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ZTD | TECHnology
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  • **** timezones, seriously. I don't even care to think about that stuff right now so I'll just wake up tomorrow and wait.
    I have no idea, but I am on holiday so it doesn't even matter. I'll just see when you pop in. It's currently 4AM where I am and I am going to sleep soon.
    So you can be summoned to Skype? How about you pop up like tomorrow or something? I don't really have anything special in my mind, but I just wanna talk with you for real this time.
    Indeed, it honestly came out of left field. Welp, definitely not doing doubles then...lol.
    Yo, I'm assuming you've found a partner for RAGE by now? Shugo went to the dark (Canadian) side for a highly probable first place. Can't really blame him, but it makes for a boring and predictable doubles routine/donation while everyone fights for second place. Considering not entering doubles anymore but I may consider it if I found someone who isn't complete *** lol.
    There's no relevance!
    Your point was "everyone stop making Roller vs Kassandra a thing" and the fact is, Roller is the one that's doing it.
    I mean we could get the entire site to block Roller and that would solve things I guess. But then he'd win!

    Also I'm posting this here because I'm taking our advise and not having this discussion in Kentucky's PR thread lol
    Hey there! Guten Abend :D

    Sorry for the late answer I was busy with other stuff. I hope thats not a problem, I always answer the sooner or later :p
    As for DDD all I know is, that this gives him a Jump that is shorter than just short hopping of a platform.

    AJ -> Dair is perfectly lagless (Lag Landing just ends right before)
    And you can also pressure people nicely with UpAir if they are on the top platform.
    (Could be useful vs small characters which you wouldnt hit with SH/DJ UpAir)
    (You can also AJ -> UpAir -> DJ -> UpAir, both ALL UpAir hits are directly above the top platform)

    But I dont think beside the nice Dair there is not that much for DDD...
    Maybe on other Stages, but right now I dont have the time to test this on many stages :3

    You still need help on executing this?
    Just follow the instuctions in the thread/video.
    I got a busy month ahead. Im not going to anything until SKTAR, but then I got SKTAR, then RAGE the week after. 1 off week(and July 28th happens to be my birthday; wanted to make hope 5 that day but the venue was taken). So I made hope 5 the following week Aug.4th. Smash tourneys 3 out of 4 weeks. Gonna be a fun month ;P
    Also, if you going to practice for doubles specifically at all, assume I'll be going all mk. I MAY go fox if for some reason my mk is playing like **** or I think they won't know what to do at all, but otherwise I'll be the MK since I have more doubles experience with him than all my characters combined.
    P.S. Fathers day and money johns from me for not making it this weekend btw =3
    Hey man, good stuff this weekend, especially taking down keitaro after getting 3 stocked game one. I think you should of had meek, but don't worry about. Just have that D3 and wario playing well like that for rage and we'll do fine.
    I think you'd ought to model yourself after someone else. DeLux style of ICs play is to spontaneously combust under pressure and die
    Myself, Redman, Ducky, and Braxton.

    If you are still having an issue getting home Saturday night, apparently we are staying somewhere in MI that night as well, so we could take you home.
    Dude, you are even more awesome than I thought. If you really want to give me advice, I would prefer to have it in an instant chat for. But whichever way you want, I'm gonna need all the help I can get.
    lol I was more concerned about the poor 2nd or 3rd seed he was going to knock out of bracket by beating them both :)
    Also, looking at WTP's list, you should consider Seeding Bonds as a bottom 2 seed or a high 3 seed. He's beaten me two out of the last three times we've played in tournament.

    Came in 4/32 at a Colorado tournament and 2/8 at our last local where he took me to GF set 2.
    Yo for all the gas money you're pitching in, worst case scenario we can just do 2 trips if you can't figure out another way
    Tech, would it be impossible to make two trips from DRDN to the venue or somethign so we can take you?
    Well thats good, because I want to team at RAGE, and I'm going :metaknight:. So yeah, URC is coming back to haunt people. If you can hang onto stock as well as a d3 or wario should we'll be fine.
    note that extra TVs doesn't really increase our efficiency for our ideal situation. i didn't do "friendlies TV" breakdown for singles but if you want i can do that.

    i'll make a 3rd "barebones" schedule soon. that one will contain our cutoff times as discussed in the skype group. i suggest we have a meeting before the tournament to make sure everyone is on the same page
    It appears we've hit our target number of 16 right now. Clowsui is making the schedule bu I wouldn't mind getting your breakdown.
    How many setups do you expect for PS4?

    I could give you a time estimate break down unless you've beeen doing that yourself
    If you got time do you want to start up the next IC discussion thread. It's been two weeks since the last one. If your too busy, I could start up the thread in spirit of how you have done the others thus far.
    ...Actually, that was bracket. Tay picked diddy in our MM and ***** me. Tay was... not exactly ready for me to respond to his ZSS by shieldgrabbing his dsmashes. ^_^ Yay for more sets against quiKsilver than I am comfortable with!
    Hey TC. Good news and bad news.

    The bad news: people in germany don't care about teams. Or rather, teams replays. I have... 3 matches. All 3 of which is me and my partner getting bodied by Eddy+Luigi player. Which I'm gonna have to send someone else to record.

    The good news: Thank god for people who upload streams.

    I'm the metaknight with the "SUCKT" tag.

    I'll keep these coming as I find them; right now I'm stuck scanning the raw stream recording. :(

    Bonus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPVcyVA7E6I&feature=player_detailpage#t=6814s me vs. Tay, MM. Or at least, part of it. I'm pretty good at the ZSS matchup, ^_^
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