used, the member of the Zula Patrol being used will use a litter clean-up machine to clean up garbage on the ground. This move has a bit of range, but not too much. The stronger variant will involve the machines to be a bit more vigorous with their grabs.

As for assists for this move, Bula will really get to work on litter cleaning with the machines helping you get more damage on your opponent, Multo and Zeeter will only use one other machine to extend the range.

Neutral Special: Shooting Stars

Similar to the Neutral Special for Falco being Blaster in the Smash games, the member of the Zula Patrol will summon the stars to shoot across the stage. Each one gives an opponent some damage but not too much. It gives off some hitstun and electric damage due to the stars attacking. It’s also a great zoning tool as well!

Up Special: Blast-Off!

Basically, this move is similar to Fire Fox, Fire Wolf, etc. Overall, the member of the Zula Patrol being used will blast off in their spaceship to recover. It can go in different angles so it’s good for mixups. Also, any opponents in your way will get damage. However, the height is dependent on the Spaceship Fuel gauge so be careful when recovering as you need a certain amount of fuel to recover as well as for distance!

Down Special: Shadow Play

When this move is used, the member of the Zula Patrol will create a shadow so they can distract their opponents from attacking them. This doesn’t cause damage but it causes you to temporarily escape from a situation so you can trick your opponent! Another great mix-up tool!


The member of the Zula Patrol being used will arrive in a miniature version of their Spaceship.


The member of the Zula Patrol will play with Wizzy, Wigg and Gorga.

Victory Animation:

All the members of the Zula Patrol as well as with Wizzy, Wigg and Gorga will celebrate by doing the rotation dance they did at Bula’s Zula Spin Party!

Losing Animation:

All the members will be a good sport and clap for their opponent for winning the battle.

Series: The Electric Company
Debut: 1972


Narrator of “The Adventures of Letterman” segments: Faster than a rolling "O"! Stronger than silent "E"! Able to leap capital "T" in a single bound! It's a word, it's a plan, it's Letterman!

Letterman is a middleweight around the heavier side who focuses on brute attacks and close combat. His attacks hit like a truck, causing some massive damage and knockback. Alongside this, he has decent speed as well. He is basically a fighter who heavily emphasizes the risk/reward factor of platform fighters. There are moves with certain risks and those risks sometimes come with rewards of accumulating certain damage on your opponents. However, if you do not utilize Letterman’s ways of working with letters well, you can put him in a severe disadvantage due to him being a bit heavier than your average middleweight!


Hand-Drawn Fighter

Letterman has no gameplay gimmick despite being a Learner’s Pass fighter. Instead, his gimmick is mostly focused on the visuals! In PBS Kids: Brawltime, Letterman is the only fighter to be based around cel animation and be animated this way. His attacks reference various episodes of The Adventures of Letterman segment. Basically, this is a whole new adventure for the hero, himself!

Light Neutral: Night to Light

In this move, Letterman simply changes the “n” in night to the “l” to make the word light where a light will shine causing damage to any fighters around it. The stronger variant causes the light to cover more area and be stronger. The light variant is excellent to start combos with.

Light Up: Wall to Ball

In this move, Letterman changes the “w” in wall to make the word ball where a basketball will come and bounce on opponents causing them to gain damage. The stronger variant will cause the ball to bounce more vigorously and cause more damage. In addition, the ball can be hit by opponents or reflected. It’s similar to R.O.B.’s Gyro in the Smash games so be careful with how you use this move!

Light Down: Rain to Train

In this move, Letterman adds the letter “t” to the word rain to make it train to make a train car appear which causes any opponent around it to get temporarily stunned or run over by a train that’s coming. The stronger variant will cause the train car to shove in any nearby fighters harder causing them to be stunned for a little bit longer and keep them in place. Alongside this, the train will move a little faster and charge harder. This move is great as sort of a de facto grab move to start combos or to simply keep your opponents on your toes!

Neutral Special: Stronger Than Silent E

In this move, Letterman flies for a little and lifts the silent “e” from the word tube like in the openings to his segment! Any fighter in the way will be lifted upward and gain some damage. It’s a good move for sending your opponents upward.

Up Special: Leaping Over Capital T

When recovering, Letterman will jump in a parabola-esque shape over a capital T seen in the opening of his segments. He won’t give any fighters damage and there’s a lot of endlag with this move! Alongside this, you cannot adjust the launch trajectory of this move as it only goes in one direction. However, it has incredible height so it’s a risk and reward move!

Down Special: Faster Than a Rolling O

As a reference to the opening of the segments, Letterman will simply run across the stage with the letter O bouncing behind him. Any other fighter who sees the letter O will be attacked by it and get damaged. The big catch with this move is that Letterman will be in a continuous run motion for a few seconds and is suspect to freefall if you use this move off stage. It’s great for stage control but be careful with how you use it!


Letterman flies onto the stage and appears with the colored stars seen in the opening of The Adventures of Letterman segments with The Adventures of Letterman logo appearing behind him for a visual effect! Also, the opening will be said by the narrator pulled right from the segments itself as a clean audio rip and a fun Easter Egg!


Letterman is seen flexing his muscles and smiling at the camera.

Victory Animation:

Letterman is seen flying around as he does in some segments where the narrator introduces him alongside changing the word “z” in zero to the “h” in hero proving that he won the match with letter power!

Losing Animation:

We see Letterman change the “h” in hero to the “z” in zero with him turning into the elderly version of Letterman seen in one of The Adventures of Letterman segments.

Ty Rux
Series: DinoTrux
Debut: "Ty and Revvit" (August 14, 2015 on Netflix; April 8, 2019 on Universal Kids)


"Let's Trux it up!"

Ty Rux is a super heavyweight fighter. He overall has super strong attacks that can hit like....well, a truck given Ty Rux is a DinoTrux and his attacks just have massive hitboxes that take up a lot of range. His moves also have a lot of endlag to them as well. He is the heaviest and most massive fighter in PBS Kids: Brawltime! which means he can survive a lot of attacks. But, due to his ginormous size, he will be combo food due to his large hurtboxes. He also does not have a super high jump and can not go that fast so he is a fighter that needs to be aware of how long its gonna take to attack before being comboed. Alongside thisl, due to being a character not from PBS Kids, his trap is in the form of the Universal Kids circle logo to represent his new home network.


Big Body

As said before, Ty Rux is the HUGEST fighter in the game and fits into the genre of really big fighters in platform fighters! He is immune to grabs from the traps so don't think about grabbing him! Him just being a really big fighter by itself is quite the gimmick as that archetype is very gimmicky.

Light Up: Super Head Bash!

Ty Rux will simply fling his head up and send opponents soaring upward. This is the quickest of the light moves but...not by much. The stronger variant REALLY sends your opponents flying for sure!

Light Neutral: Wrecking Ball Wham!

Ty Rux uses his iconic wrecking ball and whacks it at his opponents similar to like he does to the D-Structs. When using this move, it covers good range and has a sweet spot causing MASSIVE knockback. The stronger variant simply takes more time to charge...and then WHAM! Lots of damage will be given to any opponents in the way!

Light Up: Victory Dig

With his mouth, Ty Rux will go down and dig a REALLY BIG hole causinghis opponents to be flown upward as Ty Rux's head goes up! The stronger variant is super powerful and causes for even a BIGGER dig to be performed!

Neutral Special: Harpoons Away!

Knowing he has lots of tools up his sleeve, Ty Rux will launch harpoons from his tail. You hold the special button for however long you need to find the trajectory for your harpoons to be launched at. Then, when you are ready, you let go of the button and harpoons are launched! They will give your opponents a good amount of damage and the more straight you throw them, the more damage you will get out of them on your opponents. This is one of Ty Rux's moves which involves a projectile and many of them at once, as a matter of fact!

Up Special: Anchor Launch

To aid him in recovery, Ty Rux will simply throw up an anchor to the ledge (think like a tether grab to ledge in the Smash games) and will allow Ty Rux to recover. It's a super good move if you need to recover. However long you hold the button you set to do your special moves will determine the distance the anchor travels from Ty Rux's tail. It is also important to note that any opponents in the way of the anchor's launch will get hit! The anchor also has a bit of a spike box and can be used for attack if you want to throw it off stage, but it's not the most reliable move for spiking your opponents. Once you use the recovery, the anchor will need time to recharge so be careful for when you set off your anchors.

Down Special: Smoke Screens in Action

Another one of Ty Rux's tools, he simply willuse the smoke screens from his tail to temporarily hide him. The smokescreens are HUGE and allow for Ty Rux to be not seen. This move is perfect for team battles if you have Ty Rux on your team. The smokescreens do take a while to set up. But, once they do, you can perform some sneak attacks if need be. It's a handy move if given enough time!


Ty Rux just rolls onto to the scene casually and says "Let's Trux it up!"


Revvit is seen climbing onto Ty Rux and Ty Rux gives him a high five, as they are best buds!

Victory Animation:

Ty Rux spins aroind proudly and then says "Now...I've won! Once...and for all!"

Losing Animation:

We see Ty Rux clapping for his opponents given he is at peace with all the fighters and just wants a good fight.

Sesame Street
Stage is walkout that travels to various locations of Sesame Street, layout is similar to Garreg Mach Monastery from Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Tickle Me Land


If you remember the old Elmo's World Series, you may remember towards the end of the segment, Dorothy, Elmo's goldfish imagined Elmo doing something/being something in relation to the topic of the segment. This is the imaginary world where Dorothy envisions that "everything everywhere is furry and red"—to be exact, all just variants of Elmo.

The stage would have a layout similar to Town and City from the Smash Bros games. Different versions of Elmo will appear in the background. I feel Sesame Street deserves to have a competitively legal stage due to it being such as an iconic franchise, especially something related to Elmo due to his appeal to young children as well as his presence in memes.

The Wonderful World of T-Shirts (Comes in the Donkey DLC update for free)


A skit from Season 11 of Sesame Street. Basically, you are shrunk down to the size of the counter where the T-Shirt salesman is organizing clothes. He will remove the T-Shirts from the counter as hazards and the counter has ledges. Occassionally, you will see him run the cash register and see various t-shirts with Sesame Street Muppets on them. You may even see the famous "Kermit the GORF" shirt. You can even attack the T-Shirts when the T-Shirt Salesman comes close to the counter and showcasing a T-Shirt to the customer.

Countdown (Comes with Zula Patrol DLC update)


This stage is obviously based on the Nintendo Entertainment System game, Sesame Street Countdown. In this stage, players fight on the various levels in the game with walkoff blastzones. Occasionally, you will hear The Count's voice announcing a number that you either must find or attack that either is that number or is the sum of two numbers you must attack. The fighter who attacks that number or does the right addition will get an item to appear! The numbers will spawn as they do in the game.

The digitized voice clips will play that are from the game as well. Also, as a special treat, the stage can be played in the graphic form of PBS Kids: Brawltime! or in the original 8-bit form the game appeared in! When played in the 8-bit form, the Sesame Street songs will also recieve 8-bit arrangements as well!

Once Upon a Restaurant: by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario

While tiny, you fight on top of a table and its chairs, the layout is designed to encourage the wall and ceiling wavedashing function. You can see the Picky Eater swan and the Fantasy Castle in the background.

Buster's Video Postcards



This stage represents the Postcards for Buster spinoff. This stage will have the layout of Tremorton Joyride where the top platforms change as you are in the various postcard videos Buster has filmed. You will pass through locations representing desserts, cities, ranches, etc. All the places Buster has filmed. I decided to give Buster a stage with a competitive layout due to the popularity of Arthur and that if Sesame Street has a competitively viable stage in this game, Arthur should get a competitively viable stage too.

The Tibble Super Action Challenge (Arthur) (Comes with Malik, Zadie and Zeke update)


Basically, you fight in the wrestling ring where Tommy and Timmy Tibble are in their wrestling outfits with D.W. as the ref. The stage has walls similar to the KOF Stadium stage in SSBU. You are able to answer Arthur trivia questions down below to earn temporary stat buffs! There are more questions than what was initally on this webpage game to reflect all of Arthur's history. Overall, a fun website game based-stage celebrating Arthur's history with an interactive trivia component.

Land of Make Believe: stage layout by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn

So for how I think the layout of the Land of Make Believe should go, it can be a simple layout of one big solid platform which is made up of the same blue stone bricks of King Friday's castle, with two small platforms above it, both of which are made up of flap tree tops of X the Owl's tree, making this stage the Frozen Pokémon Stadium/Small Battlefield of PBS Kids: Brawltime! The entirety of the Land of Make Believe can be seen in the background of the stage, with the various puppets making appearances there (Even though the puppets are part of Mr. Rogers' moveset, they still appear regardless). I feel that Mr. Rogers' home stage should adapt to a competitive-friendly layout in order to give anything Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood more recognition to most players, especially at events like tournaments.

The Windstorm in Bubbleland (Mister Rogers' Neighborhood) (Comes with Letterman update)


Based specifically on the scene seen in the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood episode 1475 (Mister Rogers Makes an Opera), we go to Bubbleland where you are in the middle of the windstorm that happened! The fighters can fight on the dock and the ship as well as big bubbles that float by. However, The Wind will appear and blow you away! Fortunately, the good folks of Bubbleland alongside Hildegarde Hummingbird will be there to aid you by building a wall that provides temporary protection against The Wind! The stage is quite small and weird layout-wise so stay on your toes!

PTV Park: Submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn


What you're seeing above is all I have in mind for the stage's layout. This stage is pretty much this game's Battlefield. The PTV P-Pals will occasionally appear and say "This is P-B-SSSSSSS!" and the dog will appear running with the e/I balloon.

Tower of Learning (Comes as part of the Donkey update)


So far, it was in Super Smash Land, Rivals of Aether, Smash Remix, and Project M EX Remix, so I felt that this stage can literally fit into ANY platform fighter at this point, given it's been in several non-Smash Bros platform fighters already. If Pixar has A113 and Pokémon movies have this mother and daughter, then platform fighters have Tower of Heaven. It would even come with a PBS Kids style remix of Luna Ascension (the stage would be called Tower of Learning). It will have a casual/competitive variant. It will also most likely be in the first update after the game comes out.

Otherwise, the same rules and gimmicks for the stage apply here in PBS Kids: Brawltime!

Land of No-Learning (Comes with Ms. O update)


This is basically a stage based off of the main setting of the story mode from PBS Kids: Brawltime! You will be traveling through the various locations as shown in the story mode such as the plain grasslands, snowy areas, the lakeside, the electric corridor, etc. The stage has the same layout as Final Battlefield from SSBU making it potentially a counterpick stage for a competitively legal stage. In addition, the stage's terrain will change when in battle affecting the stage. When in the snowy area, the stage wil be snowy and affect the fighter's movment, grasslands just change appearance, dessert will cause ground to be sandy slowing fighter's movements, etc. A fun stage for an original location from the game.

The Treehouse


This was the hang out place for Barney and his friends from the 3rd to 6th seasons of Barney and Friends. Basically, I wanna make the layout a competitively viable layout based off of Merchant Port from Rivals of Aether. The reason why I want to make it a competitively viable stage is due to the recognizability the Barney brand has plus for meme potential (like Nick All Star Brawl brought for the first few months of pre-release and early release hype). The platforms will be made of the treehouse wood and will take place on the outside deck of the treehouse. No hazards but Scooter McNutty and Miss Etta Kette appear in the background on occasion saying hi. Even the children will make cameo appearances.

Mother Goose Land/The Land of Mother Goose (Barney and Friends) (Comes with Betsy DLC update)


From the Barney home video Barney's Rhyme Time Rhythms and was initally supposed to debut in a cancelled Barney and The Backyard Gang video involving Mother Goose; enter Mother Goose Land! Here, you fight in a land where nursery rhymes are alive. You fight first in the flower courtyard seen in the photo. You will also travel to various destinations such as The Old Woman's Shoe (where you can stand on her shoe), the pumpkin from Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater and then back to the inside of Mother Goose's cottage. Various nursery rhyme characters appear watching you fight such as Simple Simon, the mice from Hickory Dickory Dock, Jack and Jill, Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater, etc. Once again, no real hazards here aside from the fact that all the stage layouts are flat.

One gimmick though is that nursery rhymes will be recited if you attack the object in the area related to the rhyme to add to the fun.

Hot Air Balloon Chase (Barney's Great Adventure) (Comes with Zula Patrol DLC update)


Barney's Great Adventure did air once via American Public Television so this counts. The movie is awful but the most memorable scene was the hot air balloon chase for that egg. Basically, the fighters fight on top of the hot air balloons but the balloons go up and down. It's like the Tarrytown Sky Parade except the log plane that Barney and his friends flew in will fly by you. Barney will appear in the log plane if he is not chosen as a fighter. If you get in the way of the log plane, you get some damage and knocked back too! So, be on your toes!

Animal Junction: layout by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn

A grounded stage with some wooden platforms to serve as the floating platforms of this stage. Various animals appear on the background of the stage doing their own things, including Zoboo himself! One hazard I had in mind for this stage is whenever the junction's food dispenser spills out food, this will cause a stampede of animals to rush in from either the left or right sides to get the food, damaging and launching fighters the animals make contact with. The stampedes also have a chance to actually grasp them and dragging them to the blast zones if the fighters do not escape. The only safe areas from the stampede are the wooden platforms.

Zobooland (Zoboomafoo) (Comes with Betsy DLC update)


A second stage for Zoboomafoo based on the imaginary world of Zoboo made all out of clay, a classic segment! For this stage, it will be made out of clay and have a similar layout to the basic layout of Bamboo Lodge (the Rivals of Aether stage that came with the workshop character Guadua)


the Tortuga HQ (Comes with Ms. O update)

Yep, the Tortuga HQ as you see it above is all I have for this stage's layout! (except it would be facing right) Its head, tail and its massive shell all serve as solid platforms as it travels between different continents featuring all kinds of amazing animals. One gimmick I have in mind is that Zach Varmitech can show up on the stage on a flying machine and try to mess up the nature around him while also trying to mess with the fighters too. While his flying machine can be used as a platform, it can be sent flying away and out of control if it is attacked enough. Better get rid of him fast before he does too much damage to nature!. You can even see some notable Wild Kratts characters in the HQ's windows as well, such as Koki and Jimmy Z.

WordGirl's Super Secret Spaceship Hideout

Here's the link to the WordGirl Wiki page that talks more about the location

Basically, the stage would be a traveling stage. You start inside the hideout in the location where WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face hang out. Then, afterwards, you'll be on top of her spaceship similar to the Venom stage (one of the Star Fox stages) in the Smash series where it travels past various locations. When outside of the ship, you will be able to fly past various locations in the WordGirl series. Occasionally, the villains will attack with their gadgets and make cameos. Then, it's back to the hangout space on the space ship.

The Magic School Bus submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn

What more obvious choice than the bus itself? You would fight on top of the Magic School Bus itself as it travels between different worlds, from outer space to underwater, to jungles, the polar regions and even across time and space! It changes it form to accommodate to the current environment it is in, and you can even see the students from the show inside the bus.



This would be a traveling stage in the layout of Hollow Bastion (Super Smash Bros Ultimate) where it travels through the various locations of the Cyberchase series such as the Motherboard Control Center and the liking. It will be a competitive legal stage if chosen.

Carnival Chaos (Cyberchase) (Comes with Bob the Builder update)


As far as I'm aware, Cyberchase: Carnival Chaos for the PC isn't based off any particular Cyberchase episode, leading me to believe this is a video game-only location. Why not make the layout similar to Glove World in NASB, with a ferris wheel as well as roller coaster platforms with roller coaster cars zooming in as hazards.

Cliff's Cliff submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn

One of Lionel's favorite series, The Adventures of Cliff Hanger, is represented here as a stage for Lionel himself! Stage layout would be like what you see above, with a grounded blastzone on the left and on the right is a bottomless pit. Cliff Hanger himself can be seen on the background of the stage, minding his own business and occasionally cheering on other fighters when they do something "amazing", such as KO'ing another fighter.

The Barnaby B. Busterfield III Public Library/Busterfield Library (Between the Lions) (Comes with the free DLC update with Donkey)


We still do not have a library stage so why not this one? I initally pitched this stage to be Lionel's home stage but Cliff's Cliff ultimately got chose. I'm thinking this stage can be the Northern Cave for this game. Basically, it starts outside the library then travels into the library where you see the various customers and Lion family members reading books. Occasionally, characters like Gawain, Arty Smartypants, Marmy, etc. appear in the background. Even Bert and Ernie can cameo occassionally as they did guest star in one episode of Between the Lions.

You will also get to see other rooms such as the top of the library where the bust of Busterfield lies and Walter and Clay Pigeon annyoing him, the basement with Heathathesauraus reading a thesauaus, the outside balcony of the library, the computer room, etc. A competitively viable stage while touring the library itself.

Some of the other rooms you will get to see:





The Secret Museum: submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn


What more obvious choice than the Secret Museum? This is the place where Xavier and Co go to to learn about which historical figure they are going to meet that is related to their real-world problems, and they all travel back in time to meet that historical figure and learn all about the things they did to change the world! After that, they apply what they learned from those historical figures to solve their real-world problems. This stage is a unique transforming stage as it has a central "main" area, being the museum itself, which is grounded and takes place in the center, and it does not transition in a linear order like most transforming stages, instead, it would transition to a different time period, thus changing the stage layout, before returning to the Secret Museum after some time. Think of it like a combination of Castle Siege (Transforming stage formation and transitioning between areas) and Pokémon Stadium (Normal formation at first that transforms into different stage forms for a certain amount of time before returning to normal). The Secret Museum will show which time period the fighters will travel to by showing the historical figure before transforming. Below is a list of the stage formations, historical figures and the stage layouts:

Rosa Parks Bus (Rosa Parks)
Stage layout is like Traffic Jam from Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. Rosa Parks herself can be seen in the bus as well!

Amelia's Airplane (Amelia Earhart)
Stage layout is like Light Plane from Smash Bros., with Amelia Earhart of coarse piloting her airplane.

Apple Tree (Isaac Newton)
Layout is an apple tree with a bunch of branches to serve as platforms. Apples will fall on timed intervals to damage anyone they make contact with. Isaac Newton can be seen leaning on the trunk of the apple tree, sitting and studying.

Storytelling Shed (the Bronte Sisters)
A grounded stage with tables serving as platforms. Occasionally, the books will open and create book platforms. The Bronte Sisters can be seen in the background as well.

Spooky Hill (Mary Shelley)
A simple hill formation stage with various stuff in the background made to look scary. Mary herself can be seen in one of the buildings faraway.

The U.S. in 1789 (George Washington)
A stage taking place on top of an old building with 1789 US scenery in the background along with George Washington himself!

The Track (Wilma Rudolph)
A grounded stage, but every now and then, a bunch of runners come in from the left, including Wilma Rudolph, and damage anyone they make contact with.

The Stage (Charlie Chaplin)
A show stage, with the curtain closing on timed intervals to transition to Charlie Chaplin doing a different stage act every time, and obscuring the battle view as well.

The Tennis Court (Billie Jean King)
A grounded stage with a bouncy net in the middle. A tennis ball serves as the hazard of this form, as Billie and another tennis player are playing tennis on this stage formation.

A Giant Pie (Julia Child)
A giant pie in the sky for a stage, with Julia Child herself in the background of the stage.

Peanut Fields (George Washington Carver)
A stage with hedges that form aerial solid platforms on random layouts every time. George Washington Carver himself can be seen in the background of the stage.

Tall Grass Fields at Night (Harriet Tubman)
A grounded stage with tall grass to obscure most of the fighters at ground level. Harriet Tubman herself can be seen in the background of the stage.

Marie's Lab (Marie Curie)
The fighters are miniaturized on a lab table in Marie Curie's lab! The hazards include potion liquids spilling on certain places, heater flames and other science stuff. Marie herself can be seen in the background examining her experiments. There is even a Morse Code message on a bottle that reads:
"-.-- --- ..- / .... .- ...- . / .. - / ... . - / - --- / .-..-. -- .-..-. / ..-. --- .-. / -- .. -. .. --..-- / .-- .... . -. / .. - / ... .... --- ..- .-.. -.. / -... . / ... . - / - --- / .-..-. .-- .-..-. / ..-. --- .-. / .-- ..- -- -... ---"

The Joy of Painting (Bob Ross)
The stage takes place in a painting with the formation changing depending on the painting's landscapes. Occasionally, the iconic "Happy Mistakes" will occasionally come in to either serve as platforms or to obscure parts of the stage. Bob Ross himself can be seen in this stage formation as well.

The Neighborhood Set (Fred Rogers)
A stage formation for an existing playable fighter in the game! Stage is the iconic stage set for Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood!

Magical Events

Instead of doing a whole stage based off of Teletubby Land, why not just do a stage based off of a segment from The Teletubbies?

The stage is a grassy layout with a flat ground. It's a walkout stage. In the background, you see the windmill from The Teletubbies. Whenever, the windmill lets out that magic spark, it signals a change to the stage as is a hazard coming/stage changing layout.

First, The Animal Parade comes by the various animals will pose damage to anyone in the way of the animals.


Then, the next Magical Event will be The Singing Man in The Pink House (this was a really creepy Magical Event)


The house will form and players can go on the rooftop of the house. Occasionally, the Singing Man puppet will peek out of the window and sing a little something.

Next, there is The Magic Tree.


A tree will grow in the middle and then will drop items (mostly healing items). Then, after a while, the tree will die out and disappear.

Finally, there are The Three Ships.


The ground will change to water and the ships will appear as the platforms. Anyone who falls into the water will be KOd.

Then, it resets and the cycle repeats.

I did not include 3 of the Magical Events as:

-The dancing bear one would have been tricky to implement.
-The Lion and Bear was controversial back then and would have same effect as Animal Parade.
-Little Bo Peep was unknown to the US.

Denali Trading Post


The home place of Molly and her family. Basically, it's a walkout stage that takes place outside of the trading post. Molly's family members and friends will make cameo appearances as well as Suki too. Think of it being similar to the Loud House stage in Nick All Star Brawl.

Dragon Land


Basically, this stage would have a Final Destination-esque layout making it competitively viable due to Dragon Tales as a fan favorite amongst the older audience. The various dragons, Max, Emmy, Enrique and Ord's other friends will be in the background cheering you on. The stage is made out of the natural materials found in Dragon Land. The stage will be in the skies of Dragon Land as you pass by the various landmarks of the magical world.

Fast-Talking Jack's Carnival


The stage will be a traveling stage focusing on many locations of the carnival. This carnival is where Marvin performs. Various locations traveled to include:

-The rollercoasters in which the cars are hazards and deal damage

-The Ferris wheel in which the cars on there are platforms

-The merry-go-round which the horses are platforms

-And the big top where you go to a stage layout where Marvin performs. Various performers come out as hazards.

Then, it goes back to the beginning.

Ruff Ruffman's Studio


What better place to make Ruff Ruffman's home stage than the studio itself? Here is a stage with walkoff blast zones where the fighters must complete challenges as the hazards. It's similar to Warioware but the layout does not change. Sometimes, fighters will receive "points" (temporary stat buffs) if a task is completed. Overall, a fun gameshow based stage.

EekoHouse (EekoWorld)

See this YouTube video for reference to my stage layout I will describe

Basically, the stage is a traveling stage that tours the various rooms of the EekoHouse. The stage is based off of the game on the website. You simply will start in the kitchen and then it will travel room by room. Alongside this, there will be unfriendly things to the environment happening in each room such as lights left on, appliances still running, trash on the ground, etc. By attacking one of the flaws in the house, you solve the environmental problem. There will also be the score and time limit on the bottom right corner. There will also be speech bubbles telling you about each of the problems and what you can do to be environmentally friendly.

At the end of a ten-minute cycle, you will then go to the front of the house where you will see a schoolbus drive up with the front door open. Then, the cycle of rooms repeat.

It is worth noting that the order of rooms varies and that this is a stage with walkoff blastzones, created by walls (think like the King of Fighters stage in SSBU) and barely any platforms in any of the areas of the EekoHouse. The walls and ceilings are breakable!, and will be demolished when someone is launched at them, ala Mishima Dojo, but don't worry, they will rebuild themselves as time goes on during the battle.

The Secret House and Donkey's Shed (Tots TV)



Basically, this stage is a stage with walkoffs where you fight in front of the secret residence of Tilly, Tom and Tiny. I know we recently added a hous estage for Cheeko but what makes this different is that the stage is way more expansive and that you don't move anywhere. You can also fight on the roof of the house. Occasionally, Tilly, Tom or Tiny will open the door and/or windows to the house or the window to Donkey's shed. If you are in the way, you will get 10% damage added so watch out. Overall, a simple stage representing Tots TV.

ZOOM Stage: layout submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn

Its layout would be grounded at its base, and when no skits or games are being held, there would be several small platforms in random layouts. On normal intervals, the small platforms will float away while there will be skits and game show like elements where there would be certain objectives, such as find the most colorful insect, eat the all the fruit pies, or gather ingredients to make slime, and the ones who complete the objectives will get certain buffs, afterwards, the platforms will return. A little like the Tower of Heaven stage in Rivals of Aether.

The Tarrytown Sky Parade (Jay Jay The Jet Plane)


Basically, this stage is the PokéFloats of the game. Based off of the episode Old Oscar Leads the Parade, you stand on the planes/aircraft as they move in a line like a parade. It goes from Old Oscar to Jay Jay to Tracy to Snuffy to Herky to Savannah to Big Jake. Occasionally, the planes/aircraft will move from one side to another as if they are dancing. Overall, a fun little sky stage.

The Island of Sodor (Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends) submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn

The stage is set on top of the engines, and the engines you fight on will be random every time the stage is selected (Engines include Thomas, Percy, James, Edward, Gordon, Henry, Toby, Emily, Spencer and possibly others). The engines normally drive around the Island of Sodor's railways, passing by memorable locations such as Brendam Docks and Knapford Station, and carrying their respective coaches and trucks (Annie and Clarabel for Thomas, Henrietta for Toby, Gordon pulls his express coaches, Troublesome Trucks for most others). Basically, think of it like the Spirit Train stage in Smash Bros.

The Puzzle Place (The Puzzle Place)


Basically The Puzzle Place is one of the older PBS Kids franchises that aired on PBS before PBS Kids was an official brand (so during the PTV Park era) from 1995-1998 and then reruns till 2000 (Between The Lions replaced The Puzzle Place). The show talked about topics such as racism, sexism, making moral decisions, etc. Therefore, it was one of the most popular PBS Kids shows at the time alongside Sesame Street. Alongside that, the show had a diverse cast of characters who were Muppets as they were different races, ethnicities, had a disability, etc. I thought it would be hard to represent the franchise with a character so why not do The Puzzle Place itself as a stage.

The stage is the main setting of the show. It is an industrial plant where jigsaw puzzles on manufactured as well as a place where the characters hang out. The basis of the stage will be based off of this playlet for the show. It is a huge stage where you can fight on the stairs and the various rooms of the place. Gears will occasionally spin. Any fighter who hits the gear will receive 15% damage. Also, the various characters of The Puzzle Place will appear in the background just socializing or watching the fight. Basically, this is the Tomodachi Life stage meets The Great Cave Offensive.

Bill Nye's Lab (Bill Nye the Science Guy)

Bill_Nye_in_Clara 27s_Folks.jpg

The stage layout is similar to the Smash Bros stage Gamer where the fighters are shrunk down to the size of the lab table. There are various science equipment on the table such as beakers, fire extinguishers, etc. Occasionally, Bill Nye's hands will come down and pick up the objects. The table will have ledges.

Bill Nye the Science Guy actually aired on the PTV Park block back in the 90s on PBS so I feel this super iconic TV show deserves some form of recognition here if we want to represent as much of PBS Kids's history as possible despite the show being owned by Disney.

The Big Harbor/Harbour (Theodore Tugboat)


Theodore Tugboat is an obscure Canadian children’s show that aired on PBS for about 5 years from 1996-2001. I feel the franchise would not have anyone viable as a fighter so a stage will do. I also personally loved the show growing up and owned VHS tapes. Also, the show itself was made by one of the people who helped make Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends being Robert Cardona.

Basically, it’s the Tortimer Island of the game. You fight on The Great Ocean Dock in the harbor. You can even see The Dispatcher on the dock. He will sometimes rotate and if you get into his way, you will get damage from him. If you fall in the water, your fighter would struggle to swim and will be KOd. Occasionally, Theodore, Foduck, Hank, George or Emily will appear by the dock which you can fight on them similar to the Tortimer Island boat and then just sail away.

Mrs. Jenkins's Classroom (Timothy Goes to School)


The stage would be a walkout stage taking place in the classroom. The students will be running around as hazards and the liking. The piano can be attacked and it can strike some notes when hit. Overall, we still need a school (Classroom) based stage so I thought a Timothy Goes to School stage would work best.

Hooper's Table (PBS Kids Preschool Block)


This table is where Hooper the Guinea Pig and Ms. Lori are commonly seen during the Preschool Block interstitials. The fighters are shrunk down to the size as if they were items on the tables. Ms. Lori and the kids's hands can be seen making crafts. The hands and craft supplies are hazards. Also, in the background, various show clips of shows that aired on the PBS Kids Preschool Block will be shown.

Precinct 13579 (The Odd Squad)


The main setting of the first and second seasons of The Odd Squad. I'm still surprised we do not have anything from this series given it's more modern and ran for about 7 years. You fight in the main hallway on the various levels. The hazards include the various employees of The Odd Squad working and all that. Also, stuff from the various rooms will pop out as well. This stage is a walkoff stage.

Enhancements with Ms. O update:

More hazards such as the lasers and the liking. Maybe even add the ability to go into the various rooms in the Precinct.

For example, one of the rooms can be The Lab


Here, you can get like potions and special items. Basically, Precinct 13579 will turn into the Tomodachi Life stage from Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U with some hazards and more rooms even.

Someplace Else (Donkey Hodie), Comes with the Donkey Free DLC update


This stage is a walk-off, and the windmill on Donkey Hodie's house can act as platforms. You can even see other Donkey Hodie characters appear as well, such as Purple Panda, Bob Dog, Duck Duck, and Grampie Hodie.

Founder's Fountain (Hero Elementary) (Comes with Ms. O update)


The stage has walkoffs and no platforms but there will be the various superheroes flying around here testing their powers. If you get attacked by their powers on accident, you will get damage.

Bobsville Castle (Bob the Builder) (Comes with Bob the Builder)


This stage's layout can be similar to Princess Peach's Castle stage from Melee, except with the addition of the grounded portion on the bottom. You can see various Bob the Builder characters in the background like Wendy, Pillchard, Bird, etc.

The main vehicles can appear on this stage and they are the main hazards of the stage, with Scoop and Muck dumping rocks, Dizzy's cement, Lofty's crane serving as an extra platform and Roley who.....squashes others flat! Sometimes, parts of the castle will crumble if landed on for too much or take too much damage, but don't worry, can they fix it?.....Yes. It. Can! The castle structures will be rebuilt by the team shortly after breaking.

Birdwell Island and Clifford's Dog House (Clifford the Big Red Dog) (Comes with Bob the Builder update)


Basically, I envision this stage having a layout similar to Rock Wall from Rivals of Aether (the basic form) making it competitively legal. Basically, you fight in the middle of Birdwell Island preferably towards the beach area. Occassionally, the stage will travel to Clifford's Dog House. In the background, you can see Clifford, Cleo, T-Bone, Mack, Emily Elizabeth, etc. cheering you on as you fight! Also, if you hold the X button while selecting this stage, you will get the 2019 version of Birdwell Island with Clifford and Emily Elizabeth in their 2019 Clifford appearances and same with the background of Birdwell Island. Alongside this, the characters from the 2019 version will appear as well. Overall, a stage for a franchise I'm surprised never got a stage in the game.

Bronx Rooftops (Alma's Way)

c7d0712795_7-1-21_Alma Hero_FRP PBS.jpg

You basically fight on the rooftops of the apartments in the Bronx. On the bottom of the stage are Alma and her family. Occassionally, thought bubbles from Alma will appear acting as sort of "thought" platforms (similar to Randall the Cloud on Yoshi's Story). The flat part of the stage is similar to the Omega form for Onett. Basically, this stage could be a counterpick stage for a competitive PBS Kids: Brawltime! ruleset. But, it would be a good way to squeeze in a franchise that I do not think has much potential outside of a stage and to give more modern PBS Kids shows some crumb of representation in this game.

PBS Kids Pinball Machine


The Pinball Bumper Compilation

To represent another one of the "Coming Up Next" bumpers on PBS Kids, the pinball machine itself will be a stage! The fighters will fight on the flippers as platforms alongside the bumpers being hazards. The pinball will also be a big hazard on the stage damaging fighters in the way. There are blastzones at the bottom of the stage and to the sides.

However, there are a few more side platforms as well as some on the bottom but this stage is probably the zaniest of all.

Also, there a few special Easter Eggs that will happen on certain conditions on this stage:

If Arthur is one of the characters in the battle, the Arthur coming up next bumper will play on the pinball machine screen.

If Lionel is one of the characters in the battle, the Between the Lions coming up next bumper will play on the pinball machine screen with Theo on the bumper screen.

If the Kratt Brothers are one of the characters in battle, the Zoboomafoo coming up next bumper will play on the pinball machine screen with Zaboo on the bumper screen.

If Levar Burton is one of the assists being used in the battle, the Reading Rainbow coming up next bumper will play on the pinball machine screen.

If Ari is one of the assists being used in the battle, the Adventures from the Book of Virtues coming up next bumper will play on the pinball machine screen with Plato on the bumper screen.

If Wishbone is one of the assists being used in the battle, the Wishbone coming up next bumper will play on the pinball machine screen with Wishbone on the bumper screen (I guess this is lost media being unearthed in PBS Kids: Brawltime! here)

If Papa Bear is one of the assists being used in the battle, the Berenstain Bears coming up next bumper will play on the pinball machine screen with Mama Bear on the bumper screen.

The ZOOM bumper will play if the Oven Cafe spawns in battle.

The Liberty Kids bumper will play if the Gun item spawns in battle.

It is worth noting the kid announcer voices can be heard as well whenever a bumper plays on the pinball screen and bumpers will happen when the pinball lands in the hole up on top of the pinball machine. If none of the characters are being used in a battle or if items are turned off, the bumpers of the represented franchises in Brawltime! will be played at random (besides Berenstain Bears and Seven Little Monsters since we do not have Seven Little Monsters content in the game yet as well as the Coming Up Next bumper for Sagwa since we do not have Sagwa content yet in this game). This stage can update Easter Egg conditions depending on what other content gets added in the future.

Coming Up Next Street



I just am a big fan of all those "Coming up next" bumpers on TV, not just for PBS Kids, but for pretty much ANY TV channel! They just have so much charm to them when an off-screen announcer, or even the channel mascots announce which show is "coming up next" while also being very excited about it.

Think of it like Pac-Land (I get scrolling stages are like the least popular stages in Smash Bros., but it just so works for this), but in the background, it will show a projection of a character who is currently in the battle at the moment as a show that's "coming up next". Maybe....ala Boxing Ring, there can be certain titles given to the characters who are shown as "coming up next" in the background. I have a few examples:

Mr. Rogers: "America's Favorite Neighbor"
Wordgirl: "Lexicon Crusader"
Teletubbies: "Over the Hills and Far Away....They come to Play!"

Explore the World of VSmile! (Comes in free update between Bob and second Learner's Pass Volume 1 fighter to promote VSmile Classic that was revealed alongside Bob the Builder for PBS Kids: Brawltime!)

This stage MAY be opening the floodgates a little too much maybe but this is for promotional reasons as VTech wanted to advertise their new console through PBS Kids: Brawltime! Basically, this stage is a traveling stage based on various locations seen in VSmile games that are based on exclusive worlds made by Vtech. Consider this stage sort of an advertisement of the console and a nostalgic trip down memory lane!

The stage starts up on the boot screen with VPal making an appearance. This part of the stage begins the tour. It has walkoffs and you are only on this part for a few seconds.


The Places You Will Go:

Toy Store (Alphabet Park Adventure)


You fight specifically in this area with the buttons with the clowns by it. Occassionally, the VSmile voice will tell you to step on a button with a letter. Press on the right letter and you will be rewarded with a super strong item! Click on the wrong one and you will be penalized! This area has walkoffs as well.

Boot Mountain Town (Zayzoo: An Earth Adventure)


Here's another section of the stage where you will go to Boot Mountain Town, the town where Zayzoo crash landed in. This part has walkoffs as well. You can fight on the wooden planks as well as on the sand. Zayzoo will walk around with a word and other humans will have synonyms. Hit the right word and you will be rewarded! Watch out for Dr. UFO as he will try to catch Zayzoo and catch you as an accident!

Soccer Field (Soccer Challenge)


You are now on the soccer field from Soccer Challenge! Watch out for the soccer players as they will be dribbling the ball around and the soccer ball acts as a hazard!

Learning Playground (Zayzoo: My Alien Classmate)


Now, to the Learning Playground from another Zayzoo game! Here, the layout is bigger and you can use the swing to boost your height for aerial attacks as well as the slide to slide down for attacks. Occassionally, Zayzoo will walk around with an image of something above his hand. Bump into the person with the word for that object and you will be rewarded with a stat buff!

The Woods (The Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood)


You fight on top of Little Red Riding Hood's cottage and help her collect the letters to spell a word. Spell the word and you get an item relating to that word!

And finally....

The Land of Oz (Adventures in Oz)


Initally, I wrote down that The Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood was the unreleased game in the Bob the Builder reveal trailer I had with the VSmile Classic being revealed but it was actually the Adventures in Oz video game. In this final part of the VSmile stage, you will fight in a platforming section of the Land of Oz and Dorothy and her crew will walk along following the Yellow Brick Road. There will be some sort of educational component that is interactive allowing you to earn items.

Another fun thing about this stage is you can choose which part of the stage you want to go to first or you can randomize the order of the five layouts. Overall, a fun simple stage.

Treeborhood (Work It Out, Wombats!)


The layout is the Project M/+ Green Hill Zone layout which makes this another competitvely-legal stage that is based on a recent PBS Kids show. In the background, you can see the houses as well as various residents that live there such as wombats, snakes, moose, kangaroos, iguanas, fish, tarsiers and eagles watching the fight. A simple stage for a new PBS Kids show.

City Island (Comes with Malik, Zadie and Zeke update)


Based on the recently debuted web series, you will fight in the metropolitan setting of City Island, The stage is huge as you can fight on the sidewalks and buildings. The citizens and nature there act as hazards as well as the cars. Watt and other citizens make cameos as hazards/background characters so make sure you say hi! Also, the stage will be in the animation-style of the show as it is super charming.

Ecosystem Tour (Plum Landing)


In this stage, you fight on the bubble the five kids from Plum Landing travel in as you pass through the four ecosystems explored in the show which are the Australian desert, mangroves of Belize, Canadian Rockies and jungles of Borneo. Each ecosystem has their own hazards such as the Australian desert having sandstorms, the jungles having animals running around as hazards, etc. It's just a traveling stage to reflect this series and the bubble is a smaller platform but occassionally, side bubbles will appear as well. It's definitely an uniquer stage layout but it does its job to reflect the series. Alongside this, Plum will be in the background floating around as well so see if you can spot her!

Lakeshore Elementary School and Playground (Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures) (Comes with Betsy update)


Considering our stage for the wombat siblings was a competitively legal stage, I was thinking for Betsy's, why not do something on a bit bigger scale? Basically, the stage has walkoffs and you fight outside of the school. Heck, you can fight on the roof too! The building itself can't be destroyed though. There is also the playground part where you can hit the swings, seesaws, etc. Betsy's classmates as well as Mrs. O'Connor, Betsy's teacher, Mr. Warner, the principal of the school, etc. will all be in the background watching the fight either outside or in the school from the windows.

Reeftown (Splash and Bubbles) (Comes with Betsy DLC update)


The stage layout can be like Jellyfish Fields in NASB, but when hazards are turned on, the gravity is reduced and feels floaty just like most underwater stages in plat-fighters. Also, as a fun little detail, all fighters in this stage will have bulged cheeks or in any way appear to be holding their breath, since it's underwater!

Storybrook Village


This village is the home of Super Why and his fellow super readers! Basically, I envision this stage having the layout being similar to Yggdrassil's Altar. It wouldn't make it competitively legal due to the platform layouts being bizarre but you get a tour of all the various books the Super Readers are from as well as cameos from other fairytale characters alongside the Super Readers that appear.

You will travel through these fairytales. Traveling through each fairytale changes the stage a little.

Jack and The Beanstalk: The home of Whyatt's older brother, Jack and Whyatt's adopted dog, Woofster! Beanstalks will grow and act as additional high platforms for anyone looking to camp.

Little Red Riding Hood: The home of Wonder Red! Trees will appear and apples will fall allowing fighters to consume them to restore health. Occassionally, some apples can be thrown to attack fighters but this is a rare occurence.

The Princess and The Frog: The home of Princess Presto! You'll be close to the pond so watch out as water splashes on stage to push you off!

The Three Little Pigs: The home of Alpha Pig! Platforms of straw will appear that can be destroyed! But, watch out as it gets windy as you will feel the Big Bad Wolf's huff and puff push you off the stage!

The cycle repeats.

Everyone's A Winner Wheel (Comes with Super Why update)


Based on one of the obscurer PBS Kids IDs comes a stage based on the Everyone's A Winner Wheel! In this stage, fighters fight on top of the wheel. There are lots of ledges. Occasionally, the wheel will be spun. There are no hazards, just a fun, simple stage with a simple gimmick of the wheel spinning. The wheel will also show faces of the PBS Kids characters that were on this ID.

If Barney is used as a character in the fight, Barney will appear on a panel of the wheel when stopped.

If Mr. Rogers is used as a character in the fight, Mr. Rogers will appear on a panel of the wheel when stopped.

If Ord is used as a character in the fight, Ord will appear on a panel of the wheel when stopped.

If The Teletubbies are used as a character in the fight, Po will appear on a panel of the wheel when stopped.

If Donkey is used as a character in the fight, Tillie will appear on a panel of the wheel when stopped.

If Gilbert is used as an assist in the fight, Caillou will appear on a panel of the wheel when stopped.

If LeVar Burton is used as an assist in the fight, LeVar will appear on a panel of the wheel when stopped.

Occasionally, Theodore Tugboat will appear on the wheel as well.

The only characters that won't appear on the wheel for now are Noddy, Dooley and Alberado as we don't have any content for Noddy, Dooley and Pals and Plaza Sesamo yet.

If none of the fighters and/or assists are used in a fight on this stage, the wheel will choose the characters at random when the wheel is spun.

Tubbytronic Superdome 32 (Play with the Teletubbies) (Comes with Super Why update)

Just a random Teletubbies video game I stumbled upon when looking up PS1 games. Since in terms of Teletubbies stages, no "main" location is represented, so here is the dome itself! Layoutwise, it can take place in the dome as you see it. Fighters can bounce around and around the more damage and knockback they take, with the opening to blastzones being a small portion of the top-middle or any of the small semi-circle windows on the sides.

Swellwood City Mall (Arthur) (Comes with Super Why update)


So, I was considering doing the Bubble Land location from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, the Imaginary Spots from Arthur are just TOO iconic! Plus, this mall exists within one of the assists that is from Arthur being The Brain! This is a very big stage (think Great Cave Offensive) size where you can tour around the mall and see the various stores. The stores will give you free things like items as they do in the mall within The Brain's imagination. There are tons of walkoffs here so have fun shopping and brawling!

The Magic School Bus Lands on Mars Activity Center (Comes with free Scholastic/Sponsorship Pack updates after the Super Why update)


This is the Magic School Bus PC game that got added to a Brain Play collection. It's similar to how the I Spy stage has interactive elements. However, the layout of the stage is similar to the WarioWare layout and there are no walk-offs. Each activity will be the same as the PC game itself. However, only the player who completes the activity gets rewarded. There are no penalties as Ms. Frizzle believes in making mistakes! All activities from inside and outside the bus are seen and can be interacted with.

The only part of the stage where you can take damage is the Land on Mars activity where the lander may crash so watch out! If you are in the way of the crash, you will be sent flying! If stage hazards are turned off, this could be a counter pick stage for tournaments. The Magic School Bus is iconic so it deserves a competitively legal stage.

I Spy Fantasy (Comes with free Scholastic/Sponsorship Pack updates after the Super Why update)

This stage features 3 layouts that are chosen at random, though you can hold certain buttons to pick a stage formation! The Outer Space formation resembles Garden of Hope, with the rocket sometimes blasting off and landing at certain times. The Medieval Castle formation is like the first part of Castle Siege, where you can see a dragon flying by or even the princess trying to escape from time to time. The Underwater formation is similar to the Steel Diver stage from SSF2, along with the reduced gravity gimmick too! Also, during certain moments on stage, the young woman's voice from the game will give a small rhyme featuring a specific item. Hitting the right item will offer the fighter who did it a small stat buff or a random item, but hitting the wrong one will result in some penalties!

Zula Patrol Headquarters and Spaceship (Zula Patrol) (Comes with Zula Patrol DLC update)


Basically, it's a stage where you get a tour of the headquarters as well as the spaceship the Zula Patrol uses. The stage layout will be similar to Lylat Cruise's layout making it competitively legal maybe...but I don't know. It's a traveling stage showcasing the headquarters as well as cameos from various Zula Patrol characters.

Kidsongs TV Show Set (Kidsongs) (Comes with Zula Patrol DLC update)


Kidsongs is a pretty iconic preschool IP of the 1980s and 1990s. I remember watching a DVD of the Kidsongs TV show when I was younger and did not know the show aired on PBS Kids via syndication until later in my life. I did see some of the Kidsongs VHS tapes (pre-PBS Kids) when I was younger too.

