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New Game+ Expo returns on March 4th


Last year, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, New Game+ Expo was hosted. Last year showcased games from Ys: IX and No More Heroes 3 to Guilty Gear -Strive- and Pretty Princess Party. This year, the showcase looks to be bigger than before, with all of the following developers joining in: [Thanks Gematsu]
  • Aksys Games (Publishers for Guilty Gear and Blazblue)
  • Arc System Works America (Developers of Guilty Gear and Blazblue)
  • Gungho Online Entertainment America (Grandia HD Collection)
  • Idea Factory International (Neptunia series)
  • Inti Creates (Azure Striker Gunvolt)
  • Koei Tecmo America (Hyrule Warriors games, Fire Emblem Warriors)
  • Natsume Inc. (Harvest Moon)
  • NIS America, Inc. (Disgaea)
  • Playism (Publisheed some of the following to at least one platform: Kero Blaster, Momodora, Armello, and VA-11 Hall-A)
  • PM Studios (Where the Water Tastes like Wine Switch and PlayStation 4 port)
All of these, and potentially more publishers, will participate on March 4th at 8:00 a.m. PT / 11:00 a.m. ET. May miss out? Don't worry. The official New Game+ Expo YouTube channel has everyone covered with videos on-demand following the broadcast.

Author's note: Hoping for any Nintendo games? Based on last years showing, I think we can expect to at least see a port or two announced.
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Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes


Interesting to see this event is coming back and pre-traditional-E3-season! Given last year, I'm guessing it'll be mostly localization news and not full-on new announcements, but that'd still be nice to see.
ah yes, Koe Tecmo, the creator of Ninj Gaiden.
jokes aside, i think this is probably where Sigma trilogy get announced right?
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