Mewtwo Patch (Version 1.0.6[7]) Thread [Updated: May 1st]

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In lieu of official patch notes we will be opting for community based patch notes (again). But either way or otherwise, the discussion of the what's changed in this patch is to be kept to here. Besides the title teasing otherwise, Mewtwo discussion should be kept to relevant character discussion forums.

Compared to what became a really clean list of changes thanks to @ KuroganeHammer KuroganeHammer , the initial impact before we get data dumps from @Dantarion / others will be messy and full of speculation, placebo effect and confirmation bias. Multiple trusted sources confirming a change and/or visual comparisons will be required to make the shortlist of changes listed here in the mean time. We may yet again have engine changes (such as DI, rage, ledges, etc) to worry about.

For the sake of everyone's sanity please try to be somewhat certain before stating a change, and remember the search feature exists for use within a thread~

[size=4][b]Action[/b][/size] ~change~ (proof)
Refer to here for character's previous damage values for comparisons:

Confirmed Changes

A large thank you to @ Thinkaman Thinkaman [super god tier], @Lavani @LordWilliam1234 @Yikarur for the exceptional amount of work they put into testing, debunking and confirming things!

1.07 Patch (April 24)
Response to bugs that banned users from online play for the use of Mewtwo in certain solo modes. Very small download. Possible other changes as a result of Mewtwo bugs​

  • A + B together produces smash attacks (this may be switched off in controller settings)
  • Tilting the analog stick + smash stick together no longer produces tilts, but rather smash attacks. [NOOOOOOOOOOO]
  • Tilts/smashes while holding an item has been removed (Link, Megaman, Peach, etc)
  • Your name tag selection will now persist through mode changes / leaving games.
  • Wuhu Island Boat instant-kill bug fixed (notable with Ness dthrow).
  • Bugfix of post-amiibo interaction when playing Master's Orders.
  • :lylat: Lylat Cruise edges (including Omega) changed to "slope" recoveries (

Spin Attack

12% -> 14% uncharged, 19% -> 22% charged on frontal hits
Start up on front hit reduced 11 -> 8 frames
Start up on back hit reduced from 13 -> 10 frames
Knockback on second strike reduced.​
Jab IASA on first strike increased from 19 -> 27 frames
Hylian Shield now blocks Fox/Falco lasers (1.0.5)
Down Tilt Can no longer spike (people on the ledge?), knockback reduced significantly
Dash Attack
Damage on hilt reduced 13% -> 12% (KO percent 106% -> 128%)
Start up reduced 21 -> 20 frames​

Forward Tilt
IASA frame altered 39 -> 35
Jab IASA frame altered 29 -> 26
Dancing Blade
Alterations made for combo consistency
First strike IASA frame altered 45 -> 42​

Forward Air, Down Tilt, Forward Smash, Down Smash 2nd Strike, Uncharged Shield Breaker
approx. 0.5% damage increases
Fully charged Shield Breaker approx. 1% damage increase
Forward Tilt IASA frame altered 39 -> 35
Jab IASA frame altered 29 -> 26
Dancing Blade
Alterations made for combo consistency
First strike IASA frame altered 45 -> 42​

:4dk:Donkey Kong
Donkey Punch Full charge time reduced, 172 -> 144 frames
Jab First hit angle changed (apparent removal of Sakurai angle)

:4tlink:Toon Link
Down Smash Knock back reduced on first and [apparently] second hit
Hylian Shield now blocks Fox/Falco lasers (1.0.5)

Up Throw 8% -> 11%
Flare Blitz Self Damage 4% -> 5%
Fair Sweet/sour spot hitboxes switched
Down Tilt Start up and total animation (11->9, 33->31) reduced by 2 frames

:4diddy:Diddy Kong
Up Air Damage 8% -> 6%
Forward Air Damage 12/10% -> 10/8%
Up Throw 10% -> 8%
Down Throw 7% -> 6%
Monkey Flip Grab 12% -> 10%. Jump 10% -> 8%. Extra hitbox in kick, now is 14%/12%/10% from 14%/12%
Forward Smash Ending lag increased