But, this stage is based on the TV set where the Kidsong TV show takes place in. You are shrunk down to the size of the Biggles and fight on the news table. Various kids cameo in the back as their hands and props are hazards. There are ledges on the news table though. Various Kidsongs green screen drops make background appearances as well.

Letterland (The Electric Company) (Comes with Letterman update)

Granted I have no other ideas for this, I mean, the Electric Company stage seems good enough, but the actual settings from LEtterman's segments can work too. I personally think they would actually complement his hand-drawn style.

Mathman (Square One Television) (Comes with Letterman update)


The parody of Pac-Man is straight from this obscure PBS Kids show! The layout is way different from Pac-Maze from Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS as here...you fight around the whole maze with a bunch of walls! The walls are breakable similar to the KOF Stadium stage in SSBU. There will be problems seen in a square for you to solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. You will also get problems related to fractions, shapes, etc. If you get the problem right, you get a stat buff! If you get the problem wrong, however, Mr. Glitch will eat you up and instantly KO you! Occasionally, Mathman himself goes around chomping you on accident so watch out for him too!

Carl's Backyard/Fuzzytown Backyard (Carl the Collector) (Comes with Letterman update)


When I first heard about this show, I was SUPER stoked to hear we would be getting a PBS Kids show with a main character that had autism! I was diagnosed on the spectrum as a kid so this show makes me happy and the aesthetics look super cute! The layout has walk-off blast zones and platforms and a bridge. You can interact with the ladder as well by climbing it. You cannot break anything at this stage as it is meant for beginners of the game. There are not many hazards as this is the simplest of the four stages. Carl and his friends will be in the background cheering you on! This show is premiering next year in the fall so be on the lookout! This would be a great way to get the word out there about this show!

Learning Path (ABCmouse.com) (Comes with ABCmouse.com content update)


Knowing that ABCmouse.com did partially inspire the maps for the Arcade Mode, why not honor that right here with the Learning Path stage? Basically, it's a stage with walkoffs that will change themes based on the level as the Learning Path increases based on the grade level. Every so often, an ABCmouse.com game will spawn to test your knowledge. If you do the task right, you get a minor reward like a stat buff or an item to assist you and such. The starting point of your Learning Path varies or you can stay in one spot if you toggle it at the stage selection screen. If you are ready to learn, this is your place!

The D-Struct's Lair and Cave (DinoTrux) (Comes with Ty Rux update)


A pretty explosive stage and a fun one, it seems we have found where the D-Structs are plotting their next schemes! It's a bit of a walk-off stage and also incoporates features from the DinoTrux toys but you basically fight on the rocks and rubble nearby where the D-Structs plan their schemes. The various D-Structs will come and attack you if you are spotted with a MIGHTY blow! Occasionally, you may see molten lava coming out from a volcano and that can give you some MASSIVE damage so watch out! I do not know much about DinoTrux but yeah, I felt this would be a fun homestage for Ty Rux as he now is intruding his enemies' space with the new fighters he has met!

The You and Me Tree (The Good Night Show) (Comes with Ty Rux update)


I WAS going to do a whole big touring stage that incorporated EVERY PBS Kids Sprout/Universal Kids programming block, but I decided to keep it simple by honoring the original and first PBS Kids Sprout programming block, The Good Night Show. Here, you are fighting inside the You and Me Treehouse that is in the Goodnight Garden. This was the primary setting of The Good Night Show during the sixth and seventh seasons. It's similar to Mishima Dojo in a way as there are no walkoffs but the walls are breakable. You will see Nina and Star in the background watching your fight as well as encouraging the fighters to do yoga poses. In fact, sometimes, when Lucy appears, if you attack her, a star will appear of that character's show with a character saying a special message to the Sprout viewers similar in airings of The Good Night Show. There will be other Sprout characters cameoing in the background as it is one big slumber party such as Chica, Patty, Ricky, Curtis E. Owl, Miles and Banjo, Coo, JB, etc. A very fun stage honoring this awesome programming block that I used to watch when I was a kid.

The Noodle and Doodle Bus (Noodle and Doodle) (Comes with Ty Rux update)


Honoring the first long form tv series that aired on PBS Kids Sprout/Universal Kids when the network was celebrating its fifth birthday, it's time to hop on the Noodle and Doodle Bus. The stage is similar to The Magic School Bus stage but has elements of Traffic Jam from Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. It's quite fun as you can fight not just on the outside of the bus...but the INSIDE of the bus as well where you get to assist Noodle and Sean in making crafts as well as seeing the cast of "Doggity's" inside. Each time, you help out with a craft, you get a temporary stat buff!

Benji and Sis’s Bathtub (Rubbadubbers) (Comes with Ty Rux update)


A bit of an obscurer HiT Entertainment IP but it can be fun to add some Rubbadubbers content while we can. Simply put it, your in Benji and Sis's bathtub and the Rubbadubbers are ready for bathtime and you are seen as the new bathtoys to play with! You will see the various Rubbadubbers like Tubb, Sploshy, Finbar, Amelia, and Winona diving into the bathtub causing a great SPLASH that could knock you out! Even Finbar will test your mightyness by sneaking up on you and playfully attack you causing some minor damage! However, if you attack him, the other Rubbadubbers cheer for you seeing your bravery as a nice little fun Easter egg. There are walkoffs on top of the bathtub where you can see Terence and Reg. Also, Tubb's lilypads will appear as platforms for you to hold onto in the bathtub. You can swim in the watersbut not for too long as Tubb may pull the drain and cause you to get sucked in for a KO! It's a fun stage as I do not think we have a bathtub-themed stage yet.

Where's Waldo? (Where's Waldo: 2019 Series) (Comes with Ty Rux update)


Based on the famous children's books, we have Where's Waldo? as a stage! It's a bit of a traveling stage with a layout based on Halberd making it....not really a legal stage for tournaments but you will travel on some red and white platforms to a various location Waldo has been in the 2019 Where's Waldo? series. Find him, he'll say hello and grant you with a handy item! There are no penalties for not finding Waldo as he will be hard to find. As the stage travels on, finding Waldo will get harder. With that, the handy items he'll hand out to whoever finds him will be super rare and super strong!

Sesame Street
Postcards for Buster (Technically Arthur)
Mr. Rogers Neighborhood
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
PTV Pals
PBS Kids Bumpers/Idents
Barney and Friends
Martha Speaks
Clifford the Big Red Dog
Wild Kratts
Kratts' Creatures
Hero Elementary
Between the Lions
Boohbah (Very minorly)
Pinkalicious and Peterrific
The Magic School Bus
Donkey Hodie
Jay Jay the Jet Plane
Xavier Riddle and The Secret Museum
Adventures from The Book of Virtues
Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series
Elinor Wonders Why
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
Sid the Science Kid
Super Why!
Reading Rainbow
The Puzzle Place
George Shrinks
Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks
Molly of Denali
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Lomax, The Hound of Music
Angelina Ballerina
Dragon Tales
Theodore Tugboat
Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse
The Berenstain Bears
Timothy Goes to School
Curious George
FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman
Maya and Miguel
The Odd Squad
Tots TV
LIberty's Kids
Lamb Chop's Play Along
Bob The Builder
Alma's Way
Splash and Bubbles
Work It Out Wombats!
City Island
Plum Landing
Rosie's Rules
Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band
Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures
Zula Patrol
The Big Comfy Couch
Danger Rangers
The Electric Company
Square One Television
Carl the Collector
Newton's Apple

VTech (VSmile content)
Scholastic Content

  • I Spy
  • Math Missions
  • Animal Genius
ABCmouse.com content

PBS Kids Sprout/Universal Kids Content

  • DinoTrux
  • All Sprout programming blocks
  • Noodle and Doodle
  • Kipper the Dog
  • Rubbadubbers
  • Roary the Racing Car
  • The Wiggles (technically)
  • Pingu
  • Astroblast!
  • Where's Waldo (2019 series)

So for how I think assists can work for this game, they can follow alongside the playable characters at all times and offer attacks to others or health and buffs to their users when needed. They would also be tied to a meter, so that when the assists are KO'd, the player would have to either wait for the meter to fill on its own or just attack others more to fill it faster. You can select your assists before a match by selecting assists cards on the player's slot- idea by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn


Kermit the Frog (Sesame Street; technically): submitted by Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear
Kermit is here as an assist character to represent Sesame Street, in honor of his many appearances on the show and various ties to it in other ways. I don't really feel like Kermit should be a character in this game, but it would still be fun to see him appear in this form.

Kermit will help out in line with a more traditional Assist in Smash, where he'll run around the stage and attack enemies with punches and kicks. He can jump really high, helping him maneuver stages and reach opponents who are airborne (or dashing upside down). If Kermit manages to score a point for you, he'll do his iconic cheer.

Abby Cadabby (Sesame Street)


One of the more popular modern Muppets on Sesame Street recently. She will follow around the fighter who she is assisting and heal them occasionally with a magic spell. Once the meter is full, she will give the fighter a full on stat buff with a magic spell. The fighter will have those buffs for a good 20 seconds.

Count von Count

He will count down a random number from 1 to 10, with bats appearing at the top of the screen for every number he counts. Once he's done counting, the bats will descent at once.



He'll demonstrate a triangle, his favorite shape!, in front of him, locking onto any fighter it touches, preventing them from moving for as long as the triangle is holding them in place, allowing the fighter he is assisting to really go in for the strong blow!

Daniel Tiger (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood)


He will give the fighter he is assisting a stats buff if the fighter gets damaged. He is from Mr. Rogers but his assist will be based off of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood which is still a part of the Rogers universe.

Keith David the Repairman (Mister Rogers's Neighborhood) (Comes with Donkey DLC update)


We do not really have an assist from the original Mister Rogers's Neighborhood so why not have one of the more obscure characters? When used as an assist, Keith will follow you all and build you an item (typically an offensive item that does small damage). When the assist meter is full, he will build you a super strong item (such as the Tubby Custard Machine or something like that).

Traffic Light (Mr. Roger's Neighborhood) (Comes with Malik, Zadie and Zeke)


Just couldn't think of anything better than that. It helps the fighter it is assisting by shining its red light to place in a state of freezing completely or shining a yellow light to slow the fighter's movement, before switching to green to let them "go". At full assist meter, it can affect ALL fighters on screen!

Alan "the Brain" Powers (Arthur)

He gives the fighter he is assisting potions that heal or give speed, jump or power buffs depending on the current situation. True to him being a smart kid, he will always prioritize which potion is needed in which situation. (i.e., if the player's damage is high or if the player takes too much damage from another player's combo, the Brain will give the fighter he is assisting a heal potion, if the player is falling behind or is in need to get to a certain location quickly, the Brain will give the fighter he is assisting a speed, jump or power buff potion). When the meter is full, he'll give the fighter he is assisting a potion with stronger versions of the effects! On an additional note, he is not one of the classmates to appear for Arthur's neutral special.

Mr. Ratburn (Arthur)


Mr. Ratburn will assign the person he is assisting "homework" (give them 20% damage but boost their stats). However, when the assist meter is full, he will give the fighter he is assisting a 100% on homework meaning invincibility for 10 seconds.

BJ (Barney)


When used as an assist, he will heal the fighter by giving them pickles. Once the meter is filled, he will turn into Captain Pickles (his superhero alter-ego) and ride his scooter into the opponent with the accidental dropping of a pickle jar.

Booker T. Bookworm (Barney and Friends) (Comes with Betsy update)


Introducing the imaginary librarian of the school library, here is Booker T. Bookworm. He's quite smart but in battle...he's technically a joke assist. He's kind of the Goldeen Pokéball summon as an assist. He'll just read and read... However, when the assist meter is full, he will keep reading and have a minor chance of putting the fighters to sleep. Occasionally, he'll hand the fighter a munched up book as an useless item as he feeds on books.

Aviva Corcovado (Wild Kratts)


A side character who also bears creature power herself! She's also very versatile too! When the fighter she is assisting is about to get KO'd from the blastzone or if they need a lift for an aerial power, she will use hawk power to fly her fighter upwards. On normal occasions, she'll use bear or gorilla power to perform heavy hitting punches usually as a combo finisher or to act as a non-charge strong attack. She also has a counter move she'll sometimes use where she uses predatory cat power to preform a strong leaping attack when she's attacked in her countered state. When the meter is full, she'll use fox power to perform a powerful tail swipe with very high knockback!

Createrra XV (Wild Kratts) (Comes with Donkey DLC update)


One of the main vehicles from Wild Kratts! When used, you can see either Koki or Jimmy Z driving it. When used, the vehicle can ram into other opponents, blast opponents away with the Kookabura horn, hook opponents close to you with the Hook Line, etc. When the assist meter is full, the Createrra XV gains super abilities to give you super recoveries and does more damage to your opponents!

Tobey (Wordgirl): submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn

He will summon one of his giant robots that hover forward to tackle opponents in front of the fighter he is assisting, similar to Juggernaut and Sentinel from the first Marvel Vs. Capcom

Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy (WordGirl): submitted by Paraster Paraster


Chuck fires shots from his condiment gun, with the effects depending on the condiment. Ketchup (red) slows your movement. Mustard (yellow) lowers your attack power. Relish (green) lowers your defense.

Ralphie (The Magic School Bus)


When used, Ralphie will follow the fighter he is assisting. When the meter is full, he will transform into his superhero alias "Weatherman" and cause lightning to strike across the stage causing damage to opponents.

Norm the Number Gnome (Dragon Tales)


A more obscure Dragon Tales character but he will quiz the fighter he is assisting with number based questions. The fighter will have to select the correct number. If you do, he will give you a temporary stat buff. If you get it wrong, you will get a temporary stat nerf. When the assist meter is full, Norm summons numbers across the screen and gives you a longer stat buff.

Jamie, Zuzu and Val (Dragon Tales) (Comes with Bob the Builder update)


Cassie's siblings, Jamie, Zuzu and Val were exclusive to the 2003 Dragon Tales PC game Learn and Fly With Dragons published by Scholastic. When the trio of dragons are used as an assist, they will simply use their newfound flying skills to give you a lift back on the stage if you fall. However, when the assist meter is full, the siblings will consume some Dragonberries and blast through the speed loops like in the relay game at the end of the game.

Delete (Cyberchase)


When used an assist, he will follow around the fighter as well as occasionally inflict damage (50% chance he will give you 1% of damage) due to his clumsy nature. However, once the assist meter is full, he will extend his arms and grab the other fighter(s) for a few seconds allowing you to attack them more easily.

Yadina Riddle ( Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum): submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn


This was a move I had in mind for her that she normally never does in the show itself, but it was for when I had a moveset in mind for her, and I just think the move is so good. She tosses a Dr. Zoom bomb (Her plush turtle, the bomb is just a replica with a red light on top of the shell) that remains intact like an explosive mine, which explodes when anyone touches the bomb. The Dr. Zoom bombs can also be picked up by the fighter she is assisting. If nobody touches the bomb within some time, it will explode on its own. When the meter fills up, she will throw a bigger and stronger Dr. Zoom bomb! She is overall a great choice for edgeguarding.

Noo-Noo (Teletubbies)


Noo-Noo sucks up everything he comes across, including items, taking them off of the playing field. Occasionally he’ll suck up a character for damage.

Elizabeth the Emotional Pig (Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse)


She's all about reacting to how well the fighter she is assisting performs! If the fighter she is assisting gets KO'd or has something very bad happen to them, she will preform a quick cry animation to really get the emotion going for her. If the fighter she is assisting preforms something really good, such as KO'ing another fighter after a successful combo or making a perfect dodge, she'll get really happy and reward the fighter she is assisting with a positive effect, such as health recovery or a random stat buff!

Tooey Ookami (Molly of Denali)


Molly's best friend joins as an assist! When used, he will occasionally give the fighter damage because of his careless nature but will heal them from time to time. When the meter is full, Tooey will go on a sled and ram into opponents with his dog sled.

Chet (FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman)


Ruff Ruffman's intern who's a brown mouse will follow a fighter around and will busy concocting something. When the assist meter is full, Chet will do the impossible and give damage to the opponent but give the fighter a temporary buff in stats with an invention he invented!


LeVar Burton (Reading Rainbow): submitted by @Darkonedagger

Geordi La Forge himself. He'll appear in the background and start to read a story. Words will fly across the screen and you can mash them together. The right combos can heal and the wrong can do damage. Think like the Brain Training asssit from Smash. He'll vanish with a rainbow that spreads across the screen, acting as a temporary platform.

Martha (Martha Speaks)

Martha will say an extremely obscure synonym for a simple to understand word, which will give the effect of that word - for example "Brobdingnagian" making you big, or "Volant" giving you slower fall speed and higher jumps - there's a 4 second gap between the word and its effect, so knowledge is power when getting Martha's help!

Gilbert (Caillou)


The best way to represent one of the worst/controversial PBS franchises will be through none other than Caillou's cat himself, Gilbert. Once the meter fills up, Gilbert will be there playing with yarn to tangle up the other fighters like a cat and then pounce on the yarn. He isn't hurting anyone, he's just being a cat.

Wishbone: submitted by Paraster Paraster


Wishbone runs around the stage attempting to headbutt opponents. He holds a book in his mouth; after a brief time, he throws the book and it hovers in midair, acting as a black hole. He then resumes his headbutting until he leaves.

Aristotle "Ari" (Adventures from The Book of Virtues)


The prairie dog who is always seen with a bag of books would make for a great assist. Adventures from The Book of Virtues was a short lived series that aired on PBS from 1998-2000 and ran on reruns until September 4th, 2005. The series was animated by Porchlight and taught kids morals from various tales from folklore, Biblical tales, fairytales, etc. I feel some of the more obscurer IPs that have aired on PBS should be represented so throwing in an assist from the series is a good move.

Ari will dig holes for the fighter he is assisting, similar to the Bugs Bunny move in MultiVersus. When the meter fills up, he will open the book and will whack anyone in distance. He will then go back to digging holes as usual.

Chicken Jane (Between the Lions): submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn

Whenever an opponent is about to unleash a strong attack or a strong special move (that deals a lot of damage) on the fighter she is assisting, she will fly in front of the fighter she is assisting and absorb the strong blow, but afterwards, she will need to rest and refresh on her own before she can take another blow.

Gawain (Between the Lions)


A bold knight with a cool dude voice from the famous Between the Lions segment, Gawain's Word! When used as an assist, he will follow the fighter around with a mic saying "Keep brawling dude!" to stick with the cool dude attitude. When the assist meter is full, Gawain will summon Sir "br" and Sir "awl" to come out with their horses and smash into the fighters causing brawling havoc and tons of damage!

Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series): submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn


A character from another obscure PBS Kids series. She hails from an animated adaptation of Anne of Green Gables, produced by Sullivan Entertainment. When she is on-stage, she will accidently spill water from a bucket that pushes other fighters away and the puddle acts as a slip trap. She will also even support the fighter she is assisting with fruit she picks in her show that has healing properties. When the meter is filled up, she will fly, which she only does in the intro to her show, and give the fighter she is assisting an upward lift, either for recovery or to follow up an aerial combo.

Maya and Miguel


They'll follow around the fighter they are assisting, minding their own business and watching the fight, but when the assist meter is full, they'll act similar to Latias and Latios in Smash Bros.

Princess Presto (Super Why!): submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn

Using her spelling powers, she'll spell out words to help out the fighter she is assisting depending on the situation. Examples include spelling "Wind" to summon a gust of wind to blow other fighters and items off the stage, spelling "Bell" to have a giant bell fall from the sky to damage and bury opponents under the bell, or "Item" to give the fighter she is assisting an item! (Mostly aggressive items) When the meter is full, she'll spell "Big" before the word she'll spell to have a bigger, stronger version of that word's effect appear on the stage.

Alpha Pig (Comes with Super Why update)


It's another one of the iconic Super Readers from the quintet of fairy tale heroes in Super Why! Being an aspiring construction worker like his dad, he will build you tools (which will really be a smaller melee-based item) from his alphabet toolbox to assist you. However, when the assist meter gets full, he will build you a temporary brick house for super protection making you secure from any attacks for a few seconds. You won't be able to move for a few seconds due to you being trapped in the house but it's worth it for the defense.


This cute, child-minded teddy bear just LOVES to latch on to other fighters! Unfortunately, that'll slow their movement speed and hinder their jumping abilities, allowing the fighter he is assisting to really go in for the heavy hit!

George Shrinks


George appears in this game as an assist in his canonical size (three inches tall)! His size makes it hard to see him on the battlefield, but when he comes close to an opponent, he'll unleash a very strong attack, such as an uppercut or a flying kick, on the opponent to really send them flying! When the meter is full, his main attack becomes much stronger. Think of him like Bewear in Smash Bros. Ultimate, but three inches tall. He is overall a good choice for ambushes and surprise attacks!

Angelina Mouseling (Angelina Ballerina)


She's just here to show off her ballet dancing skills! She'll do a ballet twirl which sucks in fighters before launching them with an end pose! Think of her like an assist version of Mario's old down special/down aerial. (Mario Tornado)

Curious George


The famous monkey himself! He will follow you around and get curious about the other fighters. Due to his curiosity, he will explore the stage and cling onto other fighters once the assist meter is full. However, when the assist meter is not full, he'll leave banana peels on the stage causing other fighters to slip.

Piggley Winks (Jakers)

Piggley fights characters with punches, kicks, and occasionally throwing the Salmon of Knowledge.

Papa Q. Bear (Berenstain Bears)


The Berenstain Bears definitely deserve something this game because the show is super iconic. Papa Q. Bear will follow the opponent around giving them honey to heal them (heals 5%). When the assist meter is full, Papa Q. Bear will do carpentry work with honey and attack the opponents.

Lomax (Lomax, The Hound of Music)


A great way to squeeze in an obscurer PBS Kids IP. When used as an assist, Lomax (the hound dog in the photo) will follow the fighter around playing country music or singing it healing 5% occasionally. When the meter is full, Lomax will gather his friends and they will put on a country concert causing the battle camera to zoom in on them (making the blastzones smaller on the stage, think the Squid Sisters assist trophy).

Sara Snap (Hero Elementary): submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn

When the fighter she is assisting is about to fall off the stage or be launched into the blast zone, she will quickly teleport the player she is assisting back onto stage in a "snap". She will also occasionally teleport other fighters to random locations on the stage, preferably over bottomless pits or any area on the stage where recovery can be a hassle. (Similar to Abra in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Benny Bubbles (Hero Elementary)

He simply blows a few bubbles with his hands that fly in a concave upward arc and trap any fighters they make contact with within them. The bubbles keep flying upward, unless they touch a ceiling or if the fighters in them mashes buttons to escape, otherwise, they'll KO any opponent still trapped inside in them. It becomes (slightly) harder to escape the bubbles at high damage percentages.

Clyde the Cloud (Donkey Hodie)

He will summon rain on the fighter he is assisting, healing the fighter 20% damage in the process

Tiny (Tots TV) (Comes with Donkey DLC update)


Ok, so even Tom could fit the assist function I have for Tiny, but with him and the rest of the tots' magic bag equipped, he'll either give the player a healing item or give them a random stat buff! When the assist meter is full, He'll place a random stat debuff on opponents in front of the fighter he is assisting or a random opponent if there is none in front, after all, it's a secret! It's also ironic that he's voiced by Elmo's former puppeteer and voice actor in the English dub, Kevin Clash.

Delivery Debbie (Odd Squad) (Comes with Ms. O update)


The owner of Debbie's Pizzeria as well as a client of the Odd Squad is here to assist! When used as an assist, she will occassionally heal the fighter she is helping with pizza recovering a small percentage. However, when the assist meter is full, she will throw the pizza boxes on accident and cause some damage to the nearby fighters.

Sir Topham Hatt (Thomas and Friends) (Comes with Ms. O update)


He will follow around the fighter giving the fighter "jobs" by telling them to perform certain moves (think Ruff Ruffman's gameshow gimmick but more simple and rewards the fighter). If the fighter does the "job" Topham gives them, he will reward them with a stat buff and say "I'd say! Good job engineer!" If you do not complete the task, he will reprimand you by giving you 5-10% as a punishment. When the assist meter is full, Topham will give bigger rewards if you complete his tasks but fail to do the job asked, he reprimands you more by giving you 10-15% of damage! Simply put it, he's here to control the stage like what he does as a railway controller! He's a bit of a risk/reward assist making him unique in a way.

Lamb Chop (Lamb Chop's Play-Along) (Comes with Ms. O update)


She'll sing a song featuring a stat buff for the fighter she's assisting, when the assist meter is full, she'll sing a song of a strong stat debuff on another fighter!

Tumbler (Bob the Builder) (Comes with Bob the Builder update)


He pours cement on others on long-but-regular intervals to trap them in place, only for his fighter to pummel them until the cement cracks! The opponent can still escape by mashing, though it becomes harder at higher damage percentages. When the assist meter is full......well......he can pour enough cement to the point where the opposing fighter becomes a huge cement block!, which can be picked up and thrown! Because of this, his assist meter takes one of the longest to charge in-game.

Splash and Bubbles (Comes with Bob the Builder update)


When used as an assist, they are unique as you will carry around the two fish in a fish bowl. They will occassionally jump up and give others around the fighter some damage. However, when the assist meter is full, the whole stage will go underwater and Splash and Bubbles will be out of their bowl. There, the two fish will trap other fighters in bubbles causing the opponents to be vulnerable to more attacks and have a better chance of being knocked back to the blastzone. How awesome!

Mr. E (Work it Out Wombats!) (Comes with Malik, Zadie and Zeke)


As the owner of the Everything Emporium and likes being very organized, he also likes to keep things organized on stage too! He will set up mini-block shelves full of wonderful things that act as both additional platform and for shielding, with a twist! Anyone who attacks his shelves will makes the things spill out of it along with being destroyed, angering Mr. E to the point where he will preform a counter-attack! When the meter is full, he will summon a LARGER shelf for more shielding and when that is destroyed, he'll do a STRONGER counter-attack, such as a belly flop that sends out powerful windboxes and is just very powerful in general!

Rosie Fuentes (Rosie's Rules) (Comes with Malik, Zadie and Zeke)


When she is used as an assist, Rosie will go around the stage and learn about it, helping you get the upper-hand in the battle! However, she is accident-prone and has a 50/50 chance of giving you some minor damage! When the assist meter is full, she will truly help solve the problem by her assist being focused on stage control such as creating more hazards on a specific stage to happen giving you the upper advantage, giving you an item you need, giving you a stat buff you need, etc.

Scott (Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures) (Comes with Betsy DLC Update)


This is one of Betsy's classmates who is pretty intelligent and loves science! Basically, he will do some sort of science-related experiment or hobby to help you out. While being a lab rat in a sense or a scientist in training, he will cause damage to any fighters around him! However, when the assist meter is full, it's experiment time! Scott can concoct either something to heal the fighter he is assisting, hurting the other fighters massively, etc. Whatever happens is up to science!

PBS Kids Games Computer Mouse (Comes with Betsy DLC Update)

Screen Shot 2023-03-25 at 11.21.51 AM.png

When this little computer mouse is used as an assist, it will follow you around. You will sporadically get WarioWare-esque challenges by playing website games for a brief second. Get a question or win the game, you get an item from said series the game is from! Lose and you get nothing! When the assist meter is full, various objects from various PBS Kids website games and computer programming errors appear causing for computer trouble!

V.Pal (Comes in free VSmile/VTech content update after Betsy)


It's the cute mascot of the line of V.Smile products, V.Pal himself! When used in battle, you will note that his appearance is different from the other assists as he will be in the 32-bit art style of the V.Smile games. His function is quite versatile. He will tumble, jump around and sometimes even slide on roller skates (to represent the V.Smile Motion or V.Link I think). He can ram into the other fighters. When the assist meter is full, time to hit the art studio! V.Pal will simply carry paint bottles and spray paint on the opponents. Similar to the Paintbrush item, he will give each fighter a nerf that is the same as the Paintbrush function such as red for continuous damage, blue for slowed movement speed, green for decreased defense, etc. However, these nerfs stay on for a little longer! Thus, he is one of the more versatile assists in the game!

Little Red Riding Hood (The Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood) (Comes in free VSmile/VTech content update after Betsy)


By default, she throws apples out of her basket (She happened to pick up extra ones on her way to her granny's house) to damage others. If she can hit all fighters currently on field, each fighter gets a logic based answer for the question red is thinking, when answered correctly, she'll place down a copy of her basket on a good spot on the stage that explodes! When the assist meter is full, she can throw explosive apples and place down an upgraded basket with sucking powers to draw fighters in before unleashing a more powerful explosion!

Paco and Paco's Train (PTV P-Pals) (Comes with Super Why update)


I feel that also, we should have a bit more content for the PTV Park era of idents as well. This time, here's one of these being the PTV P-Pal Paco and his train. Funny thing is, I cannot imagine this assist on the Island of Sodor stage but regardless, PTV Park is a world of imagination.

Anywho, when used, Paco will simply puff around on his steam engine carrying freight cars. His train can ramp into opponents giving them damage and minor knockback. Once the assist meter is full, it's full steam ahead! Paco's train will speed up and any opponent that gets hit by the cowcatcher on the steam train will go flying. Even the coal from the freight cars will fly out causing additional damage too. So much for some more confusion and delay (yes, intentional Thomas reference there).

Click (Between the Lions) (Comes with Super Why update)


I know we have a computer mouse assist already and I was considering submitting Pop's assist for Bionic Bunny he submitted in the past but I feel I had a different idea. Specifically, this was due to the fact that I wanted Lionel to have Click the Mouse as his main gimmick in his moveset.

When Click is used as an assist, she can "click" on various items to gravitate towards you as she is...well, a computer mouse! She can even drag and drop you closer to opponents but at the cost of slow freefall making you more vulnerable to attacks. When the assist meter is full, she can hold up your opponents in midair for a short period of time making them more vulnerable to attacks! You can always count on her! Thanks, Click!

Larry's Amazing Animals (Clifford the Big Red Dog) (Comes with Zula Patrol Update)

Screen Shot 2023-11-26 at 7.03.41 PM.png

This talented circus troupe of animals from Clifford's Really Big Movie come as assists here in Brawltime! When summoned, they will stand in a stack like this and do their tricks which will cause damage to opponents in their way. They will even lift your opponents and throw them very high! When the assist meter is full, they will do their true tightrope walk. Any opponent caught in the act will be...well, a star of being blasted off the stage via an arousing performance!

Ada (Math Missions) (Comes with free Scholastic content update after Super Why)


Ok, as a kid I loved Math Missions so I'm biased with picking the young girl who's the guide in the game. Basically, Ada will follow you around with the (@)Pet and will allow you to answer math questions/solve math problems based on the various activities/games you can play in Math Missions: The Race to Spectacle City. If you answer a question correctly, you gain money similar to how you gain money in Math Missions: The Race to Spectacle City. With the money, you can purchase items with it. More powerful items are more expensive! When the assist meter is full, it's double or nothing! Complete an activity correctly and you get double the money to buy items with! Fail and you lose it all! A very risk/reward based assist.

Dark Truder (Zula Patrol) (Comes with Zula Patrol update)


The main villain of the Zula Patrol comes in as an assist. When used, he will have his sentient trouppe Taxie assist him in creating a VERY disastrous situation for you to put the other fighters in by doing various dangerous deeds like creating bad energy blasts across the stages, shoot dangerous lasers and targeting fighters, etc. When the assist meter is full, he will create the WORST black hole known to man to really be that devious! He is the biggest threat to the Zula Patrol for a reason!

Major Bedhead (The Big Comfy Couch) (Comes with Zula Patrol update)


When used as an assist, Bedhead will deliver you some mail as in some items (usually healing ones and some not so powerful offensive items) to your need. Occassionally, he will go about his unicycle and ram into the other fighters giving them damage. However, when the assist meter is full, he will give you way stronger items and eventually do more damage with his unicycle!

Paul the Gorilla and Jennifer of the Jungle (The Electric Company) (Comes with Letterman update)


You gotta love these two! Paul the Gorilla is one of my favorite Electric Company characters and he even makes an appearance in the Electric Company reboot! Simply put, these two will come in swinging on a vine attacking opponents with some damage and sometimes throw you some fruits from the jungle! However, they will need to do a reading lesson to teach the fighters some reading skills! When the reading lesson starts, the fighters around it will get damaged as Jennifer and Paul will make words or show off signs of sentences or a poster of words. When the assist meter is full, Paul will throw you his banana and grant you super health! Sometimes, the banana will be an offensive item as it can cause some damage as it is beastly causing fighters to be knocked off the stage! These two make a fun assist!

Revvin’ Evan (Jay Jay the Jet Plane)


For Tarrytown's residential fire truck, he is raring to go and ready to aid the fighter he needs! When things are getting hot, Revvin' Evan will follow the fighter and blast water from his water hose. With the water hose, he simply shoots water at fighters who are offstage or uses it to push fighters off the stage similar to a more powerful version of Mario's F.L.U.D.D. in the later Smash installments. Also, if you are having trouble recovering, he will lend you his ladder to climb up to safety. When the assist meter is full, his siren will go off and he will speed around the stage like he is flying and ram into other fighters causing him to knock them off the stage and cause some pretty bad damage! He will squirt more water and give you a longer ladder to recover if needed.

ABCmouse (ABCmouse.com) (Comes with ABCmouse.com update)


As cliché as it sounds, I feel we should go for the ABCmouse.com mascot as the assist for the ABCmouse.com free update given he himself has appeared in the sponsorship ads seen on PBS Kids. Basically, this mouse here is ready to help you learn as a fighter and thus is ready to help you graduate to the next level of strength! He will give you some tickets which will come in the form of doing a task such as using a certain move a certain amount of times or refraining from using a move. He will even use his paint pallette to paint you sometimes for specific tasks which will give you double tickets if you complete. Once you get enough tickets, you can purcahse a stat buff with your tickets. When the assist meter is full, you get double the awards and double the tasks!

Skya (DinoTrux) (Comes with Ty Rux update)

This strong and confident Craneosaur makes her way to the battlefield alongside Ty Rux! Being the tallest assist in game and just being a crane, she'll often support the fighter she's assisting by craning them back onto the stage when they're about to fall into a bottomless pit or are heading towards the blast zones or she can crane other fighters towards the fighter she's assisting as an easy finishing move!, though she would need to recharge for quite some time after using certain crane moves. When the assist meter is full........she will crane in another fighter and preform a mighty throw that can KO fighters even at low damage percents!

Mr. Mailman (Comes with Ty Rux update)


He's appeared in The Birthday Show and The Sunny Side Up Show and got his own original series which was one of the first few truly Sprout original series...The Adventures of Mr. Mailman! Basically, since he is a mailman after all....he wants to deliver you the goods. Throughout the battle, he will dissapear and if you do something good like shielding enough times or doing a super cool combo, you will be rewarded with a neat item! When you fill up the assist meter, he will come in on his helicopter and drop you a mail sack FILLED with some really neat items for you to use with a guarantee of one super strong or handy item!

Kipper the Dog (Comes with Ty Rux update)


The dog with a slipper....yep, that's Kipper! He's from one of the HiT Entertainment shows that has stayed on PBS Kids Sprout for a decade ever since the network first aired in 2005. Basically, being the care-free dog and how he truly embodies the meaning of carpe diem, he will simple explore the stage's territory and simply do what he does...be care-free and selfless. Not only will he benefit the fighter he is assisting but even give a small benefit to other fighters as well on occasion but not all the time. However, when the assist meter is full, his hoarder side comes into play as he will gather small items for you to use...lots of them from small healing items to more items used for attacking! He will even grab any small projectiles that come from fighters who have projectile based moves like The Zula Patrol, Letterman with his Down Special where Kipper can grab the letter O, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood trolley, etc. and give you the projectile to help you use that opponent's projectile against them! He's quite a fun assist and one of the most unique ones based on one of the most iconic HiT Entertainment IPs that aired during Sprout's lifetime.

Odlulu (Where's Waldo?) (Comes with Ty Rux update)

With the Where's Waldo stage in, and considering the fact that it's a Dreamworks show, AND assuming that she doesn't appear in the stage already, I might as well submit the somewhat-mischievous but misunderstood Odlulu! As an assist, she functions kind of like Tac in SSB3DS's Smash Run, being able to steal items and stats from other fighters, making their stats weaker, before running off with them all over the place and being very fast! Making it harder to catch up with her to retrieve whatever she stole from fighters. When the assist meter is full, she'll actually steal a whole MOVE from fighters which is represented with an orb, red for a special attack, green for a standard attack, blue for a shield or grab, gray for jump or white from random. You won't be able to tell what move she stole until you try to use it, in that case, nothing happens.

Items are mostly passive/healing items in this game.

Cookies (I guess this relates to Sesame Street)


Cookie Monster's favorite treat! Heals only 5% of damage and spawns frequently.

Oscar’s Bumper Car (Sesame Street) (Comes with Letterman update)


Ok...I was gonna submit an item based on an Arthur webpage game. But, I do feel the Sesame Street webpage games deserve more content despite me preferring the Sesame Street video games. Also, strangely, Oscar himself is not an assist yet. Thus, this kind of doubles as a character and a thing as an item.

Straight from the Sesame Street website game Oscar's Bumper Cars, Oscar comes in as grouchier as ever and is ready to cause misery! The item simply functions similar to the Bumper item in the Smash Bros games. You have to hit the item to make it go to different players. If it hits an opponent, it will cause that opponent to get damage and knockback! It will stay out for about 30 seconds (similar to the time you get to play with the bumper cars in the Oscar's Bumper Cars game). If it remains stationary, it will act as a bumper as it is a bumper car. Finally, it is important to note that if the bumper car goes off-stage, it will respawn but the clock for the item's function duration will keep on going! Be careful when using the bumper car as you are admitted to use it!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich (Technically Barney)


Barney's favorite food! It'll restore 15% of the fighter's damage when eaten. It spawns semi-frequently.

Magic Fizzy Soda

One sip from that soda can and you're invincible for a short time!

Little Bo Peep Pot Pie (Arthur)

A tasty pot pie filled with lots and lots of spinach! Doesn't spawn as often as the other healing items, but it heals a whopping 45%!

Alphabet Soup (Martha Speaks): restores 30% damage


Milk: restores 20% damage


Milkbones (Clifford the Big Red Dog): restores 10% damage

Honey (Berenstain Bears)


To stick with the Bookworm Bunch theme, I thought why not make honey a passive item? It's the Berenstain Bears's favorite food! Jars appear semi-frequently and will heal 10% when picked up when spawned.



Works like the Metal Box in Smash Bros, it turns your character into metal, which increases their weight and knockback resistance!

The picture of the item

Donuts (Cyberchase)

Restores 10% damage. While it may not seem much, the item can sometimes spawn in groups of up to 4

Ski Balls (Cyberchase)


Taken straight from the Cyberchase game, Cyberchase: Carnival Chaos, this item is based off of the popular carnival game itself! Basically balls will appear in various colors. Alongside this, each ball will have a different damage multiplyer on it as this item is stikcking to the theme of RNG dependent items. You simply pick up the ball and roll it at an opponent. Some ski balls will give regular damage (x1), half the damage (x 1/2) or even a whopping x5 or x10 damage which results in an instant KO! The x1 blue ski balls are the most common with the green x 1/2 ski balls, the red x5 ski balls and the yellow x10 ski balls appearing less frequently.

Lambchops (Technically Between the Lions)


One of the Lion family's favorite treats! Heals 5% of the fighter's damage.

Tubby Toast (Teletubbies)


Basically, the item allows for the fighter to restore 5%. It spawns frequently.

Dragonberries (Dragon Tales)


A popular food in Dragon Land! It spawns often in large quantities and heals about 5% of the fighter's damage when consumed.

Blueberry Muffins (Molly of Denali)

Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 2.20.47 PM (1).png

Spawns semi-frequently and heals 20% damage

Backyard Soup (Elinor Wonders Why): submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn


A fresh soup made of the vegetables from Elinor's family garden! Heals a whopping 35% damage and grants a random buff to whoever drank it for a short time, such as increased attack power or slight knockback resistance.

Chili Pepper (Original item)

69-697541_chili-pepper-png (2) (1).png

An original item idea much like Milk. This is a food item with no healing properties, but it allows its consumer to breath flames uncontrollably for a short time! Pretty much like Superspicy Curry.

Striker-foam Ball

An original aggressive item. Works like the Beastball in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Strawberry Jam (Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum)


The strawberry jam in a huge glass bowl Xavier and co helped Julia Child make! Heals 25% damage

Net Ray (WordGirl)

Link to weapon here

Basically, it temporarily captures the fighter(s) for a few seconds if shot at another fighter.

Peanut Butter Blaster (Wordgirl): submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn


Shoots globs of peanut butter that turn opponents into huge balls of peanut butter, which are bouncy and easy to launch. Because of this, it has very limited ammunition (5 at most)

PBS Kids Racer (PBS Kids Bumpers/Idents)


More representation for the PBS Kids Bumpers/Idents here. A racer (being the racercar) of a smaller scale will spawn on the stage and a fighter can pick it up and press the attack button again to allow it to zoom across the stage. Any fighter that gets hit by the car will receive 15% damage.

PBS Kids Jack-In-The-Box (PBS Kids Bumpers/IDs)


This is another classic PBS Kids bumper item that used to announce which show was coming up next! This jack-in-the-box will spawn semi-frequently. If a fighter picks it up, you must hold the A button to crank the handle. If cranked successfully without any other fighter attacking you, Dash as Jack will pop out and various PBS bumpers with your character's face will spawn across the stage briefly causing 10% damage to a fighter that gets hit by the circle.

PBS Kids Letter Bus and Bus Stop (PBS Kids Channel IDs/Commercials/Bumpers)

This item is from a common PBS Kids ID that was used in the 2000s! An item that'll spawn rarely. When you pick up the bus in miniature form, it will grow big and allow for the letters to be dropped off at a bus stop. The bus will cause about 25% damage if it rams into an opponent and the letters will each give 5% damage to any fighter who gets hit by a letter. Great for stage control!

Wand (Pinkalicious and Peterrific)

Kinda works like the Star Rod in Smash Bros., but more versatile. Swinging it normally acts as a simple battering item but depending on how long you charge the wand as a strong attack, the wand can have different attacks based on how long it was charged for. Tier 1 has the wand create a large sparkling swing trial, increasing the wand's forward hitbox and kinda like Hero's Flame Slash. Tier 2 launches a small weak projectile that flies forward, like a fully charged Star Rod. Tier 3 has the wand fire a larger, faster and stronger projectile.

The Portashrinker (The Magic School Bus)


Basically it's the aggressive version of the Poison Mushroom. It will spawn on the stage and a fighter can grab it. Once grabbed, you can aim it at an opponent to make them tiny for a temporary period of time. Surprised we didn't add this item yet.

Tubby Custard Machine (Teletubbies): submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario

Works like a tank, you move slowly and strafe while inside it and can't jump. You can angle yout custard up or down and fire it. It's extremely powerful but has a short range.

Watermelon Bomb (Original item, but technically Dragon Tales, as I remembered there was an episode where the Dragon gang along with Max and Emmy were plowed and mauled by a giant watermelon)


Pretty much this game's Bob-Omb, which is just a standard explosive throwing item.

Gun (Liberty's Kids)


Pretty extreme for a PBS Kids show, but Liberty's Kids was still trying to stay as historically accurate as possible while not showing real graphic violence. It's just a gun, need I say more?

Sid's magnifying glass (Sid the Science Kid)


A versatile aggressive item. When the standard attack button is held down, its welder will hold it up, releasing a heat beam that deals constant fire damage overtime. When its wielder presses the standard attack button while crouching, they will magnify themselves, making them temporarily huge in the process!

Oven Cafe (Zoom) submitted by Tekken_Guy Tekken_Guy

A passive/aggressive item


The oven from Cafe Zoom. It can be seen in the above photo on Alisha’s left. Players open the over and a random food item will appear. Or occasionally it could burst into flames and hurt the player

Magic Bag (Tots TV)


An obscure Ragdoll IP that actually aired on PBS Kids for a few years and even had Elmo's former voice actor, Kevin Clash as Tiny! This item is like the health capsule or the party item in Smash Bros. When found on the battlefield, a fighter can reach into it and give a fighter random healing items or aggressive items. It can give the fighter five items to spawn on the battlefield.

The Barney Bag (Barney and Friends) (Comes with Donkey DLC update)


When I initally submitted a moveset concept for Barney, I included the Barney Bag as his main gimmick. Although my moveset idea for Barney was not chosen, I feel the Barney Bag would work best as an item and I'm surprised no one thought of this item from Barney and Friends to be added. Basically, the Barney Bag was used in the first six seasons of Barney and Friends where Barney would summon a craft tote bag and have the kids gain craft supplies from it.

When used as an item, the opponent can grab up to about four items from the bag. Usually, they will be either healing items or even small offensive items like the Ray Gun and such. It's another Magic Bag being added to an update that has a character from a show that has a Magic Bag as well! What a coincidence!

Baby David (Sesame Street) (Comes with Donkey DLC update)


One of Elmo's favorite toys and his favorite doll! When picked up in battle, the fighter will "hug" the toy as Baby David will allow them to rest unharmed for a few seconds and heal some damage. But, it will take about 5ish seconds to fall asleep after picking up Baby David and holding the A button while using him. If attacked during the first 5 seconds of holding Baby David, you will lose grasp of him so watch out!

Belle X1 Rocket Plane Model (Arthur) (Comes with Donkey DLC update)


"If it could break the sound barrier, falling out of a window shouldn't be able to break it!" Geez, D.W. has like zero knowledge about how air physics work.

An item that although powerful, is quite funny in context. When a fighter picks it up, they can throw it at others to which it breaks, causing whoever threw it to fly into a glowing red rage as their speed and attack power are greatly increased for a short time! The fighter hit by the model plane is also set as a "target" by whoever threw it at them (as indicated by an orange triangle above them), meaning that they can actually suffer far more knockback by the enraged fighter!

Clone-inator (Odd Squad) (Comes with Ms. O update)


When using this Odd Squad gadget, the fighter who uses it can make a clone of themselves that will follow them around for a short time. THe clone will dissapear after a few seconds. This would be similar to how Ditto the Pokémon works in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Bobby the Hopping Robot (Between the Lions) (Comes with Ms. O update)


Basically, the fighter just has to tap the top of Bobby's prop, making Bobby hop! The fighter can then just stand back and enjoy Bobby hopping. But, when Bobby hops after the fighter taps Bobby's prop, he will hop frantically attacking the fighters and give them some damage for a short time.

Loco Cheeko Cards (EekoWorld) (Comes with Ms. O update)


We need more EekoWorld stuff, that's all. These cards work like the Joustus Cards in Shovel Knight Showdown, when picked up and thrown, they'll remain suspended in the air for a moment before charging at a random fighter, trapping them if they manage to run into them! The fighter can try to mash out of the cards by mashing buttons and control sticks to escape the cards before they fly off-screen to the blast zone with them, but this is rather difficult to do and is only exacerbated at higher damage percentages.

Anomaly Dimension Crystal (Comes with Ms. O update)


As seen in the tweltfh chapter, when a fighter grabs the crystal, they attack it and open up a black hole. Similar to the Black Hole item in the Smash series, it can trap any opposing fighters in there for a temporary time making them more vulnerable to attacks. Then, the black hole will dissapear.

Brickbeard's Golden Hammer (Bob the Builder, comes with Bob update)


The best way to represent Ready, Steady, Build! is via an item from said series and from the feature-length special involving said item. This is the Golden Hammer of Brickyard, mateys! This special item will appear in a treasure chest. When you open the chest, you will get said hammer. Then, when you use the hammer, it will be similar to the Hammer from Donkey Kong (like the Smash Bros item) except this item has a small RNG chance of OHKOing your opponent. This item is quite a treasured item that is extremely useful to assisting you in the fight!

Salmon of Knowledge (Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks, comes with Bob update)


This is Piggley's good luck charm based off of the Irish myth itself when he wanted to take a test with this fish supposedly going to grant him the magic of knowledge! When this fish spawns as an item on the battlefield, you can simply grab it. There is a 50/50 chance you will be granted with stat buffs that super good. The other buffs...not so good as the fish has questionable magic per say.

Whistle (Thomas & Friends, comes with Bob update)


Used by the conductors and stationmasters all over the Island of Sodor, but here is PBS Kids: Brawltime, it's actually quite versatile! When used, if the user's Assist has been KO'd, it can call them back in an instant! If the item is used when the assist is active, it can signal the assist to their user's current location, making it good for emergency assistance! If used when the assist is near, their meter instantly fills up!

Grandma's Super Cornbread (Work it Out Wombats!) (Comes with Malik, Zadie and Zeke)

Screen Shot 2023-02-19 at 2.23.05 PM.jpg

One of the three wombats's favorite treats from Grandma! Despite her making it all in a big tray, it will usually appear in tiny quantities and quite commonly appear due to it only healing about 5-10% of your health! But, it will only stay on the stage for a short time so eat it fast!

Acoustic Rooster's Guitar (Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band) (Comes with Malik, Zadie and Zeke)


Basically, the only piece from a PBS Kids show that will be coming soon although we have no production material released yet. But, simply put it, it's a musical instrument as an item! When used, you can simply strum the guitar by holding the Special Button to create soundwaves to knock your opponents off the stage! This is perfect if you want to play some smooth guitar jazz for the fighters but easy to knock away foes! However, it takes some start up time to play so once attacked, you drop the guitar and the guitar breaks!

Berby (Xavier Riddle and The Secret Museum)
(Comes with Malik, Zadie and Zeke)


It's the Secret Museum's curator herself, Berby! But, it seems she's a little over excited to be more than just in Xavier Riddle's taunt so she is not quite working properly! When used as an item, you can pick her up. She will simply fly around for a little seeming to work properly. But...problems will ensue and she will start to glitch. Because of this, all the fighters' speed will be affected by first everyone gaining extreme speed for a temporary time and then becoming super slow similar to how Berby can cause time to go fast-forward or slow. After that, she will just dissapear.

