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Official + Smash 4 [VIC] General Thread - Next events: MILTIM 11 JUN, CWMELEE+PM 18 JUN, CW S4ROA 25 JUN


Smash Apprentice
Aug 17, 2008
We will do 2 stock for doubles so we can start singles on time. Should time permit we can try 3 stock in quads.


Smash Apprentice
Aug 17, 2008
Okay, we have expanded the stage list to the following.

Now we have 2 bans during counter pick stage.

  • Battlefield
  • Final Destination (Standard FD, not any omega stages)
  • Smashville
  • Kongo Jungle
  • Lylat Cruise
  • Halberd
  • Duck Hunt
  • Town and City
  • Delphino Plaza
  • Castle Siege

Regarding doubles/quads: We will go with either 2 or 3 stock depending on the number of consoles and attendance. If you want to play more doubles/quads then please, bring your consoles and/or TVs. People who bring their gear will get priority to play in quads - c'mon, be a bro. Even just an adaptor will help out a lot.


Also, want to be as cool as Wife? Well, he just followed our twitter, Twitter.com/melbournemelee. Go on, do what the cool kids are doing. Get news on these monthlies, updates on BAM7, as well as live results from ZEAL and other interstate tournaments. Don't have twitter? Our feed is linked to Melbournemelee facebook group.
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Smash Apprentice
Aug 17, 2008
Hey guys, tournament tomorrow - please bring your set ups. The success of the tournament is dependent on the co-operation of the scene, please do your bit. Even if its just an adaptor, please, everything helps.
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Smash Apprentice
Aug 17, 2008

1 x WiiU HDMI cable - If you find yourself with 2, please let Atilla know

1 x Smash 4 game disc - If you find yourself with 2, please let Hyes know

1 x Metal water bottle - If found, please let KTMFinx know

1 x DVD "Bayonetta" - Would belong to a top 2/3 placer. Maybe Attila's/TIbs?

MInd the double post, just to make sure we can get these lost and found items sorted ASAP
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Dec 7, 2013
Geelong, Australia
Couch Warriors December 2014 Ranking Battle Results:
1: Melbournes Golen Pair (Tibs + Big Boss)
2: Food Fight (Jei + Khoa)
3: Ledge +Toshi (Ledge + Toshiba)
4: Team Awful (Earl + Nicks)
5: Tyler + Mark (Tyler + Mark)
5: Team Projectile (V + AsuraSarah)
7: Penn + Flukey (Flukey + Penn)
7: Joezart (Mozart + Joey)
9: Martin +Izzago (Martin + Izzago)
9: Shy + Boris (Shy + Boris)
9: Jax + Ushi (Jax + Ushi)
9: MGK + Doozi (MGK + Doozi)
13: The Cool Team (Poop + Callibar)
13: Cam Cam (Hyes + Boozer)
13: Team Josh (Josh + Josh)
13: Jacob + Tannar (Jacob + Tannar)
17: Ironic (Huey + Harry)
17: Team Unknown (Ben + Phil)
17: Aura Shock (Deez + Eggan)

1: Tibs
2: V
3: Earl
4: Ledge
5: Attila
5: Ignis
7: Toshiba
7: Jei
9: Mgk
9: Boozer
9: Azura Sarah
9: Mozart
13: DD_
13: Ben
13: Deez
13: Baron
17: Tree
17: Khoa
17: Noxus
17: Tyler
17: MattG
17: Ushi
17: Tomo
17: Hyes
25: Mavrek
25: Jax
25: Mark
25: Doozy
25: Eggan
25: Nickybo
25: Nicks
25: Slam Dunk
33: Spinach
33: Song
33: Callibar
33: Harvey
33: Trender 11
33: Tak
33: Forrest
33: Penn
33: Luc
33: Boudhe
33: Generic
33: Izzago
33: Touko
33: Nick
33: Fluky
33: Doa
49: Poop

1: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
2: Skeletom
3: MattG
4: Toshiba
5: DuMbSamU5plaYa420
5: Tibs
7: Attila
7: Tak
9: Miles
9: DD_
9: Joey
9: Boris
13: Izzago
13: JKTS
13: KTMFinx
13: Slop
17: Slam Dunk
17: Jacob
17: Sumeet
17: Jandal Man
17: Cailan
17: Huey
17: Flog
17: Callibar
25: Deeks
25: Song
25: Touko
25: We-G
25: Tyler
25: Moast
25: Hyes
25: MGK
33: Vincent
33: Burap
33: Tannar
33: Poop
33: Flukey
33: Nick
33: Mikey
33: Tomo
33: Doozi
33: Shy
33: Benny P
33: Generic
33: Phil
33: Dusa
33: Josh
33: Nano

