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ZTD | TECHnology
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  • Lol Getting in touch with Lain is very difficult. I was interested, but at the same time, it'll be really hard for me to get out to East MI this weekend to go. So idkkkk xD
    Since I know you're floating around the boards, I'm just gonna let you know I'm on AIM, so hit me up, whenever.
    I should be able to come over on Saturday (same time as usual.) Are you planning on having others over also? Oh and do you have a memory card that has everything unlocked for melee? If so I can just bring my disk. *doesn't have everything unlocked because I r nub*
    It was great :D Glad we were finally able to meet and play, I enjoyed our match XD And yeah! Hopefully we're able to make it to the same tournament again sometime! If you ended up making it to a KY or another OH tournament that'd be great, and I'd love to make it to a Michigan tourney because I've never been, lol.

    But yep! Enjoyed it, man :D
    Hey Tech in the MI Tournament Group, we should make a "recent" tourney thread. It will show all the tourneys from the past months, the top ten placings, and what characters are consistent in our top ten. I believe if we make this, it will be easier for us to start a rebirth of our PR.

    Your thoughts?
    Yeah he is pretty legit. I put brawl down for a couple of days. I need to pack for college since I leave on Thursday.
    Alright sweet. And yeah I want to do shout outs too. I tried working on my DI/SDI a lot this weekend also. I'm a lot better at it now.
    Yeah I want to know that one and the snake match up. I wonder when they will post the results thread. Want to see how everyone placed and stuff.
    Lmfao that sounds good haha. I finally figured out the MK match-up... or at least sort of how to do it. >.>
    lmfao I know. I wonder if this would work. you = d-throw, me = waft, you = waft. xD
    Yeah same here. I got questions but I'll just ask them all at one time. >.>
    Alright, i'm afraid i can't take this up. The dimensions on the picture are so big, the picture becomes distorted when i try to shrink it fit. You should as someone with more experience, but sorry friend :(
    All the sigs i make are 425x127, it fits perectly and doesn't stretch the page.
    I'll try to find a place for text without obstructing the picture. I hope if i can find a spot, the text will not have to be too small.
    I'll do what i can. What modifications would you allow? Such as size, crops, text placement, etc.
    Sister is on the computer right now, so i can't start atm.
    It keeps saying both files give an error.
    Can you upload them to Image Shack or something? It should work great from there, and it's free.
    Yeah, i'm off to a tourney at 11:00AM, i should be on my computer when i return :)
    Just got off last night.
    Yeahhh... I'm in need of a GameCube controller. The one my friend gave me is in bad shape. When we chill want to pick up one for me? Colors don't matter tbh, I'm just in need of one =/ (ill also pay you back so no worries on that part)
    Haha, well good luck then, man. I'll keep my fingers crossed. If you can't make it though, it's cool. It happens :/ Hopefully if you can't you'll be able to make something in Ohio or one of the other states sometime :)
    Sad to hear you won't be able to go :/ Was looking forward to meeting and playing you too :(
    Haha alright that sounds good too! Wario down throw into a fully charged Snake forward smash. I know that one. xD
    Ehh yeah I probably will. But I definitely want to stop using him as my main.
    Jah more thank likely Wario. It was either going to be him or Marth, but I decided I am more than likely going to pick up Wario.
    I know it's like really early for this. I'll be back around the 9th. You think it could be possible to have a smashfest, or for me to come chill at your place before the tourny on August 14 so I have some practice? >.>
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