Brown Eyes (Berenstain Bears) (Comes with Malik, Zadie and Zeke Update)


Works like a combination of Klaptrap and Mr. Saturn, but basically a more versatile Mr. Saturn. Being the inquisitive baby chipmunk he is, he will walk around the stage after being picked up and thrown once, and any opponent he makes contact with (expect his thrower), like he did to Papa Bear's pant leg, will latch onto them and nibble them repeatedly, just like Klaptrap! He can also latch onto opponent by simply throwing him at them. When he's thrown at an opponent who's shielding, he'll do a strong nibble that'll instantly break their guard, like Mr. Saturn!

Ducky Boots (Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures) (Comes with Betsy DLC Update)


These are the boots Betsy's grandmother sent her and she hoped she got to wear them as her class's "Weather Watcher". When a fighter puts on these boots, puddles will summon! The boots will make a quacking sound (but not really) and the water from the puddles that can be splashed at the fighters will give them damage! However, if a fighter is in close contact with the fighter playing in the rain, the fighter that's there will be sent flying!

After a while though, the boots and puddles will dissapear.

Lucky Pencil (Arthur) (Comes with Betsy DLC Update)


It is believed that one who holds this pencil will recieve good luck! In PBS Kids: Brawltime!, this pencil will appear and the fighter holding it will be granted good luck by sketching out an item to assist them. Occassionally, they will get a SUPER strong item. May your luck lie in the pencil!

Paintbrush (Various) (Comes with Betsy DLC Update)


Face it, paintbrushes have appeared in more PBS Kids shows than you can think, so the number of PBS Kids shows this item can represent is possibly countless. As an item, it's pretty versatile! When the character crouches and then holds the standard attack button, the wielder will enter a state where they will paint the floor of the stage that can damage others on contact, much like the Pizza assist in Fraymakers. It can also be used as a batting item too, where much like the Inkling, will "color" a fighter, and the colors it can color others is random, with different paint colors representing different stat debuffs, like red for continuous damage, blue for slowed movement speed, green for decreased defense, etc. When used in the air, it can make a colored damaging barrier that surrounds its wielder and shoot color bubbles too. When shielding with this item, the character hides behind a painted canvas that acts as a reflecting shield, and by lucky chance, if the projectile reflected is the same color as the canvas, the reflected projectile's damage, speed and knockback are doubled!

Big Glue Bottle (Donkey Hodie) (Comes with Betsy DLC Update)


It starts off as a small glue bottle, but when thrown, if it makes contact with the floor or another fighter, it'll expand in size, trapping any fighter or anything it catches. You can also lure, throw or attack other fighters to the glue bottle while it's in its big state as well. During this short state, anyone caught cannot move, giving the fighter who threw it the opportunity to grab the big glue bottle like a crate in Smash Bros. (albeit more heavy to carry if more are caught, making the fighter slower when carrying it), and then by throwing the glue bottle off the stage...................

Log Rocket (Wacky Race on Jumpin' Bean Island) (Comes with free VSmile/VTech content update after the Betsy patch)


I was going to go with an item from a V.Smile video game but wanted to go with something more along the lines of a promotional item for a future VTech Classic product. This time, it's an item based on an obscurer item from a V.Flash game! When you see the Log Rocket spawn, you can hop onto it and use it to either help you recover or stall in midair. However, watch out! If one fighter attacks you or a stage hazard attacks you, the Log Rocket will zoom away! It's another super versatile item as well but with limited substance.

Lucky Letter Lasso (Super Why) (Comes with Super Why update)


I know we have Alpha Pig as an assist...but a major item of his that he does not use while his assist is in action is his Lucky Letter Lasso. Thus, it can be an item in PBS Kids: Brawltime! When picking up this item, it is quite versatile as a fighter can grab it and reel in fighters for a closer fight or even items to assist them. A handy item for reaching anything far away. In fact, it can be used in midair akin to a tether recovery to grab onto the ledge of a stage. A super handy item!

Rube Goldberg Mouse Trap (PBS Kids System IDs) (Comes with Super Why update)


An obscurer station ident that can make a fun trapping themed item. Basically, a fighter can pick this up and simply place it on the ground. When ready, a picture of a PBS Kids character will appear similar to the ID. Heck, even fighters who did not get this item will get their picture on the ID and such as well as some series not represented by fighters will occassionally appear as well just for fun! After placed on the ground, the mopuse trap acts a stun trap to stun opponents for a brief second. It's no mouse trap but a good way to get a better edge on your opponents, even for a brief second!

Balloons (Barney) (Comes with Super Why update)


Okay, there are probably a ton of PBS Kids shows that have focused on balloons in one episode or another but I got this idea from Barney's Hide and Seek Game for the SEGA Genesis. Basically, it's a recovery item allowing a fighter to fly up super high distances albeit you can only do vertical recoveries, not horizontal. However, you are super vulnerable to spikes as well as to your balloon popping if another fighter hits it, so watch out!

Bionic Bunny Card (Arthur! Ready to Race) (Comes with Super Why update)

I can only describe this item's function in one sentence, as the old saying goes: May the odds be in your favor!

It'll give you ANY item in the game via random selection (though for healing items that tend to spawn in large quantities, like cookies, donuts or Tubby Toast, it'll spawn three of them!), but also to mix things up, like Hero's Hocus Pocus, it may grant the one who picked it up random effects, which may be positive, like increase in size or invincibility, negative, like size decrease, constant damage for a short time, and other negative status effects, or neutral, like invisibility. It might also summon a random assist that uses its charged meter move before disappearing afterwards.

Animal Genius (Comes with free Scholastic update after Super Why)


This idea is a bit of STRETCH but hear me out. Basically, a copy of the Animal Genius PC game falls on the battlefield. When a fighter opens up the PC game box, you basically get the chance to summon a random animal to assist you. Summoning the animal will create an "Animal Alert" like in the game since the animals are out of their habitats and in the fight which is the wrong habitat for most. There will only be five out of the 25 animals in this item that you can summon to assist you. Each has equal probabilities to be summoned except the polar bear which would be the most uncommon animal.

The animals that you can summon:

  • Zebra: it can trot around the stage and run into fighters giving them minimal damage and knockback
  • Monkey: it will climb on other fighters and give them damage for a short time to any fighter the monkey latches onto.
  • Clownfish: it will trap fighters in a bubble for a short time
  • Raccoon: it will steal items from any nearby fighter
  • Polar Bear: the most powerful of the five animals, it will slide across the stage and try to catch the fighters causing a lot of damage as well as throw the fighters similar to Etalus's Throw in Rivals of Aether where you can picked up in midair and be thrown downward off the stage.

Manny's Boombox (Clifford the Big Red Dog) (Comes with free Scholastic update after Super Why)


As far as I'm aware, Manny's Boombox seems to be exclusive to the PC game Clifford's Learning Activities. Basically, any fighter who picks this up can throw the boombox on the stage either causing it to explode to send fighters flying or they can place it on the ground somewhere to cause the fighters to "dance" making them unable to fight for a few seconds, giving you the upper advantage for attacking! However, this boombox can be easily destroyed and give you damage in the process so be careful!

Space Seesaw (Zula Patrol) (Comes with Zula Patrol update)

Screenshot 2023-11-28 204713.png

While it might look passive at a glance, it can actually provide some great support! It starts out small, but when picked up and thrown, it can either mount itself on the ground or float in the air like in outer space! This nifty simple machine can act as a spring, to when others jump on it, it can help the other gain more height and potentially lead into a surprising aerial attack!

Barrel of Honey (Redwall) (Comes with Zula Patrol update)

Screenshot 2023-11-28 204719.png

Redwall is one of those kids shows that does explore plenty of somewhat darker and more serious themes than other shows out there, but I feel the barrel of honey can sure get a good laugh! When broken, it'll release a huge amounts of honey for health and lots of bees for a stinging carnage of damage! The bees seem to attack others at random, so be careful!

SAVO Watch (Danger Rangers) (Comes with Zula Patrol update)


We are truly gonna get some obscure PBS Kids shows in this batch of items here. Basically, similar to how the Savo Watches are in Danger Rangers, a fighter can put on the watch and be alerted of danger. This occurs by a red aura flashing around the fighter warning of deadly attacks. With the watch, if the "danger" is prevented without being attacked, you will be rewarded with a minor stat buff for a short time. However, if you are attacked, the watch breaks! It's a risk and reward item.

Twinken and Twinken's Egg (Barney) (Comes with Zula Patrol update)


Straight from Barney's Great Adventure, it's the alien who comes down to Earth every 1000 years to grant wishes, Twinken! When this very rare item spawns on a stage, a fighter can pick it up and stand by it. If you hold, you'll have to make sure no one attacks you as the egg is pretty fragile. However, if you get it to hatch, Twinken will awaken granting the fighter's "wish" of whoever held it by healing you health completely and giving you a temporary MASSIVE stat buff. A super powerful item with a lot of risk in it!

Wordball (The Electric Company) (Comes with Letterman update)


It's time to squeeze in some content from the reboot in here! Here, we have the ball thrown by members of the Electric Company that can change letters, phrases, sentences and words. In PBS Kids: Brawltime!, the Wordball can be used as a super versatile item. When it appears, you can throw it at an opponent. If an opponent gets hit by it, there will be a word that appears that will describe the status of the fighter. These can range from a fighter becoming tiny, becoming big, gaining a stat buff, gaining a stat effect, etc. However, the worst effect by the Wordball can be an automatic loss of a life (which is the rarest thing to happen). Beyond just throwing the Wordball, a fighter can hit or reflect the Wordball back to the person who threw it similar to what happens in the Electric Company reboot!

Newton’s Apple (Newton's Apple) (Comes with Letterman update)


Based on the literal fruit that helped Sir Isaac Newton discover gravity, it's the same apple seen in the opening of Newton's Apple! It will fall from the sky when entering the stage as an item. You can be hit by it giving you minor damage as apples falling from high heights can hurt your head! When it is on the ground, a fighter can consume and restore your health by a little. Alongside this, Newton's Apple will grant you a gravitational pull to the stage causing you to land on the stage more easily when knocked back to help with recoveries! A double-edgedsword when it comes to battling!

Kimmy's Kite (ABCmouse.com) (Comes with ABCmouse.com update)


It would be kind of cool to have a kite as an item given kites have been seen in many episodes in PBS Kids shows. Basically, when this item is spawned, you can pick up the kite and fly it. Occassionally, a wind blow in blowing the kite. Anyone who touches the kite will get some damage but when it flies more vigorously, you get more damage. You can also use the kite for recovery but the pattern will be awkward for flight due to the wind so be careful. The kite can be used for up to a minute before the wind gets too strong and you fly away. Be careful when you use this item as you are prone to fly away with the wind as kite flying can be dangerous sometimes on days that are very windy!

Ham with Jam (ABCmouse.com) (Comes with ABCmouse.com update)

One of my most favorite storybooks from abcmouse.com! Pam likes jam but doesn't like ham, while her brother Sam likes ham but doesn't like jam. But then the two mix ham and jam together, can they finally outcome their distastes over each sibling's personal tastes?

I believe we haven't added a healing item for quite a while, but Ham with Jam appears as a healing item, but using it is where the real action begins! When a character picks it up, they look at it with disgust for 1 second, much like how fighters hold the special flag for a short time, before eating it, restoring a random amount of 70% to 100% damage!, to reference trying new food can often result in good consequences. Be careful where you use it, since you'll drop it if someone damages you in the act!

Rotilian Reptool Toolbox (DinoTrux) (Comes with Ty Rux update)


This is kind of an original item and not really as I envision this being similar to the Pokeball Pokémon in the Smash games. Basically, a prehistoric-looking toolbox will fall and you will get a Reptool to assist you. There are four different possibilities.

  • Revvit (which would be the most common Reptool to appear out of the box) and you can use him by attacking your opponents with his flat head and even give you a tail bump to give you a slight stat boost.
  • Buzz who will shoot out tool bits from his back and tend to attack in an upward motion.
  • Click-Clack who will attack by falling downward causing some knockback with the tool head on his head
  • Hudnut (the rarest of the Reptools) will go all in and really get to work due to his bravery. Once he's on an opponent, he will get to work!
They will only be out for a few seconds and you can pick them up and throw them at the opponent you want them to attack! However, your opponents can KO the Reptools so be very careful!

Wiggly Waffle Stack (Sprout's Wiggly Waffle) (Comes with Ty Rux update)


We finally get some form of representation for The Wiggles themselves being the title food from their programming block, a stack of Wiggly Waffles! Basically, it's a healing item with a stack of five waffles topped with some fruits and syrup. You can consume it and it will heal about 10-15% of your damage as Wiggly Waffles are a GREAT way to start your day! In fact, not only will you get healed but you will also be in a bit of a dance-like frenzy where you will be able to combo a bit better for a few seconds as The Wiggles do like to dance their food off after they eat!

Smoothie Machine (Astroblast!) (Comes with Ty Rux update)


This item can be used as BOTH an offensive and healing item! This is from a Sprout show that was produced alongside Scholastic Media too so how fun! Basically, when a fighter sees this item spawn on the battlefield, you simply can attack it to let the smoothie go everywhere and basically attack your opponents. If you use it enough on your opponents, you can freeze them temporarily as you would have given them a brain freeze. You can use it as a healing item if you stand by the machine and drink it to heal some of your health. However....if you drink too much, you will get a brain freeze as well! A heavy risk/reward item!

Pingu's Fishing Rod (Pingu) (Comes with Ty Rux update)


Why don't we add this item from another one of the stop-motion shows that HiT did have a hand in braodcasting and home video rights...plus this penguin is a meme himself? Basically, an opponent can grab the fishing rod and cast it out to grab a fighter more easily to reel them in. If you throw it off stage, you might reel in a huge fish which can flop on the stage to cause more damage! How you use it is up to you but this item can easily be broken if attacked.

Unfreeze Wanderer Key (Where's Waldo?) (Comes with Ty Rux update)


I'm going for triple representation for Where's Waldo? here but...anywho, this item can be handy in team battles as well for yourself. If your teammate or...if your REALLY feeling generous is frozen from an ice-themed item, you can unfreeze that fighter. HOWEVER, you can refreeze your opponent with this key by simply attacking them with it and they will turn into stone for at least a few seconds until you unfreeze them. It works at any time similar to this key's function in the Where's Waldo? series.

Roary the Racing Car (Comes with Ty Rux update)

Hailing from another British stop-motion show produced by the Bob the Builder guys, Roary zooms in to help out the others on the battlefield! As a stylistic choice here, Roary will only be the size of a toy car! Once you grab and throw him, he'll scurry along the stage like Bombchu damaging anyone in his path and will grab an item and then drive back to hand it to the fighter who activated him originally!

Capture The Flag

Similar to the game itself, there are flags on both sides, the player will have to get the flag from the opposing team and run it back to the other side. The first team to a set amount of flags or whoever gets the most flags within the time limit wins!

Hot Potato: submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario

A hot potato spawns in the middle of the screen. First to touch it picks it up, then any attack will transfer over the potato to the attacker. Whoever has the potato at the last second wins!

PBS Kids Marathon

Similar to the Squad Strike mode in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, you pick 3 or 5 characters. There will also be a tag team mode where you can swap between your characters.

Trivia Tussle

An idea inspired by the Smash Tour mode in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and the Playground Pandemonium idea PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn posed a while ago, players will be in a game show-esque TV set similar to the ones seen on some PBS Kids commercials where Guy Smiley from Sesame Street will be the host. In this game, there will be a series of 10 questions related to various PBS Kids shows in the game testing your knowledge on the shows. If you get the question right, you will receive a reward such as an assist to help you in the final fight, an extra stock, etc. However, there can be punishments if you get a question wrong such as the loss of a stock, assist swapping, etc.

After the 10 rounds are up, there will be a final battle on a random stage with random conditions. The winner of the battle is the champion of Trivia Tussle!

Gold Rush

The equivalent of Coin Battle, the fighters will have to attack one another for gold based off of the currency seen in the former PBS Kids Island webpage. Whoever has the most gold at the end wins!

Secure the Shapes
Works like a "King of the Hill" game mode, with a twist! On the stage there are 6 designated areas marked with colorful translucent shapes, being a circle, a square, a triangle, a star, a hexagon and an octagon. A text box above view will tell you which is the current shape you must stand in to gain points, and the shape which you have to capture will change on a regular basis and the shapes themselves will change positions occasionally. Of coarse, the player with the most points wins!

Online Tourneys (Added during Zula Patrol update)

That's right! Similar to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, there will be a mode dedicated to online tournaments...but even better! This mode will allow for fun (tournaments with items, wacky rulesets, etc.) as well as tournaments for serious competitors.

However....there are even greater features including:

  • Tournaments with double elimination
  • Tournaments that allow for in-game streaming capabilities on streaming sites like Twitch or even YouTube
  • There will be tournaments held for qualifiers for the PBS Kids: Brawltime! Championship Circuit
  • Also, there will be tournaments where players can even earn an all-paid expenses trip to gaming events that have PBS Kids: Brawltime! as one of the games having a tournament.
This mode will coincide with Year 3 having a new way for players being able to partake in the PBS Kids: Brawltime! Championship Circuit finale being regional qualifiers, similar to the Smash World Tour. PBS Kids: Brawltime! has lag tests as well as just better rollback netcode so we are all prepared for everyone to have a fighting chance to be a part of the Championship Circuit!

Multi-nomaly Mayhem
Similar to Abyss mode from Rivals of Aether, where there would be waves with different objectives for each, whether it is to defeat a certain number of dark fighters from the Anomaly's forces, destroy portals or other fun challenges, there are always a variety of things to do in this game mode. In this mode specifically, there would be learning books, similar to the runes from Rivals of Aether, where they would take up a certain number of slots in a character's book holder that would give them unique buffs and other benefits.

Wave challenges:

-Airborne Fighter (Avoid the ground for 15 seconds)
-Welcome to the Mayhem! (Defeat 10 weak fighters)
-Multi-Nomaly Master (Defeat 100 dark fighters from the Anomaly's forces)
-Portal to Anomolaus places (Destroy the Anomaly portals! They spawn dark fighters at fast rates!)
-Don't touch the lines (Dodge the Anomaly lasers and defeat the enemy!)
-The big armored one (Defeat a dark souped-up, giant and super-armor'd version of yourself!)
-I'm So Special! (Defeat 10 fighters from the Anomaly's forces using only special moves)
-Look at Me, I Can Fly! (Avoid the ground for 30 seconds.)
-Mayhem Master in The Making (Defeat 50 weak enemies.)
-Can You Spot Us? (Defeat certain Anomaly Fighters tasked to you, but avoid defeating the wrong Anomaly fighters!)
-Self-Destruct Activated! (Survive the timed-explosion Anomaly Fighters! Think of them like the Galeem and Dharkon puppet fighters that explode after a short time)
-Chip Off the Anomalous Block! (Destroy the Anomaly Shrine Stone quickly!)
-Light Work (Defeat 5 weak fighters with only using light moves)
-Super Airborne Fighter (Avoid the ground for 30 seconds)
-Invincible Fighter (Defeat 20 weak fighters without getting any damage)
-Go to your gates! (Send the Dark Anomaly fighters to the dark portals!)
-Let there be light! (Absorb the light that come from above!)
-Anomalies on the plans! (Defeat 50 tiny Dark Anomaly fighters!)
-Master of Specials (Defeat 50 enemies using only Special moves.)
-More Anomalies on The Plans! (Defeat 100 tiny Dark Anomaly fighters!)
-Down They Go! (Defeat 10 weak enemies using your strong down neutral!)
-High in the Sky! (Defeat 10 Dark Anomaly fighters with your up aerial!)
-That's my space! (Claim the areas marked by shape for yourself from the Anomaly fighters!)
-Dinner Time! (You're damaged by 50% for this round. Restore 50% damage with healing items within 30 seconds!)

Learning Books:

Learning book set for Big Bird:
  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • Slappier Wing: Big Bird's neutral-standard deals more damage
    • Lessons in Flight: Big Bird gains an extra 4th jump
    • Big Letter: All of Big Bird's letters are bigger
    • Big Exercise: Big Bird moves faster!
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • Wheel Shock: Big Bird's unicycle now produces ground sparks when turning
    • Wing Whacker: Big Bird's neutral-standard can reflect projectiles
    • Less-time letters: All of Big Bird's letter attacks have less startlag!
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Letter of the Week: Big Bird can now summon 3 letters above him with his up-standard!
    • UniDirtCycle: Unicycle can bury opponents
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Abandon Unicycle!: Big Bird can leap off his unicycle mid-air, and the unicycle becomes a meteor-projectile
Learning book set for Elmo:
  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • Say Hello, Dorothy! (Elmo's Light Up has less start-up lag)
    • Rocco is Just a Rock!!! (Elmo's Light Down does more damage.)
    • Double Friends to Draw (For Elmo's Neutral Special, he can now draw two friends at once from the easel.)
    • Double the Fishbowl (For Elmo's Light Up, he will hold up two fishbowls, both having Dorothy in them.)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • Friends to the Rescue (The "friends" from Elmo's Neutral Special will deal more damage)
    • Imagination Power (Elmo gets a stat buff)
    • Faster, Zoe!!! (For Elmo's Down Special, it will have less startup lag.)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Always Reaching for The Sky! (When using his Up Special, Elmo can use it twice in midair.)
    • More Fuel for The Jeep! (When Elmo does his Down Special, Zoe will be out for a longer time.)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Elmo Wants to Play More!!! (Elmo will gain temporary invincibility as well as a mega stat buff!)

Learning book set for Mr. Rogers:

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • Cooling off Faster (Mr. Rogers's Light Up has less start up lag)
    • Speed Gardening (Mr. Rogers's Light Down comes out faster)
    • Extra Kindness (Mr. Rogers's Down Special will have longer length)
    • Sharing is Caring (Mr. Rogers's Light Neutral has no end lag after you use the move.)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • Trolley Coming Through! (Mr. Rogers's Trolley from his neutral special deals more damage!)
    • Big and Strong (Mr. Rogers gets a stat buff)
    • More to Share (For Mr. Rogers's Light Neutral, he will share 2 items causing more damage.)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • An Extra Lift from the Puppets (Mr. Rogers can use his up special twice while in midair)
    • More Time for a Cool-off! (Mr. Rogers now has two fans for his Light Up)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Flowerpot Crash (When Mr. Rogers uses his Light Down in midair, the Flowerpot will become a meteor projectile!)

Learning book set for Arthur:

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • Bigger Hit: Arthur's neutral-standard deals more damage
    • Super Swing: Arthur is able to swing higher when the up special is used normally without charging it.
    • Double Glasses Whirl: Arthur now whirls 2 pairs of glasses when using his up neutral
    • Bionic Arthur: Arthur gains some buffs for his stats.
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • Extra Reading: When using his Neutral Down, Arthur now has 2 books on both sides of him for bigger hitboxes.
    • More Class Help: When using his Neutral Special, Arthur now can have 2 classmates summoned instead of just 1.
    • Deeper Diving: Arthur can now control the Deep Sea diver for a longer period and the diver will deal more damage!
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Three's a Crowd! Arthur can now summon 3 classmates when using his neutral special.
    • Super Hit: Now, when using Arthur's neutral-standard, there is a bigger sweet spot for spiking!
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • No Time Wasted: Arthur's special moves will have no start up lag when using any of his specials!

Learning book set for Buster:
  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • A Faster Sweet Success (Buster's Light Neutral has less start up lag and will have more attack power.)
    • The Faster Barn Raising (Buster's Light Up does more damage and has less startup lag.)
    • More Shots for the Video Postcard (For Buster's Neutral Special, he will hold the camera for longer causing the opponent to stay attached to the camera for a bit longer, causing Buster more time to attack his opponents.)
    • Quicker for the Five Second Rule (For Buster's Light Down, it will come out faster and have less startup lag.)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • The Aliens are Really Real! (For Buster's Up Special, he will gain more vertical height on the recovery.)
    • A Video Postcard Power Up! (Buster gets a stat buff)
    • More Food for Me! (For Buster's Down Special, he can steal nowtwo foods at once causing him to heal more damage. )
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • More Chcolate Bars! (When using his Light Neutral, Buster will have two chocolate bars for a bigger hotbox!)
    • More Video Postcards Coming Up! (When Buster uses his Neutral Special, he can do the move twice consecutively.)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • So Long, Aliens! (Now, for Buster's Neutral special, the UFO will become a meteor projectile once used causing a nasty spike.)

Learning Book set for Dash:

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • Faster Transformation: Dash's Light Neutral will have faster startup!
    • Super Kite Flying: Dash can fly higher with his up special, giving him more height for recovery!
    • A Firefly Show!: More fireflies appear for Dash's Up Neutral.
    • A Good Workout for Growing: Dash gains some buffs for his stats.
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • Carrot Growing: Dash's Neutral Down comes out faster.
    • Double the Fun!: When using his Neutral Special, Dash can kick 2 balls without startup or ending lag.
    • Super Attraction: For Dash's down special, his magnet can attract opponents from all over the stage!
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Here's More Balls: Dash will now have 3 balls summoned when using his Neutral Special!
    • Super Strength: Now, when using Dash's neutral-standard, he gives his opponents more damage!
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Dropping Carrots!: When Dash uses his Light Down in the air, it will deal more damage and be a meteor projectile!
Learning book set for Barney:
  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • Speed Painting (Barney's Light Up has less start up lag)
    • Slugger Barney (Barney's Light Neutral does more damage and has less startup lag.)
    • Hay Bailing (Barney's Light Neutral will deal more damage)
    • Longer Fight (Barney's Up Special will be longer, Barney will be in the airplane for 4 seconds.)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • Express Coming Through! (Barney's Neutral Special will deal more damage and the train will be out for longer!)
    • Extra Imagination (Barney gets a stat buff)
    • More Painting (For Barney's Light Up, he will get 2 paintbrushes causing more damage.)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Extra Hose Work (Barney's Down Special will get more length with the water from the hose reaching a farther distance!)
    • Extra Farm Work (Barney now has two pitchforks for his Light Down)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Top Train Conductor Barney! (Now, for Barney's neutral special, he can be on the train even longer and when used offstage, it can be a meteor projectile!)
Learning book set for Chris and Martin:

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • Faster Pecking (Chris's Light Neutral has less start up lag and pecks faster)
    • Super Shark Attack (Martin's Light Up does more damage and has less startup lag.)
    • Mega Splash (Martin's Up Special will deal more damage when landing on the stage.)
    • Porcupine Take Cover (Chris's Light Up will gain more spikes.)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • Longer Reach for a Frog (Martin's Neutral Special will have a longer length reaching opponents across the stage!)
    • Super Creature Power (Both Chris and Martin get a stat buff)
    • Super Stinkcloud (For Chris's Neutral Special, the stink clouds will cause more damage.)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • King of The Savannah (Chris's Light Down will deal more lion swipes on opponents!)
    • Bigger Croc Bite (Martin's Light Down has a bigger bite and will even inflict accumulating bite damage on the opponents!)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Super Recovery (Both Chris and Martin can use their Up Specials three times while in midair, super creature power!)

Learning book set for WordGirl:
  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • Frostier Breath (Wordgirl's down special can freeze others for longer)
    • Air necessities (Wordgirl's aerial attacks are stronger)
    • Faster than a speeding spaceship! (Wordgirl has faster movement speed)
    • Launch them to the stars! (Wordgirl's upper attacks have more knockback)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • More powerful than words of mouth! (All of Wordgirl's attacks have a 30% chance to crit!)
    • Capers of Flight (Wordgirl has the ability to descend slowly to the ground)
    • Girl of Steel (When idle, Wordgirl gains super-armor!)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Huggy-gänger (Wordgirl can summon 2 Captain Huggy Faces with her neutral special!)
    • Able to leap tall stages without missing a ledge! (Wordgirl now has 3 jumps, with the third jump being higher!)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Lighter Flight (With her up-special, she deals more damage and knockback and flies up higher!)
Learning book set for Miss Frizzle:

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • More Education for everyone! (Ms. Frizzle's attacks are stronger in general)
    • Surfing on a soundwave (Ms. Frizzle's movement speed increased)
    • Making a Pain-bow (Ms. Frizzle's rainbow can now deal random status affects to others)
    • Get More Planted (Ms. Frizzle's beanstalks have a chance to snag others)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • Wetter all over (Ms. Frizzle's neutral special now generates a more powerful storm cloud)
    • Still Lost in Space (Ms. Frizzle's down special has a wider AOE)
    • Going Even More Cellular (Ms. Frizzle's cells are BIGGER)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Quick Rain Prep (Many factors of Ms. Frizzle's neutral special have less startlag and endlag)
    • Swinging through the stars (Ms. Frizzle's down special now has an orbit of damaging stars)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Blowing More of Its Top (There can now be 2 volcano platform active at one time!)
Learning book set for Digit:
  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • Super Wing Slash (Digit's Light Neutral deals a slight bit more damage)
    • Faster and Stronger Kicks by the Second (Digit's Light Up does more damage and has less startup lag.)
    • Higher Bar Growth! (For Digit's Up Special, it'll allow Digit to go higher and launch the other fighters further with more knockback.)
    • The Didge is Here, Faster! (Digit gains more speed in the air.)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • Tornado of Multiplication (Digit's Light Down will deal more damage)
    • Mathemagician Digit! (Digit gets a stat buff)
    • Less Damage Done (For Digit's Down Special, his fractions increase by 1/2 allowing him to take way less damage.)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Wingin' It More (When using his Light Neutral, he will deal three wing slaps!)
    • More Bars to Raise (When Digit does his Up Special, there will be five bars increasing the hitboxes even faster!)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Super Frantic Fractions! (For Digit's Neutral Special, he will always deal 9 no matter what causing maximum damage!)
Learning book set for Hacker:

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • Jab Punch Hack (Hacker's Light Neutral does a bit more damage.)
    • Uppercut Hack (When using Hacker's Light Up, it will come out faster and deal a slight bit more damage.)
    • Hack to Teleportation (Hacker can use his Up Special twice while in midair.)
    • The Ground Hack (Hacker's Light Down will deal more damage and have a bigger hitbox.)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • Mega Punch Hack (Hacker's Neutral Special will have less startup lag and deal more damage!)
    • Stat Hack (Hacker gets a stat buff!)
    • Laptop Terrain Hack (For Hacker's Down Special, he will place two laptops at once on the ground.)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Triple Jab Hack (For Hacker's Light Neutral, he now throws 3 punches.)
    • Double Uppercut Hack (For Hacker's Light Up, he will throw two uppercuts at once!)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Mega Laptopn Hack Against Cyberspace! (For Hacker's Down Special, the laptops cause more knock back on the fighters they damage as well as more can be easily placed on the ground!)

Learning book set for Lionel:

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • Clean Up! Clean Up! (Lionel's light down is stronger)
    • Gotta Jog like a Frog! (Lionel's movement speed is faster)
    • Much More Organized (Lionel's neutral special now spawns the items in a specific order instead of random)
    • Enchanted (Lionel's neutral special deals more damage!)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • Clickety-Clacker Moo (Lionel's light neutral has it harder for foes to escape, and is stronger too!)
    • Let's Get Poppin'! (Lionel's light up spawns 3 more popcorn!, totaling 6!)
    • Pandora's Box is opening more! (Lionel's down special now deals more than one stat nerf to opponents!)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Cows that Type HARDER (The strong variant of Lionel's light neutral has the cows type two HUGE words with less end lag)
    • Extra Fuel for the Cliff (Cliff Heli lasts longer)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Can hold on for much longer (Whenever Lionel holds on to a ledge, he actually will never let go, and when he gets up, he'll unleash a much stronger ledge attack, great for ambushes!)
Learning book set for Xavier Riddle:

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • More Electricity (Xavier Riddles's Light Up deal more damage.)
    • Double the History (When using Xavier Riddle's Light Neutral, he will summon two historical figures at once.)
    • Faster Juggling (Xavier Riddles's Down Special will come out faster.)
    • Spinning Faster Rings (Xavier Riddles's Light Down will deal more damage and have less startup lag.)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • History on the Double (Now, Xavier Riddles' Neutral Special will have less startup lag!)
    • History in the Making! (Xavier Riddle gets a stat buff!)
    • More Powerful Rocket Car(For Xavier Riddles's Up Special, it will deal more damage on any fighters in the way.)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Double the Energy Balls (Now, Xavier Riddle can summon two energy balls when using his Neutral Special)
    • More Balls to Juggle (Xavier Riddle now juggles more balls when using his Down Special!)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Thanks for the help, Rocket Car! (The rocket car from Xavier Riddles' Up Special becomes a meteor projectile!)

Learning book set for the Teletubbies:

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • Tubby Custard Coming Up! (The Teletubbies' Light Down deal will have less start up lag.)
    • Faster Light (More beams of light will come out for their Light Neutral.)
    • Sparkles, Sparkles! (The Teletubbies' Light Up will deal more damage.)
    • Faster, Rabbits! (When using their Neutral Special, the pet rabbits will come out faster.)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • Rabbits, Rabbits! (Now, when using their Neutral Special, the Teletubbies will gain 3 rabbits!)
    • Tubby Power! (The Teletubbies get a stat buff!)
    • Jumping, Yay!! (For The Teletubbies' Up Special, it will deal more damage and gain higher heights.)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Bigger Hug (Now, when using their Down Special, the Teletubbies will gain bigger buffs when doing their hug and will deal more damage when doing their hug!)
    • More Tubby Custard! (Now, the Teletubbies can have 2 bowls of Tubby Custard when using their Light Down and it will deal more damage!)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Time to Run, Teletubbies! (The Teletubbies gain extreme speed from the magic from Teletubby Land!)
Learning book set for Molly:
  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • Faster Hip Dancing (Molly's Light Neutral has less start up lag and will have more attack power.)
    • Go Away, Mosquitoes! (Molly's Light Up does more damage and has less startup lag. The shooing motion will be out for longer)
    • Louder Durmming (For Molly's Neutral Special, she will play the drum louder, causing more damage!)
    • More Digging (For Molly's Light Down, she will have 2 sticks for more hitbox power. )
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • Farther Suki! (For Molly's Down Special, she will gain more range by having the ability to throw the bone farther.)
    • Denali Power Up (Molly gets a stat buff)
    • Super Happy Jumping (For Molly's Up Special, she can do it twice consecutively in midair!)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Extra Hip Dancing (When using her Light Neutral, Molly can do it up to 5 times causing massive damage!)
    • Super Suki (When Molly does her Down Special, Suki will be out for longer and she is able to throw the bone twice for Suki to get it.)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Drumming Finale (Now, for Molly's Neutral special, she now deals massive knock back when hitting her opponents with the special attack, like a finish to a drumming concert!)
Learning book set for Ord:

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • Cupcake Coming Up (Ord's Light Neutral has less start up lag)
    • I'm Too Scared (When using Ord's Light Up, it will come out faster and deal more damage. It will be more spammable.)
    • Taking a Dive (Ord's Down Special will come out faster.)
    • Faster Sled Ride (Ord's Light Down will have less startup lag and deal more damage.)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • More Dragoncorn (Ord's Neutral Special will have more range!)
    • My Cowardice is In Check! (Ord gets a stat buff!)
    • Flying With Me More! (For Ord's Up Special, he will gain more height and deal more damage ramming into opponents.)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • More Cupcakes the Better. (Now, for Ord's Light Neutral, he will gain 2 cupcakes!)
    • A Way Better Dive (For Ord's Down Special, he will deal more damage and have a bigger spikebox on the move!)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Bravest Dragon in Dragon Land! (Regardless when getting the raincloud or not, all of Ord's moves will give more knockback and damage now that he has gained more courage!)

Learning book set for Marvin:
  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • Faster Hoof Standing (Marvin's Light Up has less start-up lag and comes out faster)
    • Super Hoof Strike (Marvin's Light Down does more damage.)
    • Easier Aerial Posing (For Marvin's Up Special, you have more of a time window to do an aerial pose with the time of the button pressing.)
    • More Dancing for The Crowd! (For Marvin's Light Neutral, he can spam the move up to three consecutive times.)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • Buckaroo Kick Crowd Pleaser (For Marvin's Neutral Special, you have more time to time the attack to perform the super-strong buckaroo kick with high knockback. Regardless, the move gains a damage buff as it will deal more damage.)
    • Fast-Talking Jack's Boost (Marvin gets a stat buff)
    • Tap Dancing All Day Long (For Marvin's Down Special, it will have less startup lag and the time to time the button pressing to deal more damage will be increased.)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Double Flutter (When using his Up Special, Marvin can use it twice in midair.)
    • Hoof Striking with Extra Love and Practice (When Marvin does his Light Down, he can spam it more and it will deal more damage.)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • King of the Carnival (Marvin will gain temporary invincibility as well as his knockback being reduced making him harder to launch.)
Learning book set for Ruff Ruffman:

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • Here's Your Belly Bump! (Ruff Ruffman's' Light Neutral will have less start up lag.)
    • That's My Microphone! (Ruff Ruffman's Light Up will deal more damage.)
    • Better Breakdancing (Ruff Ruffman's Light Down will deal more damage and have less startup lag.)
    • Cannonballlll! (When using his Up Special, Ruff Ruffman will deal more damage and the move will gain a bit of a spikebox.)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • More Challenges for You! (Now, when using his Neutral Special, Ruff Ruffman can throw out 2 cards at once!)
    • Here's Your Prize! (Ruff Ruffman gets a stat buff!)
    • Super Explosion (For Ruff Ruffman's Down Special, it will deal more damage and will deal more knockback.)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Belly Bump to The Max! (Now, when using his Light Neutral, Ruff Ruffman can spam the move up to three times and it will deal more damage!)
    • The Super Bonus Round Challenge! (Now, for Ruff Ruffman's Neutral Special, Ruffman can throw up to three cards and the challenges will be more difficult!)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Mic Drop! (The microphone from Ruff Ruffman's Light Up can now be used as a meteor projectile!)

Learning Book Set for Cheeko

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • EekoGimp! (All of Cheeko's ground attacks send fighters up higher)
    • EekoFly! (Cheeko's air speed and control is higher)
    • Use more hangers! (Light-Up is more spammable)
    • Eekolight (Light-Down is more spammable)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • EekoDash! (Eekocreatures go faste and are stonger)
    • Recycled Power-Up (When Down-Special is used right, Cheeko will also get a stat buff!)
    • Fly n' Smash! (Cheeko gains the ability to use his strong mid-air!)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Eekocreatures Galore! (There can be two Eekocreatures on screen at once!)
    • Recycling Really is Right! (Down special deals more damage to others and less to Cheeko)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Come Forth Immediately! (Eekocreatures build themselves instantly!)

Learning Book Set for Donkey:

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • A Faster Squashed Donkey (Donkey's Light Down will come out faster)
    • Come Along, Donkey! (Donkey's movement speed is faster)
    • Eat Faster! (Donkey's Light Up comes out faster and deals a bit more damage!)
    • Super Buckaroo Kick! (Donkey's Neutral Special deals more damage!)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • An Affectionate Lick ( For Donkey's Light Neutral, it will deal more damage and cause the opponent to stay stunned for longer!)
    • More Squashed Donkeys (Now, for Donkey's Light Down, he can place down 2 squashed donkeys consecutively!)
    • More Carrots for Donkey! (For Donkey's Down Special, he can eat more carrots at once faster and heal more damage!)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Help from The Tots (Donkey gets a stat buff!)
    • Donkey, Come Home! (Donkey can perform his Up Special twice while in midair.)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • The Best Donkey Ever! (Now, Donkey gains temporary invincibility as well as all his moves will deal even MORE damage!)

Learning Book Set for Ms. O:

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • On the Double, Agents! (The agents in Ms. O's Light Down will come out faster)
    • Faster Learning (Ms. O's Light Neutral is faster and can be more spammable)
    • Odder Angles (Ms. O's Light Up comes out faster and deals a bit more damage, it will even have a bigger arch of attack!)
    • Super Odd Speed! (Ms. O gains a speed buff!)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • The Odder Boxes (For Ms. O's Neutral Special, the items will deal more damage)
    • Odder Recovery (Now, for Ms. O's Up Special, it can be used twice in midair!)
    • Go For It, Ms. O! (For Ms. O's Down Special, she will gain a slightly bigger stat buff from her agents)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Odd Squad, Come Forth! (Ms. O gets a stat buff!)
    • Odder Uppercuts (For Ms. O's Neutral Special, it will always attack with the boxing glove!)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Extremely Odd Speed! (Now, for the start of the match for a few seconds, Ms. O will gain EXTREME speed and some more stat buffs!)

Learning Book Set for Bob:

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • Faster Digging (Bob's Light Down will come out faster)
    • Hammering is Light Work (Bob's Light Neutral will come out faster making it more spammable.)
    • Painting with Lots of Care (Bob's Light Up comes out faster and deals a bit more damage, making the hitboxes bigger!)
    • Faster Masonry (Bob's Neutral Special will come out faster causing you to make the brick wall faster!)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • Bigger Dirt Piles (For Bob's Light Down, there will be bigger dirt piles every time you use the move!)
    • Good Job from The Team! (Now, Bob gains a stat buff to assist him!)
    • Jackhammering Is The Best! (For Bob's Down Special, he can deal more damage and the jackhammer will be active for a few more seconds!)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • More Work for The Elevator (Bob can perform his Up Special twice in midair!)
    • Double the Hammering! (For his Light Neutral, Bob gains two hammering causing him to do twice the hammering work!)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Super Tool Durability! (Now, all of Bob's tools will have max durability for a short while at the beginning for a little whole and Bob will be invincible!)
Learning Book Set for Malik, Zadie and Zeke:

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • Faster Punches (The Wombats' Light Neutral will come out faster)
    • Super Wombat Uppercut! (The Wombats' Light Up will deal more damage.)
    • Super Wombat Toss (For their Neutral Special, the wombat being tossed will go a farther distance.)
    • Super Wombat Roundhouse Kick! (The Wombats' Light Down will deal more damage!)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • Wombats, Come Back! (Now, when a Wombat Follower gets KOd, the wombat will spawn right back after getting KOd!)
    • Good Job Working it Out! (Now, Malik, Zadie and Zeke gain a stat buff to assist them!)
    • Super Wombat Launch! (For the wombats' Up Special, they all get launched a farther distance!)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Further Launching! (The Wombats can perform their Up Special twice in midair!)
    • Strongest Wombat Punching (For their Light Neutral, the Wombats will give more damage to their opponents!)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Invincibility But Worked Out! (Now, the wombats have gained super invincibility for a few seconds as well as super stat buffs!)

Learning Book Set for Betsy:

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • More Tea Coming Up (Betsy’s Light Neutral will come out faster)
    • Saving The Earth With More Confidence! (Betsy's Light Down will deal more damage.)
    • Jump High, Betsy! (Betsy will gain more height for her Up Special.)
    • Cleaning Up Faster (Betsy's Light Up will come out faster!)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • Learning is Fun! (As for her Neutral Special, Betsy will simply have quicker access to stronger versions of each of her Neutral Special moves.)
    • Good Job, Betsy! (Now, Betsy gains a stat buff to assist her!)
    • Double Tea for All! (For Betsy’s Light Neutral, she will get two teacups)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Extra Recess! (For Betsy’s Down Special, she can summon two pieces of playground equipment at once!)
    • Jump Twice, Betsy! (Now, when in midair, Betsy can perform her Up Special twice! Plus, it can deal more damage!)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Student of the Fight! (Now, for Betsy’s Neutral Special, she gets automatic access to the Strongest move in every Neutral Special as she is now the best student in the fight!)
Learning Book Set for Super Why:

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • More Reading (Super Why’s Light Neutral will come out faster)
    • Alphabet Power (Super Why's Light Up will deal more damage.)
    • More fuel for the Why Flyer (Super Why will gain more height for his Up Special and stay in air longer.)
    • More Word Families (Super Why's Light Down will come out faster and he can form more words faster!)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • More Power Means More Reading! (As for his Neutral Special, Super Why will have more words to assist him.)
    • Super Readers Ready to Help! (Now, Super Why gains a stat buff to assist him, thanks to the other Super Readers!)
    • Dictionary Power! (For Super Why's Down Special, he can pull out two items or two words)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Super Reading! (For Super Why's Neutral Special, he will be more likely to get positive words to effect him!)
    • Double the Alphabet! (Now, for the Light Up, Super Why will hold up two letters causing more damage!)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Super Invincibility! (Now, at the beginning of the fight, Super Why is invincible and has maxed out stats for a short time!)
Learning Book Set for The Zula Patrol:

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • Faster Research (The Zula Patrol's Light Neutral will come out faster!)
    • A Better Blast-Off (The Zula Patrol's Up Special will deal a bit more damage!)
    • Faster Stars (For their Neutral Special, the stars will come out a bit quicker)
    • Faster Clean Up! (The Zula Patrol's Light Down will come out faster and deal a bit more damage!)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • More Fuel for the Spaceship! (Now, the Zula Patrol's Spaceship Gauge will fill up faster!))
    • An Out-Of-This World Buff! (Now, the Zula Patrol gain a stat buff to assist them!)
    • A Bigger Shadow! (For their Down Special, the Zula Patrol can create bigger shadows and they will be out for a longer time!)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • More Asteroids! (The Zula Patrol's Neutral Up will cause more damage as well as is more spammable!))
    • Bigger Research! (For their Light Neutral, there will be more damage given to opponents with the research being bigger!)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • The Best Team Ever! (Now, assists will come in faster to help and cause more damage when the assist gauge is full for the Zula Patrol's Light attacks!)
Learning Book Set for Letterman:

  • Tier 1 (Takes up 1 slot)
    • More Light Please! (Letterman's Light Neutral will come out faster!)
    • O, Faster! (For his Down Special, Letterman can run faster and the O deals a bit more damage!)
    • Making It Capital (For his Up Special, Letterman can jump higher and have less endlag after the move.)
    • The Harder It Falls (The ball in Letterman's Light Up will come out faster and deal a bit more damage as the ball will bounce harder!)
  • Tier 2 (Takes up 2 slots)
    • More Power Against Silent E! (Now, Letterman's Neutral Special will deal more damage!)
    • Bluff to Buff! (Now, Letterman gains a stat buff to assist him!)
    • All Aboard! (For his Down Special, Letterman can stun his foes longer in the train!)
  • Tier 3 (Takes up 3 slots)
    • Bright Lights (Letterman's Light Neutral will cause more damage as well as is more spammable with the stronger variant having the ability to be spammed more often!)
    • Capital to Lowercase Jumping! (For his Up Special, Letterman can jump twice in midair and have even less endlag when landing!)
  • Tier 4 (Takes up 4 slots)
    • Letter Champion! (Now, all of his moves gain extreme buffs and have little endlag in them causing Letterman to become more super!)

Idea by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn

Ok, so they way on how I think PBS Kids: Brawltime's classic/arcade mode should work is that it would be similar to Smash Bros. Ultimate's classic mode, where every classic mode route is named after and themed around a specific character and their themes and goals, but unlike Smash Bros. Ultimate's classic mode, every stage is randomized, and each has a random selection of characters and character teams much like older Smash Bros games. There will be about 11 stages per classic mode route, 7 normal battles, 2 bonus stages (ala break the targets), a penultimate special stage specific to every character, and the final boss battle (which we will discuss for a later time). Whenever you finish a battle or stage, you are awarded with "Learning Points", in addition to the points you get normally for winning, which are bonus points for certain actions and stuff you have done, similar to the bonuses from Smash Bros 64 to Brawl. The way how the route will be displayed is with a map similar to Street Fighter 2's map (but larger to see where their character is going) and ABCMouse.com's step-by-step learning path (ABCMouse.com is an educational website that funded a lot of modern PBS Kids shows), but the map is also inspired from Dora the Explorer (Only inspired, Dora the Explorer is a Nickelodeon property, so it's not represented here in PBS Kids Brawltime!), where the Map would give out the route from start to finish in every Dora the Explorer episode. Each classic mode route is mostly centered around a plot involving the character doing something in/for their home countries and lands.


I know it's way too early to be giving off ideas for classic mode routes, but here are 3 examples I made just to be clear on how each classic mode route is themed, they will not be more elaborate until the next job for actually coming up with classic/arcade mode routes.

Big Bird: Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?, Looks like there are some new visitors who are lost and can't find their way to Sesame Street! Perhaps Big Bird is the navigation wagon, and he can lead the way. The map displayed for Big Bird's classic mode route is a long trial leading up to Sesame Street, and Big Bird's position on the map is displayed with Big Bird on his bicycle.

Mr. Rogers: Thugs in the Land of Make Believe! Be kind, will you?, Oh no! There's some troublemakers wandering about in the Land of Make Believe, and they seem to display signs of horridness and being unkind. Mr. Rogers sets out on a quest through the Land of Make Believe to help spread the word of how things are better when everyone are good-hearted. The map displayed for Mr. Rogers' classic mode route is the Land of Make Believe, and Mr. Rogers' position on the map is displayed with, what more obvious choice then, the Neighborhood Trolley.

Arthur: Trouble in Elwood City, Arthur heard the news that hooligans are wreaking havoc in Elwood City, so Arthur asks his parents to take him on a car trip to the various places of Elwood City to wrangle up the rowdy visitors! The map displayed for Arthur's classic mode route is obviously Elwood City, and Arthur's position on the map is displayed with Arthur's parents' car.

Yes, something simple and easy. Basically, like Smash's training mode, you can train on any stage and there's also a Training stage as well. Here, you can practice combos, tech, any fundamentals, etc. There is also a tutorial guide in here as to how to play the game (similar to the Rivals of Aether tutorials) as well as character specific gimmick tutorials as well. Overall, a good mode for beginners to learn how to play PBS Kids: Brawltime!