Back Air 11%/10% -> 8%/7%
Down Tilt 7.5% -> 5%

Down Tilt 6% -> 8%
Neutral Air 5% -> 8%
Hero's Spin [12-16%] -> [14-19%] on grounded version

Piston Punch "one inch punch" fixed
Back Air 12% -> 10%
Forward Air 2% reduction on base damage

Leaf Shield Fires projectile sooner, animation length unchanged
Up B RCO issues removed

Back Throw KB reduced
Spin Dash Fully charged damage reduced 10% -> 7%
Burning Spin Dash Invincibility altered (removed?)
Homing Attack Applicable targets reduced to characters only (no longer targets Luma, etc?)
Spring can no longer be pocketed by Villager:4villagerf:

Up Throw KB reduced

Down Throw Damage 6 -> 10%
Inhale acts out faster
Hammer Ending lag reduced
Up Smash Knockback increased (3DS Mario FD; 116 --> 105)
Down Smash Knockback increased (3DS Mario FD; 119 --> 114)

Fireball sour spot damage 6% -> 5%

Jab Damage increased 4%/6%/8 -> 4%/7%/10% [sour/arm/sweetspot]
Up/Forward/Down Throw Hitlag modified to be less

Trampoline can no longer be pocketed by Villager:4villagerf:

Forward Tilt Damage 7% -> 8%, extra hitboxes added/adjusted?
Missiles (Seeking) speed of travel increased

Koopa Klaw Control of movement changed to prioritise Bowser more

:4drmario:Doctor Mario
Forward Air Increased damage (approx 1%)?
Up Smash Angle trajectory lowered

Health 52% -> 47%

Ledge Grab Animation now standard with the cast (slower)

Ledge Attack Less ending lag

:4zelda: Zelda
Forward Smash Loop Hit angles lowered, 60/160 -> 20/170 (Inner hit-box / Outer hit-box.) [Helps keep characters from falling out]
Phantom Slash
Endlag very slightly decreased.
Destroyed Phantom regeneration timer increased, 6 seconds -> 10 seconds.
Phantom stands out for roughly 1/4 of a second longer after attacking.​
Jab Wind version has faster animation, links better
Tomes don't disappear when landing on platforms

:4falcon:Captain Falcon
Forward Smash Downwards angled knockback noticeably reduced.

:4littlemac:Little Mac
Jolt Haymaker Knockback increase

:4gaw:Mr. Game & Watch
Up Tilt second hit knockback angle altered

:4olimar:Pikmin Ninja
Order Tackle Amplification bug removed

Extreme Speed RCO from low-lag landings has been removed.

:4metaknight:Meta Knight
Dimension Cape RCO from mid-move landings has been removed.

Super Speed Momentum being maintained after jump cancel moves removed [bugfix]

:4darkpit:Super Pit Brothers:4pit:
Bug Fix No longer clips through sloped terrain when using ledge getup attack as someone else grabs the ledge. (1.0.5) (1.0.6)

Aether Drive Now behaves normally when slowed down in training or via item effects (1.0.4, x1/4 speed in training sped up)

:4greninja: Greninja
Shadow Sneak Bugfix that removed "Infinite Shadow Sneak"

Yet to be confirmed of hitbox alterations to make multihit moves link better (or differently):
(FSmash, Up Smash, Dancing Blade, x2, Up Smash/Forward Air, Up Tilt, Down Throw)

Seemingly unchanged

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? It doesn't mean they aren't changed, it means that any changes are either superficial, apply to another character more, or are knockback/hitbox based and are better off waiting for data dumps rather than attempting to confirm them.
1.0.4 3DS / 1.0.1 WiiU Community Patch Notes
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May 3, 2009
Where did my reserved post go...