1: Super Smash Bros. Melee
2: toshiba
3: Matt G
4: Fudge
5: Noxus
5: HUghie
7: Tak
7: Izzago
9: generic
9: MGK
9: Callibar
9: Naga
13: Hyes
13: Doozy
13: Slam Dunk
13: dd_
17: Benny P
17: Flukey
17: Tyler
17: Nick
17: Mark
17: Shy
25: Borris

1: Food War
2: Awesome Golden Pair
3: Team Fair
4: Psshh
5: Team Random
5: Team Venks is Missing


Smash Ace
Mar 14, 2009
Melbourne / Darwin
I might Just update the top 8 results smash 4 with the characters, for those interested.

1: Tibs (Diddy)
2: V (Villager)
3: Earl (Little Mac)
4: Ledge (Sheik)
5: Attila (Falco, Duck Hunt Duo?)
5: Ignis (Robin)
7: Toshiba (Mario)
7: Jei (Yoshi)

Also for 4v4
1: Food War (Jei, Khoa, Ignis, Ledge)
2: Awesome Golden Pair (Attila, Tibs, Earl, Nicks)

Not too sure about the other teams.


Smash Rookie
May 25, 2010
I got knocked out pretty early... But I still had a lot of fun! thanks for event guys
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Smash Journeyman
Dec 3, 2007
This event looked even better than the last. Was any footage recorded for Smash 4? Because I'd love to watch some of those matches. Really good stuff from @Villyness (V)! Going all the way to Grand Finals and only losing out to Tibs. I'm actually really curious who knocked him into Loser's in the first place. I'm guessing it was Toshi? Some of their matches at the Wii U Invitational were pretty close.

And wow @ MGK MGK took 9th? Finally abusing Ganondorf's up smash I'm guessing? What ever you did it was really good stuff. Major improvement!

I would of loved to be at this event myself, but unfortunately I'm on the other side of the world. I'll definitely be watching and learning what I can from you guys though. I've found a place here that holds weekly tournaments for Smash 4 here in Virginia Beach, but the playing level obviously isn't quite as high as Melbourne. Winning tournaments and money is pretty nice, but I don't want to get left behind by you guys.

Oh and yeah if any of ya'll ever want to play me on WiiU wifi my NNID is VenksUSA. I'm always up for some games.

Haha oh and 'Team Venks is Missing'. You guys are all awesome.
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Smash Hero
May 10, 2008
unrelated to tourney but does somebody have an image of melbournes crew/jacket logo thing?


Smash Cadet
Feb 4, 2014
Either here or the Facebook group. Both are pretty useful 10/10

Getting top 5, let alone top 3 (even with missing players) is only motivating me more to get better - 2015 gonna be good :039:
Played well yesturday man, for 2015 just need to learn jigs v marth and you will be set!
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Dec 7, 2013
Geelong, Australia
Some shoutouts for the tournament since I like to post lots:

Joey, it was great working with you. Even with all the delays we (mostly) kept our cool and got through things well enough. Hopefully next time we wont have 30+ minute delays before we can get things started. But even with those, I was still home well and truly before midnight, which on a Sunday is vital. That was mainly due to Joey's hard work in making sure as many tournament matches were being played as possible at all times.

And Atilla helped out immensly with that too. Not to mention I appreciated you bringing me back down to earth and knocking me out of Melee. I was starting to get bigheaded there, definitely needed a reality check, and boy did I get one. One of my goals is to get good enough to really challenge you now.

Codie... What can I say that I haven't already? We bring the hype. If you ever see Codie and I playing a set, come and watch. We've played in Melee, Project M and Smash 4 (Yet to meet in tournament for Melee, but our friendlies are close as the rest), and every time, it pretty much comes down to whoever gets the next big hit wins. Easily my favourite opponent to play against.

Hyes, man, I'm so sorry about my play against you in PM. I was rubbish and did not at all deserve to take the set off you. I promise you that next time we meet in bracket I'll play well and make sure that if I manage to beat you there, I'll feel like I earned it. And when you get that elusive win vs me, I'll be incredibly happy for you.

