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Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes
SmashBoards Writer Interview (#1) - SmashCapps!
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Welcome to SmashBoards Writer's Interviews! This is a series that will appear at least once every month covering a writer. These are more casual interviews, but depending on the interviewer, we leave it up to you whether they'll answer further questions.

This week we have SmashBoards Second-in-Command writer, SmashCapps! Given that many other head honcho's of the writing staff are busy, he does a lot to make sure things stay active around here, so give it up for SmashCapps.

SmashCapps in his natural habitat

Thirdkoopa: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

SmashCapps: There's probably a lot to say here. I have a first name, but everyone just called me Capps so I combined that with Smash and made the unoriginal name I've got today! I used to go by AylasHero and was the largest tournament organizer for Playstation All Stars back when the community was strong. I've hosted...
Nintendo Direct Rescheduled to September 13
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The Nintendo Direct's new date has finally been announced!