Phoenix Brawl 7 Results - IMPULSE Qualifier - Burnaby, BC - Check OP for Videos!


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Apr 4, 2009
Going all-in with the grime
Brawl Doubles (click for the bracket)
1: SuPeRbOoM + KillLock ($228) :snake: :marth: + :marth:
2: Alphicans + Frio ($114) :gw: + :pikachu2: :olimar:
3: Felix + Busy ($38) :diddy: + :wario:
4: Dolan and Gooby (Asa + Captain L) :olimar: + :pikachu2:
5: Limeee + Fiji :gw: + :snake:
5: Firefly + Breez :yoshi2: :kirby2: :diddy: + :diddy:
7: Drake + Attila :rob: + :dk2:
7: Team Super Awesome Dynamite Platinum Brothers (Big D + Blue Yoshi) :wario: + :gw:
9: Aleate + GrapE :zelda: + :fox:
9: Bundtcake + Arcansi :rob: + :pit:
9: DTP + Kuraudo :peach: + :sonic:
9: Junk + -H- :dedede: + :wolf:
13: Meta + Yakal :rob: + :snake:
13: Ganonlink + brningpyre :pit: :pikachu2: :kirby2: + :wario:
13: Sinister + Starwaffle :wolf: + :pikachu2:
13: Kantrip + SKidd :diddy: + :mario2:
17: Slippy + Whaleu
17: Irisz + Scorch
17: Leon + Ganon 907


Pool 1
1. Felix
2. Bundtcake
3. DTP
4. Pez
5. SKidd

Pool 2
1. Asa
2. Lime
3. Attila
4. GrapE
5. Gentlerain (forfeit)

Pool 3
1. Alphicans
2. Jason
3. Breez
4. Aleate
5. Tim (forfeit)

Pool 4
1. KillLock
2. Drake
3. brningpyre
4. Sinister
5. Scorch

Pool 5
1. Applebloom (SuPeRbOoM)
2. Firefly
3. Arcansi
4. Crisis

Pool 6
1. Fiji
2. Blue Yoshi
3. -H-
4. Kantrip

Pool 7
1. Busy
2. Captain L
3. Kuraudo
4. NeeBee

Pool 8
1. Big D
2. Frio
3. Irisz
4. Junk (forfeit)

Pro Bracket (click for the bracket)
1: Felix ($192.50) :diddy:
2: KillLock ($87.50) :marth:
3: Alphicans ($52.50) :gw: :pikachu2: :falco:
4: Big D ($17.50) :popo: :wario: :snake:
5: Asa ($10) :olimar:
5: Captain L ($10) :pikachu2:
7: Firefly :yoshi2:
7: Drake :rob:
9: Frio :olimar: :pikachu2:
9: Attila :dk2: :popo:
9: DTP :peach:
9: Kuraudo :sonic:
13: Applebloom (SuPeRbOoM) :snake:
13: Bundtcake :rob:
13: Lime :wario: :snake:
13: Fiji :falco: :snake:
17: Blue Yoshi :gw:
17: Brningpyre :wario:
17: Busy :wario:
17: Breez :diddy:
17: Irisz :falco: :link2:
17: Jason :rob:
17: Arcansi :pit:
17: -H- :wolf:

Amateur Bracket (click for the bracket)
1: Kantrip ($10) :diddy:
2: Sinister :wolf:
3: Crisis :falco: :marth:
4: NeeBee :marth: :olimar:
5: Pez :lucario:
5: SKidd :mario2:
7: Aleate :zelda:
7: Scorch
9: ganonlink