Inspired by Dash's love of fitness, this mode will involve you playing as a fighter doing exercises aka other ways of brawling. This is PBS Kids: Brawltime's equivalent of a Stadium Mode.

There are three modes:

Green Circle Tag: The Target Test equivalent, each fighter gets their own unique stage based on their strengths (just like how the Target Test stages were designed in Super Smash Bros Melee) chasing green circles akin to the PBS Kids logo with the fighter's face on it.

Anomaly Melee: The Multi-Man Melee equivalent where you fight multiple dark fighters from the Anomaly's forces. There's 100 Man Anomaly, Endless Anomaly and Cruel Anomaly

Mad Carnival Dash: As the fighter, you will run through the carnival shown in the PBS Kids Jack-in-the-Box ID as fast as you can for 10 seconds. This is the equivalent to Home Run Contest.

I envision the story mode being similar to Subspace Emissary (with platforming elements and the platform fighting elements). In my idea, the premise is that, a somewhat-long-time ago, a mysterious evil being known as "the Anomaly" has taken over every world in the PBS Kids Universe and has enslaved their citizens in glowing-purple chains of energy. The main characters of those worlds, however, managed to escape the Anomaly by jumping in green portals conveniently summoned by some kindly being that led to a world with no towns, cities, technology or civilization, but just millions of acres of plain grasslands, desert, snow, forests and some ruins too. For many years, the main characters of those PBS Kids worlds have been hiding from the Anomaly, but they have been doing nothing but roam around the empty lands and battle with each other, mostly out of confusion and not knowing where they are or what is happening. As time progressed, the main characters of the PBS Kids worlds have started to get more content with each other, knowing they didn't mean any harm and they just want their worlds and everything back, and they have started to fight together and not fight each other, which just happens to be the moment when the Anomaly finds the "World of No-Learning", which is the "millions of acres of plain grasslands, desert, snow, forests and some ruins too" lands which the main characters have been transported to. With this, the main characters' goal is to defeat the Anomaly and restore peace and order to their worlds. I can imagine PBS Kids: Brawltime!'s story mode being split into "arcs", which are really just chapters that follow a certain group of fighters and their journeys and the opponents they face, who are either doppelgangers of the main characters created by the Anomaly, the Anomaly's enslaved minions, and the Anomaly itself. There will be cutscenes involving dialogue between the characters.

Chapter One: When struggling stars come to fight

Flashback footage of the playable PBS Kids characters in their shows and the events that happened prior to the events of the story mode

Narrator (Not the Announcer Bunny): "Once upon a time, there were a bunch of fun-loving young folks who loved to educate children all over the world with their learning skills. For many years, they taught children how to compute, spell, and how to apply life lessons to their everyday lives. That, however, would all change when an unexplainable monster blob of purple energy, to which most call it "The Anomaly", appeared in those characters' world out of nowhere and made all those who fell to it bow before it and serve it for all eternity. Our heroic folks, however, managed to escape the Anomaly by running as hard as they could before reaching portals summoned by some other good being that led them to a different land that they did not know about but would be much safer there. This land, much to their surprise, did not have any forms of towns and civilizations, ANYWHERE, just acres and acres of plain land and sea, every mile they went. Ever since they arrived on those barren lands, stricken by confusion and grief, all they could do was wander around the empty lands and fight those whoever stood in their way."

It then cuts to footage of the PBS Kids characters on the World of No-Learning having fierce battle, 1 on 1. It then cuts to footage of Big Bird and Mr. Rogers just about to duke it out

Big Bird: "Oh, who are you? And what are you doing on my path? Outta they way please!"

Mr. Rogers: "But don't you remember me? I taught you all those lessons of being kind! You shouldn't handle things like this, you know"

Big Bird: "You dare oppose me! You're going down!"

Mr. Rogers: "No, please, this is all wrong! Well, I guess I must...."

the player then plays as Big Bird, and has to simply defeat Mr. Rogers

After Mr. Rogers is defeated

Big Bird: Ha ha! That'll teach you a lesson for standing in MY way! My home is gone!, and you're really not helping things out you know!

Mr. Rogers groans, knowing he wouldn't really handle things violently, but he had no choice

Narrator: For all of them, it seemed that they would be doomed to remain fighting for their lives forever, but who knows if that'll always be true?

3 years later

Dash is seen running through a grassy plain when he then stumbles across Arthur being captured by some citizens enslaved by the Anomaly, to which he then chases after it

The next stage has Dash going through a platforming stage and defeat the Anomaly's minions before reaching the end, where Dash has to neutralize the Anomaly's enslaved minions to free Arthur.

Arthur: Oh! Thanks Dash! I know I've been terrible to you in the past hitting you, but I owe you big!

Dash: Aw, your welcome, Arthur. Jeez, I didn't know what everyone, including us, were fighting for. I always thought we were fighting off intruders who wanted to impede us!

Arthur: Hey, Dash, I'm no intruder, I, too, am just lost in this big, big empty world, just like all the others we fought against before! I really just think everyone's misguided here. So what do you say? Friend?

Dash: Friends

Arthur and Dash shake hands, but just as they were doing so, a crack appears in the sky, and purple energy spews out of the portal. Arthur and Dash observe the crack, the purple energy chain, as well as the enslaved minions who captured Arthur earlier running to the crack, they looked at each other in huge disbelief and surprise

Arthur: Uh oh.....It looks like that purple storm thing has come to find us at this very moment.....

Dash: Uh oh....this is not good! For a long time we have been hiding from this thing, but I guess now, it's found us! Quick, let's make a run for it!

Arthur and Dash run to find a hiding spot

The End of chapter 1

Chapter 2:

Anomaly Enters The Wild

The chapter starts with Barney the Dinosaur just skipping and hopping around a deserted land, trying to make himself positive after he lost all of his friends as well as Baby Bop, BJ and Riff to the Anomaly. However, he knew he had to rescue all of his friends. Suddenly, an Anomaly boss minion in the form of a dinosaur comes out as Barney was about to run away from the purple aura.

Barney: Well Mr. Dinosaur, whatever you want to do, don't eat me! Let's just hug!

Just as the dinosaur boss minion was about to attack Barney, we see a man in a green high-tech suit zooming right in, attacking the minion with a lion strike. It is revealed to be not just Chris who came to protect Barney but Martin too. Then, the boss gets ready to battle but Barney and the Kratt Brothers are ready for battle. The player will then choose to either play as Barney or Chris and Martin to defeat the boss.

Barney: Wow, I thought the dinosaur was going to be friendly! Thank you for saving me!

Chris: Woah! A dinosaur that's alive and it's purple!

Martin: What's your name? We have never met a purple dinosaur before and one that's friendly!

Barney: My name is Barney and it's super deeeee duper to meet you both!

Chris: Well, I'm Chris!

Martin: And I'm Martin! Chris's brother!

Barney gives them both a big hug.

Barney: It's so nice to meet new friends!

Chris and Martin hug Barney too.

Chris: Well, it's very nice to meet you Barney! But, we need to figure out how to stop that strange purple creature!

Martin: After all, we are zoologists. Meaning, we learn about animals! Sadly, all the animals we love learning about including our buddy Zoboomafoo are gone.

Barney: Well, all my friends are missing too. But, we will rescue the friends we love!

Barney and Chris and Martin: Yes, we will!

Barney: Now then, let's go on an adventure to find out more about this purple thing.

Martin: Remember Barney and Chris, as I always say, pick what you love to do, persevere at it, don't take "no" for an answer and it'll happen.

Barney and the Kratt brothers then go through a platforming section where they must traverse through the various parts of the lake area while fighting off the Anomaly's minions and making it to the end, where they then must deal with more of the Anomaly's enslaved minions

Just as they were about to exit the lake area, they see a forest up ahead with more signs of the Anomaly's presence in the world they are in, they then prepare to enter the forest.

Chapter 3

Dimensions Beyond Our Imagination: Anomaly Into Cyberspace

We start after Barney and the Kratts enter the forest as the camera zooms us into another dimension....

We now enter a very cyberspace-fish world where all is black and white...except for Digit. Digit is seen all sad and lonely when suddenly...he sees Hacker.

Hacker: My minions are gone...now how will I rule cyberspace?

Hacker then looks at Digit.

Hacker: My old colleague, what is it that you need?

Digit: Cyberspace is gone! And so, is Motherboard!!! The Didge does not know what to do!!!

Suddenly, a strange purple-ish figure being the Anomaly possess Hacker making him attack Digit.

Digit: What's gotten into you, Hacker? I must get you back to your senses!

Then, after the cutscene, you play as Digit to find against the possessed Hacker.

After the battle, Hacker returns to his senses.

Digit: That does it! I suppose we will have to work together to get back the world of Cyberspace and my friends.

Hacker: Well, I want our world back to...just so I can rule Cyberspace!!!

Digit: Fair enough, but you will not win Hacker! And besides, you cannot worry about that right now. Let's find out where this purple thing is coming from. After all...it has to have came from somewhere.

Then, you go through a platforming section of the Cyberspace-is area where you fight the Anomaly's enslaved minions.

After the platforming section:

Digit: We must take cover after all before we get subtracted! We need to come up with a formula to take them all down!

Hacker: Fair enough, but don't make a math reference at this time.

They soon hide and it fades to black.

Thus, this ends Chapter 3.

Chapter 4:

Doggy Double-Anomaly Trouble

We see Wordgirl just flying around with Captain Huggyface trying to find the Anomaly, while she was also very sad that her home was destroyed and all of her friends and family, as well as her greatest villains and arch-enemies, were all captured and enslaved by the Anomaly, and she couldn't rescue them all in time, due to the Anomaly being too fast and powerful.

Wordgirl: Well Huggy, all is gone for the two of us, our home, our family, our greatest enemies, and even Violet. They were all token by this big purple gooey thing! And now we're in a world where we can't feel super, since there's NO ONE to save!

We then see a familiar science teacher in a purple dress stop by a lake to fill up a plastic bottle with water to stay hydrated in this big, empty world. The plastic bottle she has is actually a special water bottle that can filter the water and separate the dirty stuff and only leave behind the fresh water.

WordGirl: Woah! Uhhh, hello? You in that crazy science dress, you! I just hope you're not scheming anything wrong!

Ms. Frizzle: Oh! Oh my! I've never seen a superhero girl before, let alone someone named Weatherman! Who are you, mysterious girl?

WordGirl: Well, hello woman with that fancy science dress! I'm Wordgirl, I specialize vocabulary as my superpowers! And who are you?

Ms. Frizzle: Well, nice to meet you Wordgirl! Ms. Frizzle here! At your service. You see, I'm kind of in a mess here. I lost all my students and even my school bus! Science is still with me though.

Wordgirl: That happened to me and Huggy too! All my friends are gone. They were taken by this big purple gooey monster thing!

Ms. Frizzle: It seems we are in the same situation when some strange purple creature took over, and possibly destroyed our worlds. Let's go and investigate where this source is coming from.

Wordgirl: Roger that, Friz!

The cutscene stops and you choose from WordGirl or Ms. Frizzle and complete a platforming section fighting the Anomaly's enslaved minions.

After the platforming section...we then see the girls in a setting very reminiscent of Birdwell island.

Ms. Frizzle: I cannot say for sure but....this place does seem awfully familiar to me.

WordGirl then notices something.

WordGirl: Ms. Frizzle, look!

The girls then see and come across a big red dog with a glowing purple aura around him as well as having glowing purple eyes without pupils. Attached and chained on to that big red dog by purple glowing chains are 3 other regular-sized dogs, being a small yellow Bulldog, a purple Poodle and a blue Greyhound. Also chained to the big red dog are their owners as well (Sheriff Lewis, Mrs. Diller and Jetta Handover). We then see a blonde-hair girl with a pink-magenta shirt and socks and a black skirt, who is also surrounded by a glowing purple aura and having glowing purple eyes just like everyone else chained to the big red dog, come up on top of the big red dog who is also enslaved by the Anomaly and is ready to take command of the big red dog, as well as everyone else chained to him.

Enslaved Emily Elizabeth: S̸̢͈̲͓̎Ú̴̡̡͕̮̠̠͕͗F̸̨̲͕͓͔̍̉̀F̷̮͒̃͜Ẽ̴̩̫͉̯̠͒̉̓̕̚͜͠Ȅ̵̼̟̩̯͙È̷̛̟͕͍̯͒É̴͓͇̟͉̇E̴͉͕̖̯͗͆͗́́͝Ȩ̴͔͈̖̠̺̐̋̌̕̕Ĕ̴͈̽̿̆Ȩ̸̛̤͚̮̾̿̾̂͠E̸̗̊̉̓E̵̮̓͆̐̓͘͜Ŗ̵̜̥̦̠̱̐.̷̛̺̩̝͕ ̴̛̣̎́͂̈́Y̴̨̾̇͛͝Ǫ̵͚̊̐̋U̸͓͎͐̄̑́͊̌͝ ̴̨̠̲̺͖̭̓͊̓W̷̗̦͂͒͠I̴̼͔̫̤̻̩̍̀́͝L̵̤̬͍̙̇̉̉̚͠L̶͓̟̽̿̒͆͘̚͠ ̷͖̗͍̊̀̓͘A̷̫̞͓̖͊̂̃̈́͂̈́͠L̷̜͈͎͙̬̫̋ͅL̸͖͍̩̤̙̓̉͛̐͗̕͝ ̶͙͕͚̣̞̦̌̏͊S̸̭̫͓̹͍͍͊̽̔̌͘ͅṶ̶͓̺̬̤͎̿̌ͅF̷̫̫̠̞̠͔́F̴̞̦͍͚̠̽͌͗̈́́͘E̸̡̛̼̯̱͙͔̯͋̏̿͂Ṛ̴̹͎̦͊̐!̵̞̻̜̠̌͋

Wordgirl: Oh my! I looks like that purple gooey monster thing has reached out to more worlds besides ours! Come on, Friz! Let's take this chance to save someone and for the day!

You then choose between WordGirl or Ms. Frizzle and then you fight against the Clifford with dogs and owners boss.

After the boss fight:

Clifford drops down, feeling weak after the battle. Wordgirl and Ms. Frizzle were just about to celebrate their victory when then, ANOTHER big red dog enslaved by the Anomaly comes out of somewhere with a similar enslaved blonde-hair girl on top of its head as well as with other dogs being chained to it, being a Australian Shepard and a Dalmatian, and 3 other kids (Samantha, Jack and Pablo). The other big red dog begins to run towards the girls.

Wordgirl: Oh boy, you can't be serious, there's ANOTHER?!

Just as the other big red dog was about to reach Wordgirl and Ms. Frizzle, the Anomaly intervened and stopped the other big red dog, knowing that the strength between both girls maybe no match for the other big red dog too, before commanding both big red dogs to come to it and they all continue searching the lands for more innocents to capture and enslave.

Ms. Frizzle: Hmmmmm...It seems that those who were captured by the big purple goo monster will very only obey that. That's interesting.

Wordgirl. Oh wow, now that I know all my friends seem to be in influence of this purple gooey monster thing, that means probably I can get them back to their senses! Maybe I can save the day after all!

Ms. Frizzle: That's the spirit, Wordgirl! Now, maybe we should go further and find a way to defeat that big purple fiend and save all of those we love!

Wordgirl: I'm on it!

WordGirl and Ms. Frizzle continue on their investigation of how to free the others from The Anomaly.

End of Chapter 4

Chapter 5:

Crossing of Paths

We get a flashback of the various events that happened from the first four chapters. We first see Dash and Arthur come out of the hiding spot to check if there are any Anomaly minions after they have been hiding for a while.

Dash: It seems the strange purple creatures have cleared. It's clear Arthur!

Arthur comes out too. Then, we see Barney and the Kratt Brothers come through a forest.

Dash: Oh, hey Barney, Chris and Martin! It's nice seeing you three again! Have you been seeing anything regarding those strange purple minions? They have been popping up everywhere.

Barney: Well, Dash, a purple dinosaur tried attacking me but me, Chris and Martin may have found some clues about the strange purple creature.

Chris: Apparently, they transform into various things we love.

Martin: Also, they can take over our bodies as well.

Dash: Hmmm, it makes sense. After all, all the worlds we come from are gone.

Arthur: I just miss Elwood City and all my friends there.

Suddenly, we see Big Bird coming along to the grassland the five friends were standing on.

Big Bird: Oh, hi everyone! I have been stuck in this world for more than three years. Sesame Street seems to be no more. I don't know what to do anymore...

Just then, Mr. Rogers appears and is possessed by the Anomaly before he is about to speak

Mr. Rogers under the control of the Anomaly: H̵̨̢̨͉̜̗̩͇̗̯̻͕͕̬̀͋͐͂̆̓͗̈́͂̂ě̶̩͍͚͔̣̠̾̔͂̿͂̋̽͝l̶̛̺͚̣̬̹̈́̌͒͗̔͗̾̈́͒͌͘̕ͅl̸͚͋͆̈́̒̇̎̔̍͐͋͋̓͘̕͘ò̶̢̧̮̜͈͎͇̪͚̰̱͔̹̟̖̓̀̏̒͑͒̎́̽ ̴̮̗̯̻̻̤̲͒̋̽͑͆͘n̸̘̞̤͖̟̞̖̘͚̽̿̾̔̀͒͆͘e̵̢̢̨̡̡͚̗̭̙̳̩̋̔̋i̴̢̡̢̲̗̹̟͍̰͛̒̍͝g̷̨̈̄̾͒̕͝h̸̡̘̗͓̉͌b̵̢̙̯̟̺͙̤̽ͅo̶̘̣͖̟̦̟͈̙̙̗͚̟͐̒͑͜r̴̨͇̙̥̉̐!̸̨̛̟͍̰͙̤̠̤̣̤̪͂̌̂̊̇̔̚͝͝͠ͅ ̷̢̣̤̻̱͓͊̀͆̿̉̃͜͝ͅW̶̧̗͎̣̠̪̝̼̰̋̅̀͜ͅô̷̢̩͎̪̭̋̃̃͂̂̀̓̌n̵̥̝̜͎̥̞̦̪͒̇̇̽̔̅̎̑͐͆̈́͠͠͝'̴̻̥̗̜̲͐̌̅̐̀͆̃͆́̈́̔͘͜͝ṭ̷̢̛̞̫͉͚̙̩̪͓̒̀ ̴̨̣͍̫̝͙͍͕̜̰̏͋͐̆̋̅͐̆̇̿̈́̓͘͝y̴̡̨̼̱͔͖͖̳̦̱͍̣͕̹͎̑̾̀͂̈́̑͊̈́̂͂͗̔̏͘õ̸̢̳͉̻̰͉͖͔̪̏̿̓̕ǘ̵̧̧̨̜̟̰̮̪̘̘̞̥̦̾̽͐͜͝ͅ ̶̰̼̮͇̱̮͍͒̌̄̐̌̍̀͂̇̀p̷̢̰̗͉̫̺̜͙̯̹̥͉̺͉͛͒̚ͅl̴̰͓̪̘͉͕̜̤̗̱̳̞͒̂̈̌̽̽̌̈́̍̿̀͠ͅe̴̫̼̠͒̀̌̎ͅą̵͇̭͕͎̝̙̼̝̰̺̈́̓̒͑͒̔̓͝ͅͅś̴͙̂̈́̽̊̽̈́̀͌̚ė̵̢͎͚̭̟͔̹̦͙̆̄̀̒͝͝͝ͅ ̵̧̨̛͖̲̲͖̘̻̌̿̔̽̀̑͂̏̄̒̚͠ͅb̷̨̛̝̹̗͙͚̩͍̥̹͚̞̟̓͐̽̑́̽͒͛͘͝ȩ̷̧͚̬̪̲̭̮̰̯̜͖͔̕ ̶̦̳̺͚͓̘̪͙͈̟̠̭̒́̅͠͠m̶̧̡̛̼̬̫̰̫̙̰̘͈̝̥̏̆̈́͌̈͘͘y̴̛̲̤̜̤̪̔͋͌͌̀͌̏̽̓͂̚͝ͅ ̷̡̯͖̮̪̘̜̪̮̟͔̼̲͜͜͝ņ̷̻̬̼͔͉̮̭̘̽̏̀͋̚̚ḕ̶̮̺̭̤̱̔̏͑́͌̒̎̌̔̕į̵̐̌͆̓̉̍̍̑̐̽̃̌͋͘̚ģ̴̙͉̗̙̖̫̭̭̫͍̙̞̐̈́̾͗̉̽̌̐̀͊̊̐́͝ẖ̴̨̺̲̮͔̦͇͓͙̰͎̌͛̎̎̋͐͌̃͝͠b̴̡̗̯̘̋̌ǫ̶̖̤̩̰͈̩͛͑͂͘ṙ̴̹̾͊?̵̣̈́

Big Bird: I recognize him! He was the man I fought three years ago because we both lost our worlds! But now, I must rescue him. After all, he did come to Sesame Street once to visit!

The player then fights as Big Bird to fight Mr. Rogers possessed by the Anomaly.

After Mr. Rogers is defeated.

Mr. Rogers comes to his senses.

Mr. Rogers: Thank you, I felt I was lost when those purple minions took over me. Thank you for rescuing me, Big Bird!

Big Bird: Oh, you are very welcome. I am really sorry for what happened between us 3 years ago. Can we be friends again?

Mr. Rogers reaches his hand out for a handshake.

Mr. Rogers: Of course, we can be friends again. We need to all work together to figure out where the strange purple creatures are coming from. Remember, we must always look for the helpers.

Everyone nods. Just then, the seven friends all run to a lake where we see a young lion cub trying to get water from a lake.

Lionel: I lost everything...no more books, no more Leona, Mom, Dad, Click....no one.

Big Bird: Oh hey, are you lost too?

Lionel: Yeah....the strangest thing happened one day at the library I live in. This strange purple goo took over the library. I tried to rescue my dad but he told me to run. All the patrons, books, friends and family I had are now...gone.

Big Bird: Well, that's understandable. Say, we can all help you out if you want. We all need to work together if we want our worlds back.

Lionel: Yeah, that should do the trick! I am Lionel by the way! I love books and I feel my love for books and reading can help us along the way.

Lionel then notices Arthur.

Lionel: I recognize you! Your that aardvark from that book where you needed glasses! Your Arthur!

Arthur: Yep, that is me. Nice to meet you, Lionel.

Barney: I'm Barney the Dinosaur!

Mr. Rogers: I'm Mr. Rogers. Pleasure to meet you, neighbor.

Dash: I am Dash as you may know.

Chris: I am Chris.

Martin: And, I am Martin, Chris's brother. After all the lions we have met, your the friendliest one and you love to read too.

Lionel: Well, it's nice meeting you all. But, now, let us find out more about the case with these purple creature.

Everyone puts their hands in and the eight set off for adventure.

It cuts to a screen where you choose four out of the eight characters and you traverse through a platforming section where you fight the Anomaly's enslaved minions.

After the platforming section

The eight travel to a desert section where they notice a clue towards the Anomaly.

Big Bird: It seems there are hints of purple around here.

Lionel: There has to be a source somewhere for the purple creatures. Let's keep looking.

The eight friends keep going on their adventure.

End of Chapter 5

Chapter 6:

The Pieces Coming Together

We start by seeing Xavier Riddle trying to use his psychic powers in a futuristic electric corridor. He is able to see visions of Big Bird, Mr. Rogers, Dash, Arthur, Barney, Chris and Martin and Lionel traveling together. Then, he gets a vision of WordGirl and Ms. Frizzle traveling together and then Digit and Hacker.

Xavier Riddle: I see images in my head...but no Secret Museum or Brad and Yadina.

Just then, Xavier notices an electric switch that caused the lights to flicker and then he zaps himself on accident.

Xavier Riddle: AAAH! THAT TICKLES!

Just then, he summoned two shadowy figures of himself on accident out of nowhere. Xavier becomes scared but determined to fight them.

Xavier Riddle: If this is to get the Secret Museum back, I must fight these figures of me.

As Xavier Riddle, you must defeat the two shadowy Xavier Riddles.

After the battle:

Soon, Xavier Riddle continues to examine the electric corridor.

Xavier Riddle: There must be a way I can figure out how to defeat that purple goo-like creatures. If only there was a way...

Suddenly, Xavier uses his psychic powers along with circuitry to create portals. Out of the portals came Big Bird, Mr. Rogers, Dash, Arthur, Barney, Chris and Martin and Lionel. Then came WordGirl and Miss Frizzle. Finally, there came Digit and Hacker.

Big Bird: How did we all get here?

Mr. Rogers: It seems some magic happened.

Mr. Rogers looks at Xavier.

Mr. Rogers: I remember when you came to visit me on my TV set, Xavier. What made you bring me here? Did you find out about those purple creatures?

Xavier: Well, it seems they can duplicate us as well as attack anything in sight. This electric corridor may give us a clue.

Miss Frizzle: Ahhh yes, the power of electricity! Quite fascinating what it can do thanks to Thomas Edison!

Xavier: Well, since electricity is amazing, let's keep looking around the corridor.

You can choose 5 of the 12 characters in the story so far to traverse through a platforming section of the electric corridor.

At the end:

The 12 characters spot the purple monster combining with the electric source.

WordGirl: Uhh yeah...this is definitely gonna be scarier than any villain I fought.

Captain Huggy Face hides behind WordGIrl's back.

Arthur: Goodness....

Soon came about the Electric Anomaly Beast ready to take down the 12.

Xavier Riddle: Whoever you are, we will take you down!

You can choose 5 of the 12 characters in the story so far to defeat the Electric Anomaly Beast.

After the boss fight:

The Electric Anomaly Beast is defeated and then we see a portal with all the characters and worlds trapped in it as a clue.

Everyone: Is that the solution???

Xavier Riddle: Well everyone, it seems we got one portal down but....there are still others elsewhere who are in the same situation as us.

We then hear a familiar laugh that sounded like it was from a certain red Muppet but very nervous-like.

Big Bird: I recognize that laugh from anywhere! I'm coming Elmo!!!

Big Bird then runs into the portal where he hears Elmo.

Dash: We should all try to find more portals to find out more about this.

Everyone nods in agreement and scatters.

End of Chapter 6

Chapter 7:

A Friend in Need

We start with a certain furry-red monster stuck in a dark forest. He is scared and seen hiding behind a tree. Just then, Big Bird falls through the portal.

Big Bird: Elmo, my friend! I'm here for youuuuu!

Big Bird then falls onto the ground by accident.

Big Bird: Woah, did not see that coming but I hope your...

Elmo: NO! Elmo is scared right now, Elmo lost everything!

Elmo is seen holding Rocco.

Big Bird: Wait, why do you have Rocco?

Elmo: Well, before that purple creature came and took over Sesame Street, Elmo was playing with Zoe and I was telling her Rocco was only a rock.

Big Bird: Purple creature? I remember, we may have a clue as to where that creature is coming from. I do remember I was in an electric corridor and then portals appeared and I heard your voice...

A flashback occurs of the scene.

Elmo: Well, Elmo wants to go on an adventure to find out more.

Big Bird: Well, what are we waiting for?

You can choose between Big Bird or Elmo to traverse through a platforming section of the dark forest while fighting the Anomaly's minions.

At the end:

Big Bird and Elmo stop to take a bit of a rest.

Big Bird: Well, there's more of the minions but...

Elmo then notices a big blue dragon just hiding and turning invisible and just acting scared until the purple monsters got to him...

Elmo: DRAGON!!!!!!

It then turns out the big blue dragon was Ord and he is getting posessed by the Anomaly.

Big Bird: We must help that blue dragon! He is in trouble!

You can choose between Big Bird or Elmo to fight Ord possessed by the Anomaly.

After the boss fight:

Ord is then seen coming to his senses.

Ord: Oh, thank you two for rescuing me. I was scared out there as I do not like the dark.

Elmo then still hides behind Big Bird's back. Ord approaches Elmo slowly.

Ord: What's wrong little guy? What's your name?

Elmo: Elmo, Elmo is afraid of dragons.

Ord: Oh, don't worry, I'm a nice one. I'm Ord, a dragon from Dragon Land. I'm sad my home world is gone after those purple monsters took it over but I must rescue my friends.

Elmo then comes away from Big Bird's back.

Elmo: Well, Elmo will help Mr. Ord. Elmo misses Sesame Street....

Ord: You know, you kind of remind me of myself Elmo. I get scared easily of things like the dark but I know I must be brave.

Big Bird: Well, thanks for helping Elmo understand your not scary Ord. I'm Big Bird. It seems we found some portals but...

Big Bird points to the sky showcasing some great purple monster and a collection of every PBS World out there.

Big Bird: Maybe that's a clue.

Ord: In any case, we should keep on looking...except I'm a little...scared.

Elmo: Don't be, Mr. Ord! Elmo will come with you!

Ord: Alright, well hop on my back Elmo and we will fly towards that purple creature!

Ord, Elmo and Big Bird fly towards the sky.

You can choose between Big Bird, Elmo or Ord to traverse a purple sky platforming section while fighting the Anomaly's minions.

After the platforming section:

Big Bird: We're getting there, it seems.

Elmo: Well, Elmo knows we can do it!

The three friends share a quick hug and keep investigating.

End of Chapter 7

Chapter 8:

The Mystery Unfolds

We cut back to the electric corridor Xavier Riddle and the 11 other characters are located where Xavier is exploring more portals. Him and his new friends keep exploring.

Arthur: Those portals seem to have some sort of power.

Xavier Riddle: It seems what Big Bird went into was one of the portals to rescue Elmo.

Mr. Rogers: Will we have to go into the portals as well?

Xavier Riddle: I believe so, there's others stuck in other places in there so let's keep exploring.

Ms. Frizzle: Well, maybe this will give us a clue as to what those purple creatures were.

Lionel: What are we waiting for? I want to rescue my family and the library I live in.

Arthur: And Elwood City

Barney: And my friends.

Xavier Riddle: And the Secret Museum.

Everyone nods and then gets ready to explore.

You can choose 5 of the 12 characters there to traverse through a platforming section of the electric corridor to explore the portal situation.

After the platforming section:

Xavier Riddle and his new friends look around and then something happens to Xavier.

Xavier Riddle: I am signaling something....

Mr. Rogers looks at Xavier in dismay worried for him.

Mr. Rogers: What is wrong, Xavier? Is everything alright?

Xavier Riddle: I am getting another distress signal in my mind...

Xavier Riddle flashes back to an evil voice speaking to him.

The evil voice: Ş̴̨̲̣̺͍̟̠̬̈́̓̃̎̑͗̿͗͠a̴͙͓̺͙̞̼͍̳̜̤͙͓̔̚ͅͅͅc̶̟̳̩̰̪͕̣̖̮̬̐̚ͅr̸̛̹̱̲͋͂̈́̈́͆̓̃̿̑̑̂͆̇̚ͅį̷̨̬̮̖͕̮̮̰̼͕͉̓̀̓̏̃̿͘͝͝͠f̸̻̘͚̣͖̼̗͕͙͇̄͆̅̾͘̚i̴̢̠̳͇̪͚̮̱̟̠̖̲͑̆ć̴̼͓̺̜̭̣͉̖̲̺͕̈̈̽̐̃̏̓̀̕ę̶̺̖̬͉͕̝̻̜͖̤̣̼̞̖̈͊̃̾͗́̒̉͘͝͝͝ ̴̡̠̪̜̳̳͑̀̽̉̇́̊̐́̐̌̕t̶̝͔̮̮̟͉̄͐̆̋̿̾̓̔̔̚̚̚͝ͅw̵̡̧̢͚̯̭̞̠̩̹̪̖̉̈́͝ơ̷̱͇̘̖̞͇̙̈́͒̂͂͋̓̓̋̋̆̈́̕͘͜͝ ̷̭̦͕͍̭̘͇̖͇͓̼̹̯͖̝͆͝ȯ̴̢̡̜̺͕̻͕̺͇̣̘̞̋̈̊̌͌͝f̸̨̨̀́̃͊̓́̈́̈̈̍͘͘͝͠ ̴̨̯͍̍͌͂̀̕͝ỷ̶̢͇̝͉̙̙͇̞̟̃̌ǫ̴̺̺͇̻͍̗̎̌̐̇͝u̶̡̧̜̝͍̜͒͒͊͠ ̷̨̢̜̮̺̣͉̼̮̬̯̯̻͖̅a̴̛̛̼̟͎̓̈́̃͐̇̌̐͛̋̏ň̸̬̥̖̖̣͛͜͝d̶̛̘͍̣͓̰͉̣̲͚͎͆̄̐̇͋̉̅̓̄͊̅͛͘͘ͅ ̵̲̟̻̠̰̞̭͚̦̉̕͜t̶̳́̉͒̂͝ḧ̶̥̬̼̫̬̓̏͐͂́̄̚e̵̺̬̖̖̣͉̺̎͋̈́̉͌̕͝n̸̛̥̒̎͂̔̉̏͂̒̎̊͋͠ ̷̠̰̻̞̜͔̻͙̟̃̊̀̔̍͜w̷̢̦̖̞̪͓͗́͗͑̈́̊̽̐̀̄̈͒ę̸̡̫̫͙̣̼͈̎̓͐̀̏͒̿̑͒̕̕͝ ̴̨̭̗͕̞̟̽̈́́͑̐͋͋̅̆͛̚w̶̛̖͉̐͋͆̿̃͑͑͊̌i̸̞̗̹̳̹͇͎͊͛́̔͆̊̽̈l̵̢̛̮͇͔͈͈̹̣͇̣̉͛̓̀͗̽̈́̊̊͑̋͜͠ͅͅl̶̨̛̩̼̳̫̘̬͎̪̜̣̬̜̒͆̏̀̓͛̀̈́̈́͐͋̾ͅͅ ̶̻̖̣̦͖̺͚͕̿͒̀͒͐̆͑́͂̂͘g̴̢͈̝͙̙͚̭̺̱͕͚̍̀͠i̴͇̬̹͕̫̠̟̐v̵͖̺̟̠̘̜̺̯̩̭̯̞̲̍͐̑̾͌̚̚͜͝ē̵̗̺̹͉ ̷̨͇̙̑̋͑̓̌e̶̞͙͖̤̩̮̞̜̭̬̱͑̇̄̈́́̾̃͘̕v̶̡̛̛̱̙̠̜̜̇̎̒̾̂̃̿͂̔̕̚͜͠ͅȩ̴͚̬̘̫̗͔́̽͊ŗ̴̨̧̥͎̙̮͉͕̫̬͔̣̑̎̒y̶̲̖̻̜̋́̋̐͘͜t̷̨̜̪̱͓̟̩̙͉̥̗͎̳̾̂͐h̸̺̠͛̐́̈́͊͆̂̚͘ì̷̢̨͚̹͇̰͑̅͒̈́͗͐̚̕̕͝n̶̡̨̞̹̥̺̔̕g̴̛̫̅̃̐̈̅̑̉͝ ̶̗͙͇̩̯̄̊͑̓́̈́́̈́̎͝͝b̶̨̙̤̰̖͉̲̗͈̹̀́̓̏͘̚a̶̡͎͚̘̤͙̼̤̠̠̥̟͇̜̐c̴̰̼̫͈̝̣̖̘̟͈͗̿̅̈́̅̒̐̒̑͘͠͝k̸̢̛̹͖̝̙͉̒̄̄̃̂̌̓̊̋́̕!̷̦͙̦̼̎̈́̉̆͋́͐͐͠ ̶̢̜̙͇̱̼̭͚̭̀̀ͅI̷̛̩̯̭͍͗̂̀́̏͊͆̂̒̒f̵̡̢̢̛̻̩̹̎̀̈́̌̇͐̉̌͊̇͘ ̴͈̩̹͈̫͓̳̘̻̬̏͌͆͂͑͐̽̅̉̎̎̈́͌̀n̴̨̡̥̠̫̟̳̪̖̞̮̬͔̣̮͒̇̆̏͊̾̓̌̚͘o̷̧̢̳̤̪͙͇̥̼̪̹͇̯͗͒̑̍̿͑̄͒̌ͅͅt̸̹͕̬̫̦̀͊͒̔͒,̵͚̼̩͈̙̿͜͠͝ ̵̡̢̝͉̩͎̼͖͓̝̐̏̈͘͝ȩ̷̳̟̬̭̈͑̎̀͐̆̈́̒͗̋͘͠ͅv̸̢̜͚̣̲̗̜̠̯̥̗̞͍̪̑ę̶̤̦͚͖͕͚͍̪͙́͂̄̔͘̚ŕ̷͓̰̬͚̽̏̒̓̇̔̒̿̆ỳ̴̢̧̡̛̗͚́͂̀́̐̕ͅo̷̲̣̘͛̔̏̏́̊̓͑͒̚̕̕͝n̸̨͇̹͓͉͚̫̼͇̠̩͆͋̑̆̒̇̋̔̏̿̽̀́̌͜͝ͅe̷̹̬͔͔̙̐͊͌̍̾̐͐̈̉̎̇̀̒̎͋͜͜ͅ'̴̱͐̄̃̕͜͝ş̵̼̱͎̑̋͊͐̅́̈́̿ ̷̨̹͂͗͒̈́̏̇̑͌̒͑̚̚ẘ̴̛̗̮̥̟͔̥̰͎̥͖͌͂͒̀̕o̶̜̬̻̻͓̼̫̭̔͑̌͜r̸̡̧̧̼̣̖̞̯̖͚̠̣͛̑̒͛́̃̀̿̆͜l̸͇̱̣̪͖̣͔͔̠̣͚̱̝͌ḋ̸̬̮̎̉͗͘͠s̵̡̧̨̭͇̮͔̘̬̭̹̦̲͕̓̋ ̶̼̠͓̹̀͊̋́͑͛̾̀̑̕͜͝w̴̢̜̥̭͖̱̦͍̼͔̰̰͚͍͓̓̆̋̌͛͌̈́̉̎̆̌̎̆͂͝ï̵͎̈́̒͑̕͝ĺ̸̺̪̀̂͛̔͘̚l̴̨͕̯̖̜͋̇̄̑̊̇͌̅̇́̆͝͝͠ ̴̧̗̩̫̘͚̰̱̿̐̒̀͆͒̈́̓̿͋͋̉̓̚d̴̡̫͔͈̫̟̥̦͍͉̣̦͑̚i̷̡̝͇̼̮̺̫̰̔̒̒̂̅̋̑͌s̷̢̟̘̯͙̟̫͂͒̃̒͂͝a̸̝͆̔̇̌͝p̶͓̘̰̩̼̘̰̺̦̜̼̉p̴̻̳̋̀̅̕e̴͍̝̣̪͑́́̾̔a̶̢͈͔͎̤͈͍̺̺̪͉̯̣̘̻͐̉͊r̸̡̧̛̖̺͉̥̝͙̠̻̀́͛͂̈̊ ̴̡̛̇̈̐͛́͘͝ḟ̵̛̙͖̞͕̪̻͈̹͙̜͈̣̫̟͕̓́ő̷̧̤̫̩͓͝ŗ̶̢̢̢͖͔̟̩̝̗̎͗̒̆̉̑̿̈̆̓̄͛͌̿̕e̷̛̳̐̐̊͐͑̏́́͆̉̇͘̕͝v̷̢̨̦̼͕̓̊̒̆͊̐̅͑̽̀͌̄̀ę̷͙͓̗͚̺͍̜̋͋r̷̩̤̣͖̪̹̬̻͍͔̔̆͑̂͋͌̂͊ͅ!̶̨̧̤̭͓̣̙̗̙̤̔͜

WordGirl: So um...two of us will have to be sacrificed to save everyone else?

Xavier Riddle: I am afraid so...knowing all the historical heroes I met and their sacrifices, I might as well have to do something about this.

Barney: Well, I am sure where we will figure out a way where we can all be together.

Digit: And then, no one will have to fear.

Hacker was looking away for a second until....some evil portal appears with four familiar creatures with familiar shaped antennas as well as with yellow, purple, green and red colors on it.

Enslaved Teletubbies: Ė̴̡̲̹̻̎h̷̞̦̳̼̙̖͙̣͍̳͎̯̟̔̇̈͒ ̸̨̢̛̤̣̖̬̜̮̞̯̫̂͋̑̌͜ͅŏ̶̭̖̫͂̃̂͋̀͝h̷͔͉̲͔͍̮̺͔͈͍̲͛͒̈́͆̾̀̋h̸̬̲̲̽̾̒͊̊̌̽͘̕̕ḣ̶̙̭̠̮͖͉̙͕̜̽̽̀̓̏̈́̆͌̿h̴̨̩̮͂̇!̵̨̡̮̲̳̭̫̜͇͐̉̓̐͑͠ ̵̧̡̱̭͙̋͊̌͋̏̀

Martin: Hmmmm, those four creatures look familiar...Zoboomafoo told us about them.

Tinky Winky's voice from the Enslaved Teletubbies: T̸͖̟̲̄̒̉͌͌̃͆̊̍̓̌̉̃͋͠î̴̟n̴̛̫̠̩͔̲͔͙̤̠̖͕͂̊́̍́͜͝k̸̨̥͓̥̻͕̝̎̊̎͐͑̀͘ͅy̶̨̨̯͇͍̣̺̘͙̹̲͔̻̞͂̃͑͂̈́̀͗̓͂̚͜͝ ̸̢̱̲͕̮̟̗̯͕̗̑͘͜Ẅ̶̲̣̬̭̗́͗̉̋͛̉̉̊͗͌̓̈́̌̈́͝ͅǐ̸̠̲̠͕̻͍̦̬͒͑̉̍͂͒̍̊̚͝ͅͅń̵̡̳̳͎̝̓́̋͒̐̊͘̚͝k̷͔̝͇̅̑́͐͊̒̅̉̎̀͆͘͝͝y̸̛̯͖̽̄̀̄̾̍̆̆̃̋͛̑͝ ̶̛͖͇̮̦͑͑̒͆̈́̉͊͠͠ḥ̴͗̇͋͂͐̀̏̄̏̊͘ủ̷̪͔̃̅̀͂̄͝͝r̴̛̟̺͕͍͇̳̠̊̃̓̈́̃̓̐̈́̈́̕̚t̵͉̖̘̱͇̱̞͕̟̔͆͂̃͑̾́̚ͅ ̴̡̫̼͎͔̞̣̰̞̙̲̀̓̾͋̍͊̾͑̊͛̓̓̔͜͜͜͠͝f̸̢͍͚̫̥͕̑̂̌͊̔͗͊͐̈́͜r̶̡̹̺̜̣̰͓͖͙̟̗̝̠͋͒̓͋̎̔i̸̡̡͔̗̪͚̭̾͗̃̀̔̂͌̾̆̏̓̊̐̒͘e̶̡̛̪̳̮̱̝͕͓̼͓̭̩̘͔̐͌̈͒̓̊͋͘n̴̩̺͇̫͆̐̍͋͒ͅd̴͙̳̥̼̂̔ş̸̮̥̰͎̝̮̜͖̜̻̥͈͈͋͂̈́͆̒̐̏̊͐̉͆̚͜͝͠!̶̧̭͎͖̖̫̭̳̪͚̩̗̐̂̓ͅ

Dash: It seems the Teletubbies have been possessed by the purple creatures.

Xavier Riddle: We have no choice to defeat them...

You can choose 5 of the 12 characters there to defeat the Enslaved Teletubbies.

After the boss fight:

The Teletubbies come to their senses.

Teletubbies: Eh oh!

Chris: Oh, the Teletubbies are back.

Tinky Winky: Tinky Winky!

Dipsy: Dipsy!

La-La: La-La!

Po: Pooooo!

Mr. Rogers: Nice to meet you, Teletubbies!

Barney gets excited.

Barney: You four seem like so much fun! So, do you four know anything about what took over our homes?

Tinky Winky plays something on his tv screen on his belly with a mysterious purple creature.

Chris: Hmmmm, seems like that's the purple source. Let's head towards the direction of it.

Martin points to a portal: Let's go explore, this might be the portal towards the main purple creature.

Barney, Chris and Martin and the Teletubbies then go in the portal. Everyone else waves goodbye.

You then see Barney, Chris and Martin and the Teletubbies enter the portal which takes them through a Teletubbies-is countryside level.

You can choose between Barney, Chris and Martin or The Teletubbies to explore the countryside area via a platformigh section destroying the Anomaly's minions.

After the platforming section:

Tinky Winky gets another tv signal and he seems to be getting close to the main source.

Chris: We are getting there.

Barney then looks closer at the tv

Barney: Oh, it seems my friends Big Bird, Elmo and Ord found some clues as well!

Martin: Well, why don't we meet up with them!

The 7 friends nod

The Teletubbies: Big hug!!!!

Everyone hugs and then they continue their adventure.

End of Chapter 8

Chapter 9:

Mo' Portals, Mo' Panic, Mo' Problems

We start the chapter up in the electric corridor where we see Mr. Rogers, Arthur, Dash, WordGirl, Ms. Frizzle, Digit, Hacker, Lionel and Xavier Riddle standing in there observing what happened to Barney, the Kratt Brothers and the Teletubbies.

Xavier Riddle: Well, it seems we're going to have to split up in order to uncover the mystery of these portals.

Ms. Frizzle: Your right. Maybe I will get a sense as to what happened with my school bus. Come on! Let's split up.

Dash: Good idea, just find the closest portal and hop into it. We will find others who were stuck in the portals.

The 9 friends look at each other and split up. Mr. Rogers and Arthur go into one portal. WordGirl and Xavier Riddle in another, Dash with Ms. Frizzle and Lionel with Digit and Hacker. We specifically follow Arthur and Mr. Rogers into a portal where they land in an abandoned city.

Arthur: Huh, this feels awfully similar to Elwood City.

Mr. Rogers: It reminds me of the time I visited you and your family, Arthur. But now, I wonder where we can find the main source of those purple monsters. Let us explore.

You can choose between Arthur or Mr. Rogers to traverse through a platforming section of the abandoned city and fight off the Anomaly's enslaved minions.

After the platforming section:

Arthur: Mr. Rogers, I hear something strange!

Mr. Rogers: Huh? What is it, Arthur? I do not hear anything....

We suddenly cut to where we see Buster is trying to film something with his video camera. Then, we cut to the point of view of Buster filming something.

Buster: It seems awfully quiet in this abandoned city. No cars, no people, nothing!

Buster then turns his camera and notices Arthur and Mr. Rogers.

Buster: Oh! Arthur! It's been forever! How have you be-

Arthur interrupts Buster.

Arthur: Buster! Those purple minions! They are possessing you!

The purple minions possessed Buster and turned him into an evil version of himself but with Bionic Bunny themed powers.

Mr. Rogers: We have no choice but to attack him.

Arthur: Don't worry, Buster! Me and Mr. Rogers will save you!

You can choose between Arthur or Mr. Rogers to fight Anomaly-possessed Buster.

After the boss fight:

Buster comes to his senses.

Buster: Thanks Arthur and Mr. Rogers. You two really saved me there.

Mr. Rogers: You are welcome, Buster. I remember when you came by Arthur's house for dinner when I visited Elwood City. Also, do you know anything about these purple monsters that attacked us and you?

Buster looks up at the sky and points at a strange purple monster being.

Arthur: We should head towards that direction then! Maybe, we can get a clue of what's causing this pandemonium!

The 3 friends nod and set off for adventure.

You can choose between Arthur, Buster or Mr. Rogers to traverse through a platforming section of the abandoned city to the purple clouds and fight off the Anomaly's enslaved minions.

After the platforming section:

Arthur spots a few friends.

Arthur: Hey, there's Big Bird, some red monster and some blue dragon up there.

Mr. Rogers: Oh, and also, Barney, Chris and Martin as well as the Teletubbies there too. They seem to have found a source. Let us go check up on them.

The 3 proceed towards the part of 10.

End of Chapter 9.

Chapter 10:

The Show Must Go On!

We start the chapter up now looking at what happened with Lionel, Digit and Hacker. We see them falling through the portal on the way to a lit up empty film studio.

Lionel: Where are we anyway? And, who are you two?

Lionel looks at Digit.

Lionel: You kind of look like Chicken Jane. She's a chicken that always gets into trouble, my sister Leona likes her!

Digit: CHICKEN? Well, I'm a cybird! My name is Digit! Never fear because the Didge is here!

Hacker: And I'm THE Hacker! Once we solve this mystery, I will RULE Cyberchase! Ahahaha!

Lionel has a shocked reaction on his face.

Lionel: Well, nice to meet you Digit and Hack-

Hacker: It's THE Hacker to you!

Lionel: Well, nice to meet you Digit and the Hacker! I'm Lionel, I love books and I'm a librarian cub in training!

Hacker: Well, I did once have a security camera in a library and...

Digit: Enough of that! We need to figure out about those strange purple creatures that took over our worlds! There seems to be someone else here, look!

We see a stout orange mutt looking at the three.

Ruff Ruffman: So, it seems you three want to play a little game! Well, I have a new show just for you all!

Digit: Well...not right this minute. We have a mystery to solve about...

Ruff Ruffman: Mystery? Right now, it's time for you all to get challenged!

Lionel: We have no choice but to play his game!

Hacker: Ok then, this time, I WILL win this gameshow!

You can choose between Lionel, Hacker or Digit to fight against Ruff Ruffman. However, your job is not to KO him but to complete 5 of his challenges he throws with his Neutral Special at you.

After the challenge:

Ruff Ruffman: Wow, you guys are better than I thought! I forgot to introduce myself! I am Ruff Ruffman, esteemed game show host!

Lionel: Nice to meet you, Ruff Ruffman! Say, you remind me a bit of that big red dog I read about when I was younger! I'm Lionel!

Digit: I'm Digit!

Hacker: And I'm THE Hacker!

Ruff Ruffman: Well, nice to meet you three contestants! It seems we're in the same problem! I was trying to prep for a new gameshow of mine but...this purple creature took over everything! Even the studio!