Downloading patch rn

Whoops, forgot I can't make a thread redirect to a post in another thread


:4villagerf: Villager

Confirmed changes:
--Can no longer Pocket Pac-Man's Trampoline
--Can no longer Pocket Sonic's Spring Jump

Unconfirmed changes:

Debunked changes:
--Grab endlag reduced [Thinkaman]
--Ridden Lloid damage 14% > 16%

Items being examined:
--Tree HP
--Tree mechanics
--Lloid HP
--Things that OHKO Lloid
--Pocket customs
--Pocketable projectiles

--Instant Tree through partial watering is still in
--Counter Sapling duration remains unchanged
--Extreme Balloon mechanics remain unchanged
--Slingshot percents remain unchanged
--FSmash percents remain unchanged
--Pocket is still a x1.9 multiplier
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Jan 29, 2006
Reserved! Also, possible leaf shield buff. Investigating...

+ A+B does a fSmash
+ You can no longer tilt/smash while holding an item

Mega Man
+ Ice Slasher has MUCH faster startup
+ Shadow Blade has longer range
? Leaf Shield travels faster when thrown (uncertain, can someone confirm?)
? Pummel may be slightly faster

~ Unchanged?

~ Unchanged?

+ Grab seems to have less end lag

Edit - Not sure if this is new, but it's kinda funny:

Edit 2 - Did some custom testing
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May 3, 2009
Villager's Pocket is still x1.9

Counter sapling duration remains at ~15-16S

Extreme Balloons still go through terrain when deployed. Still detonate upon generation of a second pair. Still seem to have F1 hitboxes when force-detonating.

Slingshot percents remain 7% > 4% > 2.5% for FAir and 9% > 5% > 3% for BAir.

Lloid rocket still does 7% > 5% when unmanned and 16.1% > 11.5% when ridden. Selfdestruct still does 12%.

Standing grab's endlag seems to have been reduced, but further testing is required.
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*RAW* List of Changes in 1.0.6 (Provided by Clash Tournaments)

Global Changes:
A + B is now a Smash Attack
Turn Rumble Off Globally
AI possibly DI'ing Differently
Increase in attacks becoming stale.

Uair [8% > 6%] (KB Decreased)
Fair [12% > 10%]
Uthrow [10% > 8%]
Dthrow [7% > 6%]
SideB Kick [??%] (Possible Decrease in Damage; Percentage Unknown)

Bair [10% > 7%] (KB Decreased)
Dtilt [7% > 5%]

Side B [10% > 7%] (3% Less damage)

Uthrow (KB Decreased)

Uthrow [8% > 11%]
Side B (1% Self-Damage Increase)

Jab [8% > 10%]

I will keep this post updated. Thanks @ChiboSempai for this.
Stream is here:
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Jun 13, 2011
I can confirm that Donkey Kong's forward smash has it's hit box extended closer to DK's body. It used to be if the opponent was right in front of DK the attack would whiff. Not any more thank the lord.

Giant Punch seems to wind faster but I'll need others to confirm to be sure.


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Jan 25, 2015
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I'm noticing more landing lag on Link's U/Dairs (*EDIT* I do believe I'm wrong here). Jab Locking appears to be gone, and he can no longer use tilts while holding a bomb.
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Jul 2, 2014

I don't know who to ask about this, so @ KuroganeHammer KuroganeHammer and @ Plino Plino I think?

When Kirby uses his custom, Hammer Bash, right after jumping, he gets a boost in height. The Hammer Bash jumps are going higher than before (testing across versions + old gifs). What controls the boosted height on these jumps?


May 3, 2009
Rosalina seems unchanged.

I don't know who to ask about this, so @ KuroganeHammer KuroganeHammer and @ Plino Plino I think?

When Kirby uses his custom, Hammer Bash, right after jumping, he gets a boost in height. The Hammer Bash jumps are going higher than before (testing across versions + old gifs). What controls the boosted height on these jumps?
No idea, I aint no Kirby player :4littlemac:
Mar 20, 2015
Not 100% but I believe Charizard's Fly got nerfed. I could have sworn it killed at about 90 but now it kills at about 95. Granted I tested this on Luigi. I'll test on the rest of the cast. Kills Jigglypuff at about 84 i think.
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