[collapse=Doubles][collapse=Winner's Bracket][collapse=Winner's Bracket Round 2]Junk :dedede: + -H- :wolf: vs. Drake :rob: + Attila :dk2:
Meta :rob: + Yakal :snake: vs. Blue Yoshi :gw: :dedede: + Big D :wario: :dedede:
[/collapse][collapse=Winner's Semi-Finals]Felix :diddy: + Busy :wario: vs. Alphicans :gw: + Frio :olimar: :pikachu2:
SuperBoom :snake: + KillLock :marth: vs. Asa :olimar: + Captain L :pikachu2:
[/collapse][collapse=Winner's Finals]SuperBoom :snake: + KillLock :marth: vs. Felix :diddy: + Busy :wario:
[/collapse][/collapse][collapse=Loser's Bracket][collapse=Loser's Round 2] Aleate :peach: + GrapE :zelda: vs. Slippy :zelda: + Whaleu :luigi2:
[/collapse][collapse=Loser's Round 3]Aleate :peach: + GrapE :zelda: vs. Meta :rob: + Yakal :snake:
[/collapse][collapse=Loser's Quarter-Finals]Firefly :yoshi2: :diddy: + Breez :diddy: vs. Asa :olimar: + Captain L :pikachu2:
[/collapse][collapse=Loser's Semi-Finals]Alphicans :gw: + Frio :pikachu2: vs. Asa :olimar: + Captain L :pikachu2:
[/collapse][collapse=Loser's Finals]Felix :diddy: + Busy :wario: vs. Alphicans :gw: + Frio :pikachu2:
[/collapse][/collapse][collapse=Grand Finals]Alphicans :gw: + Frio :pikachu2: vs. SuperBoom :snake: :marth: + KillLock :marth:
[collapse=Singles][collapse=Winner's Bracket][collapse=Winner's Bracket Round 1] Kuraudo :sonic: vs. Drake :rob:[/collapse][collapse=Winner's Bracket Round 2]Kuraudo :sonic: vs. Felix :diddy:
[/collapse][collapse=Winner's Quarter-Finals]KillLock :marth: vs. Big D :popo:
Asa :olimar: vs. Captain L :pikachu2:
[/collapse][collapse=Winner's Semi-Finals]Asa :olimar: vs. Alphicans :gw:
Felix :diddy: vs. KillLock :marth:
[/collapse][collapse=Winner's Finals]Alphicans :pikachu2: :gw: vs. KillLock :marth:
[/collapse][/collapse][collapse=Loser's Bracket][collapse=Loser's Bracket Round 2]Kuraudo :sonic: vs. -H- :wolf:
[/collapse][collapse=Loser's Bracket Round 4]Big D :wario: :popo: vs. Attila :dk2:
[/collapse][collapse=Loser's Bracket Round 5]Captain L :pikachu2: vs. Drake :rob:
Big D :snake: :popo: vs. Firefly :yoshi2:
[/collapse][collapse=Loser's Quarter-Finals]Captain L :pikachu2: vs. Felix :diddy:
Big D :popo: vs. Asa :olimar:
[/collapse][collapse=Loser's Semi-Finals]Big D :popo: vs. Felix :diddy:
[/collapse][collapse=Loser's Finals]Alphicans :gw: :pikachu2: :falco: vs. Felix :diddy:
[/collapse][/collapse][collapse=Grand Finals]KillLock :marth: :snake: vs. Felix :diddy:
[collapse=Amateur Bracket Grand Finals]Sinister :wolf: vs. Kantrip :diddy:

Shoutouts to this tournament for reminding me why I still play this game days before I start my 4 month stint with no community. Real shoutouts will come later. But for now, I'll just say that you are all awesome~! <3

I missed some of the character usage. If there are any corrections, let me know!


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May 7, 2008
Hinamizawa, BC
Jake, I made money too...

Also Captain L took a game off Felix I'd like to add... was 2 stocking him game 1 but he came back, still won though.

My games with Felix were somewhat close, those goddamn recoveries, regardless, Felix did certainly not "****".


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Oct 6, 2009
Vancouver, BC
I didn't use Zelda in singles! I used Peach, ZSS, Fox, and Captain Falcon (or Random) :(

I used Peach as well in doubles, and Caiden used Zelda.


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Apr 4, 2009
Going all-in with the grime
SHOUTOUTS TO BC for keeping the scene alive. good work boys



-H- exists?!?

Felix came...And he *****.

Nah, Felix ***** Phoenix 6. We actually managed to take some games off him this time. :awesome: Not to mention KillLock, aka the BEST MARTH IN THE WORLD, sent him to losers~ The later sets were all really entertaining to watch. ^.^


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Nov 27, 2011
British Columbia
-H- exists?!?

Felix came...And he *****.

I exist but I disappointed myself. ;II

First tourney johns but I'm confident in myself in the future. I had plenty of fun at the event overall and I was a bit bummed I never had a chance to play Kill and Alphicans in friendlies at least.

Shout outs will come later though but as for now, shout outs to Kill for taking a set off Felix.


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Jul 11, 2007
Edmonton, AB
Yeah sorry about that -H- :/. I didn't get to play with a few people I wanted to though unfortunately. Sucks that bigD got a slightly worse bracket than me, we lost to the same people but I got 3rd and he got 4th.