Lionel: That happened to me but with the library I live in!

Digit and Hacker: Same with Cyberspace!

Ruff Ruffman: Well, I want my studio back! But, we need to find clues about this strange purple creature! Our next challenge....find more clues about the purple creatures!

The cutscene stops and you choose from Lionel, Digit, Hacker or Ruff Ruffman and complete a platforming section of the dark, studio like setting fighting the Anomaly's enslaved minions.

After the platforming section:

Ruff Ruffman looks up at the sky.

Ruff Ruffman: We'll have to find a way to get up there!

We then zoom in to where Big Bird, Elmo, Arthur, Buster, Mr. Rogers, Barney, Chris and Martin, the Teletubbies and Ord up in the area with the potential.

Digit: I can try to fly us all on my ship but I have no access to it!

Ruff Ruffman: Hey let's all build a catapult to get us up there!

Everyone nods and gets to work.

The cutscene stops and you choose from Lionel, Digit, Hacker or Ruff Ruffman and complete a task involving attacking parts needed to build a super strong catapult while fighting off more Minions.

After the mission:

Ruff Ruffman: Challenge completed! Is everyone ready to go up?

Everyone nods and then the four new friends fling up into the sky.

Lionel: WOAHHHH!

Hacker: This is real crazyyyy!

Digit: We're almost there guys!

It ends with a clear sky seeing the four characters going towards the main source.

End of Chapter 10.

Chapter 11:

The dreaded secret to victory

We start the chapter off by showing a mysterious snowy mountain area that seems to catch a blizzard every so often. A portal appears in a snowy forest and Wordgirl and Xavier Riddle jump out of the portal and into the area

Wordgirl: Brrrrrrrr........why dihihihihid this porororortal bring us herererere?........

Xavier: Mmmmmmm, I don't know, but I'm sure we were brought here to rescue a friend who's been possessed by that big purple goo monster......

Xavier than spots a cabin in the distance and points at it

Xavier: .....maybe in that wood shack over there. We can head there to warm up, or rescue a friend if we're lucky

Wordgirl: Well than let's hurry over there! I'm freezing.......

You go through a platformer section where you must not only deal with the Anomaly's minions, but also snowstorms that can blow you back and obstruct the view a little as well as heavy snow which can lower your movement speed.

Wordgirl and Xavier open up the doors to the wood shack, which surprised an Alaskan girl hiding in the shack.

Alaskan girl: Aaah! Whoever you are! Leave me alone!

Wordgirl: Woah woah, calm down there fellow cabin-dweller! I'm Wordgirl, and I'm here to save you! Whatever you are hiding from, we know.

Xavier: Mmmmm, looks like we have more survivors in these portals after all! So tell me girl, what's your name and how did you end up here?

Alaskan girl: My name is Molly, Molly Mabray! Last thing I know before I got here is I was making a vlog on some new purple goo thing that came to my village, but then it got bigger and bigger and........It took all may friends and family, and it destroyed all of Qyah! I managed to escape somehow and just about a year ago, I ended up in this really snowy place that even though it's snowy, it's nothing like home.

Wordgirl: That thing took all of Fair City too!

Xavier: And the Secret Museum, and Yadina and Brad......

Molly: Wow, I guess that big purple goo thing is more widespread than I thought, there's no way to stop it from all the destruction...unless for one thing....

Xavier: What's that?

Molly: So I was able to gather some data on this purple thing, and apparently, it is said that it requires the sacrifice of two heroes in order to destroy it for good!

Wordgirl: Hey, that sounds familiar, I thought I heard something like that....

Xavier: Oh yeah! That's what that evil voice told me earlier! Back in those space corridors!

Wordgirl: Also, I thought we heard that the evil voice told us that if we fulfill the sacrifice, it will give us back our worlds!

Molly: Well, as much as I hate to tell the both of you this, I'm afraid that purple beast was just deluding you guys. You can't get your worlds back, it already damaged everything, but what I can tell you is the sacrifice will still stop this purple beast once and for all, but I don't know what world you guys will be transferred to, who knows what that purple beast could lead you too?

Xavier: gasp Oh no......No more secret museum......that's just tough.....but we still need to stop that monster!

Wordgirl: Yes! So Molly, do you know how we can reach this purple goo monster?

Molly: Well.......there is a way, I found out. There's a tall mountain nearby that holds a special purple crystal that when thrown, it will transport you guys to that purple thing! I don't know where that crystal came from in the first place, but maybe we can find out!

Wordgirl: Alright, let's do that!

Xavier: Count me in!

As soon as Wordgirl, Xavier and Molly went out the doors, they then to go out into the snowy wilderness to find that crystal, but they were then spotted by a big amalgamation of the Anomaly's enslaved minions, which includes the villains Wordgirl has fought back at fair city, Becky's family, Violet, Yadina, Brad and Molly's friends and family

Xavier: gasps Oh Yadina, Brad, please come back.... he sheds a few tears from his eyes

Molly: According to my research, they won't listen to you now, they only listen to that! Maybe we should just run!

Wordgirl: Yeah! Good thinking!

Xavier: Aaaaaaahhhhhh haaaaaaa!!!

Enslaved Yadina: Ḋ̴̪̻̬̪̗̦̖̻̣̯͍̤ͅé̵͉̫͎͈̫̞͔̫̱̥̦̻͐̅́͌̔̒͜ś̶̨̛̼̱̞̬̤̖̱̀̓̅́͜t̸̡͔̣̗͔̞͎͇̥̯̰͚̭̋̂̀̏͌̔̈́͘ͅr̸̢̢̜̖̮̺̜̲̬͈̖͉̪͒̃̀͛͒̊̌͆͋̈̓͒̄̾̚ͅo̷̢̜̤̭̥̳̹̮͌̄͂̄̌̕͜ý̸̪̲̲̂͆͒̆̊̐͋͘̚ ̷̡̢̢̡͇̘̯͎̦̲͙̜̳̤͆̇̈̍̈́̚͝a̵̖͐̒̽̓̐̏̿͛͂͘͝͠͠l̴̛͙̻̯͙͉̭͕̄͐͐̅̃̐̎̌̚̚͝ͅͅl̴̨̢̛̦̖̼̪̘̟̺͓͙̋̋͌͜!̷̢̪͎̲̟̳͒̓̽ͅ ̷̛̳͔̙̰͈̖͙̹̼͚͈̭͔͚̍̉̂̏̅͜D̷̨̧͔̤͈͉̻̲͎̥̭͔̋̀̽̈́̆̚ẻ̷͕͎͐͊͌́́̚ş̶͍͖̬̮͙̼̯͇͉͕͖̈̽͋̐̿͐̚ͅͅt̸̢̘͓̗̣̘̫̭͓͕͚͎́̄̃̏̐͂̿͠r̸̫̳̰̲̣̜̠̬̘̝̺̭̪̍̽̔́́͊̇́̀͑̌̋o̶̢͌̀̇͑̈̀͆ŷ̶̖̦̭̭̠̰̣̭̹͍͕̽͒͊̉̏̇́̔̊̚ͅ ̷̡̺̺̩͕̭̩̭̲̭͛̀͛̂͜͝ͅà̶̡̛̭̞̼͔̖̮̮̪̪̣͕̄̏͒̿́̈͐̌͗̅͜͝͝ľ̶̦̬̰̲͐̀̾́̊̆͝͝l̴̨̙͕͕͇̜͎͛͌́̑͗͜͝ͅͅ ̶̝͍̥̞̞͖͌̆̾̈́̂l̴̨̡̡̞̖͉̟̥̠͈̗̱͍̟͘͜i̸̡͕̼̤̱̱͉̥̘̰͕̪̭͐̒̈̈́͛͊f̶͎̦̱̂̃̇̀̂̍̃̚͜é̸̢̺̩̦̦̠̓̈̀̂̽̈́̉͆̉̈́̇͑͂͛f̷̳̝̞͍̠͉̳͖͇̪̓̈͛͑͗͘͘ȍ̵̡̭̳̹͈̌́̓͌͆́̎̌͋̚͝͠͠r̸̡̤͙͉̯̺͎̤͖͚̈́͂̈́̽́̊̌̃͊͠m̴̡͔̟̖̩̱̝͗͆̃̒͒̾̈̏s̶͙͕̲͉̻̠̔̒͒̒̈́͗̎͆̿̓̿̉͛̈!̵̱͎͙̱̗͎͚͕͇͍̞̬͛̈̈́̔̉̾͆̿̿͂̐̿͛͘

The amalgamation begins to chase the heroes

You then go through a platformer section where you must go forward and reach the end while avoiding the amalgamation that is constantly chasing you, and touching it is an instant KO. There are various obstacles in your way and environmental hazards that will slow you down, making the chase much more perilous.

The trio then hid in a small ice grotto where the amalgamation then passes by them, and along its way, it dropped a purple crystal.

Xavier: Hey! that must be that crystal we need to reach that thing!

Wordgirl: Well what are we wating for? Let's get it!

The trio picked up the crystal and they spot Big Bird, Elmo, Arthur, Buster, Mr. Rogers, Barney, Chris and Martin, Digit, Hacker, Lionel the Teletubbies, Ord and Ruff Ruffman up in the clouds of a tall mountaintop

Molly: I think we have more survivors up there! Let's get to them!

Xavier: Yeah, let's meet up with them! We know the way to that thing!

You then go through a vertical scrolling platformer section where you climb an icy mountain while dealing with more of the Anomaly's minions.

Wordgirl: So again, which two are we going to sacrifice? I'm up for it, that's for sure.

Xavier: I might, but that's something we can discuss with the others up there.

Molly: Good Idea.

The End of Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Light Will Guide Us to the Ultimate Fight!

Dash and Ms. Frizzle both jump out of a portal into a dark and mysterious area full of destroyed and otherwise abandoned carnival that looks more like a junkyard at this point.

Dash: Hmm, this place sort of reminds me of that jack-in-the-box I had to announce kids of the next shows, but it seems that purple monster may have caused a little more collateral damage than I thought.....

Ms. Frizzle: And that reminds me of the time my bus was sent to a junkyard and almost got crushed, oh, how I miss my bus...and my class as well......Maybe we should search for any survivors.

Dash: Great Idea! Once we do, we can finally know the secret on how to defeat those purple creatures for good!

Ms. Frizzle: As I say Dash, take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!

Dash: Always, Frizz!

You can choose between Dash or Ms. Frizzle to traverse through a platforming section of the abandoned carnival and fight off the Anomaly's enslaved minions.

After the platforming section:

Dash and Ms. Frizzle then stumbled upon a horse feeling downright blue and lonely and sitting on a pile of crushed circus tents. Dash decides to approach the horse.

Dash: Ummm, are you ok, Mr. Horse?

Marvin: No......I miss the stage, all those lights shining on me. I miss Fast-Talking Jack and all my friends! They were all taken by this big monstrous purple thing!

Ms. Frizzle: That's what happened to my class too! I feel your pain, Mr. Circus Horse.

Dash: What I knbow is that in order to stop that purple thing, we would need to sacrifice two of our friends....but we will figure something out. Also, you remind me of some horse from a long forgotten block on TV, what's your name?

Marvin: My name is Marvin! I'm the fast-talking, tap dancing horse!

Dash: Well, Hello Marvin, I'm Dash! Fellow mascot of PBS Kids

Ms. Frizzle: Ms. Frizzle here! Fellow science teacher at your service!

Marvin: Nice to meet you two!

Soon, some members of the Anomaly's forces, which just happen to be an enslaved group consisting of Eddy, Diamonds, Elizabeth and Stripes come to take on Dash, Ms. Frizzle and Marvin.

Dash: Hey, guys, watch out! There's more of them coming!

The Anomaly's forces come approaching.

Marvin: Don't worry, I'll save you, my friends! Time for me to put on a show once more to show you of our glory old days of preforming! Cue the spotlight!

As Marvin, you defeat the Anomaly's forces in a Multi-nomaly Mayhem-esque battle where you use Marvin's dance-themed moveset to put on a performance and fight. Afterwards, you must then face off against an enslaved group consisting of Eddy, Diamonds, Elizabeth and Stripes. Defeat them to clear the battle.

After the fight:

Marvin: Well, that was certainly a great performance, but I couldn't save them.......

Dash: Well, I think it's not possible at this point, that purple thing is too strong for you.....

Ms. Frizzle looks up at the sky and sees Big Bird, Elmo, Arthur, Buster, Mr. Rogers, Barney, Chris and Martin, WordGirl, Digit, Hacker, Lionel, Xavier Riddle, the Teletubbies, Ord and Ruff Ruffman up in the clouds.

Ms. Frizzle: Hey guys, look up in the sky! There's the others! WordGirl even made it up there as I thought she would!

Dash: So is Arthur and Buster! Come on, Marvin and Ms. Frizzle! Let's meet up with them and discuss about who we are sacrificing!

Marvin: Sounds fantastic! Come on, let's dim those lights and make our merry way up there!

The cutscene stops.

You can choose between Dash, Ms. Frizzle or Marvin to traverse through a platforming section of the abandoned carnival that leads towards the entrance towards the top with the survivors and fight off the Anomaly's enslaved minions.

After the platforming section:

The three friends walk towards the other survivors

Mr. Rogers: Well, it seems that we have everyone up here!

Barney: Yep! All or friends are here at last!

Ord: and hey! Looks like they brough more survivors!

Elmo: Elmo's glad you guys made it up here! It must have been so hard!

Teletubbies: Eh-oh! More friends!

Ruff Ruffman: Well now that everybody's here, maybe we should discuss who to sacrifice?

Molly: Woah, hold on there! Maybe I should let Wordgirl discuss this!

Wordgirl: Well, Molly here told us about this purple crystal me, her and Xavier found!

Xavier: If we throw it, it says that it can take us to wherever that purple thing is residing!

Wordgirl: Well, I suppose I get on with it!

Buster: Alrighty, super-girl!

Wordgirl throws it the first time, but the crystal lands on the ground and nothing happens. The others try various ways to get the crystal working. Digit used a small hammer to hammer the crystal a few times but nothing happens. Big Bird tries shaking it to no avail. The Teletubbies inspect it but nothing happens still. Mr. Rogers inspects it but that didn't do. The Kratt Bros. tried spinning it themselves, but surprisingly, nothing happens. Xavier then gets fed up by every others' attempts and throws it hard, only for the crystal to bounce on the clouds 3 times before spinning in midair and opening up a dark portal to some kind of dark-purple dimension that starts to suck in our heroes! Everyone tries to hold on to something, but the pull was just so strong that they couldn't hold on for long. Big Bird, Elmo, Arthur, Buster, Mr. Rogers, Barney, Chris and Martin, WordGirl, Digit, Hacker, Lionel, Xavier Riddle, the Teletubbies, Ord, Ruff Ruffman, Molly, Dash, Ms. Frizzle and Marvin were all then sucked into the portal to the dark-purple dimension. The pull was SO strong, in fact, that it seemed to suck in the clouds, the lands our heroes have been to as well as the World of No-Learning, only leaving behind a pitch-black screen in its wake.

End of Chapter 12.

Chapter 13:

With contributions to this final quest by fighters like us!

We start the chapter off with all 19 fighters standing on a dark crystal cliffside in the Anomaly Dimension as they all look out into the horizon of the infinitely long dimension with no end in sight. Elmo hides behind Big Bird while Ord turns invisible in fright. Wordgirl and the Kratt Bros look beyond with brave looks on their face knowing that this is their epic and only chance to save their friends. We pan up to a shot of all the fighters also having discovered the smashed and devastated remains of their worlds floating in the endless void.

Xavier Riddle: Oh wow, I mean, even I can't explain the meaning of this place.....It's just so dark...and scary......I just.....

Elmo shivers behind Big Bird

Big Bird: That's Ok, Elmo, even I am scared. I don't even know this place!

The 19 characters then start to lament about their crushed worlds just looking at the pieces of the world just floating and in a totally wrecked state

Big Bird: Can you....tell me....how to get to....Sesame Street.....and now it's gone.......

Elmo: Elmo's never getting his room back, I'm so sad!

Mr. Rogers: Well, it sure was fun getting to know everyone alongside all our friends, but I guess now they're gone...

Arthur: Oh, Elwood City, my home, it can't be....

Barney: Gee, now I am REALLY starting to miss all my friends.....

Chris and Martin: We do hope Zoboo would still be ok, even after this is all destroyed...

Wordgirl: Without Fair City, how can I feel super now?

Ms. Frizzle: Well, there goes years of teaching my class about the wonderful wonders of the world of science.....

Digit: Ahhhhh.....I sure hope Motherboard is ok, but I bet she won't be happy seeing Cyberspace like this!!!

Hacker: My Minions......my worlds......

Lionel: MY Library's in ruins! I guess this means no more reading and adventures and stuff....

Xavier: I guess what that voice told me was right, there is no more secret museum sniff...

Teletubbies: notice broken TubbyTronic SuperDome*Home....home.....*sadly

Molly: If my home's there, does this mean my family's gone?

Ord: shivering in fear Does this mean our homes are gone forever?...

Marvin: Welp, no more performing for the people anymore, what a shame......

Ruff Ruffman: Man, I sure do miss my old job, but now it looks like I won't get it back! Bummer!

Buster: Well, maybe it was the strong sucking from that purple crystal that caused all the worlds to end up like this....

Dash: Whatever the reason, I'm very sad too that all of your guys' worlds are destroyed, and everything's gone.....

Xavier Riddle then uses his psychic powers.

Xavier Riddle: My senses have come to me that we are in a place known as the "Anomaly Dimension". I have also sensed that the purple thing is playing games on us by creating a maze for us to navigate!

Ms. Frizzle: Not something that I had often gone on field trips with my class, but maybe we should go forward and explore this maze.

Elmo: Hahahahaha! Ok!

Dash: Well what are we waiting for? Let's get exploring!

Everyone nods in agreement.

The cutscene ends and then you enter a roster with the 19 characters you can choose from. You can choose 5 fighters to help you traverse through the platforming section of the Anomaly Dimension. You travel through a platforming section with elements of the destroyed PBS Kids show worlds, such as Sesame Street, Elwood City, Fair City, Animal Junction, Cyberspace, the Barnaby B Busterfield III Public Library, the Secret Museum, the TubbyTronic SuperDome, the Denali Trading Post, Dragon Land, Fast-Talking Jack's Carnival and Ruff's show stage.

After the platforming section:

Xavier Riddle keeps looking around.

Xavier Riddle: I can sense it...the Anomaly!

Elmo: Elmo wants to find out about this.....purple thing too!

Mr. Rogers: So this thing is called the "Anomaly"?....hmmmm.......

Big Bird and WordGirl look over at the minions coming towards them.

WordGirl: Hey look! There's our friends and family....I mean....the Anomaly's enslaved minions!

Dash: Well then, let's get on with it! We'll defeat them first, then we can come up with a plan!

The cutscene ends and then you enter a roster with the 19 characters you can choose from. You can choose 5 fighters to help you defeat the Multi-nomaly wave of characters. It will be a longer fight.

After the fight:

The Anomaly shows up on the scene

Wordgirl: Hey you! What do you think you're doing to our friends?!

Marvin: You give us back what we love! So we can go back to what we all love!

It turns out that the Anomaly was really angry at its minions' incompetent efforts to take out our heroes, so it gathers ALL its minions into one place, to which it then claps its giant purple hands to merge them all into a super-powerful highly-destructive amalgamation monster
View attachment 361890

Xavier Riddle: angry at Anomaly Alright, how much do you have to keep taking away our friends?!?!

Big Bird: Oh no....what have you done?!

Digit: Inez!!! No!!!

Amalgamation monster: R̸̛̖͉̣̈́̄͂̐͂̔̈́̾͂̆̀̃̾̈́̐͋̏̉̍̔̋͆͋̂̕͠͝ͅR̵̛̺̙͕͔̹̄̃̉̑͗͛̿̋̍̂̔̉̽̇̂̍̓͑̚͘̕Ŗ̷̨̧̦͔̟̣͔͈̮̹̪̪̺̪̝̞̖̳̲͕̥̬̩̖̤͖͈̯̉̈́̀͑̿͂͌̍̿̓̅̊͊̏́̽͗͜R̵̨̨̡̧̲̥̣̹̺͕͎͇͖̹̹̜̻̥̲̰̱̬̱̪̤͍̬͒̃̒̀̈́̿̍͗̈́̋͛̈́͂̿̚͘͜͜͜͝R̷̛̛̤͍̹̠̗̗̮̖̖͕̱̻̺̭̼̣͌͊̐̽̈́̏̔͊̓̆̓̑̃͗̈́̈́̒̀́͘̚̚̕̕͜͜R̶̨̨͈̜̘̯̘͓̩͔͚̬̣͙̭̩̦͚̘̣̼͇͚̰̦͔͔͘R̷̡̨̢͎͍͇̖̮̭̮̼̠̝͚̣̝͓͚̫̺̜̲̗̙̻̱͉̓̓́̊̈̏̌̀̀̄͝͝ͅͅͅR̵͙̯͙̬͓͈̉̃̿̇̅̃̆͗̌̀̏̀͛̉̌͝͝͝R̵̡̧͖̘̟̥̟̲̞̙̣̦̣͔̗͙̣̩̮͙͉̃̾͗̍̀̿͜͝R̵̡̨̛̫͚̫͕͈̝̟̝͎͍̩̲͚̝̭͉̳̲̝̰̹͗͑̐̃͗̂̽̏̈́̓̀̃̋̆͐͝͠Ṙ̴̢̧̧̫̩͔͈̦̻̪̉̒R̸̗̪͙͚̼̖̮͒̓̿͐͒͆͑̽̽́̊͗͋̊͛̊́̈́̂̀̈́̃͒̚͠͝Ò̴̡̨̧̳̠͖͍̙͉̩̘̫̖̣͎͙̄̓́̑͆̍̄̏̇̀̀̂̀́͊̽̍͜͜͠Ö̴̧̭̱̞̟̰̫̖̩͓͔̣̳̮͓̻͎̜͓̱̝̀̓̆̑̎͛̓́̈́̾̿̾͒̾̽̍͋̓́̈̓̀̄̚͠ͅͅO̴̬͒̀͗O̵̧̪̖̜̳̺̖̮͚̼̗̩̖̮̬̿͐͗͑̌̓̌͆̆͋͋̒̆̎̒̇͑͋͗̕͠͠͝Ǫ̸̨̡̧̛̫̲̟̗̲̣̱̤͚̖͓͝Ȯ̴̯̝̺̀̌̑̏̆̍͊̐̐̈́̂̊͑̈̽̊̑̆͜Ơ̷̧̧̞̫͖̮̫̟͍̺͆͐͌̿͗̎̅̓͋͠͠O̵̡͚̘̘͔̯̞̟̬̰̫̝͉͈͕̻̠̪̜̪̥̰̼̣̼̰̼̣̅̇̂͐̀͘͜͠O̷̧̥̳̙̮͕̼̙͔̍͐̇̓͐̕O̴̡̨̬͕̣̤̟͇͕͈̭̗̘̣̙̮̱͓͉͕̹̘͓̣̜̽̓͋̋̌̿ͅÓ̷̡̡͚̜͇͚͎̼̺͉͖̥̣͉̝̪̭̭͔̪͂̀̉̿̂͒̔̏̐̅̏́̊̽̂̎̓̿̂͊̀͐̑̒̾͘͜͠͝͝A̵̝̳͍̤̺͈͎͔̞̙̞̬͖̘̹̓̎̍̋̍̓̓͛̈́̾͜͝Ą̸̨̥̦̺͖̗̼̲̪͓͔͉̼̭͕̭̫̺́̈́͜À̶̲̟̼̲̞̞͔̠̩̜̬̫̳͉̙̳̘̪̲͍̮̅̅̒̓̉̍̋̋́͐́̈́̓̔͛̉̅̂̒̀͝͝͝Ã̸̛̪͖̖͖̥͎̥̗̠̯͓̳̊͑̈́̈́̒͆̇̎͂͐͆͆̿̍͊͂͆͂̐̀̑̒͛͆͘͠͝Ą̶̡̨̢̖͕̣̭͉̟͈̭̳͙̳͎̮̺̥̘͎͈̳͔̮̭̰́̆͗̆̃̊͋̔̋͗̔͗̈̀͠͠ͅͅA̸̛̻͕̪̿̈̄̂̈̓̊̒̒̋͒̋̿̐̋̑͊̄͂̌̀͘͘͝Ḁ̷̢̡̧̢̨͙͚͉̙̦͇͕̥̬̭̪̗͙̪͔̥̎̈́̋̈́͑̑̈́̑A̸̡̢̧͚͖̳̰̮͈̬̺̱̖̠̲̲͕͔̪͉̝̣̝̺̎̔̎̿̊͋̔̾̓̓͗̎̾̇̕͜͝͝ͅͅḀ̵̡̻̖̟̳͍̭͍̜͍͈̣̣̇̆̽̋̑̈́̂̀̈́̓̓͋͛͒̓̋́̑̚Å̴̧̡̢̡̼͙̤̱̞͇̣̭̘̮͍̻̰̩͋̈́̀ͅḀ̵̛͖͉̣͈̮̩͕̗̆͋̽̓̄̈̀̅̐͊̐̄͑̋̉̕͝Ȁ̷̙̫̼̭̘͚̝̯͚͎́̂̋̆̑͜Å̸̩̗͚̼̠͚̻̞̙̬̟̰̠͍͙͚̝͓̦͔͕̰̯̣̩̗̾̍̿͂̈̑͊́͊̽͐̿͑̀̎̕͘͜Ą̶̧̧̧̨̩̲̦͔̭͈͙̳͙̥̥̖͍̬̟͚̠̹̪̱͚͖̆̓̀́̓̿̏͊̇̌̃̑̌̐̇̆̐͐͂̔̒̀̔̌͗͛̓̇͛͘͜͝ͅÁ̸̡̡̳͕̲̝̼͇̣̗̼͙̠̳̭̼̤͈̜̫̠͍̹̯̪̠̰̂́̂̎́̊͊̎̆̇͂̾̆̄̅̒̾̌͋͛̽̂̽̾͘͜͝ͅĄ̸̟̦̱̼̫̻̯̞̥̱̥̣̝̙͔̫̈͑̐̂̃͗̏̾̀͐̈́̆̃͑̀̈̌̂̒̈́̂̃̌̕͝͠͠R̵̼̈́͊Ŗ̶̢̨̜̘̙̖̠̞̣̥̺͓͇͍̖̹͕͇̜̆͒͂͒̈́̀͌̌́̅͗̇͊̌̇̀̓͛̑̇̈́͂͐̚͘͘̚͝͝Ŗ̸̢̧͓̬͖̭͓̹̗̮̭̼͖̙̺͙̹̤̗͙̬̑̆̏̓͑̌̓́̾͑̍́̆̉̋̎͒̋̋̍̽͗̓̚͝͝͝͝R̸̨̢͍̻͖̯͖̻̠͉̥͕̞͍̤̦͎͓̺̗͖̱͍̘̾̉̇̌͛̽̌̐̌̋̒̂͂͑͗̉̎̎̋̀́̕̚̕̚͝͠͠͠͠R̴̢̨̛̬̯͙̜̖̯̤͕̦̹̒͑̈́̓̏͋̎̿̑̇͑͐̀̃̀́̌́̀̎̅͑͘̕̚̚͝͝͝ͅŖ̷̦̯̲̊̔̿̾̊̄̂̿̎͗̏̾̓͊͆̆̋̃̈́̏̒̅̀̓͘̕͘R̷̭̻̈́̇͛̃̋̉͑̒̄̑͂̈́̊̓̿̀͗̍̄̏̓̆̕̕̚͘̚͜͝R̶̨̧̢̡̠̥̻̻̯̤̩̺͙̳͉̘̯̺̠̪͇̺̱̥͓͙̤̮͈̖͗͋̂̄̇͐́̈̆̎̐̃́̈́̃̈́͛̏̈́͛͛͂̽͝ͅR̴̦̤͔͈̣͉̞̰̺̹͓̩̳̘̦̙̲̬̥̦̝͕̖̳̤͍̽͛̈̉́̓͌̕Ṛ̵͉͈̩͈̳̲̼̤̥͚͊͐̊̏̃̀̄͌͊̿͑̅̏̆̏̈̄̈͑̚R̴̟̱͈͈͓͚͚͚̘̀ͅR̷̢̧̧͉̪̖̪͓̯͖̺̰̱̻̞̥͓͉̤̩͉͍͓̝͈̗̰̟̲̈͂͐̏̈́͆̎̅̾͊̇̊̾̈̏͘!̶̙̭̼͇̝̼̳̮͚̼͗̆͆̅̀̿́̓̌͛̒̚͠!̶̧̺̹͈͈̪͔̪̓́̐͗͐̏͆͛̐̆̍̌̀́̍́̿͌͊̐̏̚ͅ!̴̡̢̛̝̗̭̪̤̹͎̤̹͓̠͖̤̭̞̘̟̅̈́͒̂̒̈́̃͗̊̓̎͗̿̏̓̄̆̐́̓͆̌̈́̍̚͝!̴̡̡͚̟̥͉̝̲͚̳͉̪͓͌́̋̓̀͆̄́͛̓́̋̚͝!̸̧̛̝̙̠͍͈͙̬̠̻̰͔͓̾͊̉̈́͘!̶͍͉̣̹̤̲̮͇̪̪͐͌̏̋̕͜!̶̡̛̭͈͚̟̪͍̦̝̤̘̺̝̥̒͗͛̂̀̇̽͛͆͑̄͑͐̈́̈́̉̂͌̎͒̌̐̌̈́͝ͅ!̵̧͇̘̱̟͈͍̗̜͓̙̇̃̉́̿̃͑̐̿͂̅̃̈́̃͌̀̈́̄̈̀̋̕͝͝͝!̴̛͎͔̱̬̽̊̂͛̃̈́͆̽͝͝͝!̴̨̬̪͔͙̫̻͔̘͈̹̻̦̭̭̞̏͜͝!̵̨̧̜͕̼̹͍͉̣͍̞͎̎́̓͗̄̐̊͛͐̌͊̅̌͛̂͝͝ͅ!̵̪̤̖̎̓!̷̢̨̥̻͖͓͙̲̝͇͇̱̲̞͙̟̖̯͈͈̗͒̿̔͋͌͑͊͒̍̅̃̂̈̈́̊͗͛̉̑͐̀̊͆̀́̎̊̚̕̕̕͜!̴̧̧̛̛̜̯͈̬̭͚̖̮̟͖̾̍̈́͋̋̀̔̀̓̀̔̔̽̾̍̋̑̌͊̅̋̋̿̔͒̈́̚͜͝

Ord: Well now how do we get back our friends?

Arthur: Who cares?!?! Just RUN!!!!!

Everyone runs as the amalgamation monster then chases everyone.

The cutscene ends and then you enter a roster with the 19 characters you can choose from. You can choose 5 fighters to help you complete the platforming section while the amalgamation monster try and chase you. If they touch your fighter, they will slap the fighter really hard into the background, causing an automatic KO. You will also defeat the Anomaly's minions as well. Occasionally, the amalgamation monster will lift up rubble and toss them at the characters, so they will have to avoid those as well.

After the platforming section.

The fighters keep on running until they confront a really angry and aggressive Anomaly once more, with the amalgamation monster still behind them

Buster: Oh no, we're SURROUNDED!!!!!!!!

Ruff Ruffman: Is this the end of us???

Ms. Frizzle: Well, it sure was nice knowing you guys!

Lionel: Oh no, please don't eat us!

Teletubbies: Uh-oh! Uh-oh!!!

the Anomaly is starting to get bigger.

Dash: What does it possibly want??

Everyone embraces the fear as they are surrounded with no hope in sight, but they still hoped something will save them...

End of Chapter 13

Chapter 14:

Coming Up Next: The Mishappenings of the Anomaly Monster

We start off where Chapter 13 left us, all the fighters in fear as the Anomaly Monster tries to attack them. Everyone is seen quivering in fear. Elmo is seen really shaking behind Big Bird's back.

Elmo: Big Bird, if Elmo goes away, tell Dorothy and everyone Elmo loves her.

Big Bird: Elmo, let's have some confidence! If we all believe, we all can achieve the goal of heading back to our worlds.

Ord is then seen turning invisible and cries hysterically.

Ord: Well, no more Dragon Land and Max and Emmy now.

Dash: We have no choice everyone, but to take down this Anomaly monster piece by piece.

Everyone nods. WordGirl and The Kratt Brothers nod at each other knowing their superpowers can assist them in taking down the Anomaly.

Ms. Frizzle: After all, I feel I should take back what I said earlier. It's always good to take a chance, make mistakes, and get messy! I will see my students and my bus yet again.

Arthur: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's take down this monster!

Everyone nods in agreement.

The cutscene ends and then you enter a roster with the 19 characters you can choose from. You can choose 5 fighters to help you defeat the Anomaly in a boss fight.

After the boss fight:

Everyone celebrates for a little thinking they defeated the Anomaly but then...Lionel notices something.

Lionel: Hey guys, look! There's the opening to that monster when Xavier was talking about the sacrifice. So, who's going to take it?

Everyone just shrugs and then everyone is just bickering about it.

Elmo: Elmo does not want to go in there at all!!!!

Xavier Riddle: Calm down, little guy! I know this is not easy but...

Molly: I do not know if I can go in there, I still have my family to help out with.

Buster: I still want to travel the world and make video postcards.

Barney: I have my friends to sing and imagine with.

Big Bird: Well....if I have to, I must.

Everyone tries to stop Big Bird. However, due to everyone's long bickering....the minions of the Anomaly slowly start to creep up.

Dash: Uhhhh guys....more minions are coming!

Everyone looks and then gets prepared to defeat them.

The cutscene ends and then you enter a roster with the 19 characters you can choose from. You can choose 5 fighters to help you defeat a wave of the Anomaly's minions.

After the minion wave fight:

More minions come up and they never, ever stop approaching.

Mr. Rogers: Everyone, we must calm down now. Always look for helpers when we need them.

Dash: Your right, Mr. Rogers. But....

Chris and Martin: Oh dear....

Teletubbies: Uh oh!!!!

The minions all combine with the defeated Anomaly to make the Anomaly Final, the final form of the Anomaly.

Anomaly Final: R̸̨̥͔̻͙̼̼̲͓̱͇̪̂̾͌̍́́̈́́̈́͛͛̒̚O̸̢̹̺̥̹͎̬̲̫̝͂́̅̈͜A̶̢̼̥̣̭͍͉͛̈́́̓̀̇͐̏̈̂͋̋̽͘͜R̴̝̳͖̦͑̀̂̈́̎́̈́̑Ŗ̵̗͎̯̙̩̞̩͚̗͖̱͇̽̌̀R̷̰̗̗̳͙̼̖̳͓̼̊̓̈͌͐̋̊̈́̆́̉͑ͅR̵̪͈̖̤̹̱̀̊̓̽͊̓̏͗͒͂̏̇̂̅̂͜ͅȐ̷͈̬͐ͅ!̶̭̗̾͗̑̆̆͐͑͆͂̃̅͘͠͝͝ ̴̧̛͔̰͚̺̟͉͂̏͛̐̈́͒Ľ̴̰͕̓̐̀́̒͆̾̊̄́͝E̷̛̛̜̅̓̋̾̃̔͊̋͗̂̈́Ă̸̠̼͊́͋̐͝͝R̷̲͚̫̺̩̘̳̻͑͌N̶̹̤̆̒̔̏̿̿̾̀̎̒̋͘̕̚͝I̵̡̯̟̮̙͌̓̏̔̃͊̊̈̚N̸̨͙͇̘͓͔̦͎̪̍̐̏̇̃̍̃̏̎̈́̅̚Ğ̵̢̡̘̗̙̟̝̦̊́̓̿ ̸̘̥̩͈̥͛̐͂̿̈́̿̏̄͂̇́͝͝͝N̵͓͔̳͐̅̀́̐͘O̷̧̦̮̟̙̮̞̊̃́́͂́ ̵̛̖͙̪̣̜̗̖͒͆Ḿ̸̡̨̲̟̙̋͑̅̆̎͗͊̕̚Ơ̵̢̧̦͖̘͍͊̀̂̅͝Ŗ̸̨̤̖̝̞̟̦̥̬̓̏͌̒͊̎̎̉̓̕Ę̵̨̜̮̭̳̬͔̱͕̠̳̀͛͝!̷̩̼̗͉͚̖͔̒̈́͌̍͜!̷̛͇̣̖̳̜͎̞̬̩̦͈̳͚́͊͋͛͊̿͐͒̂͒̌͜͠!̴̢͕̯̯̯͖̗̮͉͕̩̊͋̍̋̂̒

Big Bird: RUN FOR IT!!!!!

Everyone then runs frantically away knowing that fighting would destroy them.

The cutscene ends and then you enter a roster with the 19 characters you can choose from. You can choose 5 fighters to help you complete a platforming section to run away from the Anomaly. If the Anomaly slaps you, you get automatically KOd.
You will also defeat the Anomaly's minions as well. Occasionally, the amalgamation monster will lift up rubble and toss them at the characters, so they will have to avoid those as well.

After the platforming section.

Dash: Everyone, just keep running till we find a safe spot!

Lionel: This is never going to end! I feel like that gingerbread man from that book I gave Leona for her birthday!

Everyone is just frantically running as the cutscene ends with the Anomaly Final yelling and roaring at the camera like it is making a way cry.

End of Chapter 14

Chapter 15:

The Environmentally-Friendly Save to Make The Sacrifice

We start the chapter where we left off on the last chapter, with the 19 characters caught in a dead end and still being chased by the Anomaly. Everyone were embracing the end. More of the Anomaly's minions were charging towards the characters with the Anomaly itself in the way back.

Dash: Well, there goes our chance to sacrifice two of us and to save the world........

Xavier Riddle: It can't be! There has to be another way to find that opening!

Molly: Yes! If we stick together, we can find another way!

Digit: Yes!!! There has to be another way!

Marvin: Well, if we can all stick together, maybe that's the best way we can figure this out!

Mr. Rogers: I think Marvin's right. Because all you guys are my great friends, I really bet that sticking together is the best way to help out in this situation! We should all stay calm if we want to figure out how to defeat this Anomaly thing together!

Everyone nods and gets prepared to fight the Anomaly hordes as they approach.

The cutscene ends and then you enter a roster with the 19 characters you can choose from. You can choose 5 fighters to help you defeat the Anomaly's minions in a Multi-nomaly Mayhem.

After the fight:

With the Anomaly's minions all pushed aside, all there was left was the Anomaly, who saw this as an opportunity to make its final blow on all our heroes.

Teletubbies: Uh oh!!!!

Elmo: Elmo thinks everyone's doomed!

Ruff Ruffman: Well, this is truly the end, no more hosting all those amazing shows.......

Buster: Maybe I can try to talk to that alien thing into now attacking us! After all, we come in peace!

Just then, Chris and Martin spot a group of mixed up animals coming forth.

Chris: Hey look, there's some animals coming to help us!

Martin: Hold up, those animals all don't look like any animal we've ever seen!

The four amalgamation-animals come up and then they are seen attacking the Anomaly and then....


We see a monkey-snake-shark-bird hybrid attack the Anomaly by ramming it. It turns out the animal was Cheeko.

Dash: Cheeko???? Boy, have I not seen you in such a long time! Thanks for saving us! Where have you been?

Cheeko: Same place as all of you guys! How have you all been?

Dash: How did you even end up in here??

Cheeko: Well, some new friends of mine came over to the EekoHouse to invite me to your Brawltime party, but then, some giant purple thing just came in and attacked all of the house and somehow, I was banished here in this dark place!

A flashback plays where we see Cheeko flying away from the Anomaly when it enters his world until he got swooped into the Anomaly Dimension.

Wordgirl: Oh yeah....I sorta remember being in that house....

Arthur: Me too!

Buster to Arthur: Don't you think he's an alien too?

Arthur: Buster! He rescued us, no time for your alien theories!

Soon, there were hundreds of amalgamation-animals from EekoCreature swooping down on a pinned-down Anomaly Final to have its opening open once more by trying to hold it out.

Cheeko: Quick! My EekoCreatures can only leave the hole open for so long! There needs to be two of you to make the sacrifice!

Wordgirl: I'd love to help out with that! After all, this is my moment to truly feel SUPER!

Xavier Riddle: we'll help you keep this Anomaly down, Cheeko!

Cheeko nods.

You then choose between Wordgirl, Xavier Riddle or Cheeko to help keep the gateway open by fighting off the Anomaly's minions and allowing the opening to remain clear.

After the fight:

Wordgirl and Xavier make salute poses to the others before running and flying into the Anomaly's opening to make the sacrifice.

Cheeko: Good luck you two!

All the characters look at Wordgirl and Xavier with sad, teary eyes knowing that they might loose Wordgirl and Xavier, but knowing that can do it. They all cheer and wave to them as we zoom into Wordgirl and Xavier entering the monster.

End of Chapter 15

Chapter 16

At Last, The Sacrifice of Two Heroes!

We start the chapter off with seeing WordGirl and Xavier Riddle inside of the Anomaly feeling nervous but full of bravery and confidence, knowing they can finally, and need to make the sacrifice to save their friends and end the Anomaly once and for all! Xavier Riddle was especially nervous.

Xavier: Well, here we are.....this must be the inside of this monster. Wow, it sure is dark and creepy in here! But I must do what I'm told if we're going to end all this! I guess this will be the last of us......

WordGirl: This will not be the end of us, Xavier! Even if we have to be gone in the process, just know we'll always stick together, no matter what. Maybe we should explore the inside first...

Inside the Anomaly was a large dark purple cave where they can see the various PBS Kids characters the Anomaly has captured, all stick together by mysterious purple goo and stuff that resembles vassals in the human body. Xavier Riddle then looks far and points to some characters he recognizes.

Xavier Riddle: gasp Yadina! That's my sister!

WordGirl then looks up and sees Dr. Two Brains.

WordGirl: Looks like Dr. Two Brains is in trouble too, but even though he is the trouble, I got to rescue him!...Let's both explore this place and find out more about how all of this is happening, Xavier!

Xavier Riddle nods at WordGirl.

You then choose between Wordgirl or Xavier Riddle to explore a platforming section exploring the inside of the Anomaly. The Anomaly's minions will come up and attack you.

After the platforming section:

The two then approach to the ones they managed to see in the distance earlier.

Xavier: Yadina? Can you hear me? Please? tears starts to fill his eyes

Yadina: Oh, my dear brother, you've come back! I never thought you'd would tears fill her eyes too

Xavier: Me neither, but I've come to save you! Obviously!

Yadina: I know you want to, but...you can't. I'm stuck here for all time! That thing has attached me here firmly since so it can put is inside works to motion!

Xavier: So that's it....the Anomaly trapped you here for all time......to power itself....crying

Wordgirl: Oh, Dr. Two Brains, what a horrible fate you have met! All this time I've been super, you finally got captured by an evil greater than you! tears starts to fill her eyes

Dr. Two Brains: Aww shucks, Wordgirl......I had hope that you'd come to save me....but I never thought you would, if you could sense that I was trapped here and being a body part to this thing!

Wordgirl: I never knew until now! crying

Dr. Two Brains: It seems that for every person that monster collects, it becomes stronger!

Wordgirl: Oh No!....That is truly terrible!

Dr. Two Brains: Hey, Wordgirl, there there! I think there's still a way! Maybe that thing in the middle over there might just be the key to freedom! That is as if there can be two heroes to occupy those.....spots!

Wordgirl: Yeah! I know! Me and Xavier are the ones to make the sacrifice!

Dr. Two Brains: That sounds very heroic to me, what more can you ask? Go, save us, save us all......

Wordgirl: Got it, pal..... with teary eyes

Yadina: Go Xavier, make it to the thing in the middle and save us all.....

Xavier: Yes, Yadina....with teary eyes

Wordgirl and Xavier make their way to the "core" of the Anomaly, which happens to be a huge ball of light full of glitch textures and ghostly faces that seem to be filled with cooperate desires and needs to destroy what's not popular nowadays. What's in front of the huge ball of light are two slots made of the same purple goo vessel stuff used to capture the others inside the Anomaly. This is presumably the spots where the sacrifice is needed to happen.

WordGirl: It seems that two heroes need to fill in those spots in order to make this work! You ready for this, Xavier?

Xavier Riddle: It does look like it to me, Wordgirl, but, I still don't know........

WordGirl: Well, come on! If doing this means it might take our lives, we can show that our heroics saved our friends and everyone captured by this Anomaly! This is our chance to end all of this!

Just then, an army of Anomaly minions came into the scene

WordGirl: Uh oh....It looks like they've become aware........

Xavier: Well then, let's fight!

You then choose between Wordgirl or Xavier Riddle to fight against the Anomaly minions are going to attack you.

After the battle:

Wordgirl and Xavier get into the spots where they finally prepare to make the sacrifice.

Wordgirl: Well, it was fun being super all those years, but now, it looks like it must come to an end!

Xavier: Yeah, it'll be a sad good-bye indeed, but I must do this for Yadina! For Brad! For everyone!

Wordgirl: Yeah, you know what, this is probably going to be my most super moment yet!

Xavier: Mine too! And possibly the last.

Wordgirl, Xavier: It was nice knowing you....friend.....

The Anomaly goo vessels manage to successfully snag Wordgirl and Xavier, which had caused a disruption in the Anomaly's inner workings as the Anomaly starts to crumble down slowly and nearing to explode.

Wordgirl: It's working! Xavier! It's working!

Xavier: Yeah! Well, goodbye, everybody......

As the place starts to crumble down even more, the huge ball of light explodes in a massive burst of light, seemingly about to vaporize Wordgirl and Xavier as they close their eyes tightly, embracing their imminent demises. Xavier, however, tried his best to use his psychic powers to conjurer an energy shield in an attempt to protect him for this strong explosion of light.

Meanwhile, outside, the rest of the 18 characters were watching the Anomaly in fear when they start to see its expression change to surprised as it starts to have its insides glow with light.

Dash: Everyone take cover!

Everyone closes their eyes tight as the Anomaly explodes in a brilliant burst of light, with the end screen being just a white screen.

End of Chapter 16

Epilogue Chapter:

New World, New Beginnings for our Childhood Stars!

The Chapter starts off to when the Anomaly is about to explode with the 18 characters watching as the maniacal beast crumble before their very eyes. It then zooms into inside the Anomaly, moments before it is about to explode. WordGirl and Xavier Riddle had successfully fulfilled the "sacrifice", and thanks to Xavier's shield, they actually managed to survive. They are about to try and find a way to escape

WordGirl: Hey! I'm alive! Aww, thanks, Xavier, but now WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!

Xavier Riddle: Right, Wordgirl! There HAS to be a way out!

We then see footage of various PBS Kids characters being freed from the Anomaly's cruel and tight grasp. Characters include Yadina Riddle, Chuck, Piggly Winks, Oscar the Grouch, BJ, Gawain, Aristotle, Norm the Number Gnome, Aviva Corcovado, The Brain, etc. and they all feel very glad to finally be free from that purple monster. WordGirl and Xavier then spot the only opening of the monster to which they can make their escape from

WordGirl: Ok Xavier, let's make a run to that hole over there!

Xavier Riddle: Yes! LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!

You then choose between Wordgirl or Xavier Riddle to traverse a platforming section inside of the Anomaly leading to the exit. In the stage, there will be debris falling to impede their progress and which they must avoid. You have a limited time to make it out of the Anomaly.

After the platforming section:

WordGirl and Xavier all make it out in time to meet up with the other 18 characters and to witness the Anomaly make its final moment with one big explosion of light with all 20 characters covering their faces as that was happening. Everyone closes their eyes tight as the Anomaly explodes in a brilliant burst of light, with the end screen being just a white screen.

As the light and white screen clears, we then get a close-up of Dash's face as his eyes are closed before opening up as if he were waking up from a nap. Confused and dazed, he gets up and looks around to see where he was at. The land is now all clear blue skies, grass and sun with no signs of the other's worlds in sight.


He did, however, managed to see...

  • the Sesame Street gang
  • Mr. Rogers along with Daniel Tiger and the other Land of Make Believe residents
  • Arthur along with his friends and family
  • Barney with Baby Bop, BJ and the other kids
  • Martha with her owner Helen and her friends and family
  • Clifford and the other dogs along with their owners
  • The Kratt Bros along with Zoboo
  • The 4 main Hero Elementary Students
  • Lionel and his family
  • Wishbone
  • Wordgirl's villians along with Violet and the Botsfords
  • Digit along with Matt, Inez and Jackie
  • Hacker along with Buzz and Delete
  • The Teletubbies along with Noo-Noo
  • Wishbone
  • Aristotle along with his friends
  • Ms. Frizzle along with the Magic School Bus and her class
  • Yadina and Brad
  • George Shrinks and his family
  • Piggley Winks and his friends
  • Molly Mabray along with her friends and Family
  • Anne Shirley along with her adoptive parents, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert
  • Ord with Max and Emmy and the other Dragons
  • Marvin along with Eddy and the rest of the performers
  • The Bear Family
  • Ruff Ruffman and his crew
  • Maya and Miguel
  • Cheeko along with other EekoCreatures

They were all just gathered in one place just looking at Dash and thinking he was responsible for freeing them all, thus they were all having cozy smiles on their faces, knowing they can be all back together again. Dot then approached Dash, feeling estactic.

Dot: Wow, brother, that was totally really awesome! Thanks to you, everyone is safe and sound!

Zoboomafoo: Yeah! Totally safe now! Glad to see everyone back together again, hoo-haw!

Muffy: I'm surely so happy to see everyone again!

Emily Elizabeth: Me too! Awww, Clifford, so glad you're safe!

Theo: And I'm so glad my family's safe too!

