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  • Nevermind, Phil isn't traveling for smash anymore. However, Luckay may come with me. AND I found a way to get to PS5 cheaper! It's 40% off till thursday night at southwest airlines!
    Hey black chocolate. Could you pick me up from Detroit's airport November 30th before the tourney if I landed at 8:30 PM? The flights only $214 right now so trying to do this! EE might come with me too...
    Maybe it's not so much a knowledge gap that's holding you back? Tbh the environment that we live in for Brawl prohibits our improvement by quite a bit. If Delux/MJG/Kain/other great players lived closer to us then I think MW would become amazing
    Well I agree that DDD does take a lot of work and it's very draining/annoying =( so idk what to say. Esp because he doesn't have the same advantages as Marth, who is also mindnumbingly difficult.

    I mean if you quit playing to win and all that's cool I just think that you could've hit the top with him ;o that being said you have a lot of real life things going on (me too) so there's no real loss in a sense.
    What attracted you to the character in the first place? TBH I see a few directions that DDD can go still that haven't been explored heavily enough yet (but I'd have to watch more recent vids to make sure)...I'd like to hear your answer
    It will get you that sticky my man but I was gonna wait until the event got a little closer.

    Or at least until I clear out an old sticky (since apparently the Youmacon tournament is so important I dunno)
    I could probably write a cheap soap-opera with what's happened recently, but life has been treating me fair. I'm starting university and it's a little nerve-wracking, getting into that biomed stuff. I'm sure I'll be okay though. How's life been to you besides busy?
    Doing good, I miss getting hyped for tournaments and my East Michigan people. You guys are so legit <3
    Hey man, I have to postpone Hope5 due to emergency circumstances. Please spread the word to ohio people you know are going. Carroll's hostin an improve melee tourney-see the thread for details.
    Sup. Feel like a chat or something? If you do just spawn when you feel like it.
    yo dude did the ps4 results ever get uploaded to aib? i wanna get dat 4th place regional medal looooool
    If we do this right, I'm envisioning a crew battle side event of KS vs. CO vs. MWE vs. TX double elim or something like that.
    Man, if we could guarantee some MWE attendance that would be amazing. I'm going to Whobo more or less to work on Texas. Colorado is guaranteed coming. If I could get Michigan or Ohio (or both) that would be awesome. So if you worked on the MWE for me I'd love you all to death. In good faith, I know I can get one car for PS5 regardless of MK, but I'll do my best to get a 2nd (even though most of the "new KS" hates MK)

    I'm thinking of scaling back this one to a larger one day tournament. If this goes well, I'll have the financial resources to go for a two day super tournament in the future, but I need to continue to build the brand for now is my feeling.
    If it makes a difference, 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month always help my attendance chances :D :D :D
    Yo, do you have details for PS5? I'm submitting my schedule requests for the fall and I want to make certain I have time off for your tournament, especially since you're going to help bring MI to mine :D :D :D
    I just jump through my previous posts and have tabs open to go quickly. Least that's what I think you're talking about.
    If you're interested in going to Germany for a tourney I suggest you save your money for next year. In pretty much exactly a year from now on [maybe a little later] there will be a pretty damn huge tourney - we're aiming for the biggest EU tourney in Brawl history! More info, thread and other stuff coming soonish.

    That was like... totally my point... I knew you were 5 minutes away from home so I told you I know it. Don't mind the hunting part D:
    Thanks for the heads up, but i may team with a crew mate who is coming now.(im teaming with him at hope) He didnt know he was coming when you and me agreed to team. Not 100% sure if we will or not though so ill get in touch with kb soon.
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