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Mar 23, 2010
British Columbia
Shoutouts :D
Felix : Friggin badass player. You were more chill then I expected, and I loved our MM. Even though I lost it gave me some good confidence, ggs bro and congrats on a deserved win.

KillLock: It was sweet to get to know ya a bit better then last time. You're a sick player, and ya make it fun to get my *** kicked. Way to give it to Felix, best of luck down the road. I'm very proud of taking a game off of ya seeing as you won the whole thing in doubles.

Alphicans: It's always good to get that MU experience, so for that it was nice MMing ya. No salt on ya taking my money.
Big D: Idk if I'm happy or not that we didn't play, since it seems to get pretty lolzy in the past, none the less you're a sick player and congrats on fourth.

Asa: We didn't do enough matches together :( I love your heart for the game and for making the community grow so I commemorate you for getting your passion into the community so evidently.

Captain L: I may have lost to ya, but I feel good about putting a fight up on stream. Best pika I have played, and I'll miss losing to dat wiimote.

Firefly: Good **** on running this so well on your own and keep things moving, as well on your patience on smashers being frustrating <3 Props to yoshi

Drake: Way to get top 8 ma man, put some more practice into techniques, but none the less you're a pretty smexy awesome dude.

Frio: I hope ya enjoyed that crazy bread xD No games between us this time, but you seemed to do pretty sweet this time

Attila: <3

DTP: You had me on my most stressful set this whole tournament, way to download me after a rough first game you had.

Kuraudo: I have yet to decide if it's fun or frustrating to play you in smash...none the less way to beat me the time it counts...I have yet to figure out what to do. None the less its sweet hanging with you and such.

Applebloom (SuPeRbOoM):I honestly wish 64 had a bigger turnout, I would've loved to see some hype behind it. You're a friggin funny guy and were killing me in dat. Way to push my **** in in our friendly with snake and 3 stock me. If you put some more time into it you could be so much more legit with snake.

Bundtcake: Good to see ya again, I wish we did another double random MM like our last tourny xD I'm glad we didn't play though to be honest, I don't like that ROB ditto xD

Lime: Although I always wanna win, I don't want it to be in a three stock. Based off of first match I know you're a legit player, so I hope there is no salt and good job none the less, especially in topping me and Attila in doubles.

Fiji: Again, way to top me and Attila in doubles, that was quite a turn around from the day before making ya deserve the win for sure.

Blue Yoshi: I know you're a really good player, so it makes me sad to see you not do as well as I know you could. Hope the best for ya down the road.

Brningpyre: Good stuff with that wario, don't be afraid to be more patient on ROB since I can't manoeuvre too well. Besides that good matches and good job.

Breez Hey big guy :D I love our MMs, and how hype ya get. Way to make it work with diddy and keep your heart in this game even with the ban. I may be pro ban, but I do have a soft spot for you mains that have to switch or quit. Props on beating Arcansi, you played as well as I know you can.

Jason: I'm sure you love that ditto as much as I do. You are so much more flashy with ROB then I am. I hope to see ya around again before I have to peace out.

Arcansi: Nice MM big guy. I enjoyed playing your pit for sure.

-H-: I hope you don't get discouraged, you did very good for your first tournament. You're a legit player and I look foreword to seeing you get better and better which I know will happen if you stay around.

Kantrip: We didn't play, but you did good big guy, way to win that ten bucks.

Sinister: It's always good ****ing around with ya, I wish we did some good friendlies though.

Crisis: You've beaten me before, so I was shocked to hear that you didn't even make it into the pro bracket, good job none the less :/

Pez: I hope ya stick around, since I know you could get better if you do. None the less it was good seeing ya around.

SKidd: Way to be was good friendlying ya for sure.

Aleate: You got a good heart big guy. I love that you always bring food and are quite modest. Be an optimist though, and abuse your damn turnips with peach. I know you got it in ya.

Scorch: You did surprisingly well for your first tournament too. Keep your head up even with your losses, you did better then me at my first tournament.

Good games everyone, it was fun and I enjoyed it. Again, if someone has my ipod can they please return it too me. I don't care how you got your hands on it, I'd just like to get it back :/


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Mar 27, 2010
1: Felix ($192.50) congrats on the win, ***** me in pools lollll

2: KillLock ($87.50) can't even land a hit on your marth QQ

3: Alphicans ($52.50) legittt beating asa, good job

4: Big D ($17.50) wow, expected asa to **** you :l good ****

5: Asa ($10) $10? step it up yo, but yeah nice seeing you again

5: Captain L ($10) thanks for driving me, we didn't get to play tho :(

7: Firefly - thanks for TOing jj, we all love you <3

7: Drake - ROB is dumb. you coulda beat kuraudo :(

9: Frio - you're mad cool, too bad we couldn't play

9: Attila - didn't get to play you either :( :( :(

9: DTP - next time, dtp. next time.