Yadina: Wait, where's Xavier?

Xavier appears from an energy teleport onto the scene

Xavier: Ooh, sorry I'm late everyone, I guess I just had a freak out for a second there, heehee, say, where's WordGirl?

Just then, a girl in a green shirt and purple dress came into view holding a small jar with a little purple sphere in it with eyes.

Arthur: Becky?

Becky: Yeah everyone, I'm free too! And it's all thanks to WordGirl and Xavier! This, by the way, is all that remains of the Anomaly.

Everyone all talk in amazement of how noble the efforts of WordGirl and Xavier saved them all.

Lionel: Oooh!, that thing in your hand...looks sorta familiar!

Becky: Don't worry, I'll watch, I've got plenty of time!

Xavier: Good, Becky!

Mr. Rogers: Well, now that the Anomaly is all but gone now, everyone is sure to roam free and enjoy their lives as they please, and it's all thanks to Xavier Riddle...and WordGirl, even if she's gone.....

Big Bird: Yeah! I am so happy that everyone's free, and we're all back together after so many years!

Molly Mabray: But.....our hames are gone....they're all destroyed, what are we going to do?......

Everyone mumbles and talks in random grumbles, showing that they have no real interest on actually restoring their lands and homes

Ord: Hold on a minute, what's that over there?

In the distance, there was a big, beautiful neon city with lots of buildings that all had fancy neons on them and the city seemed to have buildings based entirely on video games, arcade, esports, DJ and many other things that are popular within the digital entertainment industry now.


Elmo: Elmo wants to go to this colorful city! Come on everybody, let's go!

Arthur: Yeah! Let's go everyone!

Everyone cheers as they all start to rush towards that city in complete joy and excitement.

Ruff Ruffman: Woah-ho! wait for me!

Six Months Later......

Barney and his friends were all walking on the streets, dressed in neon anime gear as they make hologram greetings to Martha and Helen, who were both dressed in anime neon style

Digit, Matt, Inez and Jackie, all in robotic gaming suits, were playing video games competitively along with Molly Mabray and her friends, who are also dressed in robotic gaming suits.

Clifford was trying out an all new anime-mech style flash suit that allows him to run at super speeds

The Kratt Bros along with Ann, Matthew and Marilla were in hunter outfits keeping the city free of any threats

Becky Botsford was just sitting in the style of the Lofi girl in her new apartment roomand doing stuff while watching over the little purple ball.

Ord and all of his friends were being the street watchers, carrying baseball bats and wearing neon things on their faces.

The Magic School Bus was now decorated appropriately to the anime-mecha-neon aesthetic and was giving special tours all over the city and into the deep space.

The Teletubbies along with Zoboomafoo had started a food service to which they serve Tubby Ramen, which as essentially Ramen bowls with pink Ramen, and Tubby Brentos, which were flat friend steamed buns with meat inside them and on them were smiley faces just like Tubby Toast. We see Xavier, Yadina and Brad, all dressed in neon-mecha-gaming suits order some Tubby Ramen and Tubby Brentos and eat them anime-style.

Hacker along with Buzz and Delete have started a repair shop to repair mechs and stuff.

Tobey is seen testing out new anime-mechs

Theo ther Wordgirl villians have started their own new buisinesses.

The Lion Family had started a new DJ dance club and are hosting a DJ dance party with Arthur and co.

We then see an esports stadium where Announcer Bunny appears out of his hat, being the host.

Announcer Bunny: AAAAAA-Nouncer Bunny here to announce the grand video game tournament! Winners shall recieve special prizes and free meals. Now, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

All of the PBS Kids characters are seen in the stadium playing video games hardcore as if they were going their hardest to perform their best at the esports.

Finally, we get a photo of all every PBS Kids characters that appeared in the epilogue , followed by a text appearing saying "The End".

The End!

Donkey DLC Chapter:

The Big Anomaly Adventure

First part takes place before the beginning-ish of the story and around Chapter 1ish or so, second part takes place around sometime during Chapter 8

The chapter starts off with the regular Tots TV opening with the usual opening remade. Afterwards, we zoom into the Tots TV Secret House after Tiny says "What will we see?"

We see Tilly, Tom and Tiny just relaxing inside of The Secret House playing with Furryboo. They are just relaxing and talking.

Tom: So you two, what should we do today?

Tilly: No sé

Tiny then goes outside to check on Donkey. He then brushes Donkey.

Tiny: Our friend Donkey, you will always be our favorite.

Tom looks outside and notices the skies turning dark.

Tom: Where's Tiny and Donkey? I must check on the two of them.

Tom and Tilly head outside to check on the two.

Tom: Tiny! We should head inside n-

He gets interrupted by the Anomaly goo taking the three ragdolls and Donkey away to an unknown dimension destroying The Secret House and Donkey's Shed.

We then arrive in a barren foresty area.

Tiny: Where are we?

Tiny hides behind Tom.

Tom: I don't know Tiny but I don't see our Secret House or Donkey's Shed anyway.

Tilly: Donde esta la bolsa magica?

Tom luckilly held onto it.

Tom: For now, we should go on an adventure. We do not have Furryboo but I'm sure we will find him too.

Tom says this while petting Donkey.

After the cutscene, you play as Donkey going through a platforming section battling the Anomaly's minions while traversing through there.

After the platforming section:

Donkey and the three ragdolls are looking around for any signs of anything. They arrive in a more Teletubbies countryside-ish level revealing that this story mode chapter takes place around Chapter 8.

Tom: It seems we are in a different area.

Tiny looks behind him where he notices a purple dinosaur, four colored creatures and two brothers coming.

Tiny: Look! More people are coming!

We see Barney, the Kratt Brothers and the Teletubbies approaching the three ragdolls and Donkey.

Barney: Oh look! More friends who are like us right now! This is super-deeeee-duper!

Teletubbies: Eh oh! More friends!

Chris: Oh wow, there's a donkey here!

Martin: Yea! Hey, what are you names?

Tom: Well, I'm Tom, these are my two friends, Tilly and Tiny. We live together as friends.

Tilly and Tom wave hello.

Chris: Nice to meet you three! You guys have a pet donkey as well?

Tilly: Si!

Tiny: Yes we do!

Donkey just gets pat by the brothers.

Barney: Well, I'm Barney the Dinosaur! It's always nice to meet new friends!

Tinky Winky: Tinky Winky!

Dipsy: Dipsy!

La-La: La-La!

Po: Pooooo!

Chris: Those are the Teletubbies. They are our friends.

Tom notices something.

Tom: Hmmm, I sound similar to the purple fellow named Tinky Winky but nice to meet you all!

Barney: We're on our way to meet our other friends to stop this creature called the Anomaly that took away the places where we live and all the friends we love!

Tiny: That happened to us too! We lost where we live as well as our do-

Tom: Shhh! That's a secret!

Suddenly, Tiny notices some more purple creatures coming.

Tiny: Uh oh! There's trouble!

Chris: Well, we better fight off the purple creatures!

You can choose between Barney, Chris and Martin, The Teletubbies or Donkey to defeat a wave of the Anomaly's minions in a Multinomaly-esque Mayhem fight.

After the fight:

The minions are all defeated.

Barney: Well, we did it guys!

Everyone cheers and hugs.

Chris: Say, would you guys like to come along with us to meet our friends?

Tilly, Tom and Tiny look at one another.

Tom: I think we need to find some shelter for us and Donkey for now. Donkey is tired.

Tilly: Mira! Mira!

Tilly points to some building materials they can use to magically create a house for them and a shed for Donkey.

Tom: Why don't we all work together to build a house for us and a shed for Donkey?

Everyone nods.

You can choose between Barney, Chris and Martin, The Teletubbies or Donkey to go through a platforming section finding enough building materials to build a house for the tots and Donkey. The Magic Bag will also spawn throughout the platforming section. You will have to fight the Anomaly's minions as well. When you get the building materials, you have to go to a spot indicated by an arrow and purple-ish circle to build the house and shed.

After the platforming section:

The tots get situated in the house and then they place Donkey in his shed.

Tom: Well, thank you all for your help!

Tilly: Muchas gracias!

Barney: Well, I'm glad we could help!

The Teletubbies cheer and laugh.

Martin: Well, us seven! better be on our way to our other friends! Stay safe you four!

Tilly, Tom and Tiny wave goodbye and Donkey nods. Barney, Chris and Martin and the Teletubbies continue their adventure.

We then fast forward to around the events of the epilogue where the skies are clearing and Furryboo returns to the Tots.

Tom: Furryboo!

The three tots hug him.

Tiny: He's back! Yayyy!

The three tots head outside knowing they are safe but Tiny notices a glowing city in the background.

Tiny: Hey! Look what we can see!

Tom: Woah! A huge city with lots of colors! We should head over there!

Tiny: Si si!

The three ragdolls along with Furryboo and Donkey leave to go to the city.

Six Months Later......

We then get a montage of the three ragdolls's adventures throughout the city. Through the montage, a remastered version of the Tots TV credits theme can be heard but extended. We see Donkey partaking in a petting zoo event within the city that happens. Then, we cut to similar to the credits sequence where we see the three ragdolls petting Donkey in their new home a bit outside from the futuristic city in a new secret house. We see Furryboo peeking in and out and then towards the end of the theme, we see the three tots waving goodbye as they shut the door to their new house.

End of Chapter

Ms. O DLC Chapter

The Odd Case in The City

This chapter takes place after the main story mode where the Odd Squad are settling in their new precinct in the city and they get some sort of case to solve within the area.

We start off the chapter with a shot of the Neon Gaming City and we zoom into a strange building. We enter the building and we see a sequence similar to the Odd Squad opening showcasing what they have done in the city thus far. We see the Odd Squad doing their daily tasks in their new precinct. Various agents such as Olive, Otto, etc. are working around the precinct.

Olive: Morning Otto!

Otto: Morning Olive! I am enjoying our new precinct here in this colorful city!

Olive: It's not as odd as our boss would call it.

We then go into the room where we see a young girl in a suit sitting in her chair. It is revealed to be none other than Ms. O.

Ms. O is about to make an announcement over the PA systems in the precinct.

Ms. O: All agents report to the conference room for a meeting! Please come immediately!

Olive: Well, that's our boss! We better get going!

Olive, Otto and other agents of the Odd Squad head to the conference room of their new precinct where their boss, Ms. O has to talk to them. Ms. O salutes everyone and everyone salutes back. She then shows some footage on a screen.

Ms. O: We have a very...odd case in this city! Apparently, I have been getting reports about some strange cases within this neon city.

It then shows footage of various electronics being hacked on accident.

Ms. O: It seems everything is being hacked for some odd reason! We must investigate! Agents, let's move!

Everyone in the Odd Squad nods and gets moving. They all slide down the pole and get moving.

Ms. O: Quickly agents! We must crack this case!

Everyone nods.

As Ms. O, you will go through an alleyway of the city leading up to the main part where the computer systems are being hacked. Along with the way, you will have to dodge street gang members, dangerous alleycats and traps.

After the platforming section:

Ms. O: There seems to be no sign here. Guess I'll have to go back to headquarters then.

She then teleports with the other agents back and then they receive word from their large purple fortune tellers. They get pictures of a big blue dragon and a purple cybird wearing a hat, both being Ord and Digit.

Otto: Those two seem like odd fellows.

Olive: Maybe they are the victims of the hacking case.

Ms. O: Then, we better find them quickly!

She teleports back to where she was and then looks around the city with her eyes. She then notices...the blue dragon with his friends wearing streetwear talking to the purple cybird.

Ms. O: You two hackers!

Ord and Digit then look at Ms. O.


Ord turns invisible.

Digit: Excuse me miss, but I didn't hack-

Ms. O: Well, my paper fortune tellers told me you two were the sources to some hacking problems around the city.

Ord then becomes visible.

Ord: Wait...I was not a part of-

Ms. O: Time to crack this case!

As Ms. O, you must fight against Ord and Digit in a no-frills battle in the city landscape. Simply battle them and knock them out.

After the battle:

Ord and Digit look defeated.

Digit: OK, OK, the hacker is not me, it's my old colleague named Hacker!!!

The Odd Squad agents look weirdly at Digit.

Olive: Who's Hacker?

Ord: Uh....well...he's some big green guy that has robot minions and loves hacking computers. We can show you his place. We'll lead you to it.

Otto: Sounds fair to me, Hacker sounds like an odd fellow!

Ms. O: Agents, let's move!

Ms. O, Ord and Digit proceed forward.

You can choose between Ms. O, Ord or Digit to go through a platforming section that leads to Hacker's place. You must dodge cars, street thugs, etc. as hazards.

After the platforming section:

Ms. O, the Odd Squad agents, Ord and Digit find Hacker with Buzz and Delete. Hacker has a shocked face.

Hacker: What are you all doing here??

Ms. O: So you were the one hacking the city on accident? Or on purpose?

Hacker: Well..erm, I want to...rule the city!!!

Delete: Ain't that right Buzzy?

Buzz: Right like boss said!

Ord: Well, not anymore you evil-doer!

Digit: Never fear guys, the Didge is here to solve this case!

Hacker looks at them.

Hacker: Is that so....well, you'll have to take me down before the computers go back to normal!

Ms. O: Agents...let's take care of him!

They nod and so do Ord and Digit.

You can choose between Ms. O, Ord or Digit to fight against Hacker and his assist Delete. Hacker's moves are more powerful and feels more boss-like in this battle. After you complete the boss fight, you then have to run to the computer and then attack it to provide the code to restore the computer system for the city.

After the boss fight:

Hacker looks in defeat. But then, he and his minions find a way to get away.

Hacker: I'll be back!!!

He yells that while transporting away with Buzz and Delete.

Ms. O, Ord and Digit try to chase him but it's no use.

Ms. O: Well....I guess that is settled.

Ord: Yeah, well, I'm glad we could help!

Digit: After all, I know all about him.

Ms. O: Thanks you two, well, we better go back to base. We will let you two know if we need any help! Say....do you two want a tour of our base?

Digit and Ord look at each other.

Digit and Ord: Sure!

Ord: Can I bring my friends as well?

Digit: Mine too?

Olive: Of course you can!

Otto: Just remember, our base is a secret!

The two cheer. Then, we cut to a scene showcasing Ord and his friends as well as Digit, Matt, Inez and Jackie checking out the new base of the Odd Squad. The Cyberchase kids are intrigued by the math-based objects, gadgets and things within the base. While this montage is happening, the Odd Squad credits theme is playing.

We then zoom out of the base to the city running fair and smoothly as it should in the end.

End of Chapter

Bob the Builder DLC Story Mode Chapter:

Bob's Busy Day with The Anomaly

First part of the story mode chapter takes place at the beginning-ish of the Story Mode while the later part takes place sometime before the events of Chapter 11. Furthermore, there is another part that takes place during Chapter 16 and 17. Then, it ends in the epilogue.

The chapter starts off similar to the original Bob the Builder episodes with the familiar music cue panning over Bobsville as the sun rises. We then cut to Bob's Yard where we see Bob waking up greeting Wendy, Pilchard and his core team of the five construction vehicles.

Bob: Morning team! We have a lot to do today!

Scoop: Morning Bob! What's going to be our job?

Bob: Well...I have recieved a lot of phone calls regarding people needing some things fixed. First, I need to look for tools for someone. Then, I need to mend some pipes, mend some walls and finally, search around town for some building supplies and missing stuff.

Dizzy: That all sounds brilliantttt! But, how are we going to get it all done?

Muck: Well....knowing Bob, we can do anything and we will get all the jobs completed.

Wendy: Well Bob, what job should we do first?

Bob: The first call I recieved was that Spud was up to no good....

We then cut to a flashback of Spud on Scrambler causing mischief in someone's house by hiding all the building tools.

Spud: I feel I should play a trick on Bob...he'll never find his building tools nowwwww!

Spud then hides all the building tools within a person's house.

Spud: Spud's onnnn the job!

Then, he zooms away with Scrambler.

Lofty: Uh yeah, he's always up to no good.

Bob: Well then, Scoop, can you follow Scrambler's marks so we can find this tool warehouse and find all the building tools?

Scoop: Sure thing, Bob!

Bob and Scoop then go off to the tool warehouse. They soon arrive and Bob notes that it is a mess.

Bob: Well then....if there is any job...I can do it! Bob is on the job!

After the cutscene, you play as Bob and explore the warehouse. The level is similar to the game in the VSmile game "Bob's Busy Day" titled Looking for Tools. In this level, you will have to find the tool Bob is thinking about. If you find the wrong tool, it will be like the VSmile game and that a voice will say "That's not the right tool." Occassionally, there will be falling books like in the original level in the VSmile game. Even Spud will be in the background. You must find all the tools to complete the level.

After the level:

Bob finally looks at all the tools and puts them back in place. Spud then finds Bob.

Spud: I'm sorry Bob....I just wanted to play a little trick on you.

Bob: Spud...you know better than this. You shouldn't touch anybody else's things. Now, I have to go mend some pipes.

Bob then gets thanked by the owner as he goes away on Scoop. We see Bob's team doing work around the town as he goes to the site of the pipes until...he notices the skies turning dark.

Bob: Oh dear....this has never happened before.

Scoop: Hmmm...the skies look very bad. We must warn the others.

Bob and Scoop then head off to meet the rest of the team. Meanwhile, Wendy and the other machines were repairing a building until....

Wendy: Oh no! Look out everyone!

All the machines are scared as the purple goo with tentacles being the Anomaly come in and possess all of them.

Bob and Scoop try to get away but Scoop gets captured in the goo as well.

Scoop: BOB!!!!

Bob: Scoop!!!!!

Then, afterwards, the entirety of Bobsville as well as all the other places Bob has done work in have been destroyed by the Anomaly. We see Bob in a barren city that represents Spring City.

Bob: Huh....this place does kind of look like something familiar....but I lost Wendy, Spud, my team...everyone. Who am I going to help now?

We then see the Anomaly form a monster that is resemblant of the 2015 Bob the Builder appearance alongside an Anomaly version of Two-Tonne the semi-trailer.

2015-Possessed Anomaly Bob: L̷͇͇͙̍̅̚ĕ̸̮̮̝̱́͐͊̓͐́̈́́͝t̶̨̳͉͆̆̆̍̒̀̈́͋̕'̴̨̢̭̰̟̗̙̳̤̯͚͖͗͛̀͒͆s̴͉̼̪̗̼̹̹͎̟̯̙̺͂̀ͅ ̵̪͌͑̀̌̓͋̽̓̌̉̊̈́͐͠g̷̡͖̗̥̬̠̓̈̈́́̂̋̏̌͑͜͝e̸̯͙̩̩͉͕͉̭̣͎̜̹͔̓̆͠t̷̨̧̨̛̞̥̻̗̙̮̯̒́ ̶̢̧̧͇̳̥̯̖͈̠̱̙͐̒t̷̡̢̠̫̘͎̺͔̊̂h̴̢̛͖̻̫̺͉͕̝̘̐͗͆̆̾̍̌̅̅̑̚͝i̵̟͙̟̤̾̈́͊̈́͌̒͊̍̋͊̎̎̄͝s̷̼̟̣̯̺̯͆̇́̎̄́̊̍̈̐̚ ̷̛͇̫̭͓͉̹̃̏̊́͋̀͒̍̌̎͘j̵̡͋̋o̵̪̦̼̩̗̼̮̯̫̠̩̽̔̇́͂̍̅̂̑̚͠ͅb̷̧͙̱͍̤̲̺̪̞̳͇̹͕̳͓͂͆́͆̈̌̀͐̈͑̏̒́̐̋ ̵̱̻̣͓͍̯̬̭̠̩͉͍̻̇̍̈̌̔̈́̓̏̋͘͜ͅf̶̥̞̆͛͝͝ỉ̷̖́͑̀̋̇͊͌͝n̶̰̭̲̭̂̈̆̈́͛͛̀̔̓̚ǐ̴̡̼̗̠̖̜̼͍̜̩̝͚̄̚͜ͅͅş̸͖̭̊̂̇̅ḫ̷̥͈̼̦̿͐̿̈͗̍̃́͝e̴͇̹̭̣̼̬̹̰͉͇̥̗͍͖͆̿̔̔̀̎̀̽̒̕̚͝d̷̢̨͓̤͉̝̭̩͈̞̗̦̽̓̋̀̽́͗̀̐͝͝͝͠ͅ!̷̨͙̫̇̈́̒̉̄́̊̅́̾͐̀̕͝͝ͅ

Two-Tonne possessed by the Anomaly: Ỹ̶̻͖͖ó̸͍͘ṳ̶̧̡̭͈̹͈̣̥̜͔̼̖͗͊́͋̓̿͐̀̐̅̈́̅͘ ̵̢̨͇̮̗͕͉͎̳̙̗̏̀̿͋̂̿̓̿͝͝͠͠ç̵̢͇̻̗͈̝̺̩̈́͒͑͜a̴̢̨̻̺̺͖͈̬̥͔͎͍͛͐̈́̽̃̽͜͜͠ͅn̸̢̘̼͖͚͇͔͍̣̬̟̲̠̙͊̓͝ ̵̡̼̪̫̄̿͜r̶̛͕̭̠͙̺̹̳̬͇̫̮̞̊̀́̈́̀̂̉̎̃͌͝ę̸̖̝̻̺̠̭͍̽͑͘l̷̢̡̦̪̲̦̻̬͙̞͓͈͙̯͒͌̀̆̾͗̀̋̑̓̊͌̈́̚͠y̷̬̣̞̦͇͍̩͔̅̏̒̈́̔́́̈́̂̈́̈́͜͜ ̵̧̫̺̣͍̯͚́͒̃̌ǫ̴̢̖̼͎̺̳̘̱̌̆ͅn̷̹͕̹̝̳̦͙̠͈̰͇̘̦̅̇͆̿̒ ̵̬͗̔͂̄m̷̹̬̀̌͌͑̒̌͂̒̎̀͑̕͝͝e̷̛̛̩̰̖͎̹̮͂̌͆̓̔̏͌͛͒́,̸̢̭̰̺̘̳̬̼͈̰͑̑̓̓͐͗́̉̀̕͘̕͜͝͠ͅͅ ̷̘͈͉̏̒̉̊̐̈́̂̀͗͗̇̀̈́B̷̟̰̥̜͓̤͖̞͎͉̈́̓͠͝o̵̞̺͍̭̍̽̀̈́͝͝b̸̛̠̬͕͔̘̱̗͕͇͚̍̑̆̒͌͒͐̕͘͝!̵̢̧̢̛͔̤̦̥̼̯͎̙̄́̓̎̐͗̅̑͜͝

Bob the Builder: I can fix the two of them because that Bob is not me!

Bob then proceeds to find a way out of the

After the cutscene, you play as Bob through a platforming section based on Springfield City. You have to get away from the 2015 Bob the Builder and Two-Tonne. The Anomaly's minions based on Bob the Builder characters will attack you. You will reach a dead end of the level where you will fight a mini-boss of the 2015 Bob which has the same moveset as Bob the Builder but more powerful. Occasionally, Two-Tonne will try and ram you.

After the level:

The 2015 Bob and Two-Tonne disappear.

Bob: I'm glad that's over. Now...where to find my team...

Bob continues to look around until for some reason....he approaches a portal that takes him to a snowy valley seen in the eleventh chapter of the story mode. He then notices a little girl cold and stranded.

It is revealed that the little girl is none other than Molly Mabray. We see her making a vlog.

Molly: Oh well...as you can see, some purple goo thing is trying to get me and...

Suddenly, Bob approaches her.

Molly: Ahh! Who are you, Mr. Builder? Leave me-

Bob: Now, now then, I'm Bob, Bob the Builder. I am a builder who builds and fixes things. What is your name, little girl?

Molly: Well, I'm Molly. It seems that we're both in the same situation. I lost all my friends and family from the village of Qyah which is located in Alaska!

Bob: I lost all my friends and my construction vehicles. Say...you may need a house to leave in, don't you? Your here in the c-c-c-coldddd.

Molly: Yes, yes, I am.

Bob: Well...I can build a little house to stay in to keep you warm.

Moly: Thanks, Bob.

After the cutscene, you play as Bob fighting building materials to build Molly a mini-shack through a platforming section. You must not only deal with the Anomaly's minions, but also snowstorms that can blow you back and obstruct the view a little as well as heavy snow which can lower your movement speed. Then, once the building materials are gathered, you must build the shack in the spot with the arrow pointing to it.

After the level:

We see Molly making a vlog once again.

Molly: This is my new friend, Bob! He has an AMAZING talent of building things! He is quite the builder!

Bob: Heyyy everyone! I built Molly this nice shack. I was able to help out a new friend!

Molly: Well, that's all for now! Mashi'choo!

She ends the vlog.

Molly: Well, thanks Bob!

Bob: Anytime, Molly. I better find a way to my friends to rescue them and my home!

Molly: Best of luck! I'm going to cheer you on!

The two part ways as Bob continues his journey. He notices Big Bird, Elmo, Arthur, Buster, Mr. Rogers, Barney, Chris and Martin, Digit, Hacker, Lionel, the Teletubbies, Ord and Ruff Ruffman up in the clouds of a tall mountaintop.

Bob: Wow, they all seem like they all made it out. Maybe I should join....

Just then, an Anomaly-monster comes afoot based on Conrad and his mega machines. It makes a loud roar!

Bob: Oh...it's that one foreman who saw that other version of me and um...had those "Mega Machines!"

Anomaly-possessed Conrad with his Mega Machines: Į̶̣̜̫̚'̷̨̧̣̺̦̙̝͇̝̹̬̰̂̈͑̊͜l̵̛̰̄͌̈́̄́̌̈́̋͌̈́̏̅͝͝ļ̴̑͋̂͋͝ ̷͕̞̜̟̰̩͚̞͓͔̍̄́̄̂͘͠t̸͈͍͓͇̘͇̰͕͚͉̥̠̥͂̈́̈́̊̑̾͗̿͛̽͌ư̸̗͇̫̺͎̟̐̔̏̍̑̌̈́͛̌̓̒͑̚͝r̸̡̛̛̫͕̭͚̼̜̂͌̓̔͑̒̌̑͒͘͜͝͝ͅn̸̢̨̘͍͔̟̞̻̹̘̽͊̎̌̌̎̿͑̕̕͝ ̷͚̘͌͆̍̇͠ỳ̸̡͙̩̟̰̫̹̰̟͈̂͑́̈̎̾̑̋͜ǫ̶͈̳̺̟̇̒̈́̔̋u̴̲̰̜̹͈͎͔̖͖͎̣͓̓̔̔͋̈̂̾͑̃̽̚̚͠ ̵́͆́̀́̓̉͛̎̕͝͠ͅi̸̩͉͖͍͔̪͍͍̫̦͉̐̋̇͗́̾̐̈̆̓̔̔̇͝n̶̨͈͓͖̰̪͍̩̯̘͊̈́̈́́͒̿͜ẗ̸̬́̉̍͐̍̈́̑̃̄͆̈́̈́͘̚͝o̴͍̯͈̬͆̈̓ ̷͇̭̪͔͇͕̜̺̽͗̎̇͒͒̔̕͠ͅs̵̢͚̭̙̞͓̝̗̲̩̠͒͐̀͜c̴̜͙͍̫͔̭̞͚̜̹̔̄̂r̸̨̼̥͍͙̼̦̫̝͔̹̀̀͊͜ͅͅa̴̧̢̘̬̠͉̤͈̯͂̈̽̓ṕ̴̢̞̯̫̗͈̦͓͎̏͂̽͌͜ ̶̪̪̖̺̰͕͚̎̈́̾͒̔̊̆͗̏̚m̸̟͖̰͎̹̞̤̮̓̐̾́̾̍͒̌͒͝ͅe̴̢̩̮͇͍̣̰̺̘͎̪͍̒̽̈́̑̋̎̿͐̈́̄̋̃͛̑̈́t̶̡̛̰̟̞͙̼̤̖̉͋̅̄̃̂̄̊̒́̏͜͝͠a̴̡̢̲̱͍̱͓͈̻̥͙̟̿̍̈́ͅl̶̢̲̻̺̼̺̭͕̤͈͂̎̉̊̍̂͆̅̍̑̔!̷̙̙̱̟̳̳̲̥̩͚̥̤͗͌̄̊̆̆͜͠

Bob prepares to face off against this opponent.

After the cutscene, you must face off against Anomaly-possessed Conrad and his Mega Machines. His attacks are based on his Mega Machines, Ace, Thunder and Crunch. Dodge his attacks as they will give you a lot of damage! The Anomaly minions will occassionally appear as well.

After the boss fight:

The Anomaly-possessed Conrad decides to fall down and ultimately explode.

Bob: Well, that was a good job done! Now, to find my f-

He gets interrupted as the Anomaly Monster takes over all the Dimensions. He notices above that the 19 survivors all got sucked into some dimension while he gets sucked into the bigger Anomaly Monster.


Afterwards, we see Bob wake up being all captured where he sees Spud, Wendy, his machines and all his friends.

Wendy: Bob! Your here with us!

Bob: I was trying to find all of you but...some big monster with mega machines attacked me. And, I had to get the job done by defeating him.

Scoop: Well...I guess we'll be stuck here together.

Dizzy: No more pouring cement.

Tumbler even looks sad as well.

Roley: No more rolling....

We then see similar to what happens in Chapter 16. We see WordGirl and Xavier enter the Anomaly.

Similar to what happened in Chapter 16...

Xavier: Well, here we are.....this must be the inside of this monster. Wow, it sure is dark and creepy in here! But I must do what I'm told if we're going to end all this! I guess this will be the last of us......

WordGirl: This will not be the end of us, Xavier! Even if we have to be gone in the process, just know we'll always stick together, no matter what. Maybe we should explore the inside first...

Inside the Anomaly was a large dark purple cave where they can see the various PBS Kids characters the Anomaly has captured, all stick together by mysterious purple goo and stuff that resembles vassals in the human body. Xavier Riddle then looks far and points to some characters he recognizes.

Bob even watches the two go on.

Bob: Here's to hoping we can all be freed and go home...

We watch WordGirl and Xavier Riddle take down the Anomaly and then rewatch the sacrifice the two make. Meanwhile...all the other PBS Kids characters are freed! Bob himself was freed as well.

Bob: Quickly team! We must get out of here!

After the cutscene, you must help free everyone as Bob and then get out of the Anomaly via a platforming section. In the stage, there will be debris falling to impede their progress and which they must avoid. You have a limited time to make it out of the Anomaly like in the epilogue.

After the platforming section:

We see what happens in the epilogue with all the PBS Kids characters freed. Bob and his team are relieved to be free.

Bob: Wendy! Spud! Team! Everyone! We're back together!!!

Everyone then hugs and celebrates.

Scoop: But...what happened to our home? And...

We then see the team look at Ord notice the big city in the distance.

Wendy: It seems...there is a city over there that everyone is going to.

Dizzy: Brilliant!!!

Bob: Well team, off to new beginnings! Can..we...start new!

The team, Wendy and everyone else: YES! WE! CAN!

Lofty: Uh yeah...I think so....

Bob and his team then head off. We then cut to a montage of Bob and his team doing construction/repair work with the Bob the Builder theme playing in the background.

Six Months Later......

We see Bob and his team:

  • Repair pipes around the city like the level in Bob's Busy Day
  • See them build a new park similar to the one in the Bob the Builder PC game Bob Builds a Park
  • Make a crossing for hedgehogs with Lofty doing it
  • Make new roads with Dizzy and Tumbler pouring cement on it and then Roley flattens it
  • Delivering supplies with Packer and Two-Tonne
  • Repair a railway track with Sir Topham Hatt watching them as Thomas approaches with Annie and Clarabel with Bob successfully completing the repair
  • Working on the roads
  • Catching Spud and his antics to various PBS Kids characters
Then, at the end, we see Bob, Wendy and all the machines from Bob the Builder come down a hill similar to the original intro going to their new home after a long day's work with at the end, Bob waving to the screen while riding on Scoop with the theme song ending.

End of Chapter

DLC Story Mode Chapter for Malik, Zadie and Zeke:

A New Beginning to Work It Out

This chapter takes place after the inital Story Mode and in a part of the Neon Gaming City at the end...somewhere outside of it. This is to show that the wombats were not PBS Kids characters until recent and we finished the story mode in 2022, a few months before Work It Out Wombats! premiered.

We start out the chapter with a view of the city until we zoom out of the city where we see some sort of...animal-like neighborhood. Think similar to an Animal-Crossing esque setting. We see the Kratt Brothers taking care of various animals such as the Berenstain Bears family, Aristotle, Cheeko, Donkey, etc. Then, we zoom into a house where we see three wombats. We see a cinematic similar to the Work It Out Wombats! intro.

We then see Malik read a title card where we see the three wombats dancing. He says:

Malik: A New Beginning to Work It Out

Basically, this is just a Work It Out Wombats! episode in PBS Kids: Brawltime!

We start with the three wombats sleeping until the sun shines on them waking them up similar to the beginning of the episode Snout and About.

Malik: Morning Zadie! Morning Zeke!

Zadie and Zeke: Morning Malik!

Malik: It's time for breakfast! We have a fun day ahead!

Zadie and Zeke come along and follow Malik with Zeke grabbing Snout. We see them head to the kitchen and eat some breakfast. Then, we see them step out and we see some form of an animal sanctuary.

Zadie: I think we should go and visit Mr. E in his new Everything Emporium!

Zeke: Yeah! Good idea!

Malik: Alright wombats! Let's go!

After the cutscene, you play as Malik, Zadie and Zeke going through a platforming section that tours the Animal Sanctuary and Animal Area. Watch out for mean animals as they are the hazards.

After the platforming section:

We see the three wombats head inside the new Mr. E's Everything Emporium. Mr. E is currently organizing everything...

Mr. E: Hello there, you three! Look around! I got some new items from the City and....something special!

Malik: Ooooh, what is it?

Mr. E: I first have to find it.

Mr. E climbs his ladder and then finds some form of a book about animals.

Mr. E: This animal book of all the animals here in this animal sanctuary!

Zadie: Wow! That is amazing!

The three wombats then look at the book.

Zeke: Hey! There's us!

Zeke points to a picture of the three wombats together in the book.

We then go outside of the Emporium to see Chris and Martin taking care of more of the animals.

Chris: So...those three new wombats. They are definitely interesting, aren't they?

Martin: For sure, Chris! And they are very nice too!

We also see Cheeko flying around and stopping at Mr. E's Everything Emporium to see the Wombats. Cheeko then stops to see them.

Cheeko: You three are some new EekoCreatures I have not seen before! What are your names?

Malik: I'm Malik!

Zadie: I'm Zadie!

Zeke: And I'm Zeke!

Cheeko: Well, nice to meet you three! I'm Cheeko!

We see the four of them talking until we zoom out of the Sanctuary to see....a certain man in black clothing scheming something evil...

Just as we zoom back to the Kratt Brothers giving Donkey some straw to eat after the three tots dropped him off...we see him sneak into the Sanctuary with some new machine of some form. And then....KABOOM!

The animals are all in fear!

Chris: Uh oh! Sounds like trouble!

Martin: We better see what that is!

The three wombats witness the trouble.

Malik: We better get going wombats!

Mr. E: I'm coming too!

We then see Zach Varmitech and his robotic animal clones of various PBS Kids animal characters appear to disturb the peace of the Animal Sanctuary. The three wombats then notice this.

Zadie: Yikes! This looks no good!

Zeke: So um....who's gonna fight them?

Malik: We're all gonna have too.

Mr. E then comes aside.

Mr. E: Now now, you are going to need help.

Chris and Martin: Wait for us!

The three wombats, Kratt Bros and Mr. E ready for battle.

After the cutscene, you can choose between Malik, Zadie and Zeke or Chris and Martin to battle a hoarde of robot animal fighters themed after various fighters based off of animals in PBS Kids: Brawltime! Mr. E will also be your assist during the fight and you will have to defeat 20 of these fighters.

After the battle:

We notice that Mr. E's book of animals is now gone.

Mr. E: My new animal book!!!

Zach Varmitech evily laughs.

Zach Varmitech: With this book, I can destroy the ecosystem for good!!!

We see Cheeko, Donkey and the other animal characters enraged as Zach Varmitech tries to make a run for it.

Martin: We'll have to get him....quick!

Chris: And fast!

Donkey: Hee haw!

Everyone nods.

Malik: Alright wombats, we'll have to make a plan on the fly!

Mr. E: I'll be of assistance as well!

After the cutscene, you can choose between Malik, Zadie and Zeke, Chris and Martin, Cheeko or Donkey and traverse through a platforming section with Mr. E assisting you. You will also battle Zach Varmitech's robot clones as well and fight them.

After the platforming section:

The party then reaches Zach Varmitech.

Zach Varmitech: Arrghhhhhh!

Malik: Woah....he's not looking too happy.

Chris: Give Mr. E back his book!

Martin: You will not destroy our sanctuary! These animals need a place to live in!

Zach Varmitech evily laughs.

Zach Varmitech: If you insist....but I'm planning on using this book to create more evil inventions to profit me for good!

Suddenly, we see a super giant robot Zach made based off of the Everything Emporium.

Mr. E: And he....made a robot based off of MY Emporium? That will never do!

Malik: Alright wombats! Plan is...to just fight...

Zadie and Zeke: And win!

Chris and Martin: Right behind you!

Everyone readies for battle.

After the cutscene, you can choose the order you play as Malik, Zadie and Zeke, Chris and Martin, Cheeko or Donkey as you get four stocks technically to complete the Zach Varmitech's Emporium Robo boss fight. Mr. E will be your assist yet again so use him to help you out! You have to aim for the main body piece in order to give him damage. Alongside this, his robot minions will appear and try to attack you giving you more trouble.

After the boss fight:

The robot then malfunctions after being defeated and we see Zach Varmitech fly away!

Zach: This won't be the end of me!!!!

Everyone cheers as Mr. E got his book back.

Chris: Well, we were able to write that wrong.

Martin: Luckilly, nothing really got destroyed, but we will all have to pitch in and fix some parts of the sanctuary together!

Malik: So....who wants to help out with fixing up our sanctuary?

Zadie: Well...I'd rather play and...

Malik: We need to be a team.

Zeke: Yeah! A team!

Malik: Alright, plan is, we'll all fix up the new Everything Emporium and then...

We hear the mumbles of Malik's talking as we zoom out and then get a montage with a remixed version of the Work It Out Wombats credits theme playing where all the animals and the Kratt Brothers work together to fix up the Sanctuary. We then see Mr. E dusting off his Everything Emporium and life going back to normal. Finally, as the remixed credits theme is about to end, we see a picture being taken of the Kratt Brothers with the three wombats and all their animal friends in the Sanctuary posing together for a photo to be added to Mr. E's animal photo collection book which it is revealed to be added into at the end of the montage as the screen then fades to black.

End of Chapter

DLC Story Mode Chapter for Betsy:

Anomalous Attendance Roll Call

The chapter starts off with Betsy in a hi-tech futuristic anime suit watching over the whole neon-gaming-tech city on top of a tall futuristic gaming building, along with her other 7 classmates, who are also dressed in hi-tech futuristic anime suits.

Betsy: (through narration) So, you maybe wondering how did I end up here? Usually, you'd see me in my kindergarten class, doing fun activities with my other classmates. Well, it all started on a regular day just like that.......

cuts to a cutscene where Betsy is in front of her home just about to get on the bus where Bus Driver Bob drives her and the rest of her classmates to Lakeshore Elementary School. When they arrive there, they all get off the bus and walk their way towards the school

Scott: Well, another day, another school day, I guess!

Betsy: Heh, yeah, I wonder what exactly we'll learn today?

All 8 students enter Mrs. O'Connor's classroom and take their seats

Mrs. O'Connor: Oh, how delightful it is for all my students to all arrive just in time! Today, we're going to learn about apples and bananas!

Mrs. O'Connor's students "oohs"

Mrs. O'Connor: But first, I need to get the attendence first! Betsy!

Betsy: Here!

Mrs. O'Connor: Billy!

Billy: Here!

Mrs. O'Connor: Scott!

Scott: Here!

Mrs. O'Connor: Molly!......

Suddenly, the whole school begins to shake. Betsy investigates the classroom to see what's causing all that ruckus. She then looks out the window to see none other than the Anomaly rushing towards Lakeshore Elementary School

Betsy: Guys!!! There's purple monster heading to this school!

Everyone gasps and looks at the window to see the Anomaly getting closer and closer

Sarah: Aaaaaah! Whatever that thing is, RUN!!!!!!

Betsy screams and runs out of Lakeshore Elementary School for her life while her other 7 classmates run right behind her with Mrs. O'Connor following suit as the Anomaly pulverizes Lakeshore Elementary School in its path! While the 8 kids were able to outrun the Anomaly, Mrs. O'Connor was not, as the Anomaly got a hold of her and enslaved her!

Betsy: Mrs. O'Conner! no!

As the students keep running, they are then sucked into a green portal that appeared to save them from the Anomaly, to which all 8 kids are now travelling through energy tunnels


Billy: Wooooooaaaah! This.....this is probably more awesome than any ride I've ever ridden!

Betsy: Yes! But we lost our teacher!!! And where are we anyway???

Molly: I don't know!!!

Just then, each of Betsy's classmates seemed to get sucked into different energy paths, thus separating all 8 of Mrs. O'Connor's students


Betsy: No!!!!

*Betsy was then transported to the Land of No-Learning, where she discovered that it's such an empty place that seem that she was transported to the worst case scenario while her classmates were all seemingly transported to different lands. Since then, Betsy was doomed to remain in those lands, alone. 3 years have passed (even though Betsy didn't age or change one bit), and she was still alone, lonely and despondent, and wondering if she'll ever see her classmates again, when all of a sudden, she just happened to stumble upon someone with glasses and all-too-familiar to her.

Betsy: S-Scott?

Scott: Yeah, Betsy, it's me! Scott, remember?

Betsy: Yeah! I thought I'd never see you again......they hug So where were you all this time? I rememeber we were all about to learn about apples and bananas and then some purple monster chased us all the way here!

Scott: I was alone, until I found you! That's a good thing, I assume.

Betsy: But do you know where are the others? Where are they all at?

Scott: Well, I don't know, but I think they're all here on this.......place!

Betsy: Really Scott? Well then, it looks like I'm really not alone after all! she smiles in relief

Scott: Yeah, it's true

Betsy: Once we find all of our classmates we can go and find Mrs. O'Connor! I bet she needs our help!

Scott: Sounds great to me, Betsy! Let's go!

The whole level of Betsy's story mode chapter actually plays out like a Metroidvania (kinda like the Great Maze in SSE), with a non-linear level featuring save points and teleport zones between different areas of the World of No-Learning, along with lots of enemy fights along the way. The whole point of the level is Betsy has to adapt to the different conditions of the different lands as well as the enemies there, such as snow being very windy and had to see, forest and water areas having so many traps, and desert areas being so hot that Betsy needs to find a way to cool herself from time to time using either water wells or ice-related items and enemies. Her goal is to find and rescue her remaining 6 classmates who are all scattered around the whole land. Below are scripts for the different cutscenes depending on the classmate found and rescued. The "hub" of the level displays all classmates who have been rescued so far

After Molly is rescued:

Molly: Well if it isn't Betsy herself! I've been lost here for years, and I thought nobody would find me! You have my thanks, Betsy!

Betsy: Your welcome Molly!

After Sarah is rescued:

Sarah: giggles Uh, thanks, Betsy! When I got here, it was pretty scary, I was alone and there were all those purple creatures all around!

Betsy: Don't worry, Sarah, you're safe now!

After Kenji is rescued:

Kenji: Aw, thanks, Betsy, this place just isn't as awesome as school, you know?

Betsy: I know, right? But soon, we'll all get back!

After Maria is rescued:

Maria shivers in fear while covering her eyes

Betsy: Awwww, Maria, I'm sure everything will be ok! Come on, let's get you to safety!

After Newton is rescued:

Newton: Betsy! Long time no see! How have you been?

Betsy: Great, Newton, let's go before all those purple creatures spot us!

After Billy is rescued:

Billy: Haha! This is cool! Betsy found me! I'm free! I'm free!

Betsy: Yes you are my friend! Let's go to the base shall we?

During the classmate cutscenes, they all end with Betsy and the rescued classmate witnessing events that happened in the main story mode from a distance

After all classmates are rescued, Betsy and company are then all transported by the crystal into the Anomaly dimension, like in the main story mode

Molly: W-What is this place?

Scott: Beats me! This place is all dark and...I really can't explain this place!

Betsy: Well maybe that's where we can find our teacher! She's probably in trouble! Come on everyone, let's go!

It transitions to another platforming section where Betsy has to protect her classmates from the Anomaly's minions until the end of the stage, to which they found a trapped Mrs. O'Connor*

Betsy: Mrs. O'Connor?!

Mrs. O'Connor: Oh, Betsy! I'd thought you'd never come! Quick, you must go! That thing has taken too much of everything!

Betsy: Never, Mrs. O'Connor! We will fight through this! Till the very end!

The Anomaly makes a massive copy of Mrs. O'Connor that acts as the boss here. Betsy then has to defeat the boss in order to progress

Betsy and the other classmates free Mrs. O'Connor

Mrs. O'Connor: Well done, class! I never thought you'd all be very noble to come to rescue me!

Billy: Don't mention it, Mrs. O'Connor, We're just doing what's best!

Betsy: notices the area is starting to shake Everyone for themselves!

Mrs. O'Connor and her class all huddle together as a big explosion of light engulfs them. When they all opened their eyes, they find themselves in the middle of a group of other reunited PBS Kids show characters in a plain, grassy field

Betsy: Well, that was quite the adventure indeed!

Billy: Yeah! it surely was!

Molly: Good thing we all escaped from that hideous purple monster!

Kenji: Yeah, it sure was!

Mrs. O'Connor, no doubt about it class!

Scott: Hmmm, now how do we get back to our lesson?.....

Sarah: Well, honestly, we're not home anymore..........what do we do now?......

Mrs. O'Connor and her students all notice a neon-gaming-futurestic-tech city in the distance

Billy: Hey, why not there?

Scott: According to my calculations, I found out that this place has tons of fun!

Sarah: Really? Wow!

Newton: Looks good I'll admit

Betsy: Well, what are you all waiting for? Let's go!

Cuts back to the present, where Betsy is in a hi-tech futuristic anime suit watching over the whole neon-gaming-tech city on top of a tall futuristic gaming building

Betsy: So as you can see, that's how it all happened. All it took was for me to adapt to all those scary environemtns so I could gain the courage to rescue all my friends, and my teacher too!


  • The fact the Mrs. O'Connor teaches about apples and bananas in the beginning of the story mode chapter is suppoesed to be a reference to Pico's School, where Pico's teacher was teaching the same thing before chaos ensues.
  • The energy tunnel was supposed to reference the Mario Movie, lol. I know that most don't tend to reference things that just came out, but the Mario Movie came out today, and the warp pipe scene looked so cool and representing of how I envisioned that scene. I will definitely see it this weekend!
  • I was trying to go for the whole "Betsy adapt to more unknown lands" kind of thing for her

Super Why Story Mode DLC Chapter:

The Story of How We Stopped the Anomaly

This story takes place throughout the entire Story Mode. Remember that PBS Kids: Brawltime! Story Mode Contest we posed a while ago? This would be an idea from someone who would have won the contest for sure given it's a great "What If?" scenario if Super Why and his friends were the saviors of the Story Mode instead of Cheeko to attack the Anomaly monster allowing Xavier Riddle and WordGirl to destroy the monster.

The chapter starts off with the regular Super Why opening with the usual opening remade. We then go to the library where Super Why takes place and then we see Whyatt appear out of a bookshelf.

Whyatt: Oh hi, Whyatt here!

We then pan to see the view of Storybrook Village similar to a Super Why episode.

Whyatt: Welcome to my home of Storybrook Village! Come on, let's go find my friends!

We then see Whyatt passing by various buildings, waving hello to the residents until we see him meet up with his friends.

Whyatt: Hello everyone!

Alpha Pig: Hi Whyatt!

Woofster, Princess Presto and Wonder Red: Hello there!

Princess Presto: How are you doing today?

Whyatt: I'm swell. Say, it seems none of us are really having any problems today.

Woofster barks.

Then...we see the sky turn all purple.

Alpha Pig: Uh, Whyatt? What's up with the sky?

Whyatt: Oh no....we must all take cover.

It seems the sky has turned into the purple goo where it's taking over Storybrook Village.

Super Why: Everyone, run!!!!

The Super Readers initially refuse to run when we see Princess Presto use spelling magic to try and stop the purple goo, Alpha Pig tries to build a house, Wonder Red uses rhymes, and Woofster uses the dictionary.

All the other Storybrook Village residents run away from the purple goo and it catches everyone, including the Super Readers except Whyatt.

The other Super Readers: Whyatt!!!!

We then see them all get attacked by the Goo but then we see Whyatt stuck in an abandoned wasteland. Whyatt looks depressed.

Whyatt: Alpha Pig? Wonder Red? Princess Presto? Woofster????

He then actually looks sad for once looking around the world of nothingness. He still had his phone on him trying to contact the other Super Readers.

Whyatt: Well, if there is anything left to do....it's time to become...

We see Whyatt transform into Super Why!

Super Why: Super Why, with the power to read!

We then see various Anomaly minions approach him.

Super Why: It's time for me to become Super once more!

After the cutscene, you then have to play as Super Why to traverse through a platforming section. You will fight the Anomaly's Minions along the way. It is just a typical platforming section.

After the platforming section:

We see Super Why explore the area a little more looking for anyone.

Super Why: Hmmmm....no sign of anyone here.

He then uses his phone to detect....Princess Presto about to be captured by the Anomaly!

Super Why: Oh no! Princess Presto is in trouble!

Princess Presto then gets enslaved by the Anomaly Goo.