Jesse was really helpful behind the desk, and probably did a lot more than he needed to. Even with the stress of the PM bracket getting destroyed after we'd started, he managed to pull it back perfectly, and to my knowledge there were no complaints with the fix. While I was stressing out about it, he was grinding for any information to help restore the bracket. Top form man.

Jei was another one who did more than they had to. He was on the desk for more than half the day if I'm not mistaken, and was willing to take care of the Smash 4 doubles sign ups while we were having trouble getting things started. Greatly appreciated.

Hughie for bringing his recording set up. Always good for the community in general when someone goes out of their way to record matches, but this time it was good in a more personal way for me. Three of my matches were recorded, and I am really looking forward to getting to watch over them to review how I played. So thanks for giving me that oppourtunity.

Congrats to Redact for taking Melee and PM, glad that I lost to the eventual winner for once. I was also happy to play you since you were the first player to absolutely demolish me in tournament (played in pools at Miles Warehouse this year), and that really emphasised to me just how much I've improved, even though I still got destroyed. Hopefully sometime soon we have time for that training session!

Also Skeletom for doing what he always does... Bringing some intense, unadulterated hype. How long am I allowed to brag about taking a game off you a few months ago? Can I base my entire Smash resume around it?

Extra thanks for everyone for their patience early on. Those delays were intense, but caused us far less trouble than it could have thanks to all of your patience and cooperation once things got under way. We could have ran far more behind schedule if you guys hadn't been so cool about it.

Oh, and shoutouts to that pesky player "bye" for giving V a free ride in the first round of both Smash 4 tournaments. She seemed to really appreciate it!

See you all at Miles' Warehouse!
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Smash Champion
Jan 13, 2009
to that guy that wanted to vs me after the tournament, MM me? 10,20,30. Anything.


Smash Apprentice
Aug 17, 2008
Okay, tournament review

Setups - Good and bad
We had enough WiiUs for the monitors (8-10) BenQ had loaned us - this is fantastic. Great job everyone who brought their gear. I will see if we can at least maintain the amount of monitors for next time, so all we need to bring is WiiUs.

We only had 4 Project M set ups - I realise a fair few PM regulars were away but we all knew this was coming and PM'ers should react accordingly.

We had a decent a mount of Melee set ups, so that was great. Props for Jesse for bringing three big CRTs.

Also guys, label your things please.

Smash 4 WiiU
I think all the events, even quads, went pretty well. Given we know what to expect, next tournament we will look into having more stocks for doubles/quads, having more quads teams, or perhaps a pot for doubles.

Melee/PM Doubles
We left out Melee doubles as planned, due to the amount of people on the day. Don't worry, in future we will see if we can manage to bring back Melee and/or PM doubles ASAP.

Few people came to either myself or Codie, asking to get on the mic. Please feel free to give it a shot - its the only way we'll get to find new talent. It will also give you a better understanding of the scene and how the game is played.

We did not have a HD recording device on the day, so we could not record Smash 4. Max and/or Dom should be available next monthly, so we should be capable of some Smash 4 footage. Melee and PM were recorded.

Power board fiasco
Power boards arrived to the venue 2 hours later than expected, delaying our start by an hour. Apologies to everyone, these things happen although we try out best to be fully prepared. The silver lining is, we managed to finish the event just after 9 so if we can start on time, we can finish early next time.

PM fiasco
Due to some TO'ng errors, PM was delayed and stalled soon after. It all worked out though, I appreciate the hustle players had to go from one game to another.

New people
Thanks for coming, I met dozens of new people and having some of you remember me at the end of the night and say thank you means a lot. Please come again and don't be afraid to be a part of the community. We take all sorts.

Also, don't hesitate to get into Melee or Project M. All the veteran players will be more than happy to teach you what they know.


In all it was a success. Thanks to everyone who helped out in a very trying day. Redact, Attila, Jei, Jesse, Fudge, Hughie, Codie and anyone else who pitched in. Big thanks to Izzago for being the other TO.
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Smash Cadet
Mar 12, 2014
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad apologies for the PM delay, that was 3000% my fault. The lower half of the results may not be a perfect reflection of how people did due to double byes and other nonsense. Also sorry for asking the PM entrants who they played 5 million times, it was necessary.

Everyone did good with getting matches played and brackets got done despite my badness. The amount of CRTs/PM setups was a bit disappointing tbh. 8 TVs for 48 entrants isn't a good time. If you drive to the venue there's really no excuse to not bring yo TVs.