9: Kuraudo - dat sonic, let's play more next time

13: Applebloom (SuPeRbOoM) congrats on your doubles win, wish i could be legit at all 3 smash games lol

13: Bundtcake - soooooo clooooooose

13: Lime - didn't get to play you, good job though

13: Fiji - Arsenal didn't come this time? lol nice placings regardless

17: Blue Yoshi - those textures yo

17: Brningpyre - i really wanted to play you >.< i need wario experience

17: Busy - got 1st in your pool, last in the tourney? lol good job anyway

17: Breez - so what did you spend all of arcansi's money on?

17: Irisz - too bad we couldn't play, but you'll be coming to the monthlies i hear, so we can play then

17: Jason - cuddle yo

17: Arcansi - good job on making pro bracket

17: -H- - nice to see you finally coming to one of these xD

1: Kantrip ($10) good **** man, next time i'll meet you in grand finals

2: Sinister - shoulda used more sinister combo

3: Crisis - next time i will beat you... ****ing falco and marth

4: NeeBee - arghhh so close, nice meeting you

5: Pez - you're really legit, you could be really good if you practiced more

5: SKidd - herpa derp derp

7: Aleate - sorry for playing gay, but hey, what can i do :l

7: Scorch - too bad we couldn't play, i coulda taught you a few mario things

9: ganonlink - i wanted to play you, too, nice to see a few more low tiers around here

Junk - you're mad cool, taught me a lot, thanks. too bad you forfeited :(


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Mar 22, 2008
more than one place
familiar faces + new peeps
fun friendlies
getting intoxicated after being sober for a couple of months
border patrol being easy on us
watching killlocks marth
watching felix get stronger throughout the tournament

my thumb + no rubber thing on my joystick meant johns
fighting try hard olimars + ice climbers w/o preparation
only bringing 40 dollars for food and entry -_- so tired

Sorry to everyone that had to sit through my balance whine. The fact of the matter is ddd and marth can beat olimar + ice climbers you just have to have some sick reads + follow ups and that comes from practice and preparation. I was mostly tilting from lack of food + sleep + the plastic analog destroying my thumb the more I played.

tournament hosts - sorry we were late thanks for still accepting us and running a great tournament
everyone I friendlied with - thanks for the games
breez - thanks for housing and sorry for all the trouble we caused. sometimes we were very american.
h - fun teaming :) you did great for your first tournament. just gotta find a team character. sorry i wasn't more vocal in bans and stuff it might have cost us a set vs the dk and rob.
skidd - nice mario and fun friendlies. you ask a lot of smart questions just keep it up and you'll be great.
peach guy and lucas girl - sorry i forgot your names but the games were fun. really surprised at how peach can move and lucas was getting some hard reads on me :)
asa, alphicans, etc. - wanted to play you guys but my johns prevented me from asking for a game. hopefully next tournament.
killlock - fun chatting youre so chill and really understand the game. smacked my poor penguin around in friendlies hopefully didn't bore you.
wa - blah blah blah

If I forget anyone I'll add you in but that's all that comes to the top of my head. ggwp all


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Mar 31, 2006
9: ganonlink - i wanted to play you, too, nice to see a few more low tiers around here
you should have asked, Im not really a low tier user, Kind of just choose whoever because Pit sucks and I didnt feel comfortable with my sonic to bring it to the tourney. Next time I will gladly play anyone though :3

Had fun in doubles though and 64 had a lot of fun going to my first legit tourney and was cool to see a room full of more than 10 people (alberta X.X)


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Nov 29, 2007
it was fun guys, thanks for hosting us. And thanks for starwaffle for giving us a place to stay. Srry that we didn't have enough time to know you better.
Jul 11, 2010
B.C. Canada
I'm glad I placed first
in amateur bracket

I'm glad :diddy: is representing and taking first in both singles brackets (that's totally why I went to amateur bracket, it was my destiny).

I'm sad that I couldn't even make it out of pools.

I'm sad that so many people left before singles and we had almost as many teams as we had singles entrants.

