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Jul 14, 2014
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Since DLC will indeed get trailers, as evidenced with Banjo and Hero, I'll write one for my hopeful next rep, which will be a Bandai Namco rep: KOS-MOS (74) and her Echo (more a Ken-style semi echo), T-elos (74ε). KOS-MOS has a new design exclusive to Smash that borrows from elements of her Xenosaga 2, 3, and Xenoblade 2 designs; and T-elos's design is based off her Xenoblade 2 design. There will be World of Light elements in this as with Hero's trailer.
song is below, refer to appropriate timestamps for certain parts. bolded + italicized lines indicate lyrics translations for potential subtitles or something (or potential English cover lyrics hmu if you wanna use em)
The setting is a sci-fi looking area in the Light realm as Galeem!King Dedede and Galeem!Ken attack Bayonetta and Palutena, who seem to be having trouble. The camera cuts briefly to a pair of heels walking along the metal walkway, and the song cuts to 0:14 as the following appears:
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Cut back to the mysterious woman, who seems to whip a pair of gatling guns out of seemingly nowhere and fires at the Galeem-controlled fighters, but not before calling out to Bayonetta and Palutena, "Get down." After the possessed fighters are pushed back, the witch and the goddess turn around to the combat android as she says:
"Target acquired."

KOS-MOS Locks On!

Begin first lyrical portion as basic gameplay with KOS-MOS, featuring her stage, is shown, including her fighting Mega Man and ROB:

In the silent city, the leaves gently sway
Even the street signposts seem like an illusion

No matter how much I call out for it
I cannot seem to reach the sky
That gets tainted and stretches out into infinity

Cut between CGI footage of KOS-MOS and the other two facing more Galeem controlled fighters and more gameplay as these lyrics play (0:57):

I incline my ears to the sky
That divides this world asunder
(Brave New World)
And I hear a voice inviting me

I look up at the boundless sky that divides this world asunder
(Brave New World)
And I know the world’s all but a stage

Back to CGI as the three seem to be outnumbered, and a familiar face steps in as the song cuts to 1:39:

The lines that divide these brave new worlds begin to blur
And now the light and the dark start to fuse together and become one

Another android woman similar to KOS-MOS, but with violet body armor and silver hair, lands in front of the three and says, "Wow, KOS-MOS. Didn't know you were this incompetent." She draws a laser scythe and takes a combat stance as:

T-elos Cuts To The Chase?!

Cue the song skipping to 2:25 as T-elos gameplay is shown, including Namco Gang Represent aka PAC-MAN, KOS-MOS and T-elos taunting together, along with a Mii Swordfighter wearing the Lloyd Irving costume, a Gunner wearing a Klonoa hat, and a Brawler wearing the Heihachi costume, as well as T-elos fighting Banjo, Wolf, Link and Bowser:

Up above, the sky beyond my reach divides this world asunder
And in turn, this brave new world is born anew

I look up at the boundless sky that divides this world asunder
(Brave New World)
And I know the world’s all but a stage

Final Smashes shown at 2:51, starting with KOS-MOS's X-Buster (which starts with her announcing, "Charging!") against Galeem-controlled Inkling Boy, Hero, and Lucina on Hero's stage; and T-elos's U-TENERITAS (which starts with her saying, "Had enough yet?") against Dharkon-controlled Female Corrin, Captain Falcon, and Joker on Persona 4-themed Mementos:

And therefore

I won’t hesitate anymore
I won’t look back anymore
I’ll just keep running on
Toward the boundless sky

Back to CGI, the Galeem fighters surround the four as Palutena and Bayonetta give the two android ladies a boost toward Galeem. Cut back to gameplay; showing off a new World of Light Co-Op mode as KOS-MOS attacks Galeem and T-elos attacks Dharkon in the final battle as the song cuts to 3:07 and plays until the end:

With all my power
I pray with all my heart
That my soul does not get scattered in the wind
I want to hold on
To my dreams and wishes
And keep on running
To the brave new world that awaits…!

Before the trailer ends, you hear one familiar voice saying, "That put a dent in them," and another saying "I'm gonna go all out", teasing at Elma being the final character of Fighter Pass 1 (75), bundled with Mecha-Fiora (75ε).

end trailer
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