Izzago: had fun hanging at the TO desk with you. Gotta do that MM next time.

Chambers: Holy ****. Close. So Close.

Cailan: You got the fundamentals, just gotta learn to take down the peach

Flog: big huge anime *****

Matt G & DD: Apologies if I was a smidge salty after our matches, I need to learn dat puff MU.

Go Team TO, or whatever the actual team name was. Quadles is actually super fun, I would be all for it becoming a staple (as long as I still get my melee doubles)


Smash Apprentice
Nov 1, 2014
Just wanted to drop by and say cheers to everyone there.
Was my first tourney, had a lot of fun, met a lot of great people and now very tempted to buy the WiiU version after playing it for the first time (just felt and looked great).
Was really surprised how diverse the roster was and how different everyones play styles were from game to game, made everything so much more fun to play since most of the multiplayer experience I've had in Smash 4 has been Glory (didn't face any ones Diddy's though, both a good and bad thing).

If all goes well and nothing else is on, I'll gladly come back for another round of Smash 4 next time.

Cya then.


Smash Apprentice
Aug 31, 2014
Want to start off with that it was another amazing tournament. Had tons of fun, Shouts outs to everyone that I spoke too but I have to give extra shout outs to Boozer, thanks for hanging around and believing in my smash 4 Ganondorf. :p We both will show the world what Ganondorf and Charizard are made of! Congrats on coming 9th!

Shout outs to Doozy, my smash 4 doubles partner, we worked very well together, your Ness is amazing across Sm4sh and PM.

Special Shouts to Nicks (I hope that's right :p ) You are an amazing shiek player in smash 4, can;t believe I beat you. That last read, forward smash just did it for me and hopefully I vs you again sometime. Hope you had lots of fun at your first smash Tourney. :)

Hope to see everyone at Miles Warehouse for the start of smash in 2015!


Smash Apprentice
Aug 17, 2008
Hey guys while the tournament is still fresh in our minds, if you could leave some feedback, that would be great. Rules, stage lists, schedules, setup layout, recording etc.

For new people, if you could please us know if you felt overwhelmed or confused at any stage and why, it would help us moving forward. If there was anything was particularly amazing we'd like to know that to.

For example, one thing we should have done was explained that it was a double elimination tournament. The printed rules seemed to help a lot but we needed more.
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Smash Journeyman
Feb 10, 2008
Melbourne, Australia
Shoutouts to Doozy, Blake and Bryce (Hope i got all your names right) for joining me at DD o'clock (AKA before 11am) to help me and Dan set up all the tables and chairs, much appreciated!

Spoke to heaps of new players all day and it's great to see people excited to be getting involved in the scene! please come back and don't hesitate to ask any of us any questions.

GGs to everyone in and out of tournament, had some good matches. Puff slowly getting there but my smash 4 games needs a lot of work. Thanks to the TOs as well you guys pullin it together after the hiccup was sharp.


Professional Nice Guy
Apr 21, 2007
Amazing Land
Mad shout outs to new guys, i know i bodied some of you (2 minute matches make it easier for me to help TO lol!) but I LOVE playing new people because its good to see new people loving the game.

Another shout out to players who are super new, and already dropping dollars on internationals. Guys like Hyes who i know hasn't been around for as long as come of us (im pushing 8 years now wow) and other guys like we-g who I think has been around only for a few months at most but was the first to join the $150 club? Talk to me on FB or here dude i'd be happy to come around and play you at your request, I have 2 weeks free starting this weekend, no work!

Super sorry to that one guy that followed me around and I didn't get to play him (red shirt with the glasses?) and asked me for a game. You as well talk to me here or on FB and I'll also make time to have a session with just you at whatever meet you choose (or you can host your own too, I'll travel to you!)

Everyone with mad disrespect handshakes on me early. Tom and Toshi shape up. The reason I didn't let u win second set is you shook my hand early Tom ;) come at me bro

As for everyone else, good stuff coming. 48 entrants for both melee and smash 4 is sick.

Any other new people. Talk to me, I won't bite. We can play anytime anywhere as I've said, 2 weeks free, invite me!


Professional Nice Guy
Apr 21, 2007
Amazing Land
Come to me on a Friday sam.

Also you don't need no training. I wish you would get worse by living in nowhere so i could beat you for once.
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