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  • Lol ****. Thats not too bad. I think its about an hour from me but its w/e. You should come down again before school goes out to summer. We can have another tournament :D
    Hey, so you will be going to SEB and have enough money to enter, right? The venue fee is $20 unless you bring in a set-up and a TV.

    Well, if all doesn't go well, you could ask SleepyK to mod your Wii.

    And you know...add some magic into a blank DVD.

    Aww that's too general. I learned that when FM's Fox ***** me in June. Remember when all I did was camp w/ Marth? Yeah.

    But we should totally Wi-Fi. I can't hope to improve if everytime I go to a tourney I'm rusty as hell.
    Hey, what advice did Desu give you? You know I suck balls at the MK match-up so I'm dying to know.

    Also I don't have a cell phone (because I'd only call you for Wi-fi and parents everynow and then, so kinda a waste of money for something I'd use some sparingly), and phones aren't meh thing.

    So why don't you just meet up on MSN on Saturday and we can arrange something assuming you're not at WABA (although I guess you could just use their Wi-fi).
    oops that was supose to be my lil secret ;) but yeah no more mk for me not that fun to play =/ PT is perdy fun and D3 was only for that one snake i vsed
    i played marth, wario, D3 one round, and PT one round. i feel bad for going D3 but i dont feel guilty cuz he went snake on me.. he shoulda saw it commin ;)
    oh dang u werent there :( i saw some 1 playing under the tag of 'mika' thaught that was u but it wasnt o.0 lol anyways. i lost came in 17th :( lost to vietG.. his toonlink is too bombhappy =/ ull see once he uploads the vids
    oh ok, then i guess that perfectly fine to use mk. just not maining lol

    u have a more legit. excuse than i do -.-
    im playing marth/wario this tourny.. kinda funny that your thinking about
    3rding marth and wario =p but =/ @ MK ur lucario would get more respect but if u wana go mk its ur pick, there arent that many mks in GA but the ones that do play mk are annoying. ide like to friendly ur mk if i can go.. last min. parent johns. =[
    I was wondering...

    I hate how we have to wait like,almost a age before seeing the next tier list and i was wondering if a weekly updated tier list based on opinion should be made...

    just asking

    should i?

    *copies and pastes message to kenji*
    Yeah, I main him.

    But he's just an extra inch of sexy in Melee.

    Now Toon Link, he's the reason why switching back to Melee won't do me justice.
    Eh, I can do it whenever. I'll be working on a project all week since I am a bad person and procrastinated to the last minute.

    This means I won't be actively online much so I can spend all my bandwidth on your vids no prob. xD
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