Anomaly-Enslaved Princess Presto: I̴͔̘͆͗́̇̑̒ ̵͚͋̏͂̆̈́̍́̋̉̓͑̈͝l̶̬̯̥͖̘̭͖̝̣͈̀͋͛̐͋̈̐̆́͌́̂̚͝ͅợ̵͖̭̹̖̠̖̭̹͈̺͙͗̓̍̾̋͘̕͝v̶̰͖̼͕̬̯̘̄̉̑̚e̴̬͔̞̤̹̞̞͚̫͈̼̖͋̆̀͝͝ ̴̢̺͖̲͚̫̥͉̮̝̎̔̓͆̃͌̐̊̈́̍̕ͅt̴̡̧̯̯͖̺͔̜̭̓̽̿́̄͝ọ̷̘̊̔͂͌͌͆͐ ̵͍̗͚̲̗̣͈̙̰̌ͅṣ̴̩̞̞̠͖̼̪͆̊̑̈̎̈́̋͊͘͜ṕ̶̘̩̿͑͛̏̀̓̉͘ĕ̵̛̲̯̗̳̘̲̂͒̇̓͠ļ̸̺̹̔͊̔̽̐̿͊̈́͆l̵̩͚̊̒͐͒̽̈͆͂̽͐͒͐͝.̶̛̫͉̲̯̇͌̈́̂̋̎͊̍͌̎͌̕͜ ̶͇͚̙̒̎̀͂͊̎͋̈́̚͘͜Ļ̸̡̧̖͉̲̳̦̟̮̆͒̀̎̈́̌̚͜ͅē̴͕̰̤̱̱͛̊͊̐͐̐̈͘ţ̴̫̱̟̫͇̟̻͙̪͚͂̈́͗̀̉'̷̢̬͇̹̪͒͊̋̄̾͒̓̒͗̄̿̕s̵̡̡̛͈̜̰̲͓̈́̇͌͊̓̒̋̑̽̈́̎͐͊̉ ̴̥̽̊̾͛ś̶̨͕͍͉͓̖̗̞͉͔̺͍̀̽͛̅́̀̈́̚̕͝p̵̫̳̋̏̒͠e̷̩̜͍̙͔̣̟̯͈͓̹̊̽͑̄̚l̵͇͇̪̬̣̘̗͓̞̦̝͎͈̏́̋̇̈́͊́̐̅̾̄̉͝͠͝l̷͎̻̠̝̻̲̖̖͓̐̌̒̑̎̓̕ ̴̛͔̬̀̃̔̉͊͛ͅd̶͖͕͙̼̦͖̮̺̜͚̖͍̰́ȃ̵͓̑̍̀̓̓̀̈́̈͘n̸͓̟̱͔͕̤̔̔̈́̓̆͑͒ģ̸̨̫̱̦͈̬̣̉͊̈͘ͅë̸͙͔̫͉̟͈̠̫̫̯̝͍́͛r̵͉̭̪͊̎̾̅͝!̷̛͙̹̇̀́̾̑̏̓͝

Super Why looks frightened but not faced at all.

Super Why: Well...it seems that Princess Presto is in danger...but I will rescue her!

After the cutscene, you enter a mini boss-fight against Anomaly-enslaved Princess Presto. She will spell words to put you at harm/give you damage. Alongside this, she will spell the names of various Super Readers to come out and attack you as well as other Anomaly minions.

After the boss fight:

Princess Presto is freed from the Anomaly goo and is seen to be returned back to normal.

Princess Presto: Oh goodness, why would I have gotten into that mess? Thank you, Whyatt!

Super Why: No problem, Princess! Say, do you think our other fellow Super Readers are around here somewhere?

Princess Presto: Possibly...

Alpha-Pig's voice heard faintly: Whyatt! Princess!

Super Why: Sounds like Alpha Pig is over there! We must rescue him as well!

Princess Presto nods.

Princess Presto: Together, we can do anything as we Super Readers always come to the rescue!

After the cutscene, you then have to play as Super Why to traverse through a platforming section with Princess Presto following you as your assist. You will fight the Anomaly's Minions along the way. It is just a typical platforming section through the wasteland area once again.

After the platforming cutscene:

We see Alpha-Pig once again in the area he was calling Whyatt and Princess Presto from.

Alpha-Pig: Hey, you two found me! I knew we would all be reunited!

Super Why: I knew we could find you two! After all, Super Readers are always together!

They notice a fork in the road that leads to some sort of portal in a strange dimension.

Princess Presto: Hey, Whyatt?

She points to the fork in the road.

Super Why: It seems the path goes in two different ways.

We see the view of the different paths, one of which involves a bunch of letters and one of which involves a lot of letters to be put as platforms.

Princess Presto: I can take the path with letters as I love to spell!

Alpha Pig: And I'll take that path with all those letters on those platforms! We will both meet in the same area at the end!

Super Why nods but knew he had to make a choice about which path to go down.

After the cutscene, you are then given a choice of which platforming section to go down: Princess Presto's path which will involve collecting letters to help find your way toward the portal, or Alpha Pig's path which involves more platforming-esque elements as well as the usage of the Lucky Letter Lasso item. Anomaly-Enslaved minions will appear as well to attack and hinder your journey.

After the platforming section:

The three Super Readers meet at the strange Anomaly-shaped dimension.

Super Why: Well, it seems we are safe here.

Princess Presto: Yeah...no more purple goo to attack us or...

Alpha-Pig points out something.

Alpha-Pig: Guys, look! The purple goo is forming some sort of portal...

The portal sucks the three Super Readers into the strange portal.

All three of them: AHHHHHH!

We then see the three of them waking up until they were awoken by...Wonder-Red and Woofster.

Wonder-Red: Whyatt? Princess? Alpha-Pig?

Super Why then wakes up.

Super Why: Red? Is that you?

Woofster: And me too! Woof!

Super Why: Woofster!

All the Super Readers then hug and then have a short reunion until they notice a strange-looking animal in the same place. It appears to be Cheeko himself. Whyatt approaches him.

Super Why: Excuse me, Mr. Monkey? Was your world captured by some strange goo minions as well?

The strange creature responds.

Cheeko: Why yes, I remember that monster destroying the EekoSystem. My name is Cheeko. It seems we are stuck where the main monster is.

Super Why: My name is Whyatt and these are my fellow Super Readers!

The other Super Readers: Hello!

Cheeko: Nice to meet you all! But, now, we do not have much time to chat but...

They see the Anomaly-monster approaching them.

Anomaly: R̶͉̰̣̗͈͛̂͊̍̎̀͂͆̓̓̉͜͝o̵̙͒ä̷͔̫͉͇̺̳̪̺̺̹͙́̓͗̑̐͆̈́̄͜ͅṙ̵̺̻͔̼̩̹̙̳͙̭͋ȓ̵̭͈̝̖̞̯͓̻̭̬̬̟̟̦͛̑̊͐̐͂͒̇͝ͅr̶̡̺̯̞̠͍̖̥̝̱̩̫̱͚͋͛̒́̈̾͜r̶̛̞̭͓̥͍̲̮͙̺̊̊̎̈́̂͠ȓ̵̨̮͚͎͓̫̹̙̋́̊̇͗̓͊̐͜ŗ̵̼͖̳̠̱̻̫̂͒͗̈̌͒̎͋̈́̽͐͝r̷̡̗̯̦̣͍̝̱̖̩̣̖̦̮̬̆̌̑͑̊!̶̠͍̤̘̺̦͓̻̃̄͊̅͆̓͌̒̄́̃

Cheeko: We gotta run!

Super Why and his team nod.

After the cutscene, you then have to play as Super Why or Cheeko to traverse through a platforming section with Alpha-Pig or Princess Presto as your assist to run away from the Anomaly monster while the Anomaly minions attack you. One hit from the Anomaly monster and then you get KOd.

After the platforming section:

We see Super Why, the other Super Readers and Cheeko hide. We see Cheeko all tired out from all the running.

Cheeko: Must...stay..safe...

Super Why then rests as well. Then, they spot other survivors (all the base game fighters) running away from the Anomaly now.

We then cut back to the cutscene seen in Chapter 15 of the Story Mode.

Teletubbies: Uh oh!!!!

Elmo: Elmo thinks everyone's doomed!

Ruff Ruffman: Well, this is truly the end, no more hosting all those amazing shows.......

Buster: Maybe I can try to talk to that alien thing into now attacking us! After all, we come in peace!

We then zoom back to Cheeko, Super Why and the Super Readers.

Cheeko: I must go save them! Two of them need to make the sacrifice to that monster!

Super Why: Wait...we can do it.

All the Super Readers nod.

Super Why: You can hide, we will protect you.

Cheeko nods.

Then, everyone looks up into the sky.

WordGirl: Wait...are those more superheroes?

Chris: There's a princess, a pig, a little girl and a super dog!

Martin: Maybe...

We then see all the Super Readers use their respective powers until Super Why attacks the Anomaly with a huge blow!

Everyone looks in positivity.

Dash: Super Why? I did not know you were stuck here!

Super Why: Well...me and my Super Readers found some strange portal to that dimension and then we found this strange monkey-looking creature that was here as well.

Dash: Oh, you mean Cheeko?

We then see Cheeko attack the Anomaly minions with his EekoCreatures as well.

Dash: Hey, Cheeko! How did you even end up in here??

Cheeko: Well, some new friends of mine came over to the EekoHouse to invite me to your Brawltime party, but then, some giant purple thing just came in and attacked all of the house and somehow, I was banished here in this dark place!

A flashback plays where we see Cheeko flying away from the Anomaly when it enters his world until he got swooped into the Anomaly Dimension.

Wordgirl: Oh yeah....I sorta remember being in that house....

Arthur: Me too!

Buster to Arthur: Don't you think he's an alien too?

Arthur: Buster! He rescued us, no time for your alien theories!

Soon, there were hundreds of amalgamation-animals from EekoCreature swooping down on a pinned-down Anomaly Final to have its opening open once more by trying to hold it out along with the Super Readers assisting.

Princess Presto: Quick! Two of you need to enter the Monster!

Woofster: We can't keep the monster open for a while!

Wordgirl: I'd love to help out with that! After all, this is my moment to truly feel SUPER!

Xavier Riddle: we'll help you keep this Anomaly down, Cheeko!

Cheeko and Super Why nod.

You then choose between Wordgirl, Xavier Riddle, Super Why or Cheeko to help keep the gateway open with the assistance of Princess Presto or Alpha-Pig by fighting off the Anomaly's minions and allowing the opening to remain clear.

After the fight:

Wordgirl and Xavier make salute poses to the others before running and flying into the Anomaly's opening to make the sacrifice.

Cheeko: Good luck you two!

Super Why: We will be here if you need anything!

All the characters look at Wordgirl and Xavier with sad, teary eyes knowing that they might lose Wordgirl and Xavier, but knowing that can do it. They all cheer and wave to them as we zoom into Wordgirl and Xavier entering the monster.

We then see the other 18 fighters, Super Why and the Super Readers together.

Super Why: Ok, let's guide you all to safety before that monster gets destroyed!

Everyone nods.

After the cutscene, you then play as Super Why trying to guide everyone in a platforming section to a safe area away from when the Anomaly monster explodes. It's a mad dash section and you only got a minute to guide everyone there!

After the platforming section:

We cut to the events of the Epilogue chapter where the Anomaly explodes. Everyone sees the explosion and hides from it. Just then, we see a close-up of Dash's face as his eyes are closed before opening up as if he were waking up from a nap. Confused and dazed, he gets up and looks around to see where he was at. The land is now all clear blue skies, grass and sun with no signs of the other's worlds in sight.

We see everyone reunited. Super Why is talking to the Super Readers.

Super Why: Well, I don't see Storybrook Village anywhere.

Wonder-Red: Well, I just am glad we are all safe though, that's what counts.

Woofster barks.

Ord: Hold on a minute, what's that over there?

We then see the same neon city seen in the Epilogue chapter.

Super Why: Woah! A new city!

Wonder-Red: Seems like a new life for us!

Alpha-Pig: Yeah! Let's head over there!

Elmo: Elmo wants to go to this colorful city! Come on everybody, let's go!

Arthur: Yeah! Let's go everyone!

Everyone cheers as they all start to rush towards that city in complete joy and excitement.

Ruff Ruffman: Woah-ho! wait for me!

Six Months Later......

We see a library in the city that still owns physical books and even eBooks. We hear the Super Why! theme in the background as we see the Lion family running the library. Lionel approaches Whyatt.

Lionel: Hey Whyatt?

Whyatt: Yeah, what's up Lionel?

Lionel: Look at this new book Dash made about us!

It appears to be a purple physical book called The Story of How We Stopped the Anomaly.

Whyatt reads the title.

Whyatt: Wow...seems we all became super then!

Lionel: Isn't it cool? Say, do you and your friends want to come to our dance party tonight?

Whyatt nods.

Whyatt: Sure thing.

The music then cuts to a more upbeat hip-hop-esque version of the Super Why theme as the Lion family, Arthur and co and the Super Readers all dance.

The music then ends with the Super Readers all striking a pose and everyone cheering for their great dancing as well as for all them becoming heroes.

The screen fades to black.

End of Chapter

Zula Patrol Story Mode DLC Chapter

The Biggest Job for the Zula Dudes

This chapter takes place after the initial story mode in the neon gaming city.

The chapter starts off with a view of the neon gaming city where we zoom into a certain building in the city. It turns out the city is the planetarium that is there. We see various fighters as revealed from before such as Betsy, Ms. Frizzle, Lionel, Elmo, Barney, etc. checking it out. We then pan over to where we see the aliens who are in charge of running the place, the Zula Patrol! We then cut to a cinematic with a remix of the Zula Patrol theme playing making it feel like the opening to the Zula Patrol.

We then cut to a title screen that says "The Biggest Job for the Zula Dudes". As we start, we see the Zula Patrol relaxing at their spaceship right nearby the planetarium.

Bula: Good morning, team!

Zeeter and Multo: Morning, Captain Bula!

Bula: It's another fine day here at the planetarium where....

They suddenly get interrupted from a voice coming from one of the machines in their spaceship!

The voice from the spaceship: Zula Patrol, there is an interesting discovery coming from outer space tonight! There seems to be the rare spotting of a colorful egg coming from outer space that comes down every 1,000 years! Can you all possibly go investigate what this is?

Bula: We're on it! This is a job for the Zula dudes!

The voice from the spaceship: That's great! However, Dark Truber may want this....mysterious egg as well so be careful!

Zula Patrol: We're on it!

Multo: I'll need all my inventions...and we'll need to gather enough fuel for our spaceship!

Bula: Good idea, Multo!

They all nod.

As the cinematic ends, you choose a member of the Zula Patrol to play as. You go through a platforming section where you explore a section of the neon gaming city nearby the planetarium where you must collect fuel for the spaceship. Watch out for the street thugs and some minor debris in the city! After you get all the fuel, you must return back to the planetarium!

After the platforming section:

We then zoom into a certain villain's spaceship being none other than Dark Truder...

Dark Truder: Hmmm....this colorful egg...seems to grant people's wishes in whoever's possession of it! Time for my most dastardly plan! I will send everything against those Zula Patrol aliens and stop them!

He then evily laughs.

Afterwards, we head back to the Zula Patrol preparing for lift-off. Suddenly, they spot a few other people coming to the planetarium being none other than Barney and his friends, Ms. Frizzle and her class, Elmo, Lionel and his family and Buster.

Multo: Oh, my stars! We have company!

All the other characters wave at the Zula Patrol.

Barney: Tonight's gonna be super-deeeeee-duper! That colorful egg is coming down from the sky tonight! The one with the alien who grants everyone's wishes!

Ms. Frizzle: Hmmm....I have not been to space in so long with my class.

Lionel: Going to outer space has always been my dream.

Leona: Like that one story we read about how the queen touched the moon.

Lionel gets startled.

Lionel: Ok....she did not REALLY touch the moon.

Elmo: Elmo would love to go to outer space!

The Zula Patrol are shocked and then they head to Barney.

Bula: Say, you know something about this egg?

Barney: Sure, I do! I remember when it came down to me a long time ago...my name is Barney by the way!

Bula: Pleasure to meet you, Barney! I'm Captain Bula, leader of the Zula Patrol and captain of the planetarium here!

Multo: I'm Multo!

Zeeter: And I'm Zeeter! I really, really, wanna see this egg unless that Dark Truder gets it....

Barney: Who's he?

Bula: The worst villain in the galaxy....but, we have no time to lose. We all need to go to space.

We then see everyone boarding the Zula Patrol's spaceship and then they blast off into outer space. Everyone is examining the various cool gadgets in there. Buster in particular is talking to Zeeter.

Buster: So, I was RIGHT!!!! Aliens ARE real!

Zeeter: What are you talking about? We're not-

Suddenly, Multo and Bula notice something strange.

Multo: Asteroids!!!!

Everyone gets scared and when they realize the asteroids are coming from none other than....Dark Truder....

Dark Truder: Move it, you asteroids! We do not have all day! We must stop those pesky Zula Patrol members!

We even see Wizzy, Wigg and Gorga hide.

Wizzy: This is not good!

Wigg: Not good at all!

Gorga wimpers.

Bula: Multo, do you have your Multo-Grabber?

Multo: Yes, I do captain! I just upgraded it to make it SUPER! But...someone must have misplaced it.

Bula: Then, we must set it on top of the spoaceship to grab those asteroids! We must find it...fast!

Everyone nods.

After the cutscene, you can choose between the Zula Patrol (you must choose a member to play as), Barney, Lionel, Elmo, Ms. Frizzle or Buster. You must go travel through the spaceship to find the Super Multo-Grabber and place it on top of the spaceship. When you are up on the spaceship, you MUST watch out for the asteroids as they are coming in very fast and can knock you off. Once you place the Super Multo-Grabber on there, the level will end.

After the section:

Everyone cheers as the Super Multo-Grabber gets all the asteroids.

Dark Truder: Gah!!! If those fools think they are gonna get that egg, I might as well go there first!

Ms. Frizzle: That evil alien is going away! We must chase him!

Barney: He's going towards that egg that will grant everyone's wishes!

The Zula Patrol nod and make a plan to chase him and get to that egg.

A bit later...we see them get closer to Dark Truber's ship and then....BAM! They collide right into his ship!

Dark Truder: What are they up t-?

We then see the Zula Patrol get right into his spaceship with everyone else while Wizzy, Wigg and Gorga take control of the ship.

Bula: You will NOT get that egg! Not the most evil man in the galaxy will ever get his wish granted!

Lionel: I will not have you as a patron at my library!

Theo: You will NOT hurt my cubs at all!

Dark Truder: Hmmmm...you must fight me for that egg then!

Zeeter: That Truber...we will defeat you in the best fight possible!

Everyone gets prepared to fight.

After the cutscene, you can choose between the Zula Patrol (you must choose a member to play as), Barney, Lionel, Elmo, Ms. Frizzle or Buster to fight against Dark Truder in a boss fight. You must attack Dark Truder in the head. He will summon evil forms of space objects and other things related to space. His attacks are very powerful and have some range.

After the boss fight:

Dark Truder retreats and everyone jumps back to the Zula Patrol's spaceship.

Dark Truder: I....I.....I....

With him lost for words, he collaspes and Truder's spaceship falls down in the galaxy.

Everyone cheers.

Bula: Now then, let's get that egg!

Everyone nods and we see them reach the colorful egg. Barney takes hold of it.

Multo: I'll pull out my Multopedia to read up on it!

Multo then does his research and he reads.

Multo: Apparently, as Barney said, this colorful egg has an alien named Twinken in it that grants people's wishes! However...we must get to Earth before sundown to get our wishes granted!

Bula: Then, we better move fast!

We see them move through space at lightning speed until....we see more space debris.

Zeeter: More space debris! Not fair!

Bula: Well, this is space after all. We must make a clear path!

Everyone then gets prepared to clean it.

After the cutscene, you can choose between the Zula Patrol (you must choose a member to play as), Barney, Lionel, Elmo, Ms. Frizzle or Buster to clean up the space debris on top of the spaceship. There are platforms but they float away. There is a counter on the top right screen showing you how much you need to clean. The space debris can attack you so be careful! Also, the egg will be there so watch it before it cracks! If it cracks, you fail the level!

After the section:

We see the gang travel home just in time to see the egg hatch and land safely.

Barney then does the honors of watching it hatch. We then see Twinken appear and spin around.

Multo: Oh, my stars! This is going to be....

We then see a montage of everyone's dreams:

  • Barney's dream is for everyone to be happy and be family.
  • Lionel's dream is to run the library and dance club with his sister Leona when they get older.
  • Elmo's dream is for all his friends to be happy forever.
  • Buster's dream is to become a famous astronaut and open the first grocery store on the Moon.
  • The Zula Patrol's dream is to keep educating others about space.
Afterwards, we see Twinken go back up into outer space with everyone waving. Fast forward to the next day where the Zula Patrol prepare a new exhibit about the egg with a 3D model of the egg and Twinken himself. We then cut to the Zula Patrol giving a presentation about it in the main room to all the fighters seen in the chapter and their friends.

Bula: So, basically, if your able to get this rare space egg, you will have your dreams seen and fulfilled.

Multo: Yeah, it was thanks to Barney that we knew more about this egg.

Zeeter: Well....it was you too, Multo! And, we stopped that Truder from getting it!

Bula: Thanks to some fellow friends!

Barney just blushes and giggles.

Everyone claps.

After the presentation, Bula announces...

Bula: We have an exhibit about Twinken if anyone wants to see it.

We then cut to everyone going out there to see it and then we see Barney out there saying.

Barney: Well, even if we all had fun today, the best part was spending it all with my friends, old and new, the people who you truly love...

We then cut to Barney singing "I Love You" to everyone with everyone joining in the second verse. The remix is akin to the remix heard in Barney's Great Adventure.

After the song:

Bula: Well, it's time to close up the planetarium! See you all then!

Everyone waves goodbye and then we hear the ending cue from various Barney episodes. As the Zula Patrol head back to their spaceship...

Multo: This was one for the books!

Zeeter: Quite a fun day! Especially when I saved all of us!

Bula: I suppose we should do space explorations more often!

We then cut to the Barney ending theme heard in Barney episodes play as we see a picture of everyone on the Zula Patrol's spaceship with then Barney doing his wink from the Barney episodes and the Zula Patrol smiling as the chapter ends.

End of Chapter

DLC Story Mode Chapter for Letterman

A Word, A Plan, and A Brawl

This chapter takes place as a prequel to the Story Mode. Basically...it is a bit of an origin of the Anomaly and how it first appeared in the PBS Kids multiverse as it was....a curse from Spellbinder accidentally when he made a monster in jail. Then, it would continue into some point around the seventh chapter where Letterman meets up with Big Bird, Elmo, and Ord.

We start the Story Mode with the reintroduction of the Story Mode and what happened exactly with the Anomaly. We see footage of all the events of the Story Mode as well as events from the DLC chapters.

Narrator (Not the Announcer Bunny): "Once upon a time, there were a bunch of fun-loving young folks who loved to educate children worldwide with their learning skills. For many years, they taught children how to compute, spell, and how to apply life lessons to their everyday lives. That, however, would all change when an unexplainable monster blob of purple energy, which most call "The Anomaly", appeared in those characters' world out of nowhere and made all those who fell to it bow before it and serve it for all eternity. Our heroic folks, however, managed to escape the Anomaly as well as defeat it for good. Now, they all live in a new city living new lives to educate future generations of children. But....where did this Anomaly case all begin? Well...we take you back to when our heroes were starting to educate children with learning skills. One such brave company of folks was called the Electric Company."

We then cut to footage of an old TV with the year 1971 appearing on the TV in big gray numbering. The TV screen shows static and then we cut to footage of The Electric Company and the segments on the show.

Narrator (Not the Announcer Bunny): Ah yes, The Electric Company. These were folks who taught children how to read and write.

We even see footage of the various Sesame Street characters that appeared on the show.

Narrator (Not the Announcer Bunny): Even one of the folks you met before met the Electric Company Big Bird himself as well as his friends from Sesame Street.

We then zoom out of the old TV with the year 1972 appearing on the TV in big gray numbering while the TV screen shows static yet again. The TV screen shows static and then we cut to footage of The Adventures of Letterman on the TV screen with just footage of Letterman himself.

Narrator (Not the Announcer Bunny): One of the many characters you could see on the show was Letterman. He was a superhero who changed scenarios from bad to good. This is how the Anomaly came to be as it all started with a man saving the day....

We then cut to the camera zooming into the TV screen as we enter a cel-animated world with Letterman in it after The Adventures of Letterman logo pops up.

Narrator of The Adventures of Letterman: Letter Land seems to be strangely super peaceful today....

It then cuts to footage of Letterman flying in with footage of Letterman's introduction replaying.

After the narrator says the Letterman intro.

Narrator of The Adventures of Letterman: It seems Letterman is going to see what he thinks is causing all this peace. He'll fly around the city and see what is happening!

Letterman: I just hope this is not some setup after all!

After the cutscene, you play as Letterman exploring Letter Land in a platforming section. The whole platforming section is cel-animated and hand drawn. You will get attacked by street thugs, however, and watch out for debris from previous attacks from Spellbinder! You can also find healing items around the area.

After the platforming section

We see Letterman approaching some sort of strange area of Letterland after investigating.

Letterman: Hmm....I have never been to these parts of Letter Land before....

Narrator of The Adventures of Letterman: All seems to be well in Letter Land....until.

We see a newly redesigned Spellbinder appear from there magically.

Spellbinder evilly laughs.

Spellbinder: Well, if it isn't Letterman...you have been spoiling my plans for so long. I thought I would trick you by not causing any evil today. Now, Letter Land will be doomed forever!

Letterman just flexes and poses.

Letterman: Well, we'll just see about that! I'm too bold for your tricks!

Narrator of The Adventures of Letterman: It seems Spellbinder will cause Letter Land to doom and misery forever! It's up to Letterman to stop him!

After the cutscene, you fight against Spellbinder in a boss fight as Letterman. Spellbinder attacks by changing words and making the situation of the fight in his favor, such as making the stage pitch black, causing Letterman to go slow, making it rain so Letterman can slip easily on the ground, etc. You simply have to attack his head to cause damage.

After the boss fight, we hear The Adventures of Letterman intro cue appear as Letterman defeats Spellbinder.

Spellbinder: Gahhhhh! You may have won this time Letterman...but...

Letterman: Too late, you are going to jail once more for your wrongdoings!

We see the cops arrest Spellbinder and throw him in jail. During his time in jail, we see the narrator say...

Narrator of The Adventures of Letterman: This looks like the end of a fiend.

Spellbinder looks at the print on screen.

Spellbinder: Maybe...I just need to add "r" in between f and i to make it....friend....

He then evilly laughs and then a monster appears which causes Spellbinder to escape jail. We then see Spellbinder retreating far away from Letter Land to hatch his new plan.

Spellbinder: Well, if I could just make him....

Spellbinder writes the word "evil".

We then see a montage of Spellbinder writing down adjectives to make the monster more and more evil until....it turned into the purple gooey monster we know as the precursor to the Anomaly.

Spellbinder looks in shock.

Spellbinder: Ok...maybe this was too evil.

We see the gooey monster take over Spellbinder and Letter Land.

Narrator of The Adventures of Letterman: Oh no! It seems Letter Land is doomed thanks to Spellbinder's uncontrollable madness! What will we do?

Letterman looks back and sighs.

Letterman: I guess I will have no choice but to fly away.

After the cutscene, you play as Letterman to fly away from the goo in a speed-based platforming section. If you get touched by the Goo, you get automatically KOd.

After the platforming section

We see the rest of the Electric Company segments and set get destroyed by the monster. We zoom out from the TV and view the archives section of the PBS Kids shows featuring animation cels, drawing boards, props, etc as we see the animation cel of The Adventures of Letterman with the goo interrupting the world of Letter Land.

Narrator (Not The Announcer Bunny): With that, the world of The Electric Company was gone for a while. However, that little cel of animation was thrown away. Therefore, the memories of their world stayed. Little did they know, Spellbinder's creation would yet be restored as...these animation cels can truly "never go away".

Many years later

We see Letterman sitting in the Land of No Learning where he is standing in a dark forest.

Letterman: It seems pretty dark here. Guess there's no Spellbinder around. Maybe he was the one who put me in this mess.

We see Letterman notice some Anomaly minions approaching him.

Letterman: Well...no matter what happens, the evil will not stand a chance against me!

After the cutscene, you must face off in a multi Anomaly mayhem battle as Letterman where you must KO 100 Anomaly minions. They simply will come at you.

After the battle.

We see Letterman exploring the forest a little more after the last of the Anomaly minions dissapear. He notices that there in the sky, there is some great purple monster and a collection of every PBS World out there. He also notices a big yellow bird, a red monster, and a blue dragon appear.

Big Bird: Maybe that's a clue.

Ord: In any case, we should keep on looking...except I'm a little...scared.

Letterman looks behind him.

Letterman: Hey...were you guys also captured by that purple gooey monster?

All three of them nod.

Elmo: All of Elmo's friends are gone!

Ord: My friends as well...and Dragon Land!

Big Bird: Same with us, but we just have to keep exploring!

Letterman: Well, in that case, care if I join you all? I'm Letterman! Faster than a rolling O, stronger than silent E, can leap over a capital T and can save the day as they say!

Big Bird: Say...I may have seen you before as those folks in that Electric Company hail you as a hero. My friends call me Big Bird by the way!

Elmo: Nice to meet you, Mr. Letterman! Elmo wants to be your friend! Elmo loves letters!

Ord: I'm Ord! I've never met a superhero before like you! You can fly too, it seems!

Letterman: Pleasure to meet you all! Say, we should get exploring now! What do you all say?

The three characters nod.

Elmo: Don't be, Mr. Ord! Elmo will come with you!

Ord: Alright, well hop on my back Elmo and we will fly towards that purple creature!

Letterman prepares to fly.

Ord, Elmo, Big Bird, and Letterman fly towards the sky.

You can choose between Big Bird, Elmo, Ord or Letterman to traverse a purple sky platforming section while fighting the Anomaly's minions.

After the platforming section

Big Bird: We're getting there, it seems.

Elmo: Well, Elmo knows we can do it!

The four friends share a quick hug and keep investigating.

Letterman: Well, it seems there's a fork here! I will take one way while you all go the other way! Best of luck!

Big Bird, Elmo and Ord wave goodbye to their new friend. With that, Letterman continues...until he sees more anomaly goo.

Letterman: I must make a run for it.

Letterman tries to run until the goo captures him. Afterwards, we find him stuck in the Anomaly Monster with the rest of the PBS Kids characters. He then see all his friends from the Electric Company.

The Electric Company characters: Letterman!!!

Letterman looks up.

Letterman: It's been forever since I saw you all!

Spellbinder looks down.

Spellbinder: Even YOU got captured Letterman? I'm surprised to see you!

Letterman: I'm surprised to see YOU here as well!

Spellbinder: In this case, I guess I might come clean on one thing...that one final battle we had, after I got in jail, I made a monster and it turned into this purple menace.

Letterman looks down and sighs.

Letterman: Well, you did cause a LOT of trouble but...now we're close to finishing your evil deeds. Just don't ever make anything THAT out of control.

We then see similar to what happens in Chapter 16. We see WordGirl and Xavier enter the Anomaly.

Similar to what happened in Chapter 16...

Xavier: Well, here we are.....this must be the inside of this monster. Wow, it sure is dark and creepy in here! But I must do what I'm told if we're going to end all this! I guess this will be the last of us......

WordGirl: This will not be the end of us, Xavier! Even if we have to be gone in the process, just know we'll always stick together, no matter what. Maybe we should explore the inside first...

Inside the Anomaly was a large dark purple cave where they can see the various PBS Kids characters the Anomaly has captured, all stick together by mysterious purple goo and stuff that resembles vassals in the human body. Xavier Riddle then looks far and points to some characters he recognizes.

Letterman even watches the two go on.

Letterman: Oh boy...we got company everyone! We'll all be out of here soon!

We watch WordGirl and Xavier Riddle take down the Anomaly and then rewatch the sacrifice the two make. Meanwhile...all the other PBS Kids characters are freed! Letterman himself was freed as well.

Letterman: Quick everyone! Let's make a run for it!

After the cutscene, you must help free everyone as Letterman and then get out of the Anomaly via a platforming section. In the stage, there will be debris falling to impede their progress and which they must avoid. You have a limited time to make it out of the Anomaly like in the epilogue.

After the platforming section:

We see what happens in the epilogue with all the PBS Kids characters freed. Letterman and all the characters from The Electric Company are all standing outside.

Everyone cheers.

Paul the gorilla pounds his chest like a gorilla.

Jennifer of the Jungle feeds him a banana.

Jennifer of the Jungle: What ever happened to our jungle?

Spellbinder and Letterman: And Letter Land?

All the Electric Company question about their world as well until...

We then see the characters look at Ord notice the big city in the distance.

Letterman: Ah yes, a bigger and brighter future!

Spellbinder: Guess I'm back to my tric-

Letterman: Not so fast anyway...you may need to do community service while your at it!

Letterman and the various Electric Company characters head off into the city.

Six Months Later...

We see an updated version of The Adventures of Letterman opening and segment play out but with old-school anime-esque footage. We see Letterman defeating Spellbinder once more.

Narrator of The Adventures of Letterman: With that, he's faster than a rolling "O"! Stronger than silent "E"! Able to leap capital "T" in a single bound! It's a word, it's a plan, it's Letterman!

We see that The Adventures of Letterman has become a manga-esque series sold in the new Busterfield library in the city ran by the Lion family. We even see that Lionel and his family enjoy it.

Lionel: Say Mom, Dad, that Letterman guy is pretty cool like Cliff Hanger?

Cleo: Well son, he is awesome, always the same ending but yet, he solves all the problems!

Theo: He's quite good with letters too!

Leona: Ahhhh...at least he's not boring like Cliff Hanger is.

Lionel just shrugs.

Lionel: Whatever you say, Leona.

We then see a whole bunch of library patrons including various characters seen in PBS Kids: Brawltime! come in to check out books, most for The Adventures of Letterman book series. We even see Big Bird, Elmo and Ord in the library checking out those books and laughing and reading them together.

Narrator (Not The Announcer Bunny): And so...that is how it happened. Everything is good now, even Spellbinder did some community service but Letterman offered him a chance to be the villain in the new Letterman comic books. Evil stays evil and good stays good. But, we all love our heroes...like Letterman.

The story chapter ends with Letterman flying towards the camera from his book and winking.

The End


  • Spellbinder will be radically redesigned from his original appearance. Also, the idea of him going to jail and creating a monster came from The Adventures of Letterman 2-parter, Small Talk.
  • The idea for him to appear in Chapter 7 came from the idea to put all the CTW/Sesame Workshop characters who are fighters together. Plus, Big Bird did appear in the original Electric Company.
  • I also suppose The Adventures of Letterman would work as a manga series. Also, The Adventures of Letterman did inspire one Between the Lions segment being The Un-People.

Single player mode involving scenarios based on episodes from PBS franchises represented: idea by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario

Event #1: Journey to Ernie Undercover: idea by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn
Event description: Once again, Ernie hides and Big Bird seeks, but Ernie's new hiding tactics has him going full incognito! Maybe one of those opponents is him in disguise.....
Stage: Sesame Street
Player: Big Bird
Opponent(s): Three random for each stage location, random for every playthrough
Event objective: As Big Bird, your goal is to defeat the opponent which Ernie is posing as. For each location of the stage, there will be three random opponents, which all of them are passive and easy to launch. The catch is that KO'ing opponents which Ernie is not hiding under will get you a strike, and KO'ing 3 non-Ernie opponents will result in failing the event. Some hints as to which fighter Ernie is hiding in will have orange sparks emitting from the fighter on random intervals, and that fighter will also make Ernie's laugh occasionally. Once that fighter is defeated, Ernie will jump on the spot and yell "You found me!" in happiness, clearing the event
Reference: Journey to Ernie segments in Sesame Street episodes.

Event #2: Won't you be my neighbor?: idea by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn
Event description: Looks like Mr. Rogers has two new visitors, and they both seem familiar to him! Maybe with some kind words and sharing, he can convince them to be his neighbors!
Stage: Land of Make Believe
Player: Mr. Rogers
Opponent(s): Big Bird, Arthur
Event objective: In this event, Mr. Rogers has to use his down special on his opponents for enough times before using his light/strong neutral to KO them. How much Mr. Roger's down special is used on the opponents is indicated by a meter somewhere on the screen. Once they're full, Mr. Rogers can KO them. If Mr. Rogers KOs the opponents if their meters are not filled up, they will just respawn.
Reference: Mr. Rogers' guest appearances on Sesame Street and Arthur

Event #3: Arthur's Big Plane Protection: idea by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn
Event description: Arthur would tell anyone a million times not to touch his model of the Bell X-1 rocket plane. Perhaps hitting them would teach them to get their hands off of Arthur's blue ribbon-winning possession?
Stage: Once Upon A Restaurant
Player: Arthur
Opponent(s): Dash in Dot alt. (x2, x3 on higher difficulty levels)
Event objective: In the middle of the stage, there is a pedestal with Arthur's model of the Bell X-1 rocket plane, which Arthur must protect at all costs. The Dots will constantly attack the plane and respawn whenever they are KO'd. If Arthur protects the plane within the time limit, the event is won. However, if the plane breaks after taking enough damage, the event is failed.
Reference: Arthur's Big Hit, Arthur, S4 1b

Event #4: Barney's Alphabet Soup: submitted by AlteredBeast AlteredBeast
Event Description: Barney loves to eat some alphabet soup! Can you help him get some to eat before it gets too cold or before all the soup runs out?
The Treehouse
Player: Barney
Allies: Arthur and Dash (Dot alt) x3 (They represent Derek, Kathy, Min and Tina)
Opponent(s): Big Bird x2
Event Objective: As Barney, your goal is to eat the alphabet soup item at least 5 times within the the duration of the event. The alphabet soup item will spawn in various areas. However, if Barney or any of his allies get KOd, you fail the event. If the two Big Birds eat the alphabet soup, you fail the event as well.
Reference: The Barney episode Alphabet Soup! There is a song in the episode with the same name as the title.

Event #5: Creature Power, Activate!: submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn
Event description:
The Kratt brothers have set off to give a big lecture about the natural behaviors of the animals they study. In order to do this, they have to KO 5 opponents with a certain Creature Power move in their disposal to properly get the job done.
Stage: Animal Junction
Player: The Kratt Bros.
Opponent(s): Big Bird (x3), Barney (x2)
Event objective: The Kratt Bros. must use a specific move in their moveset to KO the opponent currently on the stage, one move for each opponent, apart from the down special which switches between the brothers. The move they must use to KO the current opponent is displayed by an animal icon next to their portrait and damage percentage, to which the player must figure out which creature power for that animal icon is tied to which move. If the Kratt Bros. KO's an opponent with the wrong move, the event is failed.
Reference: The Kratt Bros.' usage of Creature Power in Wild Kratts to mimic animal actions and solve problems.

Event #6: Dash's PBS Kids world tour, Pt. 1: submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn
Event description:
Dash is going on a big trip to the many different worlds of the PBS Kids channel to greet all of his TV station friends! or fight them if that's what they want.
Stage: Depends on the current opponent Dash is facing (i.e., Mr. Rogers is fought on the Land of Make Believe, Arthur is fought in Once Upon a Restuarant, etc.)
Player: Dash (Dot, if the player holds a certain button before selecting the event)
Opponent(s): Big Bird, Mr. Rogers, Arthur, Barney, The Kratt Bros.
Event objective: As Dash, you must fight the 5 opponents in their respective home stages in the order of their show debut. The order goes: Mr. Rogers (Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, February 19, 1968)----->Big Bird (Sesame Street, November 10, 1969)----->Barney (Barney & Friends, April 6, 1992)----->The Kratt Bros. (Kratt Creatures, June 3, 1996)----->Arthur (Arthur, October 7, 1996). You can play as Dot if you hold a certain button before selecting the event.
Reference: None in particular, other than representing the mascot of the channel and documenting PBS Kids' history.

Event #7: Wordbot Roundup submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn
Event description:
Tobey's Wordbot has gone haywire! Perhaps the only way to wrangle this mechanical menace is to team up with Wordgirl!
Stage: WordGirl's Super Secret Spaceship Hideout
Player: Wordgirl
Assist: Tobey
Opponent(s): Wordbot
Event objective: As Wordgirl with Tobey as your assist, you goal is to take out Wordbot, who exists as its own character and rather than a damage percentage, it has a stamina HP gauge, meaning you have to lower Wordbot's HP to 0 to KO the robot and clear the event. This also means Wordbot is very tough to flinch, almost to the point where it does not flinch at all from attacks. The higher the difficulty, the tougher Wordbot is and the higher its HP. Wordbot has all the same moves as Wordgirl, but with a few additional attacks that Wordgirl cannot use herself.
  • It lets out a shockwave surrounding it that can stun Wordgirl on the ground or act as a windbox in the air, encouraging the player to be cautious when fighting Wordbot at close range
  • Wordbot will hover high in the air for a few seconds before fist rocketing to the location where Wordgirl is at, dealing considerable damage and knockback. Similar to Crow's Drill Charge from Indie Pogo.
  • Wordbot will let out 3-4 electric energy balls that home in on Wordgirl's location one at a time, with a chance for each ball to explode upon contact.
Reference: Wordgirl Season 3, Episode 25a (Wordbot), except that Wordbot doesn't really go haywire in the show, it's just really lovesick. Also, the reason for Tobey's property damage is purely to get Wordgirl's attention, thus making it ironic for Tobey to team up with Wordgirl.

Event #8: The Magic School Bus In the Time of The Dinosaurs submitted by AlteredBeast AlteredBeast
Event description:
After going to a Dino dig, Ms. Frizzle takes her class back to prehistoric times. But, on the way, they meet some strange looking dinosaurs on the way to the time, so Ms. Frizzle must jump on the roof of the bus to fight these dinosaurs. Can you help her protect her students from the prehistoric beasts?
Stage: The Magic School Bus
Player: Ms. Frizzle
Opponent(s): Barney x3
Event objective: As Ms. Frizzle, you must KO the three Barneys. If you get KOd or self-destruct, you fail the mission.
Reference: The book The Magic School Bus in The Time of The Dinosaurs and the Magic School Bus episode The Busasaurus

Event #9: A Battle of Equals! submitted by AlteredBeast AlteredBeast
Event Description:
Hacker plans to pollute Cyberspace with dangerous cyber static by tampering with the satellites. Alongside this, to make the battle fair for him, he cloned himself. Digit and his friends must stop Hacker before it is too late. Can you help them save Cyberspace?
Stage: The Cyberchase Stage
Player: Digit
Allies: Arthur, Dash (In Dot alt.), Wordgirl (Represent Matt, Inez and Jackie respectively)
Opponent(s): Hacker x4
Event objective: As Digit, you and your allies must KO the four Hackers with your allies. If you lose all your allies, get KOd or self-destruct, you fail the mission.
Reference: The Cyberchase episode A Battle of Equals

Event #10: Hack N' Slash submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn
Event description:
Hacker has discovered a secret location in Cyberspace that has 3 suspicious stone cubes that when power-granting artifacts are placed on them, they'll grant their users extra speed and power! Hacker decides to use those to his advantage to finally outsmart Digit and co.
Stage: Cyberspace
Player: Hacker
Opponent(s): Digit, Arthur, Dash (In Dot alt.), Wordgirl (Represent Matt, Inez and Jackie respectively)
Event objective: As Hacker, your goal is to place 3 hacked laptops on the 3 stone cubes before your opponents arrive, who in this challenge have tremendous super armor and have extra launching power. When a hacked laptop is placed on a stone cube, it needs some time to fully charge up the laptop to fully grant Hacker more speed and power. The more stone cubes Hacker captures, the faster and stronger he will become to defeat his opponents and clear the event. Harder difficulty levels have longer charge time for the stone cubes and the opponents arrive sooner, making time management an important factor to this event.
Reference: Simply references the many locations of Cyberspace (and how there maybe some undiscovered secret areas) and how Hacker is always trying to make advantage of each of the lands he discovers for his evil plans.

Event #11: Cliff Hanger and the Potion of Flight submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn
Event description:
Cliff Hanger has read about a sacred recipe in his Trusty Survival Manual for a potion that can allow him to levitate! Your job is to help Cliff gather all the ingredients needed to brew the potion. Follow Cliff's recipe, but be sure not to gather the wrong ones!
Stage: Cliff's Cliff
Player: Lionel
Assists: Chicken Jane
Opponent(s): Wordgirl, Xavier Riddle
Event objective: As Lionel, you must gather a certain number of ingredients, which are all of the healing items in this game (Cookies, Alphabet Soup, Milk, Milkbones, Donuts, Tubby Toast, Backyard Soup, as of currently), and put them into a cauldron somewhere on the stage to brew the Potion of Flight for Cliff. Cliff himself is standing behind the pot monitoring the brewing progress and giving instructions of which ingredient to put in next. Cliff will have a thought bubble appear over his head displaying the current healing item he wants you to put in the cauldron, and (very) specific to this event, Lionel has a net he can use to "catch" any ingredients that can spawn anywhere on stage by using a certain button to swing the net and attain the ingredient and then throw it back out with another press of the button. The number of ingredients needed to brew the potion is dependent on difficulty, 6 on easy, 8 on medium and 10 on hard, and the order of ingredients is random for every time, although the same ingredient is never repeated twice in a row. Occasionally, Wordgirl and Xavier Riddle, two fighters who are shown to fly or levitate in their shows, will come in to impede Lionel's progress, but they can be defeated and not spawn for a long time. If the ingredient put in the cauldron does not match the ingredient Cliff is thinking of, the contents in the cauldron will start to boil and then explode, leaving black ashes and smoke residue all over Cliff, failing the event. Once all of the ingredients have been collected, the contents of the potion will be gathered in a potion bottle, to which Cliff drinks it, though it only makes him hover 2 feet above the ground, clearing the event.
Reference: The Adventures of Cliff Hanger segments in Between the Lions, where Cliff always refers to his Trusty Survival Manual to help him escape the cliff, and although the instructions are highly unorthodox, they usually prove successful, helping Cliff escape the cliff briefly, before getting in another incident that gets him back to the cliff where he started.

Event #12: Dash's PBS Kids world tour, Pt. 2 submitted by PopCultureCorn PopCultureCorn
Event description:
Dash's journey to the many PBS Kids worlds continues, but the residents of those worlds don't seem to welcome him with open arms!
Stage: Depends on the current opponent's homestage
Player: Dash (Dot, if the player holds a certain button before selecting the event)
Opponent(s): Wordgirl, Ms. Frizzle, Digit, Hacker, Lionel
Event objective: As Dash, you must fight the 5 opponents in their respective home stages in the order of their show debut. The order goes: Ms. Frizzle (The Magic School Bus, September 10, 1994)----->Lionel (Between the Lions, April 3, 2000)----->Digit and Hacker (Cyberchase, January 21, 2002)----->Wordgirl (The Amazing Colossal Adventures of WordGirl, November 10, 2006 ). You can play as Dot if you hold a certain button before selecting the event.
Reference: None in particular, other than representing the mascot of the channel and documenting PBS Kids' history.

Event #13: A Museum Tour for Mr. Rogers
Event description:
Xavier Riddle recently had a new guest being none other than Mr. Rogers himself! Xavier wants to show him around the museum but other visitors aren't going to let them happen!
Stage: The Secret Museum
Player: Xavier Riddle
Assists: Yadina Riddle
Allies: Mr. Rogers (He will not attack, he will just walk around the stage.)
Opponents: Xavier Riddle with a shadowy aura (x2)
Event objective: Your objective is to protect Mr. Rogers until the stage reaches the Mr. Rogers exhibit. If you or Mr. Rogers gets KOd, you fail the event. KOing an opponent will make them respawn.
Reference: The Xavier Riddle and The Secret Museum episode I Am Fred Rogers where Xavier met Mr. Rogers.

Event #14: The Glorious Octagon of Destiny
Event description:
Elmo has to bring an octagon for Jack Black, who was teaching kids about an octagon and was about to show the kids one when he just happened to forget to bring an octagon, this is embarrassing! Luckily, Elmo has a special stop sign that seems perfect for the cause, and to protect him from ALL attacks!
Stage: Tickle Me Land
Player: Elmo
Opponent(s): Random for every playthrough
Event objective: As Elmo, your goal is not to KO opponents, but to survive for a certain amount of time until you reach Jack Black. In this event, Elmo is always holding on to a stop sign which he cannot release from his hands, but it will shield him from ALL attacks in front of him. The stop sign has unlimited duribility and will protect Elmo from all damage with the trade-off being only able to protect Elmo in front of him. One time runs up, Jack Black will appear and exclaim that with the stop sign, they found on octagon!, to which then Jack and Elmo will both say "Octagon...." before the announcer says "Complete!"
Reference: Sesame Street Episode 4161, where the iconic Jack Black and Elmo's Octagon segment that spawned a ton of memes appears. The title of the event references the fan-made song of the same name

Event #15: Time for Tubby Toast!
Event Description:
Eh oh! It's time for The Teletubbies to eat Tubby Toast! But, some unexpected guests arrive who won't let them eat it!
Stage: Magical Events
Player: The Teletubbies
Assists: Noo-Noo
Opponents: Big Bird, Elmo and Barney
Event objective: As The Teletubbies, you must get the Tubby Toast that spawns on the stage with the Teletubby that is shown on the top of the screen. In total, each Teletubby will eat 3 pieces of Tubby Toast each. However, if you get KOd, you fail the event.
Reference: No episode of The Teletubbies in particular, just how they love to eat Tubby Toast. Also, the choice of opponents are from other PBS Kids shows aimed towards the youngest of toddlers and how they love to eat bread based food.