Shoutouts to JJ for pools ****** me hosting an awesome tournament.
Shoutouts to SKidd for teaming with me.
Shoutouts to Lime and Fiji for destroying us in those doubles friendlies.
Shoutouts to Dawson for being the hero BC needed, but not necessarily the hero we wanted.
Shoutouts to Felix for being Felix.
Shoutouts to the new guys and the OoP guys for coming out.
Shoutouts to Crisis for pulling a Sinister combo against me beating me with Snake.
Special shoutout to Sinister for being free a bro. We called that meet in grand finals and we got it. Hope to see those replays ;)

Oh and shoutouts to anyone I missed for stuff. :)


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Mar 15, 2010
Within BC somewhere
I joined singles to add to the pot like the swell fella I am.

Lazy shootouts or whatever

AB Carpool: I had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys, it was some memorable stuff :*

Landon: As always, our time together will remain in my heart for eternities to come.

Kevin: Doubles was super fun, we should definitely team again in the future. Team Best Dressed.

Bryan: It was cool to hang out for most of today, it's been too long since we've been able to chill. Gooby Plz!

Brian: We have to go get some eats next time I'm around

Dakota: I hope you enjoyed this time, since you seemed disappointed in phoenix 6. My back-up plan got us home much earlier than greyhound would have

Jason: You're Asian and I met you

Trevor: I love you

Dan: You're super nice and I thought you'd be a ****. My bad.

Brandinister: You look exactly what I imagined you'd look like.

Jeremy: Always nice to see you, we'll hang out more when I move closer.

Rob: It's been a while and our time to chill was fairly short lived unfortunately, but the island vs mainland 3v3 was fun

Dawson: We need to have real match again soon. Plus your house was super nice.

Anyone else I forgot: You should have come and talked to me 'cause I like to talk.

I'll be moving to Van around mid summer. I'll be a regular then. I'll see y'all soon, hopefully.
Jun 7, 2009
Spruce Grove, Alberta
Shoutouts to Jeremy for being a great host! On behalf of my carpool (Frio, Fiji and DTP) and meself, sorry for not showing up the first night. It was getting late and we were tired and grumpy (at least I was lol). Lots of miscommunication on my end and I'm sorry for the whole mix-up. Better believe if you come with BC sometime you've got housing. My home's open to you! You're awesome man.

TRUE SHOUTOUTS TO COME TOMORROW SOMETIME! I tried to play as many people as I could this time.


Sunny skies
Oct 6, 2009
Vancouver, BC
Shoutouts :o I'm going to try to write some meaningful shoutouts here, and if I left you out it means I didn't get the chance to really meet you. I apologize :( I tried very hard to remember everybody's name!

Alphicans: I finally got to meet you Luke! You're a lot less scary in real life :( I really enjoyed the games we got to play over the course of Friday and Saturday (you're amazing!). Thanks for the advice and the matchup help you gave me. I really appreciate it and next time we meet, I hope I'll have improved :)

Big D: Ahh I'm so happy you placed so high, Dawson! You've been working so hard for Phoenix 7 and I definitely think it paid off. Congrats on your wins, I know you were very excited and nervous about certain matches! The sky's the limit!

Asa: Argh! WHY IS YOUR ROUTER STILL WITH ME BRYAN? That aside, really glad I got to see you again though we didn't play as much as I would have liked. Friday was awesome and your enthusiasm is contagious! Thanks for working so hard behind the scenes for Phoenix 7! Cora<3

Captain L: Landon! Grats on your placing, and as usual we didn't really play/friendly/do much. That TV "incident" was silly and it wasn't worth it in the end! I'm sorry we didn't get to go have Asian food. It's all Mark's fault. By the way, drive faster!

Firefly: Oh, Jake~ You worked so hard setting up this event so a big thank you is in order. THANK YOU! I'm happy you placed well and enjoyed yourself far more than at Phoenix 6. Too bad you're leaving for Nova Scotia for the summer break but good luck at HellaSmashed!

Drake: Aaron! I'm so glad to have met you. You're such an awesome person and you always help me out in more ways than one. It really means a lot to me. I hope you'll come back to BC sometime soon! I'll see what I can do about a Smashfest so you get a chance to play T-block! (Hi Mike!)

