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NCT & 2GG Presents: Nice Shot Hugo 3/27 Pools up


Smash Champion
Aug 16, 2004
Thanks for coming guys!

videos will be up here: youtube.com/2goodgaming

all matches should be up by the end of monday


Singles (bracket only) 80ish people enter total

1: SilentSpectre (Falcon)
2: Lovage (Fox)
3: Axe (Pikachu/Falco)
4: HugS (Samus)
5: Forward (Fox/Sheik)
5: Light (Peach)
7: Fly Amanita (Ice Climbers)
7: Scar (Captain Falcon)
9: Lucien
9: Eddy Mexico
9: Alex19
9: MacD
13: Larry
13: Lucky
13: L
13: Futile
17: Pnoy
17: sMoke2jointz
17: Bizzarro Flame
17: Replicate
17: DJ BigDickDarrell
17: Phil
17: A Rookie
17: Connor
25: Kouryuu
25: Zoap
25: Taj
25: Hyuga
25: Emerican


1: HugS + Lucky (HugS + Lucky)
2: sMoke2jointz + Lovage (sMoke2jointz + Lovage)
3: Iced Fruits (MacD + Fly Amanita)
4: Peachu (Axe + Light)
5: Taj + Forward (Taj + Forward)
5: Team Mia (silentspectre + TANG)
7: Narwalk Rapes (Alex19 + Mango)
7: MAPLE + Pnoy (MAPLE + Pnoy)
9: La Mano Peluda (J666 + Atlus)
9: Replicate + Hyuga (Replicate + Hyuga)
9: Fiction + Larry (Fiction + Larry)
9: efil4zaggin (Little England + Adam)
13: Lucien + Darrell (Lucien + Darrell)
13: Bizzarro Flame + Emerican (Bizzarro Flame + Emerican)
13: PockyD + Scar (PockyD + Scar)
13: Zoap + Phil (Zoap + Phil)
17: $ick + Sergio ($ick + Sergio)
17: Zorc and Pals (Connor + TeeAyEye)
17: haruharokuhana (DJ Mirror + Stabbedbyapartycat)
17: GSUB + Hyprid (GSUB + Hyprid)
17: Goop + guerillamoe (partner still needs to pay) (Goop + embracethe12)
17: $heen + Gishnak ($heen + Gishnak)
17: NeoAkira + Strain (NeoAkira + Strain)
17: Eddy Mexico + Edgar (Eddy Mexico + Edgar)
25: tafokints + festizzio (tafokints + festizzio)
25: dunskies + westballs
25: an asian kid + a tall white guy (Trah + Foxdie)
25: Soju + A Rookie (Soju + A Rookie)
25: Doppleganger + Natsu (Doppleganger + Natsu)
25: Sonny with a Chance! (Glory + Sonny 2.0)

Bracket iamge and pools will be uplaoded to allisbrawl.com by tomorrow


Smash Hero
Jun 26, 2007
Mos Eisley
what is the official story on mango at this tourny?

did he really not make it out of pools/quit out/drunk johns?


Master of Caribou
Aug 24, 2007
Claremont, CA
Good tourney. Everything went pretty smoothly, except for the sudden venue change near the end. I'll post shoutouts later. For the moment, I just want to thank MacD for carrying me in doubles and I want to apologize to Forward for getting so upset after our set; the better player won.

I can be such a prima donna sometimes. >_<

edit: Mango got pretty drunk sometime during the tourney. I remember him falling over after somebody nudged him on one occasion. >_>

Iron Dragon

Smash Lord
Aug 5, 2005
I hate you Sean for losing to Jeff. And apparently to his Pikachu? wtf?

Good **** to SS though. Really consistent.


Smash Lord
Apr 14, 2007
edit: Mango got pretty drunk sometime during the tourney. I remember him falling over after somebody nudged him on one occasion. >_>
That really sucks.

I feel bad for AZ, though. I bet they were looking forward to play Mango in good shape.


Smash Champion
Jul 24, 2007
vegas baby
I hate you Sean for losing to Jeff. And apparently to his Pikachu? wtf?

Good **** to SS though. Really consistent.
Huh? You mean Axe? it was fox vs falco the whole time. axe was playing hella good

<3his falco

and yeah, mangos 'slurpee' was like straight vodka

he didn't even make it out of pools, that **** blew my mind. another ganon beat him in pooolz.

then he played doubles with alex, i watched mango straight up jump out to alex while recovering and just stomping him with falcon for a team kill while playing against taj+forward. definitely a wat moment.

why come to a tourny drunk and make an *** of yourself when you could come sober and win that moola? :ohwell:


Smash Hero
Jul 29, 2008
Ba Sing Se, EK
GOOD **** JEFF!!!!!!!!! you and light almost had macd and fly in dubz ): party hat... D:<|


nice shot, hugo


Smash Hero
Apr 15, 2007
I only used Falco one round this tourney. I mostly used Fox and Sheik, but I don't actually think I won any matches with sheik lol.


Silly Kyle

Smash Champion
Aug 17, 2009
Tucson, AZ

Good ****, Arizona!

