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  • Dearest aisight,

    I remember ages ago you linked an image in the staffer shack; it was this... robot thing, and it was a gif that would give anyone seizures.

    Would you mind linking me to this monstrosity of a gif?

    From Aero, with love
    It was just something random I drew, I can do another if you really want one.
    I would absolutely love that. pls and ty!
    Mind moving the the 3 MU threads in the brawl MU chart V3 section to the round 2 section? I messed up =_=
    Yeah, my Skype should be minato_ep. That lightning's too good lol. Even trying to Ziodyne and then OMC doesn't really punish you all that well, so it's going to give me problems.
    Alright, mine's eradikun, I left you a request and message.
    It's funny your name sounds like a medicine brand.

    Those crazy Japanese.
    I hadn't really considered that. IIRC either Magus or Shanus mentioned that it could be based on the game dealing with some heavy processing (if the game was doing something strenuous like there being a ton of stuff on the screen, there would be more input lag) so that's what I was generally assuming, and I was going to do some tests with additional players, lots of items, etc.

    Dunno how you could test if it was a random seed though.
    I just happened to be writing a paper about the Little Prince when I saw your signature haha.
    I'm very sorry. A combination of a hard computer crash (loss of several gigs of data including all of the project files I was using) and several family problems have left me not really producing music. I should have told you but in the bustle I kind of forgot about it. It was very unprofessional of me and you deserved more information. I'll get to work on something new for you ASAP. Hope you're well. Also I'll install AIM again soon. LOL
    Do me a favor and soft ban me (or change my password) or something until November 28th.
    ah, reading a few of your visitor messages i THOUGHT you were ankoku, grats on full admin! Yeah we used to play, you got me halfway decent even though you'd just full on wreck me haha. I played Suika and had problems with not being patient in blocking corner combos, resulting in counterhit combos of 1/3 my life =/
    o.o i feel like i know you from somewhere, but I used to play a decent bit of IaMP, was never good enough to beat people on the IRC, but was decent enough to at least put up a fight. Been wanting to get back into it, but no one's wanted to play haha.
    Heh, not so much at the moment. Kind of wonky from the after effects of getting my wisdom teeth out, but I'm getting better. And I just ate some pretty good pasta.

    How are things going with you?
    Hey! I saw you mentioned me in the SS, but I didn't recognize you until I saw somebody calling you Ankoku. I don't think I was even around when you got your name change.
    I agree and completely understand. Its more annoying than in just that circumstance.

    My main issue there was that trying to coordinate multiple TOs into doing a simple task turns into a daunting one, so asking individuals for brackets basically translates to a middle finger to our players. Just having the brackets would be the most convenient thing though -_-

    btw sorry I couldnt take a carpool out to SiN, I had a funeral I needed to be at that day. Im not sure if any SoCal showed up after all but I do want to get people out there for an event soon.
    Sticks are out of my budget. :( I'd also have to re-learn everything.

    I don't know where to get a cheap converter. I checked online and I found this one that required an X-Box controller to recognize the PS3 controller, and the converter itself was $80.

    I went to the tourney and borrowed some guys X-box controller. It literally couldn't tell diagonals. And I couldn't really get into the game zone due to getting used to the controller.
    GGs dude, I really need to work on the Yukiko MU with Chie lol. I've played with so many, but nothing really sticks.

    Honestly, I've only played through two of the stories (Yu and Yosuke), because after that, I REALLY felt the need to finish Persona 4. In that, I just rescued Naoto and did the school culture festival.
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