Frio: Hm... why are you so Asianfoodphobic? It makes zero sense to me. But yeah, I finally got to meet you which was awesome! Too bad our friendlies weren't as fun as I had envisioned. You're like... the king of camping Mark >_>

Attila: Jesse! I am really glad I got to meet a piece of Nova Scotia and you of course. You are a lot of fun to play with though your Donkey Kong drives my Peach a little crazy but Zelda not as much :p. You won't even die until after 230%! :( I hope you had a good time here in BC! You guys definitely like your hugs... not that I have a problem with them! Nice chatting and thanks for the encouragement! 'Til next time! *Insolent fool!*
couldn't resist :(

DTP: Darren your Peach is too good! Everybody says our Peaches are complete opposites, haha. I really should learn to be more patient and defensive, rather than being 110% aggressive. I really wish I could have played you more because there's still so much for me to learn. I'm happy at your placing, and next time you'll see a big improvement with my Peach! That's a promise! :peach:

Kuraudo: Oh Brandon, your Sonic ran complete circles around me :dizzy: You're so enthusiastic and seem like a really cool guy to be around. Thanks for the end-of-MM advice you gave me. I'll remember every word you told me.

Bundtcake: I finally got to play you Brian! You're one of the most fun players ever! You're so good and you're still rusty... it scares me to see your true potential. Thanks a lot for all those friendlies, they were a lot of fun. Hope to see you in future events! (Thanks for the Magic cards exposition, hehe.)

Lime: Jamie, right? I'm sorry that our friendlies got cut short, and you were stuck playing only my Zelda. I wanted to use Peach but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Fiji: Alvin, I am really glad we got to play the friendlies that we did. You're a really good player and I appreciate all of the tips and matchup experience you gave me. I will be incorporating what you told me in my game! Hope to see you again!

Blue Yoshi: Rob :( I'm sorry things didn't turn out the way you had hoped. (By the way everybody, he's a really good player!) There's always next time and I know you will bring your A-game then!

breez: Nice Diddy Kong, Ben. It's really good and I wish I could have done better against you. Diddy will forever be the bane of my existence. See, MK banned isn't that bad is it? :p

Jason: Omg that Kpop gets stuck in your head SO easily, it's ridiculous. You really have to stop trying to time people out... it's funny to watch though and your reaction every time something bad happens is priceless :p

Arcansi: Yay you got better, Dakota! Pit is still extremely stupid and each arrow you shoot chips away at my sanity. I hope you got to take part in a Magic cards event. That pony display was dumb and should never be constructed ever again.

-H-: You're real? :p Nice friendlies and I hope you enjoyed your first OFFLINE event! I'm sorry I wasn't any help when you asked me for it. I hope you managed to find everything all right.

Kantrip: Good job Trevor! You're a really good player and you deserved to win the amateur bracket! I promise I will learn the Diddy Kong matchup one day so watch out!

Sinister: Brandon... we didn't play yet again. Oh well, next monthly I suppose.

Crisis: Eric! What happened? You should have made it to the pro bracket! I still think you're much better than what people think (so does Drake) so don't let us down next time! (That pressure!)

Pez: Desmond! Your Lucario is really scary and I'm sorry I went random against you. I hope you don't take it the wrong way but I just didn't feel confident with any of my characters that day. I know you will improve a lot but it won't happen unless you come to more monthlies!

SKidd: I'm glad you decided to show up Sheldon. I'm sorry we didn't go to White Spot. It's all Mark's fault. My pocket ZSS was pretty impressive wasn't it, haha. Good games but why would you play super gayer than gay campy against me? Eugh >_>

Aleate: What happened? You are better than 2nd last! Gotta improve that mindset and deal with the extremely disgraceful camping that comes with British Columbia.

ganonlink: Cam! We only got to play doubles but they were really fun! Next time, we definitely need to do some singles. I hope Phoenix 7 didn't bore you too much, I saw that you brought a board game and a Nintendo 3DS! I hope to see you next time though!

Junk: I'm that Peach guy! I'm hella glad I got to play friendlies with you, Jun. You were the most chill and fun guy to play during Phoenix 7! I think I remember you saying P7 might be your final tournament so I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to play you. Dedede is too good! :dedede:

GentleRain: Gen (is that your name?), thanks SO much for making it here despite your early departure. Your Lucas looks solid and those tricks of yours are crazy! I hope to see you in the future though! We need some girls around here!

Kelowna players: You guys have some explaining to do! Why'd you guys leave? I was really looking forward to meeting you all :(

Caiden: Omg doubles was so much fun. You are wayyyy too good with Zelda. Can't wait for you to move to the mainland so Zelda can get more of that rep! You should have entered singles though. :zelda:

Phew, I'm tired!
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