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Multiple companies interested in acquiring Square Enix


Bloomberg Japan recently broke news, with CTFN's news page translating it (note: to link the link, it requires an account) - It notes that multiple companies are interested in purchasing Square Enix. Who those companies are, or if Square Enix will accept any offers or put themselves on the market, are both unknown. Nothing could come of it for days, or even weeks. Nobody even knows if any buyers are interested in just buying a portion of Square Enix, or the acquisition of the entire company.

The last time any acquisition of this scale for gaming occurred was in September last year, when Microsoft bought Bethesda for $6B USD. If any other updates happen, we'll be sure to publish them.

Author's Note: Wow. I mean, it probably won't have anything happen, but I am interested to see who's trying to throw money on the table. Any guesses? Let us know your thoughts below.

Edit 1: Square has deconfirmed the alleged acquisition [Thanks Siliconera!] with a short and simple statement. No companies have talked directly to Square Enix about the acquisition.
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Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes


Let's say Square-Enix get's boughtout, where does that leave the SMRPG brand? I wonder I'm curious to see how things unfold here. Though, I hope no company buys Square-Enix as I still plays their games on my Switch or PS4 and I want Cloud and Sephiroth to return to future Smash titles.
Who knows who would buy Square Enix. Probably the most successful gaming companies like Microsoft or Nintendo who have enough investment of billions.
Hopefully this is just a rumor, I’d hate to see Nintendo more involved with Square.
At least with Microsoft or Sony they are less likely to be constrained by hardware.
Hopefully this is just a rumor, I’d hate to see Nintendo more involved with Square.
At least with Microsoft or Sony they are less likely to be constrained by hardware.
yeah, but I'd hate Sony even more since their California headquarters has creatively stifled Japanese developers. I'd rather Square stick to PC and Nintendo.
The other possibility if something as lame as this were to happen is all the talent becomes dissolved and their big IPs(except milking FF7 of course) becomes dormant.
If Disney buys them, the Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts would make more sense. But then, that would just add to Disney's reputation as a greedy corporation trying to be a monopoly. But if this buyout is a fake rumor, who started it?
after what Disney did to Star Wars, I want them to stay far away from Square
Yeah, and after Disney bought Fox, I don't want them making the movies based on my books even if a lot of my ideas were inspired by Disney. I want the part of the Fox Corporation that Disney didn't buy to make a new studio to make my movies and get back in the competition with Disney! And maybe I can get Square Enix to make the video game adaptations of the New Fox movie adaptations of my books.
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