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ZTD | TECHnology
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  • Alright cool. I'll be there around 7 I guess. Btw is the tourny ever going to get fixed in all is brawl?

    I have Nick's controller. Haha
    Congrats on the Blue Team :)

    Try to be on skype a lot just to read the chat. All kinds of random stuff gets discussed that we never put in the forum.
    I would... but there's a local tourney in my town this weekend. Not having to drive 4 hours + guaranteed money is too much to pass up LOL. And my finals are the week following that tourney, so I should probably use the time to study >_>

    I'd be willing to do something like that once I get out of school in a couple weeks though. I hope Michigan can plan out some trips ahead of time lmao.
    At the rate mine's going I think that's going to happen...hell it might be a national this time around seeing as I've got people from everywhere, even Canada.
    Ah nice! Jungle was thinking of taking a MI car. I'm honestly surprised how big it's getting...I thought your first tournaments were supposed to be small then get larger. Not be large and then get huge. @_@;
    Well, BPx is generally a helpful guy and houses, so he'd be ok. As for Joker, he might house you, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

    I know other people would, but they live in Cedar Rapids, so it's more of a burden I think.
    lol thanks. I'll see what I can do.

    Oh... I assumed that he would be going since he could still party after. I guess I'll just have to get my revenge on him some other time.
    lol yeah... honestly at this point all I want to do is place above at least one of Shugo, Judge, or Lain. I'm obviously going to try to beat them all, but... probably not going to happen >_>
    Wow... continuing the dream after you wake up. Now THAT is talent xD

    And I won't need housing this time. Thanks for the offer as always though.
    LMAO. Such an awesome dream. I wish I had dreams like that. I just get random **** that makes even less sense :(

    New desync that you might want to add

    Unless you've given up on ICs

    we haven't talked in a while :(
    I saw you came in 5th at your tournament. With Lain and Ally there. Did you go ICs at all?
    So now I'm doubtful for the tourney. That thing I told you guys about prior to Pound got more complicated so I might have to go to Socal at that time. Not exactly sure :\
    Pick me up from the airport, House me, and then take me back to the airport you hobo :)
    Yo, you should reserve the second post of your new thread so you can have it later if need be. Just FYI.

    Looks amazing <3
    Haha yea, you know I'm down. When the MU chart comes out, we'll get more stuff going, trust me. Coney is down to. Hopefully we can bring some activity. :D We got dis. I plan to update Atomsk's videos tomorrow.
    Add me on facebook, Todd McAnelly. Easier to talk for when we start to get more things going.
    Skype me and I can answer your PM lol

    Otherwise I'll be writing you this huge PM that you may or may not understand and it would be dumb
    Send me details on what you want your Dedede sig to look like (Colors, text image?). I'm gonna have a Photoshop Night. Got 2 requests so I might as well get yours done.
    LD1 was discovered by me on 12/11/2010. I put up a thread showing people what it was, but some idiots said it was already known. They argued with me on how to do it, but they were telling me to do it wrong. So since they already knew, I just took off my guide on how to do it. And have been spreading it to people that ask me the correct inputs lol So yeah, it might have a lot to do with me being bitter about having to argue with people because it's frustrating pushing innovation down people's throats when it should be accepted openly lol

    TLDR: it's a recent development. THE most recent desync development.

    I'll PM you how to do it if I have your word that you won't show other people how to unless they main the IC's lol
    It's actually super easy. Like super easy. Like I will do it 99/100. Compare that to my Hylian (aka the hardest desync) clip of about 60% accuracy. So it's I guess "difficult" but not hard.

    The next one LD2 is going to be much harder. But MIGHT be much more useful. Still in testing phases lol

    I could teach LD1 to you, BUT I only teach legitimate IC mains usually lol
    It might be a pride sort of thing or me being pretentious. But I shudder at the idea of someone who casually picks up the climbers to abuse an infinite gets ahold of it and then it loses it's value in the eyes of players.
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