Mad props to Jeff (AXE) for placing 3rd!! Amazing! Can't wait to play you again when I go to Phoenix for a tournament.

I'm so glad Sean (Forward) lives in Tucson! :)

Light needs to come back to AZ so I can get more Peach practice and ideas for mine. :)


Smash Master
Apr 6, 2007
Popping and locking butt naked.
Axe is awesome.

Getting started on time and finishing soo early was really really awesome.

AZ rapes so hard.

AXE = BFFF. For 1 stock and 15 seconds I was god, you got rocked and there were witnesses son. Get at me not dying. Get at my dash dancing. Thanks for all the compliments, that really meant a lot to me dood. I love you it was really cool to get to smash with one of my favorite smashers and to hang out with you so much. You are my brother from another mother. ****.

Foward = LOL at getting ***** by you when I didn't know who you are. You are down with beer. BF. ****.

Tai = You are homo, I am homo for you. ****.

Dual Cats = Meowx2. We had some epic friendlies. You will do better at your next tourney you got better from saturday to sunday.

TAJ = NOOOOOOOO we didn't get to play and you didn't money match Joe at hot hands, it is ok tho because Joe and I got drunk and then I destroyed him at hot hands. Thanks for talking "mewtwo" with me, I really love watching you play and it was cool to finally meet you and get to chill with you and talk about how Strawberry Milkshakes ****. ****.

NorCal = We ****ing ****.

L = Work on SDIing Blizzards, don't be discouraged that Fly crushed you, he is the best smasher in history. (Get at me Phil?)

Sheridan = Thank you for Driving you ****, also thank you for breaking down the fundamentals of crouch canceling for me and for letting me pay you back later for gas. You are also one of my favorite smashers, but it felt a little homo saying it to you in person. ****.

Pocky = we didn't play, but it is always ****ing **** hanging out with you. ****.

Scar = ****. Maybe one day I will do something with all those grabs. You are sooo ****ing fast, it is really inspiring playing vs you. Makes me want to get crazy good like you. Just when I thought that I was slightly catching up to maybe Chris, Sheridan, etc you make me feel like a scrub. ****.

Joe = We owned the night. I owned your hands, you then owned me at smash for 5 hours. ****. You are getting soo ****ing good, I am a Replicate fan boy. ****.

Lucien = Thanks for all the friendlies where you ***** me.
Phil = Thanks for the friendlies the night before, I wish you had done commentary. Norcal commentary crushes so cal commentary. Their **** was weak.

Jeff = Way to keep Nor Cal on top. ****.


DUNSKIES = IS THE ****ING MAN. Keep at it man, you are gunna be a beast one day. Thank you for housing everyone, thank you for being ****ing awesome, I can not wait to chill with you again man. You ****. ****.

Mango = ****. ****. ****. It was cool hanging with you, you are hilarious. ****.

Gishnak = Riddles ****. That sticky purple Gishnak rapes. You get soo much better each time I see you. Our friendlies were really really fun. I can't express how much I loved the riddles. Your wolf shirt ****ing rapes. ****. I solved the Gnome riddle on the way home but with a different answer. Then they told me the real answer.

S2J = Bummer we did not smash more, good **** in teams. I love chillin' with you bro.

Lovage = You are a ****** and a really funny dood.

Tafonikz/Danny = You are a genius and just a awesome guy, really glad I met you and it was a pleasure hanging out with you man. Also I solved the Gnomes riddle.

Girl playing Ness and Peach = You are too good, I haven't gotten my *** beat by a girl like that before that was pretty cool.

Life Ruiner = You can escape if you DI correctly.

Embrace = Play ICs sorry for ****** your chips so hard, you are a riot. You ***** me.

MacD = I want to MM you at the next tourney. It was fun standing around with you.

Fly = You ****. I learn a lot just watching you, thanks for answering some of my ICs questions. You had really bad luck man (in the end vs Foward), you will win next time. I serious can not believe that you can handoff regrab off of backthrow too now.

Lucky = Dont Punch ****.

Hugo = Holy crap man you are too good. Thanks for all the friendlies the night before the tournament. You are the wall. I was rocking the "wall" tag. I really learned a lot listening to you and playing with you. You are soo funny man. ****.

LARRY LURRR = You know I love you. **** man, you ****ed me up so bad. You are too good, as always it was really fun chillin with you. ****.

Wolf = GGs man, fun friendlies.

NEAL = I wobbled 10 to 11 stocks 0-death at this tourney. =p

Champ = You **** good stuff man, maybe don't mass DQ Nor Cal next time, or at least just not Sheridan, he should get special treatment.

Melee is sooo fun, I am really glad I made the switch.

Oh and

Connor = Squirtle Squirtle son. Can not wait to have you in SJ bro.


Smash Master
Sep 7, 2004
Thanks Dunskies for the housing Friday.

Thanks Neal and Champ for hosting and running the tourney.

GG's to all I played in Pools and Bracket.


Smash Hero
Aug 29, 2006
Neptune, NJ
We should probably get better so that mango doesn't have to drink at tourney's to have fun. I bet he started drinking at tournies cause he was bored of winning.
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