Event #16: You Can Do Amazing Things!
Event description:
Molly is creating a vlog at the Brawltime Party she is hosting! Can you help her show her guests some of her talents that she can do?
Stage: Denali Trading Post
Player: Molly
Opponent(s): Arthur, Digit and Elmo
Event objective: As Molly, you must perform the move that is represented by a picture on the top of the screen telling Molly what to do. She must hit one of her opponents for it to count. She must successfully do one of each of her moves when appropriate. If she uses the wrong move or gets KOd, you fail the event.
Reference: No specific Molly of Denali episode, it's just based on various activities Molly has done in the show. The opponents however are a reference to the characters who starred in Molly's reveal trailer.

Event #17: Follow the Dots
Event description:
Norm the Number Gnome has created a game of Follow the Dots for Ord to play with his new friends! Ord is a bit scared though to take on the task but perhaps you can help him win the game!
Stage: Dragon Land
Player: Ord
Assist: Norm the Number Gnome
Opponent(s): Random for every playthrough
Event objective: As Ord, you must hit the dots in the correct order by their corresponding number to make some sort of picture of a random Dragon Tales character. If you hit the dots in the wrong order or get KOd, you fail the event.
Reference: The Dragon Tales episode Follow the Dots (Season 1, Episode 17a).

Event #18: Dash's PBS Kids world tour, Pt. 3
Event description:
As Dash continues his journey through various PBS Kids worlds, more challengers approach him for a friendly fight!
Player: Dash (Dot, if the player holds a certain button before selecting the event)
Stage: Depends on the current opponent's homestage
Opponent(s): Elmo, The Teletubbies, Ord, Molly, Xavier Riddle
Event objective: As Dash, you must fight the 5 opponents in their respective home stages in the order of their show debut. The order goes: Elmo (Sesame Street, March 28, 1980)----->The Teletubbies (Teletubbies, April 6, 1998; their debut on PBS)----->Ord (Dragon Tales, September 6,1999)----->Molly (Molly of Denali, July 15, 2019)----->Xavier Riddle (Xavier Riddle and The Secret Museum, November 12, 2019). You can play as Dot if you hold a certain button before selecting the event.
Reference: None in particular, other than representing the mascot of the channel and documenting PBS Kids' history.

Event #19: Elizabeth in Charge
Event description:
Fast-Talking Jack is out of town and left Elizabeth in charge of the carnival! But, Elizabeth's bossiness is causing trouble. Can you help Marvin and Elizabeth sort things out before Jack comes back?
Stage: Fast-Talking Jack's Carnival
Player: Marvin
Assist: Elizabeth the Emotional Pig
Opponent(s): Random for every playthrough
Event objective: As Marvin, you must KO all the fighters in the order Elizabeth wants you to KO them in. If you KO a fighter out of order or get KOd, you fail the event.
Reference: The Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse episode Elizabeth in Charge

Event #20: Good Dancing and Bad Breath
Event description:
Ruff Ruffman is trying out some new dance moves for his next-door neighbor, Charlene the poodle. He needs some practice so he invited his new friends to give him advice as to how to breakdance!
Stage: Ruff Ruffman's Studio
Player: Ruff Ruffman
Opponent(s): WordGirl, Ms. Frizzle and Hacker
Event objective: As Ruff Ruffman, you must KO your opponents with the strong variant of the Light Down move. If you KO your opponent with another move, they will respawn. If you get KOd, you fail the event.
Reference: The Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman episode Good Dancing and Bad Breath. Also, the opponents are the characters who appeared in Ruff Ruffman's reveal trailer.

Event #21: Buster Makes the Grade
Event description:
Buster has been not doing well at school and Mr. Ratburn is warning him that if he does not study, he will repeat the third grade. He needs help studying so he can move up to fourth grade with his friends!
Player: Buster
Ally: Arthur
Assist: Mr. Ratburn
Stage: Buster's Video Postcards
Opponent(s): WordGirl (with Anne assist) and Ruff Ruffman (WordGirl and Ruff Ruffman represent Francine and Binky, the Anne assist represents Muffy)
Event objective: As Buster, you must solve math problems in the form of bubbles appearing on the screen being multiplication and division problems. There will be a problem that appears and three bubbles for a multiple choice question. If solved correctly, you can fight for 20 seconds. The cycle repeats until you KO both WordGirl and Ruff Ruffman. If you get a problem wrong or get KOd, you fail the event.
Reference: The Arthur episode Buster Makes the Grade

Event #22: A Video Postcard from Teletubby Land
Event description:
Buster has now been invited to the Brawltime party and decided to make a video postcard for his friends back at home from Teletubby Land where he recieved his invite. However, some unexpected visitors make filming a lot more difficult! He needs help filiming each of the new friends he has met at the party in a video perfect fashion!
Player: Buster
Stage: Teletubby Land
Opponent(s): The Teletubbies, Chris and Martin, Lionel, Ruff Ruffman
Event objective: As Buster, you must use your Neutral Special attack being the "A Video Postcard from Buster" move to film the opponent shown on the screen that Buster wants to film. To complete the event, you must successfully perform your Neutral Special on all the opponents. If you get KOd or film the wrong opponent, you fail the mission.
References: A general reference to the Postcards from Buster episodes where Buster likes to film the locations he visists. Along with this, Teletubby Land being the stage references Buster's reveal trailer for PBS Kids: Brawltime! as well as the Teletubbies appearing in his reveal trailer. Chris and Martin appearing as opponents in this mission is a reference to how Arthur and Zoboomafoo were both shows made by CINAR/Cookie Jar (now part of WildBrain). Lionel and Ruff Ruffman being additional opponents is a reference to how Arthur, Between the Lions and FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman were all made by WGBH.

Event #23: An EekoHouse Pity Party
Event description:
Cheeko has recently been checking out the EekoHouse and has been trying to fix all the unenvironmentally friendly problems. However, some party crashers came in to, making it harder to do what's right. Help Cheeko solve all the problems in the EekoHouse before the party crashers kick you out of the EekoHouse!
Player: Cheeko
Stage: EekoHouse
Opponent(s): Arthur, Buster, Chris and Martin, WordGirl, Digit, Hacker, Ruff Ruffman
Event objective: As Cheeko, you have to attack the unenvironmentally friendly problems in every room touring the EekoHouse. You can KO opponents but they will respawn. If you get KOd or fail to attack every unenvironmentally friendly problem in the room during the time you are in one room, you fail the mission.
References: The PBS Kids: GO! game EekoHouse where you click on the unenvrionmentally friendly problems and get asked questions about what is the environmentally friendly thing to do. The opponents all appeared in Cheeko's PBS Kids: Brawltime! reveal trailer as well.

Event #24: Dash's PBS Kids world tour, Pt. 4
Event description:
Dash's PBS Kids world tour comes to its conclusion. However, he has four more worlds to visit and the visitors are willing to put up more friendly fights against him!
Player: Dash (Dot, if the player holds a certain button before selecting the event)
Stage: Depends on the current opponent's homestage
Opponent(s): Buster, Marvin, Ruff Ruffman, Cheeko
Event objective: As Dash, you must fight the 4 opponents in their respective home stages in the order of their show debut. The order goes: Buster (Arthur, October 7, 1996)----->Marvin (Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse, September 30, 2000)----->Ruff Ruffman (FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman, May 29, 2006)----->Cheeko (EekoWorld, 2008/2009). You can play as Dot if you hold a certain button before selecting the event.
Reference: None in particular, other than representing the mascot of the channel and documenting PBS Kids' history.

Event #25: Come on and ZOOM!
Event description:
Dash and his friends from the Brawltime Party have been invited to a filiming of an episode of ZOOM! They will get to play some of the games that the ZOOM kids and crew put together! Help Dash win all the games against his friends!
Player: Dash
Stage: ZOOM Stage
Opponent(s): Big Bird, Elmo, Arthur, Buster, Dot, Lionel, Xavier Riddle
Event objective: As Dash, you must complete all the ZOOM games when the ZOOM stage transitions to those games. Complete all the games within the time frame you are there. If you fail to win a game or get KOd, you fail the event.
References: A general reference to the ZOOM episodes and the games the kids play. The event's name is a reference to the exact lyric in the theme song for ZOOM. The opponents are all children/child-like characters similar to how the show ZOOM has children on the show. In fact, Arthur and Buster being opponents in this event is a reference as to how Arthur, Postcards from Buster and ZOOM were all made by WGBH. Lionel is another opponent who's show was produced by WGBH but some children from ZOOM appeared on the Between the Lions episode Why the Baboon's Balloon Went Ka-Boom!

Event #26: Old Oscar Leads The Parade through an Anomalous Invasion!
Event description:
It's the typical Tarrytown Sky Parade tradition that they hold annually, but is seems that this time, the Anomaly won't let the planes have their usual fun and joy! Can you survive the 2 minute-onslaught of the Anomaly's forces by just sky-hopping on the planes of Terrytown?
Player: Choice
Stage: The Tarrytown Sky Parade
Opponent(s): None
Event objective: Survive two minutes of Anomaly mayhem in this event! During that time, there will be purple energy projectiles that need to be avoided, Anomaly minions projectiles that can be avoided or defeated, the planes doing air tricks to avoid Anomaly attacks and temporarily render themselves unable to be used as platforms, Anomaly minions hopping on top of the planes whom you must defeat, and Anomaly missiles that when they hit the top of ap lane, it will cause that plane to lose some turbulence and also temporarily render themselves unable to be used as platforms.
References: Old Oscar Leads The Parade, but think of it as that episode, but the Anomaly from the story mode decides to sabotage the parade.

Event #27: Red and Green and Brown and Blue
Event description:
They're the Really Useful Crew!
Player: Elmo
Allies: Dash
Stage: The Island of Sodor
Opponent(s): Marvin, Ord
Event objective: Take your skills into this no-frills battle! Of course, the player as Elmo (Red) and your ally Dash (Green) must defeat Marvin (Brown) and Ord (Blue). The cycle of engines goes as follows: 1. James (Red), 2. Percy, Henry or Emily (Green), 3. Toby (Brown), 4. Thomas, Edward or Gordon (Blue) and the cycle repeats from there.
References: No episode reference in particular, but the event name description reference two lines from the theme song of the Thomas & Friends era that aired on PBS Kids, Engine Roll Call, written by Ed Welch.

Event #28: New Dog in Town
Event description:
Looks like Clifford and Co's got some new friends in town! They, however, don't really seem to come from their world.
Player: Ruff Ruffman
Assist: Martha
Stage: Clifford's boss fight stage
Opponent(s): Anomaly enslaved-Clifford and friends boss
Event objective: Take your skills into this no-frills boss battle!
References: New Dog in Town, you also play as dogs in this event too.

Event #29: The Rough Seas with Theodore
Event description: It looks like Theodore was sent out to set sail and pick up an important package overseas, but now its dark and the water has tuned into a sorta-purplish color, and there are monsters and pirates aboard! This looks like a fighter in need for hire!
Player: Choice
Stage: Original stage specific to this event
Opponent(s): Random for every playthrough (x10)
Event objective: You are on top aboard of Theodore Tugboat himself, as he sails through a purple sea at night. It's a 10-man melee against some Anomaly-captured fighters! Occasionally, sea monsters will pop out of the water and try to attack the player's fighter as well.
References: Loosely based on the Theodore Tugboat episode, Theodore's Bad Dreams

Event #30: Dash's Brawltime Party Finale!
Event description:
Dash has now successfully won over all of his friends after going on his PBS Kids World Tour. Currently, they are settling in at PTV Park for a big party! However, Dash is ready to show off his skills once more in a friendly free-for-all!
Player: Dash (Dot, if the player holds a certain button before selecting the event)
Stage: PTV Park
Opponent(s): The whole roster, you will fight everyone in chronological order of their PBS Kids debut from the earliest debut to the latest debut.
The order is as follows:
Mr. Rogers (Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, February 19, 1968)
Big Bird (Sesame Street, November 10, 1969)
Elmo (Sesame Street, March 28, 1980)
Barney (Barney & Friends, April 6, 1992)
Ms. Frizzle (The Magic School Bus, September 10, 1994)
The Kratt Bros. (Kratt's Creatures, June 3, 1996)
Arthur (Arthur, October 7, 1996)
Buster (Arthur, October 7, 1996)
Donkey (Tots TV, October 12, 1996; the debut of Tots TV on PBS)
The Teletubbies (Teletubbies, April 6, 1998; their debut on PBS)
Dot/Dash (if Dot is the player's character) (PBS Kids Bumpers and IDs, September 6, 1999)
Ord (Dragon Tales, September 6,1999)
Lionel (Between the Lions, April 3, 2000)
Marvin (Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse, September 30, 2000)
Digit (Cyberchase, January 21, 2002)
Hacker (Cyberchase, January 21, 2002)
Ruff Ruffman (FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman, May 29, 2006)
WordGirl (The Amazing Colossal Adventures of WordGirl, November 10, 2006)
Cheeko (EekoWorld, 2008/2009)
Ms. O (Odd Squad, November 26, 2014)
Molly (Molly of Denali, July 15, 2019)
Xavier Riddle (Xavier Riddle and The Secret Museum, November 12, 2019)
Event objective: As Dash, you need to beat every character in order. There will be three opponents at a time. Similar to the All-Star mode in Super Smash Bros Melee, the opponents will be on the top left corner showing who is coming up next. It's a simple, no-frills, free-for-all! If you get KOd, you fail the event!
References: Besides representing the mascot of the channel and documenting PBS Kids' history, the Brawltime Party is a reference to the event mentioned in the various reveal trailers and even mentioned in the Story Mode. Plus, PTV Park was a location where you can see "Coming Up Next" Idents of various shows, thus all the characters are here to see who's coming up next.

Donkey and Ms. O join the list of opponents in the Ms. O update.

Event Matches that come with Donkey:

Event #Extra01: Super Tiny
Event description:
It seems Tiny wants to be a superhero and help do some chores around the Secret House! Although, he seems to be causing more trouble than good. Help Tiny be super and clean the Secret House!
Player: Donkey
Assist: Tiny
Allies: Arthur and Dot (representing Tom and Tilly)
Stage: The Secret House and Donkey's Shed
Opponent(s): Random for each playthrough
Event objective: As Donkey, you need to attack various opponents in certain spots that glow on the stage when the assist meter is full and Tiny will do a "chore" causing that spot to be clean. However, if you KO an opponent in a spot that's not in the glowing area, get KOd or not use Tiny to KO an opponent, you fail the event.
References: The Tots TV episode Super Tiny

Event #Extra02: Kermit's T-Shirt Bonanza
Event description:
Kermit has just arrived into some wonderful t-shirt store to get some Kermit the Frog t-shirts printed out. However, the t-shirt salesman cannot find the right shirt and much to Kermit's dismay, he wants it soon or else he'll get angry!
Player: Choice
Assist: Kermit
Stage: The Wonderful World of T-Shirts
Opponent(s): Random for Every Playthrough
Event objective: During the battle, the t-shirt salesman will hold up various t-shirts with misspellings of the word "frog" on it. When you see the right shirt that says "Kermit the FROG"on it, attack it when Kermit's assist meter is full. If you get KOd or hit the wrong shirt on accident, you fail the event.
References: The Sesame Street skit of the same name, The Wonderful World of T-Shirts but Kermit actually gets the right shirt.

Event #Extra03: Lionel The Librarian: No Way...No Way...
Event description:
Lionel is a librarian in training at the Busterfield Library! However, it seems the Anomaly's forces attacked the library causing Lionel's library duties to crumple and the computer system to be hacked! Help Lionel sort out this mess before his parents find out about it!
Player: Lionel
Stage: Busterfield Library (stays in the main hall)
Opponent(s): Random for every playthrough (x10)
Event objective: As Lionel, you need to KO all of the Anomaly's captured fighters that infiltrated the library! It's a no-frills battle! If you get KOd, you fail the event.
References: Based on the Between the Lions episode The Good Seed, but the Anomaly take over the library and the computer network there instead of Lionel opening up the email with the "freebee". The event name is to a quote Lionel says when he let disaster ensue across the library.

Event #Extra04: Some Elephant-Sitting Trouble
Event description:
It seems Grampy is away and has left a donkey who looks like Donkey Hodie in charge of his pet elephant...however, this donkey is not easygoing. Clyde the Cloud must step in to help this donkey become a great elephant-sitter!
Player: Choice
Assist: Clyde the Cloud
Stage: Someplace Else
Opponent(s): Donkey (in yellowish color, his 4th alt to represent Donkey Hodie)
Event objective: You need to basically calm down Donkey by using Clyde the Cloud when the assist meter is full on Donkey. Donkey will be at high percent and at rage so one attack results in a KO. You will fill up the assist over time. If you get KOd, you fail the event.
References: The Donkey Hodie episode A Big Favor for Grampy

Event matches that come with Ms. O:

Event #Extra01: The Odd One Out
Event description:
Alert! Alert! A Hacker has been detected at the precinct! Be forewarned that this will not be a simple mission, as that Hacker has gained access to duplication codes to create deceptive fakes of himself! Get down there and eliminate the true Hacker immediately!
Player: Ms. O
Stage: Precinct 13579
Opponent(s): Hacker (x3, a real one and two fakes, x4 with three fakes on higher difficulty levels)
Opponent(s)' Assists: Random (Different for each Hacker)
Event objective: As Ms. O, you need to defeat the REAL Hacker of 3 or 4 who have the exact same look in order for to successfully complete the mission. Defeating any "fake" hackers will just respawn when KO'd. The only way to tell which one is the real one is by paying attention to a special monitor in the stage which will flicker to the point where it can be pretty hard to catch if you do not look at it close enough to show you which assist is tied to the real Hacker.
References: No episode in particular, just inspired from a famous catchphrase that uses the word "odd" and mildly references Hacker being the main villain of Ms. O's story mode chapter.

Event #Extra02: Who made that sound?
Event description:
On Lamb Chop's farm, there are always lots of sounds and songs for the whole gang to hear and try to sing along to! However none of those songs seems to be familiar to them, can you help them recognize who's song belongs to which?
Player: Choice
Assist: Lamb Chop
Stage: Sesame Street
Opponent(s): random for every playthrough (6 to 8)
Event objective:
Displayed next to your assist bar is a symbol for what status effect Lamb Chop will give to the other fighters. In this event, your goal is to match Lamb Chop's status effect to the correct fighter, marked with symbols above them. Doing so correctly will KO them in the process. Miss 3 times and it's over!
References: No particular reference to a Lamb Chop's Play Along episode other than many typical kids' media that involves farms and those stuff tend to have matching games involving farm animal sounds. Also, the event match taking place on the Sesame Street stage is a reference to the Sesame Street episode, Episode 3525 where Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop visit Sesame Street and meet Big Bird.

Event #Extra03: Trouble at Tortuga HQ
Event description:
Uh oh! Zach Varmitech is up to no good as he made the various animals Chris and Martin met at the Brawltime Party robots! Can you help the Kratt Brothers as well as their team save their friends and restore justice!
Player: Chris and Martin
Assist: Createrra XV
Stage: Tortuga HQ
Opponent(s): Robot versions of Big Bird, Arthur, Barney, Digit, Lionel, Marvin, Cheeko and Donkey
Event objective: As Chris and Martin, you need to KO each opponent being the robot versions of the various animal characters from PBS Kids: Brawltime! as well as defeat Zach Varmitech in a no-frills battle! You have to defeat Zach Varmitech before he goes away. If you get KOd or Zach Varmitech dissapears before you defeat him, you fail the event.
References: No specific Wild Kratts episode, it just references how Zach Varmitech, the main villain of Wild Kratts wants to destroy nature and sometimes make robot versions of animals.

Event #Extra04: Citytown Faces the Anomaly Invasion!
Event description:
Calling all superheroes! There seems to be some trouble! The heroes of Hero Elementary are trying to find a bird with a Twigcam! However, some strange purple creatures are destroying the city including the statue of Felix Finder by Founder's Fountain! Help protect the fountain before trouble ensues!
Player: Choice
Assist: Sara Snap
Ally: WordGirl
Ally's Assist: Benny Bubbles
Stage: Founder's Fountain
Opponent(s): Anomaly minions (Endless)
Event objective: For this event match, you have to protect the statue of Felix Finder for two miutes and 30 seconds worth of Anomaly madness! You can attack the Anomaly to stop destroying Founder's Fountain! Occassionally, they will make puddles where they can give you tons of damage if you stand there! If you get KOd or the statue gets destroyed, you fail the event.
References: The event description that sets up this event is based on the Hero Elementary episode All Over the Map but the Anomaly interrupt their bird hunt and they must be super to protect the city! Also, WordGirl is an ally given she is also a superhero that protects a city as well in her show WordGirl.

Event matches that come with Bob the Builder:

Event #Extra01: Can We Build It?
Event description:
Oh no! Looks like some rowdy fighters deliberately broke apart one of the castle spires! Now Bob is on the job to get the spire repaired! Can he build it back? Yes he can!, just so as long as he stays on the construction site and don't let the others take it apart again!
Player: Bob
Stage: Bobsville Castle (Unique version with one spire destroyed)
Opponent(s): 3 Random Opponents for Every Playthrough
Event objective: As Bob, you simply need to collect building materials scattered all across the stage, with the number of building parts dependent on difficulty, and use them to rebuild one of the castle spires. Once you got some building materials, take them to the spire and use Bob's tools to build them into place! Finish the spire to clear the event! The opponents in this event will attack the spire to try to break it apart, piece by piece, but you can KO them to have them not reappear after a while.
References: No specific reference to any Bob the Builder episode besides just the building themes in general and various building games in various Bob the Builder video games.

Event #Extra02: The Ultimate Game of Hide and Seek
Event description:
Bubbles has convinced Splash to play hide and seek with her as well as some new friends they met! However, these new friends are pretty good at hide and seek. Although, their bubble blowing skills could help them win this game.
Player: Choice
Assist: Splash and Bubbles
Stage: The Magic School Bus (only on the undersea section of the stage, will be default stage until Betsy update or if you have not bought Betsy's Learner Pack), Reeftown (becomes default stage for event starting with the Betsy DLC Update)
Opponent(s): Random opponents for every playthrough (5 for easier difficulties, 8 for harder difficulties)
Event objective: Your opponents are invisible and can attack you. As the fighter you are playing as, you need to fill up the assist meter so Splash and Bubbles can use their function as an assist to find the invisble fighters. Once the assist meter is full, you must use Splash and Bubbles to blow bubbles on where you think an opponent or opponents are hiding. When you catch an ooponent in a bubble, they get KOd. Once you catch all your opponents in the bubbles, you win. If you get KOd, you fail the event.
References: The Splash and Bubbles episode The Ultimate Hide and Seek as well as the stage being the section of the Magic School Bus stage where it is in the underwater section is a reference to...well, Splash and Bubbles being a show that takes place underwater. The opponents being invisible are a reference to how certain sea animals are masters at camoflauging themselves.

Event #Extra03: Carnival Chaos with Ski Balls!
Event description:
Uh oh! It seems Hacker has mind-controlled some of the fighters at the Brawltime party to help him guard the Mega Bolt he stole that fell right into some carnival! Digit will need some help from his friends to win a game of ski ball in order to win the Mega Bolt back to restore piece in Cyberspace.
Player: Digit
Allies: Arthur, Dash (In Dot alt.), Wordgirl (Represent Matt, Inez and Jackie respectively)
Stage: Carnival Chaos
Opponent(s): Hacker plus 3 other random opponents with dark aura around them (5 for harder difficulties)
Opponent(s)' Assists: Delete (for Hacker)
Event objective: As Digit, you need to KO each opponent with the Ski Ball item regardless of the fraction/multiplyer that's on them. If you KO the opponents in any other way, the opponent you KOd will respawn. If you lose all your allies, get KOd or self-destruct, you fail the Event Match.
References: The Cyberchase PC game Carnival Chaos. Specifically, this event match is a reference to the Ski Ball game where the ski balls have different fractions/multiplyers on them.

Event #Extra04: Training For The Dragon Relay
Event description:
On your marks, get set, fly! It seems Cassie has trained Jamie, Zuzu and Val to fly in a dragon relay since they learned how to fly quite well! Although, they will need a bit of training as well as to help Ord. With your help, this tream of dragons can win the relay...with a bit of practice, of course!
Player: Ord
Assist: Jamie, Zuzu and Val
Ally: Ord (in pink alt to represent Cassie)
Stage: Dragon Land
Opponent(s): 3 Random Opponents for Every Playthrough
Event objective: For this event match, you have to answer questions similar to the one in the Dragon Tales PC game Learn and Fly With Dragons to help Ord through the obstacle course. Even if you KO an opponent, that opponent will respawn. The first section will have butterflies appear and you will see a command on the top of the screen asking you "Attack where you see (insert number) of butterflies." Then, the next section involves the firefly shapes. You will see a command on the top of the screen asking you "Attack the shape that's not a square, round, etc." Next, you will see ladders appear. You will then see a command on the top of the screen being "Attack the tallest, smallest, etc. ladder." Next, you will see a log wall. Commands/directions will appear such as "Attack the bottom, top, red, etc. log" Finally, vines will appear. The commands/directions will ask you to "Attack the vine that is longer than the orange vine, the longest, etc." The commands/directions will be read by Ord. If you successfully complete all the sections, you complete the event. If you answer incorrectly, get KOd or self-destruct, you fail the event.
References: The Dragon Tales PC game Learn and Fly With Dragons. Specifically, this event is a reference to the Dragon Relay Training Course game and the order where the objects appear is the same order in the PC game.

Event Matches that come with Malik, Zadie and Zeke:

Event #Extra01: Zadie's Shell Shuffle
Event description:
Oh no! It looks like Zadie messed up Mr. E's shell garden! Apparently, the wombats' friend JunJun taught them a song but on a new instrument to fix the problem. Help them fix up the shell garden before disaster ensues!
Player: Malik, Zadie and Zeke (Zadie as the leader)
Ally: Big Bird (representing JunJun)
Assist: Mr. E
Stage: Treeborhood
Opponent(s): 3 Random Opponents for Every Playthrough
Event objective: As Malik, Zadie and Zeke, you need to protect the shells from the opponents. You can KO them but they will not fully dissapear unless you KO them with the Acoustic Guitar item. If you get KOd or the shells get destroyed, you fail the event.
References: The Work It Out Wombats episode Zadie's Shell Shuffle as well as the book/upcoming PBS Kids show based on the book of the same name Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band since JunJun is an avian creature with music abilities like Acoustic Rooster.

Event #Extra02: Anomaly Invasion at City Island
Event description:
It seems the good neighborhood of City Island is in danger as the Anomaly have chosen to invade there! This is a problem that has never been seen before. Luckilly, Watt knows how to solve the solution so it's best to let him take charge.
Player: Choice
Stage: City Island
Opponent(s): Anomaly-Enslaved Opponents x30
Event objective: It's a no-frills Multi-Anomaly Mayhem battle! Although, Watt will appear on the side thinking of an item that spawns on the stage that you can KO the Anomaly with. Use the item Watt is thinking of that will appear in a thought bubble next to him and use it. Use the wrong item/KO one by accident and you get a strike, you fail the event! 3 strikes and your out!
References: No specific City Island reference in particular, just how Watt is able to solve problems in the webshow and such.

Event #Extra03: Rosie's New Nature Adventure
Event description:
Rosie is going on some sort of nature adventure but...it's not where she was expecting. It's in some sort of strange world and Lote is missing! Help Rosie solve this problem and not get lost in this new nature world as these nature dwellers are not playing nice when Rosie asks for Lote back for her brother.
Player: Choice
Assist: Rosie Fuentes
Stage: Ecosystem Tour
Opponent(s): 3 random opponents (5 random opponents for harder difficulties)
Event objective: In this event match, you need to KO the opponent that has Lote hiding in their back throughout each part of the Ecosystems Tour within the four habitats of the stage. The opponent that has Lote will glow briefly so pay attention! You must KO that opponent with Rosie's assist meter being full. Rosie can help you search for the opponent with Lote. However, if you get KOd or mess up three times, you fail the event.
References: The Rosie's Rules episode Rosie's Nature Adventure as well as just Plum Landing being a PBS Kids webseries about nature/the ecosystem.

Event Extra#04: When To Stop and When To Go?
Event description:
These are things you have to know!
Player: Mr. Rogers
Assist: Traffic Light
Stage: The Island of Sodor
Opponent(s): Barney (in train conductor alternate costume), Ms. Frizzle, Digit, WordGirl, Lionel, Xavier Riddle and Bob the Builder
Opponent(s)' Asssist(s): Sir Topham Hatt (for Barney)
Event Objective: It's a no-frills battle testing your knowledge of stopping and going! You must KO your opponents when the assist meter is full for the Traffic Light. Burby spawns often as an item as well. KO the opponents any other way, they will respwan. If you get KOd, you fail the event.
References: The Thomas and Friends sing-along song from Season 10, Navigation which is a HiT era song (when Thomas aired on PBS Kids). Mr. Rogers being the playable character as well as the Island of Sodor being a stage is a reference to the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood episode Episode 1531 where he got to ride in a real trolley (which is basically similar to a train). The opponents are all affiliated with one of the ways of transport mentioned in the song Navigation. Barney has two moves with vehicles (a train and plane), Ms. Frizzle goes by road and/or by air with the Magic School Bus, Digit can fly by himself or on his ship, WordGirl and Xavier Riddle have flight powers to go places, Lionel has his Up Special as the Cliff Hanger helicopter (a slight reference to Harold the Helicopter as well) and Bob the Builder goes by road with his construction vehicles. Sir Topham Hatt being Barney's assist is in reference as to how you are fighting on the Island of Sodor stage as well as him being the controller of the North Western Railway.

Event matches that come with Betsy:

Event #Extra01: Betsy the Weather Watcher
Event description: Betsy is now the "Weather Watcher" for Mrs. O'Connor's class! With the help of Scott, they must build some weather tools to accurately report back the weather to their classmates! However, Betsy hopes it rains so she can wear her new Ducky Boots. Can the rain come so she can wear them?
Player: Betsy
Assist: Scott
Stage: Lakeshore Elementary School and Playground
Opponent(s): 3 Random Opponents for Every Playthrough
Event objective: As Betsy, you need to KO your opponents with Scott when his assist meter is full. Then, once all three opponents are KOd, there will be a rain effect to the stage and you have to grab the Ducky Boots item that spawn. However, the Ducky Boots will spawn beforehand. Get KOd or you grab the Ducky Boots item before the rain, you fail the event match.
References: The Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures episode Boots, Boots, Boots where Betsy was assigned Weather Watcher and Scott helped set up some weather watching tools

Event #Extra02: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
Event description: The Anomaly are attacking Mother Goose Land. Can you help us....can you?
Player: Barney
Assist: BJ
Allies: Dash x2, Dot x2 and Ms. O (Representing Jeff, Robert, Emily, Jill and Keisha)
Stage: Mother Goose Land
Opponent(s): Anomaly-Enslaved Opponents x75 for each area of the traveling stage.
Event objective: It's a no-frills Multi-Anomaly Mayhem battle in Mother Goose Land! Basically, you need to KO all the Anomaly Minions with Barney and his friends. However, the various sections of the stage with buildings and structures can be destroyed by the Anomaly. If you get KOd or any of the structures in Mother Goose Land get destroyed, you fail the event match.
References: The Barney and Friends home video Barney's Rhyme Time Rhythm except the events and fun in Mother Goose Land get interrupted by the Anomaly. Also, the event match title is a reference to the rhyme Emily says at the end of the video to Barney when he turns back into a toy.

Event #Extra03: All Fun, All Play in Zobooland
Event description: It seems like Zoboo lost his animal friends he hangs out with in Zobooland! And, they all seem to be hiding because of some strangers who intruded their homeward! Luckilly, Chris and Martin are here to help out their buddy find all his friends and restore peace to Zobooland!
Player: Chris and Martin
Stage: Zobooland
Opponent(s): Waves consisting of Big Bird, Arthur, Barney, Digit, Lionel, Cheeko, Donkey and Malik, Zadie and Zeke
Event objective: In this event match, you need to KO the waves of opponents attacking you. Then, you must rescue the animal friend that appears on stage. However, the animal friend won't be on the stage for too long. Each one of Zoboo's friends that you collect will appear on the top left part of the screen to show which friends you collected. You must complete 9 waves to rescue all of Zoboo's animal friends. If you get KOd or fail to rescue an animal friend in time, you fail the event match.
References: The Zoboomafoo video game Zoboomafoo: Playtime in Zobooland

Event #Extra04: Colors All Around...All Around the World!
Event description: For every boy and girl!
Player: Choice
Stage: The Secret Museum (only on The Joy of Painting section)
Opponent(s): Elmo, Ruff Ruffman, Big Bird, Dash, Ord, Teletubbies (only Tinky Winky), Barney
Event objective: In this event match, you must simply use the Paintbrush item that spawns often in this event match to paint each character with their respective colors. On the top middle of the screen, there will be an ink blob of a color. Paint the character with the same color. There will also be a counter letting you know how many opponents you have painted correctly. You will get a strike though if you a paint a character the incorrect color. Three strikes and your out! If you get KOd or get three strikes, you fail the event match.
References: No specific PBS Kids show reference outside of those that talk about colors/have segments involving painting characters the right color, etc. Also, the opponents are all the colors of the rainbow. The title of the event match as well as the event description are a reference to the Barney and Friends song Colors All Around. Let's not forget the stage of choice in the event is also a non-PBS Kids reference to the show The Joy of Painting which has to do with painting as well.

Events that come with free V.Smile/V.Tech content update after Betsy

Event #Extra01: Explore the World of V.Smile!
Event description:
Turn game time into brain time! However, you must be careful to not overthink the fight!
Player: Choice
Assist: V.Pal
Stage: Explore The World of V.Smile!
Opponent(s): Barney, Elmo, Teletubbies, Bob the Builder (all in their Legacy Skin alternate costumes based on their appearances in the V.Smile games)
Opponent(s)' Assist(s): Sir Topham Hatt (for Barney)
Event objective: Simply survive the tour around all the areas of the V.Smile stage! When you KO an opponent, they simply respawn. Get KOd or self-destruct in any point of the match and you fail the event match!
References: No particular reference to a particular V.Smile game, just a reference to various V.Smile games as well as V.Pal being your assist due to him being the mascot of the console. Also, the first sentence of the event description is a reference to the slogan of the V.Smile. Also, all the opponents are the PBS Kids characters who recieved games on the V.Smile which are in the update as well as Sir Topham Hatt being the assist for Barney.

Event #Extra02: Little Red Riding Hood's Brawltime Party Adventure
Event description:
It seems Little Red Riding Hood is on her way to her grandmother's house. But, it seems some intruders are slowing her down! Help Little Red Riding Hood spell words as well as get her to her grandmother's house safely! Remember, never talk to strangers!
Player: Choice
Assist: Little Red Riding Hood
Stage: Explore The World of V.Smile! (stuck on The Grassland section)
Opponent(s): Random opponents x3
Event objective: Basically, you have to spell various words like in the Learning Zone part of the V.Smile game The Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood and then place the Little Red Riding Hood assist by the front of the house. You get five chances similar to the five hearts Little Red Riding Hood recieves in the V.Smile game. Spell a word wrong and you lose a heart. Lose all your hearts and you fail the event match! Getting KOd or self-destructing will also result in failing the event match.
References: The V.Smile video game The Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood, specificially the Learning Zone part. This event match referecnes The Grasslands level by the woods.

DLC Event Matches that come with Super Why:

Event #Extra01: Are You Fit to Be A Princess?
Event Description:
Princess Presto has her annual Junior Princess Competition to win a golden crown. However, some rowdy visitors to Storybrook came by to interrupt it. Can Princess Presto alongside Super Why prove Princess Presto is truly fit to be a princess or will Storybrook face an eternal disaster?
Player: Super Why
Assist: Princess Presto
Stage: Storybrook Village
Opponent(s): 3 Random Opponents for Every Playthrough
Event objective: As Super Why, you need to KO your opponents with Princess Presto's assist function when the assist meter is full. If you KO an opponent without using Princess Presto, the opponent will respawn. However, if you get KOd or self-destruct, you fail the event match. An overall, simple, no-frills event match
References: The Super Why episode The Princess and The Pea

Event #Extra02: An Alphabetic Adventure with the Anomaly
Event Description:
Super Why just ran into Alpha Pig while on his quest to save the other Super Readers from the Anomaly monster. They must get to the source of the destruction of their world....but it seems they are quite short on time. Can Alpha Pig and Super Why get there before they get caught by the Anomaly goo or will they be doomed forever?
Player: Super Why
Assist: Alpha Pig
Stage: The platforming section from Super Why's Story Mode Chapter where it's Alpha Pig's path
Event objective: Basically, you are playing the section of Super Why's Story Mode chapter where you travel down Alpha Pig's path. The typical Anomaly minions will attack you. However, there will be the Anomaly goo chasing you. Touch that and you automatically get KOd...thus, you would fail the event.
References: Super Why's Story Mode Chapter plus Alpha Pig's skills with the alphabet and the Lucky Letter Lasso as it appears in the platforming section a lot.

Event #Extra03: A Tubby Toast Mess
Event Description:
Eh oh! It sounds like there is a problem in the Tubbytronic Superdome! The Tubby Custard Machine made a huge mess and thus the Teletubbies must clean it up! With the help of Noo-Noo, can they clean it up before it's too late?
Player: Teletubbies
Assist: Noo-Noo
Stage: Tubbytronic Superdome 32
Opponent(s): 3 random opponents (5 on a harder difficulty)
Event objective: In this event match, you must clean up the Tubby Custard Machine's mess by using Noo-Noo's assist function when the assist meter is full. Tubby Custard Machine items will spawn and cause more of a mess. Simply clean up wherever you see a mess of Tubby Custard and use Noo-Noo's assist function to clean a spot. If you get KOd, you fail the event.
References: The Teletubbies video game Play With the Teletubbies. Specifically, this event is referencing the House activity called Tubby Custard where the Tubby Custard Machine makes a mess and you have to get Noo-Noo to clean it.

Event #Extra04: Everyone's A Winner!
Event description:
Or can there be only one true winner?
Player: Choice
Stage: Everyone's a Winner Wheel
Opponent(s): Barney x2 (one Barney represents Rexy), Mr. Rogers, Ord, Teletubbies, Donkey, Dash
Opponents' Assist(s): Gilbert (for Barney), LeVar Burton (for Dash)
Event objective: In this event match, it's a simple no-frills battle similar to the Dash's PBS Kids World Tour events. When the Winner's Wheel spins, it will show a character at random. You must fight that character that appears on the wheel, the character that comes from that series, etc. Thus, the character shown will spawn. Once you have KOd that character, their icon will be displayed on the top left corner of the screen. You fight one opponent at a time. If you get KOd, you fail the event.
References: An overall reference to the Everyone's A Winner/Wheel ID and all the characters that presumably got IDs from this.

DLC Matches that come with free Scholastic content update after Super Why update:

Event #Extra01: The Trouble with Landing
Event description:
It seems Dorothy Ann wants to land a lander on Mars. However, it seems some rowdy fighters came to make it impossible! Can you help Ms. Frizzle make the landing possible?
Player: Ms. Frizzle (in Scholastic Origins Legacy Skin)
Stage: The Magic School Bus Lands on Mars Activity Center (only on the Land on Mars section of the stage)
Opponent(s): Random Opponents x3
Event objective: Basically, it's a no-frills fight for the first part as you must KO the three opponents! Then, you have to attack the lander to land on the appropriate pad! Get KOd, SD, or cause the lander not to land safely or make the lander land in the wrong place, you fail the event match.
References: The PC game The Magic School Bus Lands on Mars Activity Center, specifically the Land on Mars game.

Event #Extra02: I Spy, You Spy...
Event description:
Let's all play I Spy!
Player: Choice
Stage: I Spy Fantasy
Opponent(s): Ms. Frizzle, WordGirl (both in their Scholastic Origins Legacy Skins)
Opponent(s)' Assist(s)'s: Ada (for WordGirl)
Event objective: Basically, you have to solve the I Spy riddles on each section of the I Spy Fantasy stage. In total, you must solve 7 riddles correctly (12 on harder difficulties) by attacking the right object on the I Spy Fantasy stage. If you get a riddle wrong, you get a strike! Get KOd, SD or get three strikes, you fail the event match.
References: The I Spy video game I Spy Fantasy. The event match and the description are a reference to the 2002 I Spy series theme song. The series aired on HBO and is based on the books.

The funny thing is, the second event would be the first event to reference a non-PBS Kids show but it's fine since it's based on a Scholastic book series represented in the game already.

DLC Event Matches that come with The Zula Patrol

Event #Extra01: SeeSaw We-Saw Launch Potential!
Event Description:
SeeSaw physics can be a lot of fun! Especially when you take to account that when one is heavier on one side compared to the other which is lighter, the heavier one goes down, or in this case, can launch the lighter one to great distances! What fun! Use the SeeSaw item with the rock provided to gain enough weight to send your opponents flying!
Player: The Zula Patrol (you choose who you want to play as before the event begins)
Stage: Zula Patrol Headquarters and Spaceship
Opponent(s): Ms. Frizzle, Hacker, Xavier Riddle
Event objective: Using the Space SeeSaw item as well as a special heavy rock item specifically to this event, you have to carefully position the opponents, who are easier to launch in this event, on the lowered side of the seesaw, than, carrying the rock item, you can jump on the raised side of the seesaw with your opponents on the lowered side to send them flying! If the opponents are KO'd any other way, they'll just respawn. Getting KO'd or self-destructing fails the event as usual.
References: The Zula Patrol episode Giant Litterbugs from Space, the episode where the Space SeeSaw makes an appearance.

Event #Extra02: The Case of the Lost Mailbag
Event Description:
Oh no! It seems Major Bedhead has lost his mail bag! He seems to be clumsy but if you can teach him how to retrace his steps, maybe you can find where he last left it?
Player: Choice
Assist: Major Bedhead
Stage: Fast-Talking Jack's Carnival (just the big top section)
Opponent(s): 3 random opponents (5 on harder difficulties)
Event objective: Major Bedhead will have a thought bubble by his head telling you what opponent may have the mailbag. You will have to hit the opponent that Major Bedhead is thinking about. If you hit the wrong opponent, you get a strike! If you get 3 strikes, get KOd or self-destruct, you fail the event! However, if you hit the opponents in the right order Major Bedhead tells you, you can get the mail bag and complete the event.
References: The Big Comfy Couch episode, Ain’t It Amazing, Gracie?. The stage choice is at a big top where clowns usually perform.

Event #Extra03: The Countdown Begins….
Event Description:
Will you count down or will you keep your number up? Ah! Ah! Ah!
Player: Elmo
Assist: Count Von Count
Stage: Countdown
Opponent(s): Digit, Hacker (in vampire costume), Ms. O
Event objective: As Elmo, you need to solve 5 (7 on harder difficulties) math problems that are announced by the Count in the background of the stage and then KO your opponents. You can solve the math problems by finding or attacking the number that appears on stage. If you get a problem wrong, you get a strike! If you get 3 strikes, get KOd or self-destruct, you fail the event!
References: The Sesame Street game for the NES, Sesame Street Countdown. All your opponents are from PBS Kids shows that teach math alongside Hacker in his vampire outfit as Count Von Count is a vampire himself.

Event #Extra04: Barney’s Battle for The Egg
Event description: It has now been 1,000 years and a magical egg has come down from outer space to Barney and his friends. Some thieves however have appeared to take this egg for their own as they heard it can show you your dreams and grant them! Can Barney and his friends protect the egg long enough so they can get their wishes granted to beat the scoundrels?
Player: Barney
Assist: BJ
Allies: Arthur, Dash (In Dot alt.), Wordgirl (represents Cody, Abby and Marcella)
Stage: Hot Air Balloon Chase
Opponent(s): 3 random opponents (5 on harder difficulties)
Event objective: In this event, you need to protect the Twinken egg item that appears on the screen and hold it long enough. The Twinken egg item will take a bit longer to hatch in this event.Once you gain the stat buff from Twinken, you must defeat all the opponents with your allies that are left when the egg hatches. If the egg breaks, you get KOd or you self-destruct, you fail the event!
Reference: Barney’s Great Adventure

DLC Event Matches that come with Letterman:

Event #Extra01: Lads to Lend a Hand in Letter Land
Event Description:
The Spellbinder's causing trouble again in the peaceful Letter Land, but who are you gonna call? It's a word, it's a plan, it's....Letterman! Guest starring with him are some helpful lads willing to assist him in his fight for justice and freedom for Letter Land!, but O\Uh-Oh!, It looks like the Spellbinder started mixing up some letters to make the Lads a Lot Less Friendly! Help Letterman get the right letters to free his Lads on time!
Player: Letterman
Assist: Paul the Gorilla and Jennifer of the Jungle
Allies: Random 3
Stage: Spellbinder's boss fight stage
Opponent(s): Spellbinder boss
Event objective: In this event, your allies at first are your enemies controlled by the Spellbinder! Luckily, on stage, there are some words on stage with some words of bad qualities, such as "BAD", and some loose letters to fix the words to free your allies!, to which you have to attack the "B" in "BAD" and then attack the "L" to the unfinished word to spell out "LAD", freeing your allies, for one example. Try to free all your allies in time before the Spellbinder arrives to make the fight easier, since he is kinda tougher here, though you can still win the event even without freeing some or all of your allies, for an extra challenge.
References: Usual reference to The Adventures of Letterman segment on the original Electric Company.

Event #Extra02: Math & Pal
Event Description:
INSERT COIN........Gather all the math signs and solve 10 perplexing math problems to proceed!
Player: Choice
Stage: MathMan
Opponents: Elmo, Digit, Ord, Arthur
Event objective: It's a classic game of PAC-MAN style! Simply collect all the math signs in the stage as well as solve 10 math problems to clear the event. The opponents will try to impede your progress, and you fittingly have 3 lives.
References: Just a simple nod to PAC-MAN, the ever-iconic arcade game that MathMan is a parody of. The title in itself is a reference to Pac & Pal, and the opponents faced all reference the colors of Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

Event #Extra03: No Pity for a Birthday Party
Event Description:
Mr. Conductor is planning a birthday party for a person named Harry. He is hesitant to meet him as he may not be liked by Harry but...with your help, he can collect all the things he needs for a birthday party. Can you help him be really useful as his friends on the Island of Sodor can help him throw the best birthday party back at Shining Time Station?
Player: Choice
Assist: Mr. Conductor
Stage: The Island of Sodor
Opponent(s): 3 random opponents (5 on harder difficulties)
Event objective: You must defeat the hordes of opponents on the various engines on the Island of Sodor. Then, after defeating an opponent, you must collect the item that appears whether it's balloons, a gift, a cake, etc. You will need to collect 7 items (11 on harder difficulties) to complete the event. If you miss an item in the time it appears, get KOd or self-destruct, you fail the event match.
References: The Shining Time Station episode Two Old Hands. Also, Mr. Conductor being on the Island of Sodor stage is a slight reference to Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

Event #Extra04: Windstorm With a Chance of Anomaly Minions in Bubbleland
Event description:
Oh no! It seems the folks at Bubbleland got a very bad windstorm! To make matters worse, it seems the Anomaly got involved. However, do not fear as Mr. Rogers has heard the problem and is willing to spread kindness to the good folks of Bubbleland to make the situation better!
Player: Mr. Rogers
Stage: The Windstorm in Bubbleland
Opponent(s): Anomaly Minions x25 (35 on harder difficulties)
Event objective: In this event, you need to defeat the Anomaly minions in a Multi-nomaly Mayhem-esque fight. It's simply a no-frills battle. If you get KOd or self-destruct, you fail the event match.
Reference: The Mister Rogers' Neighborhood episode 1475 (Mister Rogers Makes an Opera) but with an Anomaly invasion in the scene where the Windstorm hits Bubbleland.

DLC Event Match that comes with the ABCMouse.com free update

Event Match #Extra01: From A to Infinity
Event description:
With curiosity being a part of the Brawltime Party, you still have a lifetime of learning with you going down the Learning Path! See what you know and test your knowledge on the Learning Path with some top learners here to help you learn!
Player: Choice
Player's Assist: ABCmouse
Stage: Learning Path
Opponent(s): Kratt Bros, Arthur, Super Why (in ABCmouse Legacy Skin), Ms. O, Molly, Xavier Riddle
Opponents' Assists: Martha for Chris and Martin, Curious George for Super Why
Event objective: Basically, your goal is to complete 10 Learning Path games (15 on harder difficulties) as well as defeat all your opponents in chronological order based on their PBS Kids debut, one at a time like the PBS Kids World Tour event matches. There is no penalization for failing any of the games. However, you cannot KO your final opponent being Xavier Riddle until you complete all 10 or 15 games. If you get KOd, self-destruct or defeat your final opponent before completing all the other games, you fail the event match.

The order of the opponents are as follows:

The Kratt Bros. (Kratt Creatures, June 3, 1996), Arthur (Arthur, October 7, 1996), Super Why (Super Why, September 3rd, 2007), Ms. O (Odd Squad, November 26, 2014), Molly (Molly of Denali, July 15, 2019), Xavier Riddle (Xavier Riddle and The Secret Museum, November 12, 2019)

References: A general reference to ABCmouse.com and the website, alongside the Learning Path playing a huge part in the website. The title of the event is a reference to a commercial campaigh that they did a while back which you can watch one of those commercials right here. Also, all your opponents are from PBS Kids shows that have been sponsored by ABCmouse.com alongside the two assists that help the opponents as well. Martha going with Chris and Martin also is a slight reference to how the book Martha comes from Martha Speaks was actually mentioned on an old PBS Kids show not yet represented in PBS Kids: Brawltime! being